Brother Pruett's Vision Of Judgment

Submitted on 23 August 2003

Let me begin by saying that I do not claim to be prophet in any way shape or fashion. I merely speak what God has given me when He gives it. I fear and tremble to even think that He would call such a one as I am, for I am nothing. And yet, under fear of retribution and accountability for my silence I must speak what has been shown me. My only regret is that I have waited almost a full year to publish abroad, what was shown me in secret.


On September 11, 2002, there was a large fire in my home town. After church services that night I decided to go by the ruins and look to see what was going on. I drove my family by the smoldering ruins, then we went home. My wife needed somethings from the store so she and I left home again ( about 9:30PM) and went  grocery shopping. On the way back through town we decided to go up on a hill overlooking the fire scene and view the damage from there. She was driving ( very unusual for she always prefers me to drive when I'm with her.). As we came down the hill behind and across a creek from the ruins, we lost site of them due to a slatted fence and brushy growth that surrounded a factory yard.

As I looked out the car window suddenly I saw, whether with my eyes or with my spirit I don't know; a city on fire. There was no clear architecture, just an outline of a city overshadowed by an eerie red glow of embers and huge plumes of black smoke billowing up from the city. And the word "destruction " was spoken to my heart. I realized suddenly that GOD was trying to get my attention. I prayed silently for understanding and the words came this time "massive destruction". I began to feel an overpowering presence of God and wept under such presence, all while praying "What is is Lord, what are you trying to show me?" The words came this time " massive destruction in a few days". By now I was weeping and shaking uncontrollably while my wife drove. She was aware that something was taking place and she too was in tears.

As I prayed on the only further words I got was "city" and "upheaval" before the vision and overwhelming presence of God lifted. Though I prayed on I got no further revelation as to what I had seen. I told a few very close friends and my family about this but kept it to myself mostly for fear of scepticism.

Some months later, through a series of events under the ordination of God, I found the prophecies of Dumitru Duduman on the Watson's Web page. As I began to read, I felt the exact same moving of the Spirit of God that I had before. The more I read the more I wept until I fell to my knees to pray. As I began to pray I came under Satanic attack in the form of severe leg cramps. I forced my self to my feet and began to pray for help. The Holy Ghost spoke to my heart so plainly and said " It's the devil. Rebuke it in the name of Jesus." As I did so, within seconds the cramp went away completely and all residual pain vanished as well. Then the Spirit said "Sit down and read". I obeyed and as I read on the word of God came to me saying "This is what I showed you. This is what you saw." I read on weeping heavily until I could read no more. But the Spirit was on me mightily and I wept on for some time.

A few days ago I met another brother who is a very dedicated Christian. He walks close to God and the Lord shows him things as well. He encouraged me and chastised me as well to begin to tell what I had seen. I felt the meeting between he and I was ordained of God and likewise felt the Lord telling me to proclaim what I have seen.

The other day I received revelation of what the Spirit meant when he said it was a city. Please recall that in the days of the Bible, powerful nations were sometimes known by the name of the chief city of the land. For example... Rome, Babylon, and Tyre. The Spirit of God showed me that though He spoke the word "city" in the vision I was given, He is refering to the United States as a whole!   Babylon The Great of Revelation 18 is, I fully believe, the USA.

Judgement in any courtroom is simply the rendering of an opinion. A decision that has been made. God always gave a space of grace between judgement and the execution of a sentence, to see if the people would repent. Yet the Book of Revelation said "they repented not"!   Oh that men would repent before the execution of sentence upon this evil land.

Given by,

Brother Pruett

email withheld by requested