Power Seekers

2003 07 19.1

Thus saith the Lord. There is a word that is given to you who listen
to the prophet: that is, be obedient not to man's word, but to God's
Word. Anything that contradicts the Word of God is simply wrong!
Therefore, know what all of the Bible says. Do not listen to anything
else which is contrary to it. Do not listen to even this prophet if
he says something contrary to God's Word.

Listen and know that God has always been the same. Many will come and
say we have heard from God, but say a word that contradicts the
Bible. Do not listen to such. God is never wrong. I have never
changed and will never change.

Power comes only through seeking Jesus, and fasting and prayer. Those
who seek power do so at their peril, for I never commanded you to
seek power, but rather to seek Me and you will find power; for power
comes only through the Lord Jesus. So says the Word.

Given By,

Thomas S. Gibson

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