An Open Letter To Politically Incorrect Bloggers,
Committed Christians, Black Lives Matter, Occupy Wall Street...

...And other peaceful and law abiding seekers of justice, truth and an America that practices what it preaches on the issues of freedom, justice, economic fair play, religious freedom, racial equality and peace.

While I will address this mostly to the people in Black Lives Matter (BLM), it goes pretty much for all who are named above and others as well who may not have the notoriety or may not have come into existence just yet. This is a cautionary letter and a letter to help you better understand just what you are up against and why unless organizations like yours change your tactics,  begin to look at the issues facing Black Americans with a far more strategic view, your efforts, however noble and well meaning, will fail. Guaranteed.

There is no way you can win against this system that is stacked against you unless you fully understand just what it is you are up against and I can tell you now that there are probably less than a thousand Black Americans alive today who really understand that. Yes, they know about racism - intimately - yes, they know that there is power behind it - and yes they know that most of those who are not Black don't understand just how hard it is being Black in America. But those are generalizations. Generalizations are nebulous and like clouds, cannot be used in a fight - at least not the kind of political fight you will have to fight in order to make sure your communities are not destroyed by a concentrated effort at economic neglect and outright economic warfare against you, just because you are Black.

Understand what I am saying here. I have been watching Black Lives Matter with awe and surprise. Finally the light has come on in Black America's collective mindset. For years I and only a couple of others have been trying to awaken Black folks to the Collective Slumber that the Black community was engaged in just because they had a Black President. They had gone into an almost comatose state while this President did almost every single deed that the last President did that they decried when the President was White. Liberals and Black Americans who would ordinarily protest those polices would not say a word because the President was Black. In short he was the perfect mascot for racists to use against Black folks and others who wish to live in peace and use him they did -  at least for the first few years. He openly dissed the Black members in his own party and still does not like to meet with them. Under this President Black Poverty and unemployment have skyrocketed and a Black kid is four times as likely to be in poverty than a White one. Today, income disparity is a living crime.  Those are pretty sorry statistics for America's first African American President. Am I blaming him totally? No, of course not.

The fact is, the average Black American has never understood politics in Washington. They are clueless. I am not trying to be denigrating. It's just that until a person has the courage and wisdom to say 'I don't know' and listen to someone who does, they will always remain stuck in their misconceptions, deceptions and never know the nature of the beast they are, as a people, up against. I can remember having a conversation with a person just as Obama was getting inaugurated. They were hot and I mean pissed off at me because I did not vote for him. Finally when I got them to cool down I explained it to them in this way (this is very roughly gisted)

I know I too an proud an happy that America has seen fit to look past race and elect a Black President. I like what he says, I really do. He is most inspiring. Then the person responded '"Then why didn't you vote for him"? I had to explain to them at their very basic and rudimentary understanding of America's political system that if you look at where he got his money from you will see that those who have funded him have paid him to make sure nothing he promised will be delivered. I pointed them to the OpenSecrets site and they got very angry with me. That site is not partisan only covers who gave how much to whom. Facts at this point it time to this individual - they were the enemy. What mattered was that Obama was Black, little else.

Why were they so angry? I don't know but Black Americans in particular tend to be the most hostile to uncomfortable truths. They often get down right belligerent if you simply answer their question in a calm, informed and intelligent manner. They will insult, harangue, mock and otherwise try and to verbally and socially assassinate those who tell them the real deal. There are truths about our system and Black America itself that we, collectively as a people, are most unwilling to face. Comfortable misconceptions and delusions are more often to be preferred and are often defended with exceptional vigor by far, FAR too many Black Americans.

Then after he was in office, he broke almost every single promise he made. A couple of years later this person called me as said they would have to re-think their political preconceptions for they were most disappointed at the time.

Please understand this is not a slam at the President or to this individual. Obama had to deal with some horribly evil men and women during his tenure who threatened him with assassination in ways that only insiders understand and may not be safe to talk about, so I won't. No I am talking about a system and the President plays ball with the system or they remove him almost certainly with a bullet. I knew that when I saw who was giving him money back in 2008.

This is a system that has at its root a high degree of racist-fascism and has for a very, very long time. Many of you don't understand why I spend so much time on fascism and the Nazi's. I will tell you. Black America nor working America (of any race) will never understand their enemy nor win anything from this system until they get to the root of it. Now when I say Nazi's I am not talking about your everyday garden variety skin-headed, half wit with swastikas tattooed on his slick and empty skull.  Those are useful idiots that are paraded from time to time by other men who pull the purse or blackmail strings -  primarily as a media diversion - away from the REAL Nazi's.

No when you want to talk about the real Nazi's and their plan for Black America and any decent constitutional loving American you have to talk about those people who really run America. If you ignore this elephant in the room, you will have no chance of winning anything of lasting significance. You have little chance even if you do understand and begin to strategize accordingly  - and none of you don't. Right now, Black folks and most Americans still don't understand the nature of this beast and that it goes far, far beyond America's shores and that once they pass these new Free Trade Agreements nothing you can do will be able to help. Why Not? Because America's laws will be officially and legally subservient to corporate lawyers who for the most part won't even be American. Not even the Supreme Court will be able to overturn their rulings.

For those of you who really want a look at this Nazi Axis, its origin, how it escaped after WWII and where it want to take the world. I am not going to give you any readers digest version here. I have done that enough. I will however pass on numerous links here for those who want to know and are wise enough to say "I don't know about this and it may be of extreme importance if there is even a smidgen of truth to it." I know that won't be many of you. But for the few who want to know and don't just want a simpletons answer to these question -  I am not going to give you a virtual library. But the data is out there clearly spelled out not only by bloggers but by Federal Investigators, Journalists, Military Inquiry Panels, The Nuremberg Trials, Scientists and others who came in contact with Hitlers henchmen during and after the war. There is a paper trail, witness testimony and a long line of  incontrovertible evidence that Nazi's did not die, but live on in the halls of power in both Europe and America.

The network of corporate control in the US that funded the Nazi's before and during WWII has not only remained, it has grown and reinforced itself politically and economically.

Why am I bringing this up? I will tell you in terms that I hope you understand. When Black Lives Matter has a protest against a cop shooting or goes to a University to deal with racial problems noted, they are hitting at the 'straw men' of this system. The cops? Even the Grand Jury's and Attorney Generals? Yes they are part of the problem, but if this system can be likened to a human body, BLM right now is fighting the toenails and cuticles around it of the system. The beast barely feels this. It is barely worthy of its attention. Why not? Because they know something that Black America may know theoretically but not in a way that will bring in change. What is that? The key root to controlling and destroying a people is economics. The power to lend, invest, borrow, control wealth and harness labor. Do you want to know why Black Cities are going under? It's the economics of the Reich to make sure this is the case. They must do this with stealth and they are quite good at it. Once they implement their plan they do it and continue to until caught. Then they apologize and when no one is looking, they continue doing it. This is why it is imperative that the major banksters never go to jail and that is why they have not and will not. Their power is key to the rising system of economic warfare on the systems racial and economic foes.

Brothers, its not just lending, its in Medicine, Education, Hiring, the war machine. This racism is entrenched. Go and find out how many of today's major drug makers were tied in or were part of the system that was the Reich. Again, Black folks don't get this - if they did they would have not elected Barak Obama or at least would have held his feet to the fire after he was elected. Why didn't they? They don't know and most don't want to know. They would rather be hostile with the truth teller and go back to watching BET and be ignorant. It is that ignorance that will kill - literally - Black America. These Nazi's mean business. They are racists and some I am here to tell you that some of these guys are the 'lock them up in camps, work them to death and gas them when your done with them' kind of racists. No, they will never say that and thankfully not all or even most of them feel that way...

...but many do.

But to those who are in this fight to win back a semblance of America's self and keep her from careening over the edge to more Malthusian forms of fascism, I have these words of advice - from one who knows the real deal and what you are really up against. Ignore this at your own peril because there are not many Black voices out here who know and have the courage to say these things. And most just don't know them.

First off. I will tell you now if you are not ready to be killed and jailed - stop now. I mean that. Don't go any further because if you are unsuccessful in your attempts to bring positive change to America you won't have to worry. - they will pretty much leave you alone as you provide entertainment value to them. But the more you force the political and economic powers in America to look at and fix the problems that I you and I have identified, you are going to go on a list. I will call it a 'ni&&er list'. Yes an offensive name but far less offensive than its reality.  But white activists can get on that list too if they try and bring in genuine, long lasting change to America that benefits the people of this once great land. Go back to the Civil Rights struggle. That is what they had to endure. They will do the same things again but with even greater skill and without those pesky warrants and courts. These days, more and more they just don't need those things. They can break into your home (as they did mine) on the flimsiest of pretexts or as a result of an illegal set up within the Intelligence or Law Enforcement Community.

Go back and see how they treated the Civil Rights leaders of the 60's and 70's under COINTELPRO. They played dirty and rarely within the law. LE and the Intelligence community have long worked hand in hand to suppress, oppress and otherwise destroy Black America. They will smear and even 'suicide' those who come against the illegal and racist activities of 'the system'. Today, the CIA is still doing media damage control of that CIA Cocaine scandal with pejorative or slanted articles in their media front organizations. But also some courageous people who told the part of the story the CIA and Justice Department did not want told.

Do some searches on COINTELPRO  -  sit down, grab a cup of coffee and READ. Understand what you are dealing with or be buried by it. A History lesson lost is a History lesson repeated. I ask you not to make the same mistakes so many did in the past. Some of those guys from the civil rights days and before - there was not enough of them left to put into a coffin.

Consequently I urge you. Do not engage, threaten to engage or encourage others to engage in violence. If anyone in your movement begins to talk along those lines, get them out and do it immediately. If he is serious he will get you into trouble - if he is a Government agent sent to entice you to crime he will get you into trouble. Get them out and keep them out.

Second you are going into what can only be described as a kind of battle. There will  be forces who will do all in their power to stop you. They will blackmail you, try and set you up, embarrass you, harass you, try and turn friends, neighbors, employers and family members against you -  even though many of those things are not legal for them to do. Be assured, to some degree, they will try and when no one is looking they will try again. So forget about all the warm fuzzies you hear about not worrying about the Surveillance State or what Snowden revealed. Those surveillance tools are not there for the terrorists in Iraq but for the protester (read terrorist) and activist (read terrorist) here in the US who they know will eventually rise up once they get to the nitty-gritty of their nefarious plans for us - and I just don't mean Black Americans either. They know you will one day rise up and that is why they must - it is imperative - must keep the surveillance state in tact. As I said, it is a key foundation of any fascist system.

So be absolutely as stingy as possible with your data. I mean that. You will have to rethink all you do on the internet. Every single thing from Gmail to Facebook; iPhones to Yahoo - Posting resume's online and being active in any social networking site. Secure your computers when you are not using them. Use passwords to open anything digital encrypt some things if you must. The way spying has been so easy for the surveillance state is because you sign away so many of your rights the second you click 'I agree' on hundreds of sites, and on your mobile equipment. But if you give these Nazi's an inch they will take a mile. A person who does not take wise precautions is like a soldier in a night fight covered in LED lights flashing - "here am I, shoot me" in every language known to man, thinking he is safe. All he is is a target for enemy sniper fire. Many of you don't want to hear this because making those changes is hard and old habits are hard to break. The only thing I can say to you is this - if you are planning a protest and you are identified by the system as a 'trouble maker' (read Black person with a brain and a mission)  - they have ways of making you not arrive at your destination because somehow crack cocaine was found in your car and the cop had to shoot you while you were running away... with 16 bullet holes in your stomach from 5 feet away. I know no one is going to listen to this and that is one reason why I am certain these movements will fail. Dr. King had enough trouble back in his day and now, with all the tools this surveillance state has and peoples blind and naive use of it? Brothers, they know what you are going to do before you even get out of bed they know how long it took you to come to completion when you were mating with your wife. How do they know? They watched you do it.

My experiences? Let them be a lesson to you. One time, after one of the break-ins at my home, I called a repair guy. When he measured things and gave me an estimate, he was real nice. This was a very nice, young-ish Black man but was most curious about Malcolm X and Black militants. He would ask me questions and want to know things. I knew what he was and what he was doing from the beginning, though I don't think he knew that I knew, I just gave him the straight deal - no whitewash of my views on the failures of violence in the Civil Rights era and the success of peaceful protest. I made it plain that Malcolm's analysis of many of the ills that plagued Black America were spot on - but his solutions would have been a disaster for Black Americans and I could never adopt or encourage others to adopt those violent and militant solutions.

When the repair came back the second time his whole attitude had changed AND he brought a small child with him. I am not going to go into the details, but whatever they had planned for me - they thought better of it and changed their mind midway through. Then he opened up and explained to me how many years ago, he was set up in a drug bust. He did not do or deal drugs he insisted but an informant pointed to him and they beat the holy crap out of him. The cops nearly killed him. I then realized that he was almost certainly forced by others to set me up.  But you know what? Before the man even entered my home the Lord told me exactly what was going to happen, why and who (real name) of the person ultimately was behind it. He also told me that if I just listen to him and be calm, not only would all be well, but that those who were ultimately responsible (not this poor guy) would pay for it, dearly. For God's people in  God's service are jealously protected by the Lord.

Another repair time? The guy (different one) insisted on using the Bathroom off the master bedroom. I told him and pointed him to the guest John, but he just kept on moving towards the one in the Master Bedroom and with both of these people the issue of 'did I own guns' came up. I am not sure he was part of any organized attempt to spy on my home, I rather think not but still  - his activities followed the same pattern of crap I've had to deal with. I could not even go buy food or work out without wondering if someone was going to break into my home as they did more than once. I could not go to my local restaurant without knowing the bartender (I always ate at the bar) would disappear for about 10 minutes every single time I went in and about 30Min or so after, some stranger would sit down and start some kind of heated political discussion with me. It was like clockwork and the bar keep would stand there and listen carefully. I just had to stop going because I knew what the deal was and I was tired of it. You go to sit down and eat shoot the breeze with the guys watching the Golf channel and some guy that as 'Fed' written all over him crawls out of the woodwork and starts an argument.

So many of you wonder - yes, I was under a great deal of stress from summer of 2014 though mid 2015. I kept most of this to myself and did not feel led to let on the kinds of things I was going through. Though I am 85% certain that the surveillance started many months before then.

Why am I bringing this up? When the Feds want into your home, they will use people like this. Repair people and maintenance guys. They will even arrange to have your window broken out or your plumbing to fail so that you call one. They will then discover which service you called and then talk to them. This is how they evade the 'warrant' requirement.  This is particularly a problem in the DC area and I think it may be a counter intelligence tool used by other non-LE entities (like the DOD). But it works both ways. Gardeners and servants can easily be victims if they see something they are not supposed to. Even cooks and garbage men are not immune. Powerful men have been know to warn them, beat them and even kill them if they see too much.

Why did they have to go to such extremes with me? Because they were on a mission to 'get the nigger'. I was and have always been most law abiding, they watched and monitored me for a least a year, and could not find any damaging or illegal activity. Their answer? The set up.

I had to 'toss and turn' about posting these episodes I really did not want to. But ultimately I feel that for the sake of others -  activists Black and White, who want to try and fix things, you need to know just 'how low they can go'. Some of these intel guys, they have to look up to reach the sewer and wash themselves with what flows through it. They are pretty darn sick.  Congress and the Judiciary Committees need to know, The Intelligence Oversight Committee's need to know and whatever post investigatory after actions report they have filed about this horrible episode of the misuse of Federal funds and personnel, I just don't think these kinds of incidents are in them. Understand this - I am not looking for 'revenge' or to air dirty laundry. I am saying this for the benefit of others who are and will work for change and that perhaps someone in Congress will clean out some of the rot that emanates from the Defense/Intelligence community as I think that is where this ultimately leads, rather than traditional LE whom I suspect may have come in and done their best to make sure that if there was a crime, they would handle it, rather than some of the more 'extreme' and illegal methods others have been known to use. In short, I suspect many wanted to make sure that my rights were indeed protected and that some self righteous and racist intelligence officials who were on a mission to rid the world of  another intelligent Black man would have to go through proper channels in order to do it.

I am letting you into a world that you will be entering involuntarily if you move forward with your movement. I am not saying you might face these kinds of things. I am saying that sooner or later, you WILL face these kinds of things, weather they are legal or not and no matter how law abiding and honest you are. There is a section within Law Enforcement and the intelligence community that is criminal and answers to no one -  not the head of the Justice Department, not Congress not the President. They are answerable only to themselves and the powers that build criminal networks within Law Enforcement.

My point is this 'don't be a deer in the headlight' because he is soon to be roadkill.

When you have a peaceful event make sure everyone has cameras and plenty of pictures are taken - store them, file them and keep them for further reference - you may need them many months or years down the line. I mean that. Agents provocateur are one of the main tools the system uses against those who protest. Another tool is the agitator - they come in to incite violence. They just arrive uninvited and start smashing things up. Why? So that the cops have an excuse to use force to break up the protests.

Third trust is not the operative word to use. You will be watched and monitored 24-7. They will know where you buy groceries, where you work out, where you have a beer, where you like to eat. Why is this important? They will send people (Federal Agents)  in to befriend you. They will be real nice and pretend sympathy with what you are trying to do or as with me, try and find out if I was a militant or had a gun. I had people in my Condo Complex, at my Gym and at a local restaurant making a point of asking me if I had a gun. I have never had a gun and frankly don't like them. I believe FIRMLY in non-violence. But I am a Black man and a Veteran so they felt that they had to do the 'ni&&er check' thing on me. Can't have no Black folks with guns now can we? Besides, today it has become politically expedient to attack Veterans and make sure they don't have guns.

The government (Local/State/Federal) will work overtime to plant agents in your midst. The DHS, the CIA and the FBI and the US Military will do all they can to do it weather it is legal or not. They know that even if caught, they won't be punished, just told not to do it again and with a wink and a nudge - they will go right back to doing what they were doing. They will work hard to encourage you to buy arms and even commit crimes. They want you to go to jail and are going to work very, very hard to put you there and for some of elements you will deal with - your actual innocence will be irrelevant.  Again, what you are dealing with that kind of law enforcement is what I consider the criminal element within LE. They are in reality criminals who get paid to incite others to crime and are textbook co-conspirators in any crime that ultimately gets committed. But they never do time. They are free to entice and entrap others to do the same.

Be careful about who you trust. Take it from someone who learned this nearly the hard way. If they are in federal employ at any level - keep them out of your organization. The system will squeeze and even threaten them if they do not cooperate and become spies and Judas' in your midst when the going gets rough and the more success you have, the rougher it will get.

Fourth - while you should not bring in any LE people into your organization you should as much as possible cooperate with them. What do I mean? Make sure you coordinate with LE with your marches. I am sure you do but you may also want to do something that Dr. King did. He connected up with the DOJ directly. Why? Dr. King was very concerned about radicalization in his movement. There were a lot of voices who wanted violence. Dr. King stood adamantly opposed. He did not want to give Hoover an excuse so he did an end run around that racist and went to his boss (RFK) and expressed his concerns. They were able to get rid of the extremists in his movement. I bring this up for an important reason.

America right now is at war. It is a war unlike any other war we have fought in the past. It is a war where foreign governments will use people's movements like OWS or BLM to agitate and create social instability in the US. This has already happened. Powers even now are working overtime to create networks of future destabilization here in the US. They will use anything and anyone at their disposal. They would love to use BLM to start a protest and then get the Skinheads to plan a counter rally and watch the blood spill. These powers are good at it and are getting better all the time. Leaders in any movement like this must be vigilant against foreign infiltration of their organization. Nothing will get you on a hot list for Federal destruction faster than having a significant number of these kinds of people in your organization. This will raise red flags all over DC and you and your members will be dealt with, with far greater expediency than usual. Once that happens they will arrange a media smear campaign against you so that no one will care if you are murdered in your beds or not. They will whip up such hate against you that people, even other Black folks will  be anxious to help them do it.

So if you have people like that in your organization you would do best to get them out - get some contacts at Justice (not the FBI) or the White House and let them know who they are and what you suspect them of and why. That information sharing be a two-way street. They may have info for you along those lines that could be of use.  If you suspect them of being an agitator like that please save your movement and yourself finding out in a personal way some of the new legal tools they have to keep you locked up for the rest of the decade... without trial.

This does not mean you should trust anyone there. Simply put, when the chips are down and the system starts to get rough on you - those people you once trusted who work in that system will turn on you. I did not say might, I said will. They know that once the wheels of the state make up their minds your movement is to go, you will go quickly, suddenly and with no remorse and even less recourse. Keep that fact firmly in mind when interfacing with Federal Authorities, Black or White. But sadly from my experience, especially Black. I have just found that Black men in positions of power within America's power structures are usually put there to persecute, rather than assist their Black Brethren and be a deflector against charges of racism. I hate to make generalizations like this, but in this respect, the men are often much worse than the women. No this is not always true - but my experiences have taught me that it is and it is a pattern that is impossible to ignore in my daily living nor in this post. Be forewarned.

The key here is to keep others from hijacking your movement for purposes that are detrimental to the security of the Nation. But I want to caution you here. Our intelligence services know how to get such people to join your organization. They can (and do) entice bad people to join for the express purpose of getting you on a terror  or subversive organization list.  This is a complicated, and risky set up, but one that will work wonders if the powers that be want to believe it and I can assure you - they will be full of glee with any bad news, evil reports that they can muster about you and your cause.

Fifth - Focus on just a few core issues. Don't get sidetracked. Deal with poverty, discrimination in employment, lending and investment in Black communities and education.  Deal with America's collapsing Black cities.  Don't let political hacks get in and try and dilute your message with other peripheral issues - those issues tend to attract the wrong people and drive away the good ones. Stick with key goals with measurable results and until you get those results don't take on anymore.

Finally I wish you luck. I really do long for change. Why don't I help out? I know I could do a lot of good. I will tell you. I don't want to burst any bubbles here but I think honesty here is the best policy. I don't like lost causes. I am not going to join another one. I am not going to waste time and effort working with people who should have awoken to these problems 10-15 years ago and only now can find somewhat limited support in their own communities and are often too unwilling to listen to 'grey hairs' who have been there and that and didn't get the t-shirt but got the kick in the ribs instead. My experience working with Black Americans is that too often they just don't listen to reason. This battle will be hard enough once one gets handle of the deeper problems to be dealing with leaders who lack the willingness to fight the real enemy rather than the straw men the enemy sets up for us to waste time, resources and energy in hollow, meaningless victories.

This is not pessimism. This is realism. I am not going to fight the Russian Army with a baseball bat, two blind men and a deaf-mute, no matter how well meaning and sincere they are. We would all be dead before sundown. I am courageous, but not a fool. Again I am not denigrating the efforts of these activists, rather I am saying that the kinds of change that is needed is going to have to be further reaching that just a few protests over a cop shooting and a racist University President and must be done by people more politically and historically astute than we now have. These problems so far dealt with are little more than straw men. Nor am I looking for symbolic victories like taking down the Confederate Flag as some kind of 'reconciliation' for all of those men and women gunned down in a Church - as though flags kill people, rather than racist madmen who are fed a Whopper with Cheese when the cops catch him.

I don't see victory with this movement. I wish I could, but I don't. These old eyes have seen some things and this much I know. Black America's problems have as much to do with Black America as it does with the virulent and ardent racists who reside at the top levels of the US political and economic establishment. I can't and won't fall for the trap of always blaming 'Whitey' for the stupid things Black folks do. There has been too much of that as there has been too much racism as well.  The biggest downfall I see in Black America are twofold.

First she was too late in recognizing her state and listened to some pitiful leaders whose job it was to misdirect Black America and keep her sleeping on her way to the economic doldrums. These corporate moguls are very far along with their plans and right now, BLM is a minor nuisance  to those in power. BLM can and will  be swatted away at the political expedient time of their choosing. Ten, fifteen years ago, we had a chance. Now - only a miracle can save us from a fate that I hesitate to even put in a post.

Second - Black America's problem as far as I am concerned is Spiritual. We as a people have ceased to give honor and praise to God. Keep in mind that it was the Christian and peaceful Dr. King who got success with his movement, not the militant Malcolm X. It was God who gave us a victory that could easily have been destroyed by others on BOTH SIDES who wanted a race war. If Black America is in an economic funk today and can't get its act together on so many fronts, they need to look to where they went wrong. It's the spiritual malaise that is throughout the nation, but much of it particularly acute in Black America -  that is the real issue. Aids, homosexuality, violence in our communities, the death of the Black family (and millions of kids being raised without a father) Black Abortion statistics that would make Hitler happy and in some places just open hostility to intelligent black people and informed debate. I am not here to spin these issues to take the blame off of where much of it belongs. A people whose behavior more and more demonstrate that they have rejected the God of the Dr. King's of the world and follow after any pied pipe with a pretty face, fake hair and empty head that comes on TV.  We as a people I think had a special place in God's eyes and he had high hopes for us as a people, particularly in times like this. Instead too many of us have spit in God's eye with our open acceptance of those things we know he hates.

But I think of the words of Hosea and I cannot help but think of Black America today.

My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge: because thou hast rejected knowledge,
I will also reject thee, that thou shalt be no priest to me: seeing thou hast forgotten the law of thy God,
I will also forget thy children.

(Hos 4:6)

The knowledge God is talking about is not book learning, but knowing God and his ways. But Black folks as with so much of America do not want God. They want sin and to revile God and those who follow him. I know. I follow him and you have no idea the kinds of crap I get from Black folks who turned on him. Sin -  that is America's problem, not just Black America's.

By swearing, and lying, and killing, and stealing, and committing adultery, they break out, and blood toucheth blood.
(Hos 4:2)

Brothers for me - no more lost causes. Let Black folks get back to basics and know that if they do right, God will be there for them - if not, nothing they do can save them for the arm of the Lord is mighty and will deal with those who love to walk contrary to what is right, just and good in the eyes of the Lord.

2 Dec 2015
Brother Mark



I will leave you with this aside.

I had a few run ins with CIA personnel when working as a Military Intelligence Analyst. There was really only one CIA officer who respected me and treated me so. I heard he retired a few years ago.

But the others... man, put a white sheet on them and give them a cross, gasoline and a lighter and they would have felt perfectly at home, if there was a Black man nearby they could pour the petroleum on!

Once I had to do temporary duty... I will not reveal the place or time. It was in support of an ongoing military operation. I was chosen to go to do a job/area of expertise that frankly I was not trained for, but had become a bit of a local expert on. Well I got to the base, and on the first day I arrived at the workplace, the people were nice, showed me my workstation, gave be the quick down and dirty of the mission (all of this was in a SCIF).

But I noted there was one workstation that had all these tall panels round it. I asked who worked there and one of the guys rolled his eyes and said that is the CIA guy. Soon, 'Secret Squirrel' (I will call him that) emerged from his place looked at me, and left the room. Later the military Commander of our 'special unit' a Lt. Col had a long chat with us all. He was an interesting chap, former enlisted guy who went from E1-E7 and from O1-05. It was one of the rare 'pep talks' I remember. He told us of his respect for us and said that he has been were almost all of us were in the ranks. He was a rare officer for which that particular statement was true.

Well, the CIA guy comes up  during the talk and starts making comments about how sensitive his work was and then looking at me makes a comment like "what is 'that' doing here"? It was not even veiled, I had not been there two days and he singled out the only fly in the milk (Black man in a sea of White folks) - there were no other Blacks in the room. By the non-verbal cues, many in the room were rather taken aback with the brash arrogance of this prick guy.

A day or so later he comes up to my hotel room and starts to badger me, make all manner of insinuations, accusations and generally was rude and obnoxious hounding me about my political views etc. I did not invite him in and he just made himself at home, like a mater to his slave.

Well, suddenly I was under some kind of investigation. I know because someone (I won't say who) dropped me a hint. What for? BITV. What is that? Black in the Vicinity. It was not the first time. You do a good job, obey orders, keep your nose clean and if you are Black they will hound you half to death with these OSI 'clearance' investigations. At the time it did not take much, someone White not liking you, accusing you of just about anything and then the OSI is out to investigate you. Keep in mind I had very high clearances. Also keep in mind that there was no (real) punishment for making specious, false or slanderous accusations.

There were a lot of jealous folks I worked with and they did not like me because, well, I had a job that was kind of important and many of them could not get the respect to be listened to, as I had gained. So they tried to 'get the nigger'. When you are highly intelligent, work hard and you are Black, a lot of people are seriously intimidated. Yes, I do not brag, I know I am smart and have a high IQ and have very unique gifts and abilities that many just don't have.

Those kinds of people, they are used to seeing Black men who are nothing more than 'affirmative action with an afro' in positions of importance. Black Men with all the character and intelligence of a towel rack, given space and position in order to check the Affirmative Action box and to be used to keep the other 'natives' in their place. I was not nor would I ever be one of them. When they see one who is exceptionally smart and isn't going to turn Tom, they come after you.  Believe me, this is one reason why I had to get out of the military, I was sooooooo tired of the BS and the hate and the foot shuffling Uncle Tom's and frankly I just stopped believing in what I was doing and the really sh-tty way I was constantly treated by some.

Look one investigation about a year later, they came to my landlord and started asking this 70 year old lady questions and 'gained entry' into my home. I almost had to move because of that racist baloney. The lady I rented from told me she was thinking about asking me to move, for that reason alone. She thought I must be a criminal or something. Now this was years ago in Europe. Why did they investigate me, it was a personal vendetta someone  I worked with had. They did not like Black folks and certainly not a smart one.

Well, back to the CIA guy... After they finished this race-based investigation, the CIA guy mysteriously vanished. His chair was there, so were the panels for a few weeks, but he was gone, never to return. One day after his departure, the Commander. gave a speech and broadly hinted as the reason for his absence, he said that in the military we respect all member of all races and ranks and judge them on their merits, not their skin color and if others could not do that, he did not need or want their services. The imperial wizard of the CIA clearly did not understand that and was banished back to the 'Klanlands' of Langley (CIA HQ) to refill his gasoline can. Who knows, maybe they found him a job running crack cocaine into Black Neighborhoods.

The good news is that this was the only time I saw that the system worked. Why? We had a leader who was not going to put up with that kind of crap. He gave the CIA guy all the rope he needed to hang himself. The bad news is that the CIA guy almost certainly stayed in the CIA and and probably messed with 10 other hard working, intelligent Black men who did not pass his Aryan racial test.

That was not the only run-in I have had with the CIA.

As you can see, I was really tired of dealing with those gutter snipes. Evade one and two more appear out of the sewer. I always followed the rules, stayed out of trouble but did on a couple of occasions 'rock the boat' when leaders refused to do their duty or tried to mess over my coworkers.  I am Black and am far too smart to give racists in the military or the CIA that kind of legal ammo against me. But I am no kiss-behind or coward. But let me tell you as I told one Black man a few years ago, I decided long ago I would sooner 'shake-a-cup' that go back into working with or worse, for those kinds of people again. They had no respect for me and I have even less for them.  I would not contaminate my unflushed toilet (after a bowel movement) with the likes of some of these intel-creatures. 

I am telling you this so that you all understand, that nitwits, racists and fools populate the intelligence community. Mind you, there are many very fine, honorable and hard working people in it, but the human 'waste material' is still very present and like most solid human waste, it has a strange tendency to float to the top...

... and open up CIA safe's and send our secrets to foreign nations.

So as you read many of the spy drama's and deep state antics, also keep in mind that like with all bureaucracies, the principles of CYA, budgets and personal vendetta's often outweigh the interests of the nations security