Joyce's Dream

I wanted to relay a dream to you that I had in 1992.

The Dream:

I was in a black cast iron helicopter hovering in the air. Jesus was in the helicopter w/me; I was surrounded by PEACE. I looked out the window and saw other black cast iron helicopters hovering in the air too. (I say "cast iron" because they looked very strong and sturdy). I looked down and saw tornadoes coming on the ground and they kept increasing. I looked out the window and saw a skyscraper. The wind blew the skyscraper and the glass shattered. Some of the glass came into the helicopter and went into my mouth; which I spit out w/out injury and I simply wiped the glass from my arm. I was an "observer" so there was no emotion of fear of what I was being shown. I looked down and saw a stone building that resembled a Theological seminary building. A televangelist with a shiney suit was running out of the building. He got into a green Mercedes Benz. The wind took the Mercedes w/him in it and it spun it around and around. There was a giant earthquake. The spinning Mercedes crashed into the split earth. I then looked down and saw BLIND eyes. A man w/blind eyes, no shirt and no shoes was running and yelling "the occult, the occult!" What I was shown was cataclysmic and very intense to say the least.

The dream ended. In 1992 when I had the dream I was studying the Word w/people; going over a medical account of the crucifixion w/them and showing the scriptures detailing our sinful nature and sin in general and how we are seperated from God and what Jesus had to endure for us individually. People were repenting radically turning to Jesus and were changed. I evangelized the city (not handing out tracks) just spoke as the Spirit led. I just wanted people to see the REAL JESUS and how much He loved Him and wanted them to come to the Father but they weren't getting it. I said "they just don't get it"-then I had that dream that night. The glass went into my mouth because of what I was speaking teachings coming out of these "buildings built by man w/out Jesus" but I spit it out. (Jesus forewarned me of what was going to be happening). The dream dealt w/judgment on the church. The prosperity; false teachings coming out of these seminaries (pray Jesus into your heart; there is no baptism of the Holy Spirit; only "special" men are used by God...and the many more you already know about.


I'm not in church. I'll get kicked out anyway because I open my mouth and they treat me like a heretic. My relationship w/Jesus isn't what it use to be; but I am fighting principalities; demons; and my own flesh. I want to return to my first love and I am alone as far as "Believers" non- Laodicean believers anyway. Jesus is going around the churches. The movie The Passion (which the lukewarm churches are using as an evangelism tool because they've been busy w/rubbish and empty teachings); some are going back to Jesus...the film is helping me get back to my first love. At the same time homosexuals are running to and fro w/illegal marriages taking place. There is a separation (simultaneously) going on as we speak. I turned on TBN and can you imagine: they are STILL talking about money, self, self-motivation teachings, etc.

Let me explain about Jesus from the Passion...obviously brokenness hasn't occurred at what the pastors have been doing. Charismatics are still hopping around and the lost are perishing. All I know is I want get back to the cross and walk in love w/Jesus and be ready for whatever HE has in store for me to do. Many people say: "why aren't you dating? married? you are so attractive?" I just want to be w/Jesus and even though my relationship hasn't been w hat it should I am making no plans w/the world. I know I will probably be killed on this soil when He moves. He is my commander-in-Chief and now I am trying to restore the relationship w/ husband. (It's hard for people to understand I'm already Jesus...I just haven't been the best wife lately...but I know it is going to change).

Jesus is about to judge the church. That is what the dream meant. The lukewarm will blame it on the devil. The millionaires hoarding worldly wealth at "the expense of the lambs" are going to have their foundation pulled out from under them. (I've been told my "leaders" that a demon gave me that dream..."Jesus came to save the world, not judge it" they say...(I said the church...!)

Love in Jesus,

Joyce Chasteen

For our God is a consuming fire” (Heb 12:29)