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 War: A More Secure Future?


George Bush’s War with Iraq has sparked debate around the world. Is the war justified? Is the war necessary? Will it bring peace? Is it designed to bring in a ‘Pax Americana’ in a hostile and oil rich region? These are questions that are being asked in Berlin, Paris, London, Karachi, Tehran, Amsterdam and every world capital.

If the vote in the UN Security Council and the massive protests around the world are any indication whatever, this war is an unjustified and reckless adventure conducted by a US President with extremely questionable legitimacy. America’s war is seen throughout the world as a power and wealth grab that is being conducted in a way that is uncharacteristic of traditional American values. It is being done in contempt of its European allies and at the expense of 60 years of relationships that have been painstakingly built and maintained. The war against Iraq is seen by many in the world as a way to solve two of America’s most pressing problems.

The first is the need to secure oil and energy supplies for the foreseeable future (10-30 years). The second is to use Iraq as a staging base for future military operations in the oil rich region. The US economy that has been overheating due, not to overactive productive economic activity, but because of  a disastrous monetary policy that has created massive amounts of currency that has been woefully misallocated. These misallocations have not provided investment into productive sectors of the economy. It did not help to retool and enhance the competitiveness of America’s shriveling industrial base. Instead, it went into the demonstrably and incorrigibly corrupt Wall Street banks, firms, and corporations, which looted the investment capital America needed to compete in the 21st Century. America now must find a way out of her predicament. This must be accomplished in such a way that those corrupt elements in the federal government and on Wall Street will benefit, leaving the American people to foot the bill in both money and blood. Hence this war, its aims both political and economic is being waged to keep a deeply entrenched criminal network in power and economically solvent. Many ordinary Americans applaud the actions of the government believing that this war is being waged to keep America strong. This is a convenient half-truth that aids in comforting the simple minded. This war is not being waged for America. It is being waged by a small group of elitists who are bent on destroying America, its constitutional form of government, its high standard of living for the middle class and eventually when she is no longer of any use, its military and economic power. Like a NY mob boss, they will simply ‘bust it out’, Tony Soprano style.


The reasons for the destruction of the American ideal are myriad and well documented in literature written from both he liberal left and the conservative right. In short, freedom, real freedom is going to be a thing of the past in the emerging global order.  Governments around the globe are turning to various means to repress the populations of the earth. This is especially true in America as the demonstrably unconstitutional ‘Patriot Act’ shows. The American experiment is a thing of the past. These important concepts must be understood if we are to understand the real reason the President is willing to destroy 50 years of alliance building and show such obstinate single-mindedness in pursuing what all of the world sees as a reckless and foolhardy adventure. Others have decided (China and Russia) to let the US continue on its adventure because they believe it may very well turn into a quagmire that will undermine America’s leadership role in the world and allow other elements a freer hand on the global stage. In short they are waiting for the dim-witted giant to fall into his self made pit so they can move in.


America’s adventure in Iraq has ended America’s ability to persuade its allies to embark on military adventures in the future. America has turned its back on the systems of International governance that it created. This, in the view of some, is not necessarily a bad thing as the United Nations is viewed by many as ill-equipped to deal with crisis as they happen around the world. What is needed according to this viewpoint, is a unilateralism[1] that goes in and ‘just does it’. This is also a grave mistake as this will not put America in a position of leadership, but will eventually make it a pariah nation, an outcast and may put it in the category of ‘Axis of Evil’ in the minds of the entire world. It must be remembered here that even the German people were fooled into believing that war against the world was somehow justified, and while the world condemned it, Nazi Germany marched onwards down its suicidal, unilateral, and violent path. That is not to say that America has turned into Nazi Germany. Rather it is to state, without the usual political correctness, that the parallel’s between Nazi Germany and what is happening in America are too stark, too frightening and too obvious to ignore. We must be on guard against the unwarranted imposition of power over our democratic principles by those with narrow economic and personal interests. It is this kind of unilateral foreign policy that will not make the world safer but bring in great instability, war and massive defense contracts and will increase oil revenues for a small group of elitists. It will finally bring about the reduction of democratic freedoms through questionable and highly suspicious terrorist acts as the administration clamors for new and expanded ‘War Powers’. The world is already too full of war, bloodshed, greed and tyranny, the last thing the world needs now is a superpower that mirrors each of these aforementioned evils with such crystal clarity.


America’s adventure in Iraq, even if militarily successful will spell disaster the world over for America. Hatred for America as well as swelling the ranks of anti-American terrorist organizations world-wide will be the eventual result. This will certainly keep the world off balance as it tries to deal with a stubborn global recession.

Recently I proposed, as have many others, that this war is more about oil than terrorism or weapons of mass destruction. I surmised that oil and its depletion are clear and present dangers to Western (read American) prosperity, lifestyles and power. The article can be found here.


From a prophetic perspective, I am beginning to wonder if this war will not usher in the ten kings that are to make up the final end-time beast system. I cannot be certain of this but the world and current power relationships are due to shift immensely after America invades Iraq. Once America is firmly entrenched in Iraq (if all goes according to plan) the rest of the regions government will have to dance more enthusiastically to Washington’s tune lest they be labeled ‘terrorist’ and be invaded like Iraq. This will put America in an even better position on the global oil scene, as this will force OAPEC (Organization of Arab Petroleum Exporting Countries) to export its oil to America with greater haste. Any such arrangement however will bring about hatred and enmity heretofore unseen in the world and a far more dangerous form of Anti-Americanism will grow bringing about the kind of coordinated enmity that could cause America to be seriously undermined or even destroyed by another group of nations. It can be certain that this will not happen overnight and will not happen without an even more imperial stance from the American Government, such as a follow-on invasion to Iran or Syria. This would force the regions governments to coordinate a means to counter an aggressive America using other than economic means. The scripture says that the kings will hate the Harlot (NY Centered Financial Interests, see Rev 17:16-18) and will burn her with fire. The Global beast (US/UN) system has arisen out of the earth. This is the scenario that could play out over the next few years. We will have to see. This war will not bring in a lasting peace. It has changed America into an aggressive imperial power that has jettisoned its democratic, liberal and egalitarian ideals for a dubious and violent empire.


War is America’s business and business is good.

By Mark W. Watson

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[1] This is not necessarily a bad thing as the UN, in this authors opinion, is not a good thing as long as it attempts to foister a system of global governance vis á vis, waging war in the name of the ‘international community’. It was a good idea as far as allowing various nations to negotiate and discuss global problems. However, that is as far as the UN should have been allowed to progress.