The Middle East War Process

It now seems apparent that there will be no brokered peace in the Holy land. The Palestinian homicide bombers armed with explosives walking into crowded cafes and shopping areas are now a daily occurrence. Israel has responded with deadly force in the so-called occupied territories. Territories, it must be stated, that Israel does control and is still largely responsible for. It has launched a massive, far reaching campaign to root out those extremist elements that believe terrorism is a legitimate tool of statecraft. As America feels she has a right to respond to terrorism, and has waged (an undeclared) war against a nation on the other side of the world to root out terrorist cells, in addition to an entire government that she believed supported terrorism. It has used massive force from 30,000 pound bombs to precision guided missiles to root out terrorist enclaves. Unfortunately, a parallel such as this seems to be lost on many writers, especially in the alternative press, whose hate filled diatribes against Israel and the Jewish state are reminiscent of an era of swastika's and concentration camps. It is as though these writers do not believe that Israel (or Jews in particular, as the Nazi's believed) have the same right to defend themselves against terrorism as America, or any other state does.

How did we get here?

The blame is too easily laid at the feet of Israel for its reaction to daily terror attacks. The horror many feel at the action of the Israeli's is not balanced, insofar as to recognize what set the Israeli's on this course in the first place. Writers at, Indymedia, Progressive Review, and even one of my favorite sites have shown a constant monotonous refrain of laying out the horrors of the Israeli 'occupation' (of what is still Israel, it must be noted). These writers clearly understate that Israel has reacted to daily acts of violence for many months with remarkable calm. These violent actions are committed by an admittedly small minority of extremists who simply do not want peace but instead want, in all of their hate-filled desperation, to kill, maim, destroy and ultimately destroy Israel. It is also lost on these unwitting tools of anti-Semites', that Israel has a right to exist, she has a right to do so peacefully and she has made every reasonable effort to do so. When Arafat walked away from peace talks with President Clinton, after Prime Minister Barak offered everything that Arafat had been asking for for years. Barak even offered to give back to the Golan Heights to the Syrians. So it was the Palestinians, not the Israeli's that walked away from peace. Arafat did not even bother to offer a decent counter proposal. It was Arafat that went to European capitals and spoke about reclaiming Jerusalem and taking over Israel. It was The Palestinian authority that showed itself to be wholly incapable of any sort of leadership with its rampant financial corruption. Now, in the face of an unrelenting barrage of Palestinian homicide attacks, Israel, knowing that the world does not believe that Jews have the right to defend themselves, reacted in a way it should have done long ago. Israel has, to the horror of the Arab world and the same Europe that stood by and watched six million Jews be exterminated, has done the unthinkable, it has defended itself.

How many homicide bombings would need to go off in America before people cried for action? If it were a daily occurrence by fanatics that were bent on the destruction of America and were not at all interested in peace, how patient would Americans be? Let the one the children of these anti-Semites be splattered on a car windshield from a bomb and suddenly all the talk of tolerance and peace fades away into the refrain of the masses, 'why doesn't the government do something?'. Well Israel is responding in the only way it is possible to destroy those who are bent on ones destruction and refuse to talk peace. It is the response of the overwhelming massive use of force.

A map of the British Partition of the Holy Land in 1946

It is well to remember how Israel came to be a nation. Many Arabs, Muslims and Anti-semites attempt to say the Jews 'stole' the land from the Palestinians. This is a half truth that solves nothing. The Jews are there now and many were there before, during and after the Ottoman Turks ruled the area. They are not going anywhere, regardless of how many suicide bombers attack Israeli cafes. The past is only a prologue to where we are now. The past and harping on it by constantly looking back at it rather than towards the future, is not the solution to these ills. Palestine, as it is referred to today has always been in Jewish hands until the revolt in 70 AD and the destruction of the Temple and the dispersion of the Jews. Since then there the area has changed hands many times from the Holy Warrior monks (Templars/Crusaders) of the middle ages to the Ottoman Turks to the British. There was never Palestinian state, and if the behavior of the Palestinians does not change drastically for peaceful negotiations, they never will have a state. A Palestinian state will only remain as a dream of a few demented homicide bombers whose mental stability should be seriously questioned. The simple fact is Israel was a state (c 1300BC) before anyone ever heard of Islam (c. 600AD). And despite the spurious claims of Muslims of how Holy Jerusalem is to Islam, it must be noted that the word Jerusalem is never mentioned once in the Koran, the holiest book in Islam. What do you suppose would be the outrage if Israel said, despite the fact that Mecca is not mentioned in the Torah or the Prophets, that Mecca is a holy city to Jews and they must take it by force to reclaim it? What would be the reaction? I suspect it would be substantial. Yet this is exactly what the Muslims have done with their claims on Jerusalem. They have taken a city that their prophet says is so very important that he did not even bother to mention it once in his holy book and claimed it as theirs. Yet a few extremist Muslim clerics latch on to the fantasy of Jerusalem being a holy city to Islam in order to use it as a propaganda tool in their war against the Jews.

Yet the modern problem of Israel is traditionally discussed only in terms of the Balfour declaration and the events thereafter. That declaration pledged to facilitate the establishment of Palestine as a national home of the Jewish people much to the consternation of many Arabs living in the area. Yet this was due in large part because of the role Jews played in aiding The British during WWIi. This declaration recognized the “the historical connection of the Jewish people with Palestine”. While Jews immigrated to Palestine in large numbers, it was halted by what has been referred to as the 'Macdonald White Paper', issued during the time of the Nazi's Rise to power, by Neville Chamberlin, a notorious Nazi appeaser. This policy cut the immigration of the Jews to a minimum. Many Arabs at the time including the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem were Nazi collaborators and, during the time the rise of Hitler to power, was welcomed in Islamic/Arab circles. It was the efforts of many Arab Leaders that lobbied Hitler to not allow Jews to leave Hungary, before the holocaust. Indeed many National Socialist parties, modeled after the Nazi's were started as a result of National Socialism rising to power in Germany. Hitler and National Socialism had always stood firmly in favor of a war against he Jews and their eventual annihilation. Let it be noted here that, despite the convenient memory of so many pundits on TV and the Press, the Palestinians were not left without a homeland, Jordan was set up for the Arabs and those who now call themselves Palestinians. It is the economic benefit that Israel broght to the land, the water works, farms, Industries, schools and wealth that many of the so-called Palestinians coveted and, thus refused to go to a place of relative economic backwardness, namely Jordan. Yet this convenient little fact is left out of the picture today because it does not fit the paradigm of illogic that permeates the modern debate.

It was the Arabs that started the War in 1948 when the UN announced the Partition of the Holy Land, It was the Arabs that stated the war against Israel in during the six day war, it was the Arabs that have started war after war against Israel. It seem to be that same basic war that Hitler waged against the Jews, a war of annihilation. Yet today the constant refrain is that 'it is all Israel's fault', how dare they exist as a nation'. Israel is not perfect to be sure, it has many many problems. Yet, it is the only Democratic government n the region, it has Arab representation in its Parliament. How many Arab nations can say that? It is a filthy, dirty anti-Semitic propaganda effort that puts Israel in the worst possible light and portrays the Palestinian Authority as the victim in this conflict. The facts, when all of them are discussed, simply do not bare this out.

I bring these matters up because history has played such an important role in the Arab's claim that Palestine belongs to the so-called Palestinians. But what really is a Palestinian? Many of those who reside in the West Bank hold Jordan Citizenship. Indeed, many were expelled from Jordan in the 1970's when terror against Jordan became so unbearable that the Jordanian Government could not handle it. They solved the problem by expelling the terrorists, most notably Arafat's Al Fatah. Where did they go...?

...To Israel.

While many modern Arab leaders make much about how much they sympathize with the cause of the Palestinians, they are treated with utter contempt in most major Arab countries. There is little love for the Palestinian people in most Arab capitals. However, they are most convenient and useful in a propaganda war in their long running war to annihilate the Jews. However, in this situation, it is impossible not to sympathize with the plight of the Palestinians', as I believe that many everyday Palestinians simply want peace and a better life for themselves and their Children. The deep sense of betrayal that many have however, has been tragically misplaced. All the blame is placed on Israel, who in dollar terms has done more than any nation on Earth to assist the Palestinians. Unfortunately, this kindness has been repaid by the leadership of the Palestinians, Arafat, Hamas, etc., with pure, unadulterated evil. They have been repaid with mass murder in the form of terrorism coupled with demands that the Jews be pushed into the sea. In the face of these facts, which are conveniently omitted in so much of the reporting in the alternative press, Israel's reaction has been excessive only in its tameness. The horror at the actions of the Israeli government and the war it is forced to fight in the West bank is not transferred to the victims of America's massive bombing campaigns in Afghanistan, its starving of the people of Iraq, it's launching if missiles into a medicine factory to deflect attention from a sex scandal. No, there isn't any horror there, because those horrors do not serve their religion of Anti-Semitism.

Bloodshed has always and will always beget bloodshed. As long as the Palestinians feel that arms, war and terror are legitimate tools in their struggle, then it is a mark of supreme cowardice and an infantile mentality to go crying on the world stage about how 'brutal' the Israeli's are. This cry-baby attitude deserves laughter and contempt, not a diplomatic audience. When The Palestinians decide to rid themselves of Arafat and Co. and decide that negotiating is better than terrorism, then and only then can a realistic solution be found. In the meantime, perhaps the best thing for world to do right now is mind it s own business for a change and cease meddling in the affairs of others. America, in particular has little right to dictate anything to Israel about 'stolen land'. One need only look hat how Uncle Sam has treated the America Indian to see that America's hypocrisy knows no bounds. How dare America preach to Israel or anyone about giving up land for peaceful resolution to any matter.

America has always solved its problems with the machine gun and the F-16. When America learns to practice peace, then perhaps it will be in a better position to preach it.

iIn the form of Acetone to make munitions which Weizmann, the leader of the Zionist movement at the time was able to acquire for the British when they were not longer able to get it from Germany.