His Cup Is Running Over

Sun, 11 Sep 2005

"His Cup Is Running Over"

By Charle' Homan And Ueli Surbeck

As Ueli and Charle' prayed together during about 12 days. from August 27 to September 8 2005


"I will destine you to the sword. All of you will bow before the executioner, for WHEN I CALLED YOU DID NOT ANSWER, WHEN I SPOKE, YOU DID NOT LISTEN, YOU DELIBERATELY SINNED ------BEFORE MY EYES ---- AND CHOSE TO DO WHAT YOU KNOW I DESPISE. Isaiah 65. 1 - 12 NLT

I was with the angels flying over North America, I saw the angels stamping each Nation that would be devastated, as we flew over with a sign as a Roman Numeral II.

North America was first then we went to Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Iran, Syria, Turkey. And then it went over to Europe, but with the exception of Greece, first to Italy, and then whole of Europe the angels were laying a blanket of black over the entire group of Nations and it represented judgment, Spain...then I came back to North America and I saw Canada and Hawaii and I turned around and I saw Australia, but only half of it as the other half seem to have disappeared ....then I saw Indonesia, Malaysia, Russia and China and then going to Africa. and then it went to Israel.

Then there where this two other visions, which where given later, but it seems good to hang them on, as they go in the same line as the word above:

It was the vision about an earthquake through North America, splitting it in the middle about a mile deep. from Houston, Texas straight up across America. it will come before the US has recovered from the actually flooding at the south coast....

And then later the Lord spoke the following sentence, "the slaughter of the innocent has began"....

Then a few days later the Lord gave the following Visions with a special concern for New York:

First Vision

I saw the Sky and suddenly out of the Sky airplanes where falling everywhere. it was like ripples, there where ripples in the sky, like there is in water. These ripples where like sound waves or electronic disturbance directed from the ground against this airplanes which made them fall out of the sky.

Second Vision

I saw many warehouses and then the ocean with a harbor appeared, in the harbor was a cruise ship which was on fire and is sinking. I was in the water outside the ship, I could see many animals in the water around the ship, they started moving and they must be somehow crocodiles or what ever, they were there eating up those who try to jump into the water escaping the fire on the ship. I tried to tell them don't jump, I was screaming and screaming but it was useless, they didn't listen they jumped anyway.

Third Vision

Suddenly I was in the water (somehow in the harbor area in New York) I could see people floating in the water and all kinds of things and I was shocked and moved back as I looked down I saw the head of the statue of Liberty in the water next to me, then Suddenly a big hole was blown out in the midst of the skyscrapers. People where melting like wax. it must have been a nuclear explosion. Then in addition to this explosion, suddenly I saw flat across the map of the United States and saw the following names jumping up, I heard the names of the cities as I saw them raise up off the map somehow I knew that these cities would be attacked at the same time: Cincinnati, San Francisco, Montreal, Atlanta, Dallas and Washington DC.

Fourth Vision

Then I saw Mexico City there were three planes trying to land at the same time came in from three different directions and crashed mid-air...

Then came Hawaii and I saw some tragedies, must be through some type of big wave, like Tsunami wave. Tragic, wiped out I believe the islands were sunk....then at the end I saw written: "CAN NOT BE OVERRIDDEN"

Then about two days later, the vision about New York came back very strong. I was again under the water, the statue of Liberty was in the water with me, I said Lord take me out of the water, take me out, now, praise God I was cold, it was so real, and I saw again the hole which was blown into the skyscrapers. it seemed that it was important for me to be under in/under the water, vantage point, I saw something, so suddenly I saw and a submarine coming to the surface and then after this there were many, it was like a fleet, and they were Russian, which was important for me to see. They all came to the surface in the Harbor, with the hole in the buildings , looked to me like the inside of the hole was coming out around the hole like it had been shot from the North to the South, Russia....I saw black Helicopters everywhere and men coming out on ropes and invasions of a sort...

I saw another fleet of ships going towards the disaster and then I saw a ship compass and the compass was in the direction of South/west.

After this we prayed specifically to receive an indication about timing. So as we prayed the Lord gave me a vision about a boat which wrote in the water 23 (it came from top to down) in the spirit I knew this was January.... (1- 23) and then the boat came again and wrote 2006 from the left to the right.

Last Vision:

The Sword of the Lord hanging over America

I have felt that I am underwater since I have arrived, it is awesome because I think that when I went into the water in the vision somehow I stayed spiritually in the water for the vantage point in the water is very important right now. I saw the map of America and it isn't a star as I saw in the beginning, I saw it is a sword, God gave me great detail It is His Judgment! The sword of the Lord hanging in the balance against America...It firm and standing boldly and CAN NOT BE MOVED!

Personal comment (by Ueli):

The first vision gave somehow an overview of the coming judgments, which will be all over the world, but it is very clear it is starting in North America.....!

In the second part there is a clear emphasis given for the United States of America and this is very serious. What we received is part of the big picture, no prophet is given all.....but what is very clear, the destruction which occurred through Hurricane Katrina is only the beginning.

Two specific things are clearly announced by several prophets:

1. A coming earthquake which will divide America in the middle. Well many prophets have seen this vision about America being split so it is another confirmation....

2. And an attack in New York, which has been given already to some other people like Oral Roberts, Michael Boldea etc. and it is what is called the second blow.

For the fact that the Lord showed this vision about New York, was an answer to many prayers, it was on August 11. that the Lord woke me up in the morning with a prayer on my lips to call for the Christians and Jews in New York to leave....., So I prayed this prayer during many days, and with this Vision, I believe the Lord gave some very clear indications to understand, what he wants to say. The timing is to be taken very serious: Jan. 23. 2006 I believe, the Lord has already softened and delayed this judgment announced since last fall very clearly, so I have the impression there will be no delay anymore, but there is a clear call to simply prepare for!

May the Lord give you the grace and mercy to discern and prepare! Shalom from Jerusalem, the City of the Great King. - Ueli

Homan Charle


Dear friends,

During the past days, the Lord let me pray together with Charle during many days, for Jerusalem, Israel and what ever the Lord would reveal. Charle is an intercessor, received the a mantle to walk in the prophetic office since more then 10 years and received an apostolic mantle about 2 years ago through David Shemende, an amazing apostle and man of God from Africa, actually living in Tennessee. So as we prayed the Lord started to speak concerning coming judgments in several nations.

In fact the first visions where given during the days as New Orleans was being flooded, which certainly had motivated us greatly to pray and seek the Lord.

So thanks for keeping this Issues up in your prayers....!

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