Because of the enormous amount of spam and hate mail I get I simply cannot pass along my e-mail, as much as I would like to. I ask that you try and understand this and not be angry with me. I know many people who run sites and blogs do post their e-mail addresses but most of them have a staff or do not have a lot of traffic. I have no staff and a fair amount of traffic.

For the time being, I have hidden my email address. I find after nearly 20 years of this, I get crazy mail in spurts and then many months of sane mail.  Right now (mid Apr 2019) the crazy 'fruitloop' mail is getting rather rank, sexually explicit, anti-Semitic and yes fraudulent and for the time being, I am not accepting email.

I will return to accepting when this wave of 'crazy mail' recedes.

Thank you for understanding.


Mark Watson