A Warning From


Mortal Storm”


God has asked me to write this warning to those who will hear. I will therefore, not be disobedient.

I had really given up writing for a while because, at times it seems no one is listening. Oh, yes I do get quite a few hits on my site everyday but is anyone really listening?

Apparently so, otherwise God would not have me out here writing today.

I really like old movies you know, the real classics, Ben Hur, the Ten Commandments, Spartacus and the likes. I also like the old war movies from the ‘40’s and ‘50’s. I watched an old movie last night called ‘The Mortal Storm’. It is one powerful piece of filmmaking and one of my favorites. It centers on a German family that lived during the rise and first few years of the reign of Hitler. The movie was made long before America had entered the war and centered on how a tyranny divides a household and how it eventually led to murder within the household. The whole time I was watching this film I was thinking about what is happening in America today and how we as Americans have lost most of our freedoms already and how what I saw in that movie, could easily happen in America.

Whenever I think of what is happening to America today, I think of Nazi Germany. I think of Adolph Hitler and I think about his global war for hegemony and I think of America’s war for the same. I consider the underlying philosophy and the desire to bring what the antagonist believes is a superior culture to the conquered and I cannot help but see parallels. Not identical mind you, but parallels to be sure. I think of how Hitler attempted to spread his twisted vision of the future to the world and how our current President is doing the same. I would never say that we as Americans and our culture are as bad as Hitler’s Germany yet, but it is fast becoming so. Our society is not so much based on racial superiority but on economic exploitation that is antithetical to the values enshrined in our constitution. Both Hitler and Bush succeeded in rearranging the nation’s priorities for conquest[1]. Bush and the neo-conservatives that run his administration are not what they advertise themselves to be. They essentially are corporate titans, rich men who are using the vast powers of the American government and their agents in the corporate controlled media to garner support for and extremely profitable war. Profitable that is, for themselves.

So I watched ‘The Mortal Storm’ last night, keeping what was happening to America in the back of my mind. America is using concentration camps to stop what it suspects are terrorists. These can be called ‘preventative detentions’. If the government has profiled a person or group of individuals as terrorist, they are investigated (secretly) and if the justice department feels that it is warranted a person is picked up and sent to a concentration camp. No real crime need to have been committed. Any American today could be deemed a terrorist under the Patriot Act. If you gave any money to any cause that may have in turn given money to another group that the justice department thinks is terrorist, you could (under the terms of the present law) be picked up interrogated, and interned at a secret facility. If you gave money to a charity that helped feed children in a nation that has a famine and just one dollar of that money ended up in the hands (deliberately or inadvertently in the hands of a terrorist) you (not your neighbor or your friend but Y-O-U) could be sent to a concentration camp. You will not have the right to a lawyer, and even if you did, very few would take your case because of cowardice and fear. The media could be prevented from even mentioning that you were picked up. The only time that we hear the names of people picked up today is when the Justice department is trying to make new law (set a precedent) or is using the dissemination of the information for  counterintelligence purposes.

In Nazi Germany no one spoke of concentration camps above a whisper. In America, no one speaks of them at all because most Americans believe that they are only for Muslim terrorists. The laws on the books are neither race nor religion specific. Many believe that these laws cannot possible mean the death camps of Nazi Germany.

The Defense Department is lobbying at this moment to have death chambers installed in these camps. This, after a military tribunal (where the defendant has no right to any constitutional protections such as the right to counsel, to confront ones accused, etc.) he can be executed, once again, in secret.

Now any of you who are still defenders of this kind of antichrist system should be very, very careful, because this is not much different than the death camps of Germany. Granted towards the end of the war, Hitler’s camps were primarily concerned with race, but they were also very concerned with political ideology and obedience to the government, that being personified in their fürher, Adolph Hitler. Most people do not understand and I ask every one of you to understand that the Nazi’s first concentration camps were not for Jews. They were for communists, gypsies and other political undesirables. Indeed the first concentration camp was opened in March of 1933. Himmler, who was a police commissioner in Berlin (before he headed the dreaded SS and was a relatively minor bureaucrat), came up with the idea. You see, there were so many political undesirables that the Nazi’s, who had just come to power, did not know what to do with them. The very first camp was built at an old power factory, just outside of Berlin. It was called Dachau. The Nazi’s mostly arrested Communists and Social Democrats to be interned in these facilities. It was only later that they were used as a tool for implementing their perverted notion of racial purity.  Concentration camps grew in popularity with the government because that people either did not care or supported them! Does this not describe America today? Do not most Americans support the use of concentration camps in order to stop ‘terrorism’? Concentration camps will no more stop terrorism that ‘bleeding’ stopped the black death of the Middle-Ages. It is the type of solution implemented by an ignoramus, or someone who loves death. Concentration camps, like ‘bleeding’, will only make the host too weak to ward of further attacks. We have weakened the very things that have made America strong; her freedom, her deep love for justice and historical sense of fair play on the international scene and most importantly her Christian heritage.

The problem that those who know their God and had walked with Christ for a while can see with these laws is how easily they can be used to round up Christians and put them in these camps. If we were to have one major terrorist attack in America and it was blamed on Christians, all of the forces of hell would be unleashed against Christians in America, as they would be labeled terrorists. This is almost what happened after Oklahoma City. Some of the most hateful and satanic rhetoric spewed forth not just from the mainstream media against Christians, calling them ‘purveyors of hatred’, but also came from the US government in the form of its President who used the same type of words to lambaste conservatives and especially religious ones.


The stage is set and Christians will need to wake up and prepare their souls, lest they deny their Christ in the fires of the coming persecution. The US Government already targeted Christians in their Project Megiddo report. This is an official Government Document!! This should have caused a huge uproar in American Christianity, but didn't. The false shepherds of Babylon are leading America's Christians to a great slaughter. Such a document could never have been made if the apostasy were not so great in America.


Mark S. Watson

[1] I realize the noblest motives are ascribed to Bush in the prevailing propaganda model. Nevertheless, it is only a propaganda model and thus unworthy of further intelligent discussion. Either one has the wits about them to see this or one has been hopelessly deceived by the princes of our age.