What Time Is It 2004

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Spiritual Warfare

Terror in Russia in the form of simultaneous hijackings, a massacre of School Children in Breslan, embassy bombings in Jakharta are just some of the terrorist attacks that happed in a one-month timespan in late August and early September 2004. A floundering war on terror that has seen terrorist acts world wide increase and American troops bogged down on two fronts with little or no hope of 'success'. This is the unspoken, unprinted story of the day. This is because there has been no clear definition of when we have 'won' this so called 'war on terror'. For those of you who want this paper to be an exercise in political correctness and want it to nurse your own misconceptions or reinforce your partisan slants, it will do neither and if that is what you want I give you fair warning, you have come to the wrong place. I will say this again and in no uncertain terms there is nothing here for you. Go to the Drudge Report or Fox, the ACLU, MSNBC, Planned Parenthood or the re-elect Kerry site, or another organization that masks its true aim to elect, to elect a Skull and Bonesman President clear. But do not bother to read anymore here as its words will require a little thought.


If you have remained, there are many things transpiring in the world today that are important to American Christians, the audience this paper is designed for. Terrorism is a growing menace not just to America's troops but in many parts of the world it has brought great destruction and sorrow to many of the world's poorest people. Now American Christians are very rich, even the so-called poor among them are rich by the standards of many third world nations. The poorest nations on the planet are feeling the brunt of America's War on Terror. Many of these nations have significant Christian populations in them that live in fear of others who view the war as a kind of Christian 'Jihad' against Islam, the poor and any and all forms dissent against American foreign policy. Most Americans, who will vote for one of the two Skull and Bonesmen to occupy the seat of Lucifer in 2005, have never been outside the US for very long at all. They have no idea how much devastation US foreign policy has wrought on so many people in so many places. They have no idea and seem to think that this is not an important campaign issue. What is important? It depends on who you ask, but basically it usually boils down to money, the real god of America and Lucifer's children who live within her borders. 'Are you better off now than you were four years ago', and 'will my company get that big contract if so-and-so is elected?” Or 'will my Job be shipped to China if I vote for so-and-so?' These are the questions that are plaguing many voters. Yes, the war on terror is a big issue, but the American people, according to a Fox poll just after President Bush's unilateral decision to go to war in Iraq, could not even point out Iraq on a map. Indeed, a recent article in a Los Angeles paper showed that half of all workers in Los Angeles could not ever read a simple form. Ignorance and Americanism are interchangeable terms today. How can a people so ignorant and backwards be entrusted with choosing the leader who controls the kinds of destructive power America posses? For the rest of the world this war on terror is not about terrorism as it is described in the American media (which the rest of the world increasingly views as a sick joke), but for their futures, the ability to live freely, to choose their leaders without American interference, and in many cases, simply to survive.

To much of the world, America is not the solution to the worlds problems, America is the problem. This is not a view I share completely but our reckless war has badly shaken my faith in America's ability and willingness to stem the tide of Anti-Americanism, hate, ignorance, poverty, evil and even terrorism. Real solutions to these pressing problems seem to be nowhere on the agenda of America's foreign policy establishment, with the possible exception of Colin Powell's recent declaration of genocide in Sudan. Who knows what kind of strings Colin had to pull in order to get the administration to go along with this radical foreign policy departure (perhaps he threatened to announcing his resignation in an election year and do some 'kiss and tell' interviews on national TV). Finally, after 4 years of mass murders, and soft peddling Sudan's atrocities against Christians, the state Department has decided to do something more than hold talks with the regime in Khartoum. Yet Powell's actions can be looked upon as a interesting and rather brilliant diplomatic move as well. Many of the nations that have been the harshest critics of American policy in Iraq have been quietly assisting the Sudanese regime. Why? For the same reasons that America is in Iraq, that reason is oil. I wrote a brief background paper on Sudan a couple of years ago that covers this terrible war and the oil interests behind it, the paper can be found here.

Oil companies such as Canada’s Talisman Energy, Sweden’s Lundin Oil, Malaysia’s Petronas and China’s state-owned China National Petroleum Corporation (CNPC) are business partners of the government of Sudan.

Under contract, oil revenues are shared between the companies and the Sudanese national oil company Sudapet. - (Christian Aid)

China and Malaysia alone have over 60% ownership in the consortium Developing Sudanese oil. China provides diplomatic cover for Sudan via its seat on the UN Security Council Credit and a huge market. Sudan receives bridge loans from Malaysia to service its IMF Debt.

Also, According to the Sudan Advocacy Action Forum

Germany's Siemens AG (SI) presently building the world's largest diesel-powered electrical generating plant outside Khartoum;

Switzerland's Asea Brown Boveri Limited, Zurich (ABB) now engaged in a huge project to upgrade the electrical grid for Khartoum and the surrounding urban areas, as well as in automation work for the major oil production consortium in Sudan

France's Alcatel (ALA), a telecommunications giant, is yet another company that offers commercial telecommunications support that benefits Khartoum, and the immediate environs of Khartoum; without benefiting the rest of the people.

China National Petroleum Corporation is the dominant and most ruthless international player in Sudan's oil sector.  PetroChina (PTR) is wholly controlled and 90%-owned by CNPC and lists on the New York Stock Exchange.

Tatneft (TNT) is a Russian oil company that is an important participant in Sudan's oil sector.  - Sudan Advocacy Action Forum

I know many of my readers hate when I talk about Africa. They would rather see all Africans die than lift one finger to help them or their Christian brethren who suffer on the African Continent from war, famine or persecution. This is article is not written for those who hate Africans. There are some neo-Nazi sites on the web that will feed into your hatred of others, go there and don't hang around here any longer, because I warn you now that you will not find anything like that on this site, ever. I recently posted an interesting audio file called why is Africa starving. No one seems to want to listen to it (I know exactly how many of you have downloaded it!). It just seems no one really cares about who is killing Africa and why. If I talk about microchips or the Patriot Act or terrorism or war deaths; these subjects interest people; but the fact that an entire continent is dying before our eyes seems to be of no interest to visitors to this site. Shame on you.

Sadly, Powell will in all likelihood leave the administration in 2005 should Bush win and I think this likely. This will mean that Bush will be given a freer hand in the War on Terror and once that happens you can expect to see yet more terrorism in the world... much, much more. Hence, America needs to brace itself for what it is about to choose for itself, the cost will be much higher that any American is willing to pay, if he or she really knew the cost this war will ultimately entail in money, blood loss of freedom1 and unending hatred for America and Americans.

Let us all keep in mind that the department of Homeland Security has already said that it is an absolute certainty that we can expect yet another devastating attack within America's borders. Once we begin the next phase of the War on Terror, one can expect many operations that have already been planned by America's enemies to be put into motion. The most important part of this web of terror in this authors opinion, is that there are almost certainly many new covert alliances between rich and powerful men, terrorist groups, and even some important nation-states that have a vested interest in seeing American troops fail and badly bloodied in the War On Terror. In fact, my years of study have shown me clearly that some of these interests sit in positions of power in the United States. Americans in their arrogance and ignorance may believe that we can wage this kind of war on the world's poorest people and expect not to make enemies. These new enemies, I am convinced, will never show themselves to be enemies until the appropriate time. The inability to recognize this is part and parcel of the foolishness that typifies America. We do not understand that we are no longer the guy's in the white hat, in the minds of many who reside in capitals around the world. They are making plans to reduce America's malevolent influence in the world.

Think of these cities;





New Delhi


Buenos Aires








No, I am not talking about a uniform 'conspiracy', but alliances formed by interests (both inside and outside government) within each of these nations that are working to undermine the new US imperial stance. Don't expect US intelligence agencies to figure this out. They are immersed in a dangerous and idiotic game of bureaucratic 'cover your backside' due to the intelligence 'failure' in Iraq and proposals to completely reorganize the community. Consequently, right now they cannot be bothered with anything so trivial as securing the nation; after all, budgets and promotions are at stake!

It cannot be that America can win this war on terror. Such a victory is impossible, especially without clearly defined goals. What this war is designed to do, which is why success is so vaguely defined, is to keep billions of dollars flowing into America's defense establishment which suffered somewhat under Clinton. As much as Americans may wish to end terrorism, this war will and has already engulfed the entire planet in a wave of violence, terror and hatred. Sadly, the ignorance of the American voting population will only increase as time passes and the corporations that run America's media organizations, broadcast and print, churn our its filthy, vile and satanic propaganda disguised as news.

Alex Jones discovered a very interesting piece of documentation that shows how troops are training to take over an American cities, it describes which buildings should be attacked and occupied. An audio file can be found here While people have laughed at and mocked Alex's stuff, everything he has been warning about is coming to pass right before our eyes, too bad the only thing in front of the eyes of most Americans is the TV, a porn site or a crack pipe. Alex has done a great job in exposing the evil that is coming. It is a shame that in the mainstream he is simply ignored while the camera focuses in on Janet Jackson's breasts.

America continues to go even deeper in to debt with yet another record fiscal deficit racked up by the 'conservative' administration of George Bush. This 'conservative' administration is shipping American jobs to a communist dictatorship in China, lying to Americans that this treason makes America 'strong'. I mean, how brain dead to you have to be to think this admiration is 'conservative'? It's irresponsible spending seems increasingly to be designed to bankrupt America in order to allow corporations to move in and assume the more lucrative functions of government when the inevitable and thoroughly planned for economic day of reckoning comes. Re-education camps, cattle cars, poison gas showers or forced-labor camps anyone?

America's elite are so desperate to hide the truth of America's war on terror from Americans that it threatens journalists, even to to the point of threatening murder against those who try to report the activities and war crimes of the increasingly Nazified US military. This is the story in both Fallujah and Najaf. Simply put, such threats are criminal and this administration and its military have crossed a line that have caused it to go under a curse, a curse so horrible that when the world sees what God has in store for them it will gasp in utter horror at the wages America has earned for itself.

How can one educate those including family and friends who have drunk from the deceitful cup of the American harlot? How can one wake up the slumbering masses of satanically controlled Christians and those infected with the mental-paralysis of partisan politics, materialism and masonic secularism? I have a simple answer for you, in ninety-nine out of a hundred cases, you can't. Like a heroin addict, many of the masses may have considered it once, but figured that the withdrawal symptoms are too horrible to consider (admitting one has been fooled for most of ones life, loss of friends, loss of job, ostracism from a Christian-Right 'Church', loss of stature in the community, loss of family) and they would rather go on drinking the excretions of the great whore than accept the truth. Some come to understand what is going on but find themselves sinking back into the old patterns of foolishness and ignorance out of habit and mental laziness.

The Sins of America's Women

One of the most simple and profound things the LORD has shared with me in the last couple of months is this. God is very angry with America's women. For years when it came to the abortion issue, I blamed the courts, the legal system, the abortion doctors, Planned Parenthood and even the ACLU. What God shared with me was simple and to the point. None of these people ever forces any women into an abortion. Often, the women who get an abortion do not even tell her sex partner, be she married or not. The Lord shared this with me, he is laying the crime of 40 million murders on the doorstep on America's women, those who go into the death chamber of their own free will and slaughter their own children have laid a crime against their own souls that may never be expunged even though it be sought after with many tears. Now I tell you the truth, this is not what I wanted to hear and certainly not what many of those who regularly come to this site want to hear. I am not anti-woman at all. In fact, the only people who have ever directly supported this ministry are women. I love, honor and cherish all godly women and have nothing but the deepest respect for those that obey Christ. I will never get in the trap that so many men fall into of denigrating women. God loves all men and women and each has a place to fulfill in God's Church and Kingdom should he or she choose to serve Jesus Christ. This crime is not directed at godly women but those on the outside of Christ (and those who claim to be his but aren't) who view freedom as the right to commit murder and think a baby's corpse is a small price to play for 'sexual freedom' (whoredoms). God is very angry about this and wants to make sure that the blame for this, one of the most horrible crimes in human history, gets laid at the right feet. He has laid it at the feet of the American Woman.

It must be stated here for the record that in God's eyes, men are not women and women are not men. Each is different and has separate roles clearly outlined in the scriptures, and woe to women who behave like men and men who behave like women. America's culture increasingly wants to blur the line between the two and this has deeply effected women who come out of the world and usually, they do not like to hear God's view on these matters. They often view men, whom God puts in authority and points these things out, as bigots or chauvinists. This is because these Godly men do not get their view of the ideal woman from Madonna, Gloria Steinem or Rue Paul (the black transvestite who was popular a few years ago). No, these American idols are glorifying the ways of Sodom, not the ways of the LORD, who shall judge all men and women without partiality.

Fearful Thing To Fall Into The Hands Of the Living God

You see in the spiritual realm America has already been judged. The sentence has already been pronounced though not executed. God is most angry and I know this because the day God told me to stop praying for this nation, I sensed a finality in God's voice that I had never heard before2...and ever want to hear again. When it comes to the ultimate Judgment on America, God is simply not going to be moved on this issue, despite our best efforts.

He will hear prayers of course for the individual salvation of people within its borders and still wants us to pray for our leaders, that we may live peaceful lives as Christians within her borders (this is a commandment), but beyond that, prayers for the nation as a whole are not going to move the LORD too much at all. Once again I know that this is not what the prophets of profit or the apostles of apostasy are teaching, but it is what the LORD has shared with me. If there is one thing that I do know we should all be praying about is for the persecuted saints in many parts of the world. That is an issue very dear to God's heart.

True Lies: Presidential Politics

Not that it matters which one of the Skull and Bonesmen get into office, but I do want to touch on this so that no one who reads this will be fooled into believing the lies of the mainstream media. Whatever your beliefs about the whole Bush-CBS memo thing is, you should be aware that while CBS has been viciously attacked by the other media organizations, some perspective is in order. No one has attacked the White house for the exact same things specifically that the White house also released that contained the same 'th' superscriupt that CBS has been hounded about among Bush military records some time ago. This has caused such an uproar on such GOP surrogate sites as Matt Drudge, who has shown such a lack of perspective and fairness that he has really become just another arm of the Halliburton-Bush administration, perhaps he should apply for the job of Press Secretary and cease pretending he is anything more than a cheap political hack. So the White house has released many documents with the same 'th' and not one of the major news organizations that heavily fund Bush has brought this up. This is the tried and true 'broad-brush smear campaign' against those who have some serious questions about what caused Bush to (apparently) desert his post in a time of war, one of the most serious crimes in the military, one step below high-treason. These Major news organization fulminate with corruption and are by no means giving the American people a fair picture of this woefully inept administration. Here is a chart that I beg each of you to really look at closely and then you can see why we have these purveyors of lies disseminate their half-truths every night on the boob-tube. While the Internet has still got a lot of problems in the minds of most Americans as far as credibility is concerned, be assured of this there was more truth coming out of the Nazi regime and the communist newspaper Pravda than is coming out of the US mainstream media in America today. The Nazi's were excellent propagandists because 95% of the news they sent out was 100% accurate, greatly enhancing its credibility with the listeners, they only told a lie (when it came to news reporting) when they absolutely had to. In America, 50% of the most important reporting is only 70% accurate but Americans are just too stupid to figure it out. The rest of the stories they cover are so trivial and inane their accuracy is irrelevant, I mean who really cares about Janet Jackson's breasts?

None of this is said to exonerate CBS. I shall never forget their journalistic lynching of Chris Ruddy, who was vigorously investigating the death of Vince Foster. Any clear headed person who really looked at all the facts could only conclude that Vince's death was highly suspicious and probably was not the result of a suicide. CBS and 60 Minute's reporting was very distorted. I saw a very good special on this years ago and will never forget how many edits was in the tape that was aired and that they actually took answers to one question and then edited them into answers to another question. I confess I have never watched 60 Minutes since then except the occasional web clip and will never watch it again. The FCC should have pulled their license years ago. The same goes with these other media organizations who tell are now telling only half truths about Bush's apparent desertion of this post in a time of war. The disease in the American media is lethal and those who are exposed to it are in danger of catching what can only be called 'fibbers fever', which shows itself in the 'my lies are truer than your lies' debate in Presidential elections.

Sadly even many so-called alternative publications have begun to show a fascist slant that has only come out in this election year. I have watched many of my favorite sites go 'Bush-crazy' and only publish articles that lavish praise on the Skull And Bonesman and his satanic backers. Deceit is everywhere and the Television by no means has a monopoly on lies masquerading as news. You can find the same thing on the major alternative 'conservative' web sites as well. I could not conceive of supporting either of these Skull and Bonesman for President, anymore than Elijah3 and God's 7000 saints could support the priests of Baal.

Yet I have left [me] seven thousand in Israel, all the knees which have not bowed unto Baal, and every mouth which hath not kissed him.

(1Ki 19:18)

Fuller Theological Seminary And Allah

The Bush administration as given a large million dollar grant to Fuller Theological Seminary to attempt to reconcile Christianity and Islam. This grant comes from John Ashcroft's Department of Justice. Now those of you who come by the site regularly and read the news know that I covered a story on why a pastor who had two Doctorate degrees and is one the world's most renowned Pentecostal theologian could not enter the United States. This man was told by the US that he was 'not qualified' (!??).Now Azusa Pacific University (my old school) and Caltech also have has some problems with the US not allowing students and faculty into the US. Should the government decide who is qualified to teach in Christian Schools? Now granted what little I know of this man seems to point to the fact that his theology is very liberal. Yet the question remains, should the Government be meddling in these affairs? The government now wants to control religion and wants to do it quietly where the sleeping harlot church will not see and act so they can vote these same people back into office. Students attending Azusa Pacific have been harassed by the government in Washington and many potential students are choosing to go to schools in Australia or England rather than be subjected to America's abuses. The persecution of Christianity in America is already underway it is taking the form of a two from assault. It is quietly excluding certain Christians from entering the US and it is using tax dollars to fund studies that are designed to undermine the basic tenets of the faith. Many will come up with different explanations and try to make excuses for these Luciferian Activities of The US Government. I will not, too many Christians are in love with the Devil and don't and to hurt his feelings by exposing his evil. This short list of persecution does not include the bigotry and prejudice's against Christians that are often portrayed in the mainstream media and by powerful corporate interests. This is the story time and time again in mainstream Christianity. Confusion. There is some persecution on some issues but then you find they receive millions in grants and tax breaks from the Beast to do things in direct contravention to the scriptures.

The Coming Draft And Terror Attack

Make no 'bones' about it (NPI) , something big is being planned by our elite. I refuse to put a time table on it. It could happen before the election and it may not. We will have to see. I make no predictions other than this. Most of the freedoms we still take for granted will be visibly taken away. Most are already gone, or at least the legal precedents have been set to take them away at the proper time. I personally believe that any future attack will have three major purposes.

  1. To remove any remaining barrier to the military engaging directly into policing America's streets.

    We can see that even now the pentagon has steadfastly refused to provide the Congress with some pretty basic documents including the Chain of Command from Abu Gahrib to the President. In other countries a name is given to a time when the military refuses to answer questions of its civilian authorities. It is called a coup. Congress is a farce. They have no real power anymore, they moan and complain from time to time but generally pass whatever bill the Corporations and the President wants. It has become the elites rubber stamp and doormat.

  1. To quietly reorganize the financial system in the period of chaos that will inevitably occur.

    This economy is hanging by a thread and we are talking about a major 'systemic event' that we have managed to avoid for quite a while. Any terror attack will be a perfect distractor event so that a major financial reorganization can occur without much outcry. People will be soc frightened and will just like after 911 give up rights and for security.

  2. To further militarize America.

    Thus, a draft will almost certainly occur. The bills are already in the house. It is coming it is just a matter of when not if. Wait until after the elections. Sometime next spring I expect a 'compulsory service' bill to be enacted. Slowly but steadily you can expect America to be a war nation. A nation whose entire existence is built around its war machine. Freedom and democracy are now becoming extraneous and cumbersome inconveniences. Its youth, technological expertise, economic lifeblood, and even entertainment will increasingly be 'militarized'. If one wants to get a look at where I think America is heading if the Bush-Cheney gang remain, go back to ancient Sparta and its violent and bloody history. I think one day in the not too distant future those who speak of freedom and democracy may very well be labeled as traitors and terrorists in America. It has often been pondered how the nation on Goethe, Schiller and Luther could turn to Hitler. The same will be said of America, How could the land of Washington, Jefferson and Madison turn to the Order Of the Skull And Bones, also known as the Brotherhood of Death?


Biblical Name: Medes

The big question today is will America launch a preemptive strike against Iran? While such an adventure would be foolhardy, it is not out of the question. The picture of an Iranian Government with nuclear weapons is seen as a nightmare in Washington. Yet the reality may be far less menacing. The same nightmare scenario was a constant cause for concern in Washington when it came to India and Pakistan. Each now possesses these weapons and very slowly, relations between the two are improving. While it is difficult to envision the radical government in Tehran coming to terms with Israel it must be noted that Iran and Israel have often worked together in covert operations. The amount of real animosity between Israel and many radical Islamic regimes may be somewhat less than the rhetoric of the Mullah's suggests, who often use fiery antisemitic speeches to detract from internal problems.

A brief history of US-Iranian Relations

Like so many of America's enemies today, Iran and America started off as friends. After the Second World War Iran looked to the US to ensure that Russia kept its pledge to remove its troops. Stalin was in no mood to be charitable. Russia, it was believed at the time by elements in the State Department that Russia wanted to build a buffer Zone in Northern Iran to secure access to the Persian Gulf, Russia lacking in Warm Water Ports. America and the UK withdrew Russia refused to commit to a timetable. Churchill knew what Stalin was all about and that the future was going to bring animosity, not peace between Russia and the West. His American counterpart, Roosevelt seemed to be more optimistic and less hostile to Stalin despite Stalinist Russia's character and history. Roosevelt's naiveté was noted by Churchill. By setting up a separate Kurdish State alongside Azerbaijan, Moscow's intent was to stir up ethnic hatred inside Iran, which had (and still has) a large Kurdish population. America stepped in an very adeptly diffused the situation

Yet many misunderstandings between the US and Iran developed, largely stemming from the amount of aid and military support the US would give Iran in the following years. This aid found its way, not towards building a credible national defense capable of deterring Moscow, but into 'internal security' as Iran was seen by many in the west as not being very stable. However the Shah felt differently and was understandably concerned that Russia could invade Iran at any time. The Shah wanted modern weapons to deter any future Russian aggression, the US stalled.

The Shah was viewed as weak and vacillating and the internal instability that was (viewed) as a characteristic of his regime was troublesome in light of Cold War realities. In Washington's view, a communist revolution was not out of the question. Eventually the policy of US was to discourage massive aid to Iran and encourage them to use loans and their oil revenues to fund any further militarization. As time passed the divisions between Iran as Washington sharpened. The US was becoming exasperated with the Shah's obsession for new and more modern weapons when the social and political stability of the nation was far from strong and was viewed by many in Washington as being on the verge of a crisis.

A major turning point occurred in 1950 which is not at all unrelated to America's new National Security and Defense establishment reorganization. America was now viewing all nationalist and workers movements as 'Communist' and was now increasingly using covert measures to enforce its will and protect its interests. The crisis of the early 1950's in Iran is by no means an obscure event in history but bears directly on events that transpired when Khomeini came to power in 1979, bring about the current Islamic Revolutionary Government that exists today.

Even to this day CIA operatives look back with pride when it overthrew the Mossadegh government in 1953. This coup however had less to do with Communism than with Mossadegh's nationalization of Iran's oil industry. After failing in negotiating more favorable terms for oil sales to Western oil companies, a crisis developed that caused the CIA to implement a covert project named 'Ajax' which culminated in the removal of Mossadegh. Mossadegh is a fascinating man and cannot be easily dismissed as a reactionary or anti-Western. His vision seemed to be of one in which Iran control more of her own destiny since the West was unwilling to assist Iran in the way he wanted. He was a nationalist and was neither pro nor anti communist. But by this one single solitary action regarding Iranian oil, he proved to be a dangerous enemy of American and British oil interests which were in firm control of America's CIA.

Once the Shah was restored to power little really changed inside to fix the social and political conundrums. Yes, the West got its chunk of Oil revenues and it made its 'statement' about Iranian nationalism. But the underlying problems remained and were even exacerbated under the Shah. Corruption and inefficiency were co-rulers of Iran with the Shah acting as their chief executive officer. While Washington and Britain made much diplomatic noise about corruption they seemed satisfied to leave the Shah in power as long as the oil flowed. The Shah became increasingly authoritarian and was using SAVAK, the notorious Secret Police organization to repress dissent. SAVAK was formed with the assistance of American and Israeli Intelligence organizations. Israeli you may ask? Yes Israeli4. Back then the Mossed was one of the best intelligence services and they assisted the Shah in repressing his own population. This may have had as much to do with keeping radicals out of power than any love for the Shah's regime. In any event, the Shah's methods often employed with US backing had become unbearable to the Iranians. While many debate the causes of the Shah's fall. It is this authors opinion that his fall and the rise of the radical Islamic state in Iran are directly due to Washington and Britain's obsession with Oil revenues at the expense of human rights. This led to growing popular support for radical elements that were determined to overthrow the existing order. They finally did in 1979.

Since then relations between the US and Iran have been cold. No change is likely as long as Iran has a radical Islamic government in place, insists on the destroying the Jewish State, funds Islamic insurgent and terrorist groups and continues to pursue a nuclear program. Iran has and continues to support Islamic revolution in many parts of the world, most notably in Africa. It is seen as behind much of the instability in the middle east as well and their fingerprints are on many of the attacks against US forces in Iraq. Thus the issue of Iran and removing the 'mad-mullah's' is high on the agenda of the Neo-Conservatives in Washington. The view may be that if the Revolutionary government in Iran can be removed much of the funding and support that fuels Islamic driven instability in nations (like Saudi Arabia) can be reduced. Tragically, this is the kind of conclusion a one-dimensional thinker would draw. Unfortunately the Bush administration is full of one-dimensional thinkers. It was that kind of narrow, uniformed and ultimately disastrous policy that got us into our Iraqi quagmire.

I say that all Christians should really keep an eye on the modern day Medes. They have a very important end-time role that is often ignored by prophecy teachers.


I have no divine revelation about the recent devastation of the sunshine state, but four major hurricanes hurricanes in six weeks? I think God is trying to tell us all something. 'Gay' West Palm Beach was hit...twice and when one considers the stolen election of 2004, the fact that after New York, Florida is the drug money laundering capital of America, one can perhaps understand why God may be quite angry with Florida and what goes on down there. No dear readers, my personal belief is the God is trying to get a message to Florida and the message is going to get louder and louder as the months roll on. I know many will say I am only rubbing salt into the wounds of the people who are suffering. I am not. I care about people. So does God, but if he lets wickedness and evil go uncorrected people will continue on as if all is just fine. God does not like to bring destruction on people, but the nation as a whole is mistaken if they think that means he won't. No, the sky may not 'fall in' as some gay activists have taunted because of these evils, but God can get the sky to whip up some pretty horrendous destruction if he has to, and in the case of Florida, he probably has to.


In closing, I want to thank all who have been kind to share words of encouragement and kindness as well as financial support. I am humbled and thankful for your love towards me and this ministry. May God bless you who have supported and prayed from me. Usually I put more scripture verses in these 'What Time Is It' updates. This time I simply wanted to go over some specific events and trends. But if there is any verse that we and Christians need to heed today that I think is almost universally ignored it is this one;

Remember them that are in bonds, as bound with them; [and] them which suffer adversity, as being yourselves also in the body.

(Heb 13:3)

In the not too distant future, I think it quite possible that many of my readers and perhaps even myself may be in bonds for the sake of Jesus Christ and our testimony. So for the sake of the body of Christ, remember them that are in bonds.

In Christ


1I am not just talking about locking up a few Arabs but the wholesale internment of large segments of the population, Americans being thrown out of their homes to have them confiscated by large corporations to sell to their friends, police stopping people in nice cars in order to steal them from their owners; young women being arrested for the express purpose of being be raped by powerful men. This is the nightmare that so much of the world endures now, that is those who do not have the constitutional protections Americans take for granted and some even despise.

2It was almost like I was asking God to go back in time and bring back some old warrior or leader from ages ago to return to our time, why would you even ask such a thing? He was not even slightly open to the possibility of redeeming the America nation.

3No, I am NOT comparing myself to Elijah.

4Perhaps one can get a better picture as to why antisemitism resonates among the Iranian people.