Days of Internet NUMBERED

 By Jim Searcy

Dear Friends -

The antichrist puppet masters of the prince of the power of the air do not want masses of people to have access to the internet. They especially do not want SAINTS having such access in this antichrist war on the saints.

The antichrist prince of the power of the air continues to buy and forcibly control people. Eventually the antichrist puppet masters may get control over the most successful Internet sites, but other people will come forward, and their sites will rapidly become extremely successful.

The attempts of the prince of the power of the air to control the Internet the way he has managed to get control of the printed press, the TV channels, and radio, will never be successful. The prince of the power of the air is extremely concerned about such a powerful tool in the hands of the American people, particularly if they are faithful remnant saints. The Internet has become a growing obstacle to Lucifer’s antichirst plans.

Therefore, what will they do? Very simple: They will destroy it. The only solution to solve the Internet’s growing challenge to the media monopoly is to shut it down and throw the key away.

How it will happen? One of these days, out of the blue, the Internet will be used for launching a devastating terrorist attack on the United States. Somehow, this cyberattack will cost the lives of scores of American citizens. In order to avoid more damage, the government, putting to good use the recently approved anti-terrorist laws, will shut the Internet down and ban the use of the Internet as we know it.

We do hope to have an important part of the answer for the saints scattered abroad soon. If you know anyone that you care about, who has e-mail, try to encourage them to get on the GJiGT Yahoo list.  Being on the GJiGT list NOW is necessary, so that when that announcement is made, everyone on the GJiGT list will be able to take advantage of what we have been working diligently on, since 1997, to provide completely FREE to the saints scattered abroad.  We are amazed at what the Lord has given us to provide this important knowledge base resource for when the net goes down. We believe it imperative that at least 10,000 saints scattered abroad can get this resource before the net is shut down.  This knowledge base resource will help many, to help many others. Right now there are about 1,000 on the GJiGT list and there should be 10,000. 

We do like to think this resource will play an important part in equipping the faithful shepherds, and men of wisdom and insight, to lead many to righteousness in these perilous and Glorious last days.  Please prayerfully consider sending the following paragraph to anyone whom you know who has an e-mail and perhaps posting it on various chats and news groups.


Much is happening. There is a lot more misinformation than useful information on the internet. The Great Joy in Great Tribulation web site has many good sources of information from all over the world.  They have moved their base of operation to Cyprus, (Chittim in the Bible), in the middle east. The GJiGT list shares things to encourage and build faith - confirm things happening, which conform to, and are confirmed by the MORE SURE words which are written in the KJV Holy Bible. Check it out. You can enter your e-mail address in the GJiGT Yahoo sign up box and click the button to automatically get the GJiGT updates in your e-mail. Here is the URL to click and scroll down to find the GJiGT Yahoo sign-up box. There usually are about 3 - 5 GJiGT updates per week.

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