If you entered this year with the usual January message or preached word full of clichés and rhyming phrases, ask yourself are these the words that God would have for you. I am not saying messages preached on these lines are not from the Lord, but God is speaking in my heart that some of the typical New Year messages are just what they are, messages with hype. Many of you are looking at your present circumstances and are saying to yourself, “if God is really for me, why am I still going through things He said He would change for my good?” You are wondering, “When will He bring to pass the things He said I am to do?” Well, that is exactly what the Lord is doing, but you figured He would bring forth the promise without His process. And, for some of you that process has been confusing, so confusing until you have said the circumstances are of the devil. Sure, the devil probably has found entrance to gain some ground, but know that he is a defeated foe and can not take from you what belongs to you as long as you are an obedient servant unto God.

One thing God has placed heavy in my spirit to say is understand your season of “seclusion.” Take a moment, and prepare to let God’s Holy Spirit speak to your spirit. Some of you are going through a period where God has told you to isolate yourself, but you have had some difficulty adjusting and accepting to this calling to isolation because it may require your actually shutting yourself in for hours, days, weeks or however long God is telling you. You also are having problems understanding this call to seclusion because you would not know what to do because God is asking you to do something totally different in a totally different way and by faith.

Whether you have to create this seclusion in a total sense or in various forms, be certain to follow the voice of the Lord. He may be summoning you to seclude yourself by (1) refraining from going to {certain} public places, (2) excluding persons who are so-called buddies or friends from fellowship or out of your space, (3) changing your schedule to block times you can do things alone, (4) refraining from talking on the telephone, and on and on. You know what God is summoning you to do to create your atmosphere for your secluded, intimate, and peaceful time and place with Him. You now must cooperate with Him for that atmosphere to be created.

Now, as you do this, do not tip scales and cause an imbalance. This call to seclusion should not cause you to forsake wifely duties if you are married, motherly duties if you are a mother, or marketplace duties as one who works on a job. You are still an example of Christ. When He had to seclude Himself from the crowds, He did it with wisdom, not demonstrating displaced arrogance, puffiness, non-compassion or irresponsibility to what He was to do everyday, no matter what. Therefore, be certain to let God navigate you into the season of seclusion, for during this time you will be empowered with His power, strengthened with His wisdom, educated with His instructions, dressed with His garments, and enamored with His love.

I trust that this word He has pressed upon my heart will bless you AND keep you in His perfect way and perfect peace, even in the midst of your trials and tribulations as you “wait” on Him. And, if submitting to this process “HURT,” I’ve got great news. The HURT is unrevealed TRUTH with pain; but TRUTH removes the pain and sets you free.

Be blessed in Him.

Sonja M. Watts

Miss Watts has a ministry for women called the 'Renaissance Woman'