A Note For Prophets Corner Visitors

This page will be changing directions somewhat in the months ahead. The season of warning is almost over, thus this page will redirecting its efforts to shining the light in places where few online ministries go. It will shine a light on the persecuted, the poorer forgotten believers, prisoners and those who have never really heard the Gospel despite the best efforts of those who serve on the mission field. That does not mean meaningful and important revelations will not be posted, but a much more thorough examination of the actual lifestyle and actions of those who claim to be God's will be much more important to this page in the days ahead. For those of you who are wondering, yes, several peoples work on this page have been pulled. They are not likely to return. However, Last Trumpet Ministries will remain a constant here on Watson's Web but will be found instead on the home-page news section around the first on the month via a link to David J. Meyer's site. Please do not ask me any questions about any one else's work that has been pulled. I will provide no further information to anyone for any reason other than this; there was nothing wrong with the messages that were posted themselves, just some very serious shortcomings with the messengers obedience to the Commandments of Jesus Christ. However, (this is important too!) some of the words of a couple of others posted here were pulled because very few people read them and were just taking up web space while others may have been taken down by mistake. Please do not draw any other conclusions from what I have written here. I am not here to gossip or spread bad blood as there is too much of that already. I will not add to the 'dung heap' of gossip mongering. Let us keep your eyes on the Cross and not spend too much time dwelling on the shortcomings of others instead let us focus on our own press towards holiness.

Please stay strong in the LORD and obey his commandments.


September 2, 2004