This prophecy comes from a Catholic source. This woman is known in Catholic circles as a visionary. I have posted this because it seems to be a genuine cry to God's people. I know many of you have real problems with the Catholic Church. I share those concerns, deeply. This is not posted for those who cannot accept that God loves and uses Catholics too, if they are washed in his blood and filled with God's spirit. Please do not write me with your anti-catholic links, articles and diatribes against Catholics. It is Christ who decides who belongs to himself, not you or I. This prophecy is submitted for your prayerful discernment - MSW

A great quake will rock the West

Exceedingly/ Imminently Urgent!
Message/Vision via Louise Starr Tomkiel, V+J
September 20, 2004
9:35 A.M.

Louise began to receive a message/vision from God and said, "Jesus, please cover me with Your Most Precious Blood."

Vision: As God was speaking to Louise she was being shown all that was described in the following message.

Then God spoke, "A great quake will rock the West coast [of the USA] opening the earth and devouring nearly all. Dams will break. Tidal waves will grab. Billions of lives will be lost.

Volcanoes will erupt and the effect of all will be felt North to South. It will trigger quakes and great destruction around the globe for all is innerwoven under the mighty seas

Hurricanes will grow and follow one another very closely. The drastic change in temperature will cause tornadoes that will rip mercilessly and leave a clear path of destruction.

The earth will tremble and shake from pole to pole. Both subfreezing and boiling temperatures will be felt in every land.

Now evil men will also aim to destroy but in the end Hell will devour them.

Your homes, your property, your creatures, yourselves MUST be prepared. All MUST be blessed as I have previously instructed you. Upon these structures, these properties, these living things I will place My Angels of Protection. I will mark you, your doors, your creatures, your land. Those not marked by Me will die forever.

Many people, many creatures who bear My mark, even though you die, will come to Me in Heaven. Those marked by Satan are eternally doomed (chip).

Destruction will now run rampant. It will grow and spread rapidly. All the elements will be contaminated. Suffering and death will be everywhere.

Then the earth will be divided and many very small lands will be made anew. A small portion of my remnant children and creatures will survive and I will place them on these lands to once again propagate. I will replant all vegetation and I will assist you. A new Heavens and a new Earth I will provide and My peace will finally reign.

Hearts will love and man and beast will work the land together. All evil, all sin will be gone. Only peace will reign.

The days of Judgment are today upon you. My Anger will now be seen and felt all over the land. Blood will flow as water where once there were streets. The earth will be barren. Sickness, suffering and death will be everywhere.

You have ignored Me ! You have shoved Me aside ! You have sold your souls to Satan for a few years of so-called freedom. Now, because of your sins, I will send My Wrath upon you, your house, your country, your family. I will destroy all you who disown Me, your God. I will destroy each and everyone of your false gods. I will send fire from Heaven until all is cleansed. I will purge. I will not hear the cries of evil men (people) but I will ignore you as you have chosen to shun Me, to persecute Me, to daily crucify Me.

This day has begun ! Holy Michael and Satan are now at war and the battle will intensify daily. The Angels are tipping their bowls as the trumpets blare.

Remember My dear remnant souls, I, your God and Savior WILL assist you for your love, your faithfulness deserves a reward. Heaven awaits you ! Peace will be lived on earth as I intended, for one thousand years. (His Time)

During this time I will reign as your beloved Eucharistic King. I will dwell among you by living in your hearts.

Fear not ! Be completely prepared ! Pray ! Look and see all the signs. Follow Me ! Obey Me as I lead you to safety. Do not look back ! My Angels will direct you ! It is so ! I, your God, have spoken !!!"

This message was originally posted at and at Fidelus et Verus A catholic newsletter