Because sentence against an evil work is not executed speedily, therefore the heart of the sons of men is fully set in them to do evil.  - Ecclesiastes 8:11  


So many people, when they think of God, think of him as a merciful, kind and loving father. The idea of God as a fierce judge and angry avenger is alien to many. The God of the Bible (not the God of the Apostate American Churches) has both of these attributes. Frankly, the idea of a perfect justice bothers people, especially hypocrites and religious frauds. But it also bothers murderers, liars, adulterers, homosexuals, abortion clinic murderers, idolaters and the like. God's perfect justice will be meted out to the people of the world. Every last person on earth will experience a day in God's eternal court. Those who do not avail themselves of Christ Jesus' saving work on the cross, through faith and obedience, will be lost eternally in a place of unspeakable torment and sorrow. Justice is just as much of an attribute of God as love and mercy.  Each attribute of God's Eternal Character will be fully manifested.


Many people, including many Christians, do not understand God's true hatred of sin. And yes, God is capable of true, pure hatred. But that hatred is not directed at people per se but at the acts that many people commit, namely sinful acts that destroy peoples lives and God's plan and have ultimately made a wreck of God's once perfect creation. This is the primary reason God dealt with sin on the cross, to provide a way that sins can be paid for without everyone going to Hell. God is far too merciful to not allow some sort of way out. Thus, he allowed his son to suffer under tremendous pain during his sacrifice on the Cross. This is the price of sin, suffering and death, a death that we all deserve and would have suffered if it were not for Jesus Christ. This is the essence of the Gospel Message to the world. Jesus died for our sins. The offer of salvation is freely made to all men and women.


However the part of God's character that is often omitted is his wrath.  God is going to deal with sin. He is going to make a full end of it. He will cut out sinners from his kingdom eternally and remember the wickedness evil men have concocted on the Great day of God's judgment. There will be no reprieve or appeals. The sentence will be eternal damnation. This is necessary as God must be just. He is responsible for meting out justice in his creation and will do so. Do you think that Hitler should get off scot-free? Do you think that Joe Stalin, who murdered millions, should escape punishment? Do you feel that these and many other criminals should escape just retribution for their crimes? Let me assure you that they won't unless they have repented of their sins and fell under the Lordship of Jesus Christ. Unless they met these two prerequisites for God's eternal amnesty plan, eternal damnation is the lot of these men and others like them.  This is justice and God will have Justice in his creation weather the criminals (that's us humans) like it or not.


Many ask why does God waits so long to deal with evil? Why does he not simply punish sin right away? Why wait until the 'end' to deal with it? How come God allowed so many to die in the holocaust and throughout history? The answer is not so difficult to understand. If God did deal with sin immediately, no one would be left. Punishment must be delayed in order to allow people the opportunity to repent from their sins.  The simplicity of this answer is lost on so many people in the world today because of the new morality that tells people that they are not responsible for their actions, that they can blame their evil on some other factor in their lives rather than the fact that evil and selfishness are the reasons for peoples wicked behavior. This evasion of responsibility is becoming epidemic in American society, and threatens our very freedoms and prosperity. Elected officials blame 'the system' on why they must take legal bribes from campaign donors. Pregnant mothers blame a lack of money for murdering their babies. National leaders blame a 'vast rightwing conspiracy' for the reason they can't keep their genitals in their pants. Everyone wants to blame someone or something else rather than their own evil and sinful natures. Yet, admitting this part of our nature is the very first part in the road to salvation, admitting that you are a sinner and repenting (turning from) of ones sins.


The real crux of the matter of judgment is that people do not want to take responsibility for their acts and resent being told that sleeping around on ones spouse is wrong, evil and selfish, that lying to make money is wrong, evil and selfish. Lying to your countrymen and the nation on TV is wrong, evil and selfish, murdering another human being, even one still in the womb, is wrong, evil and selfish. People don't want to hear this and they certainly don't want to hear that it is their own wicked actions and not God's inaction that has screwed up the planet and that people are part and parcel of the problem. Yet God loves them anyway, and provides a way to get 'legal help' in God's Divine Court. His name is Jesus.


That does not mean that God is not going to deal with sin. He will. He will deal with some things before the Final Day of Judgment. Just like he poured out this wrath on Sodom and Gomorrah, he will deal with nations that deal in evil. And God has a special hatred for nations that shed innocent blood.  (see Deut 19:10, Deut 19:13; 2Kings 21:6; 2Kings 24:4; Proverbs 16:16-17; Jeremiah 22:3) This is a great sin (abortion) in God's eyes that America has committed with an 'in your face' impunity that God will not forget.


America will pay dearly for this grievous crime against the innocent and more importantly against GOD the Almighty. God also hates homosexuality  (I did not say he hates homosexuals). He will bring tribulation and distress to every soul that practices this vile sin, if they do not repent. The lie that people are born homosexual is making its way into the mainstream and people are beginning to buy it. Yet, people are no more 'born' homosexual than they are 'born' child molesters or rapists, (though sooner or later some 'scientist' will certainly come along and tell that it's true, there really is a 'rapist gene' or a 'child molester gene'). These are once again, excuses to evade the responsibility of their own sinful acts, excuses that society accepts because it has lost touch with God and righteousness. Today, Gods standards are not relevant to America, but whatever 'feels good' or is 'profitable', these are of paramount importance to the American people. These are the new moral standards that people are measuring their behavior and lives against. God is out the window, he is obsolete, says the 'new morality' (in reality it is a very, very old morality). Every fallen society in the past derided God and his word as well. The salt heaps of Sodom and Gomorrah can be still be seen on the Dead Sea, even today. One day soon, God's Grace will run out for America and despite the twisted, forked tongued falsehoods of many of our religious and political leaders that America's best days are ahead of her, the simple fact is that America, if she does not change her course and soon, does not have many days in front of her at all… good or bad.


Repent! Believe the Gospel and be saved.


Behold, the day of the LORD cometh, cruel both with wrath and fierce anger, to lay the land desolate: and he shall destroy the sinners thereof out of it. - Isaiah 13:9

I tell you, Nay: but, except ye repent, ye shall all likewise perish - Jesus Christ  (Luke 13:15).



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