National Issues


The Coming Economic DepressionAugust Update: A look and what is coming, why it is coming and how your government is preparing for it.

A New Totalitarian America? - What have we become?

Alternate Reality And War A look at Americas military failure In Iraq

The Year In Review A look at 2002 and a few predictions for 2003.

How to Fix America A look at many of the fundamental structural problems that plague the American political, economic and legal system.

The Coming Economic DepressionA look and what is coming, why it is coming and how your government is preparing for it.

Audio Files Various audio presentations from many different viewpoints

Environmentalism – Truth And Radicalism

A short article on radical environmentalism.

Bush Bin Laden Terror and the Establishment.

Another look at 911 and the forces behind it

Black Politics

Black Politics, Choosing The Politics OF Sodom

Attack On America

A look at the World Trade Center Bombing and the forces behind it.

Mainstream Media: Consolidation And Monopolizaton

A look at how the major corporations are gaining a stranglehold on the flow of information in America and who benefits from misleading the people

Oklahoma City: Lots Of Questions, Few Answers

A brief look at some of the unanswered questions of the Oklahoma City terrorist bombing.

Bush: The First 100 Days

A synopsis of the first 100 days of the Bush Presidency. NMD, conservative politics, China and Bush's Christianity are all discussed.

California Energy Crisis

Who's getting rich off of the California taxpayers and utility customers?

Force X

A Powerful group of the nation's elite use money, political power and media manipulation for their own ends.

Institutional Deception

Are our venerated and respected institutions engaged in deceptive practices which undermine the trust our society places in them?  


The Next  President

The Next President will face three interrelated crisis after ascending to office. This article briefly discusses them.


Is treaon being committed by our most important leaders? If so, how far has it gone?

Elephant in the Front Yard

What glaring economic signs are we seeing today that do not bode well for America's long term economic health?

The Problem of Homosexuality

The Church and the State are on a collision course over this issue. More that meets the eye exists when discussing the so-called 'gay agenda'.


Immigration is a serious problem in  the US and the World. Just how big a problem is it? Do illegal drugs and illegal immigration have a correlation?

What's Wrong With America?

This is a short commentary on many of the ills that beset America and why America won't get its act together.  

Private Prisons

The prison system is undergoing privatisation. Large Corporations are increasingly using  using prison labor  as a 'captive' labor force. How does this effect law enforcement? What are the long term implications of this trend. This issue has further ramifications than it may seem.


This is a paper on the drug trade. It is in short, a primer and short synopsis of the reasons why America can't get it's act together. 

Gun Control. 

Despite the pronouncements of our leaders. The ultimate goal is for many gun control advocates is eventual confiscation, not simply control. Read why here. 

Campaign Finance

Why do the campaign finance laws allow what is really bribery and extortion of our leaders. Why are law so weak and ineffective? 

Money 2000 

What is money and how will it change over the next few years. Why is the Central Bank been increasing the money supply at historic rates and the mainstream press has remained curiously silent? 


Why is Choice a word that is being used against the right to life? Why is abortion a moral problem that goes to the very character of our nation? 

Why Do Conservatives Dislike Clinton?

Is it simply mean spiritedness or is there something more?  Why has Clinton and his policies so polarized the nation?

What's Up With the Price of Gas?

Gas Prices are soaring. Pocketbooks are hurting. Questions are being asked. This article offers no easy answers but tries to give perspective to the issue and to bring understanding to some of the forces at work...briefly.

The Stock Market

We have all seen the soaring heights of the markets and we have all been told by Wall Street and many 'respected' government mouthpieces that the markets can't go down, At least not significantly and certainly not for long.  Who is kidding whom?

Military Readiness

What is happening in our military? Recent hearings by the military's senior leadership indicates some troubling trends. This paper discusses many of the issues that are causing concern in the Congress and the military.

Link To SIA News

A Link to an interesting and conservative news portal. Check It Out!