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International Issues

This area describes many of the conflicts in the world today. It does not attempt to provide solutions, rather it attempts to show why these problems are the way they are, and imparts information and perspective not usually heard in the mainstream media.

An Intelligence Sham: A brief look at the foolishness of the Senate's report on Iraqi intelligence and the proposed Intel reorganization.

Global Instability- A look at major points of political instability in the world today.

America, Africa And Oil - A look at America's sudden interest in 'Terrorism' in Africa and the oil that seems to always be at the heart of America's foreign policy

Population Control: The Real Agenda

A look at the various aspects of population control. Tends in migration technology and various methodologies used to control birth rates are discussed.

War: A More Secure Future?

A quick look at our war in Iraq.

Year In Review

A review of the year 2001.

Prior Knowledge

This article is reprinted here by permission. It is a stunning account of blood money, oil, the Middle East and the CIA. It is 22 pages longs and well worth the read. Beware, this article names names.

Global Summits

Global Summits are becoming increasingly violent, this is a brief commentary on why and what to expect in the future.


The Wolrd is slowly becoming one. Economics, politics and religion are converging, albeit slowly into one global system.

Diamond Wars

The Conflict in Sierra Leone is a real one.  The causes are not as complicated as you might think. The age old cry for money, in the form of diamonds is a main cause of the conflict.


This is a short background paper on the conflict in Chechnya. It describes some of the reasons why Russia is determined to quiet secessionist tendencies there.

China Freedom and Free Trade

This is an article regarding China and free trade. I confess it is not what many of China's business supporters want to hear. It is an attack on the lack of morality, principle and legality in the corporate mad dash towards Chinese investment.

Russia, Retreat from Reform? 

Is Russia Turning back from its course of reform? Are the days of strategic partnership over? Where will Russia head? Back to the days of communism or on a different path?

EU Treat to US Supremacy?

With the rise of the EU, American interests could be challenged if the EU adopts polices that are not in sync with American interests. Is this a real threat or is the strategic partnership that the US has had with Europe only made stronger by the EU? Could a serious rift with Europe undermine US power?

Rouge states and the Specter of Terrorism

Who decides what is a terrorist act and who decides which is 'unilateral action'? What types of people are drawn to terrorist causes and how do the cynical capitalize on the disaffected to construct terrorist organizations? The specter of Terrorism is a real threat as we move into the 21st Century, new methods for dealing with this threat need to be developed and cultivated  to counter it.


What is NATO doing in Kosovo? Are military operation there really necessary? How long will NATO remain in Kosovo?  This paper asks and tries to answer some of these questions.

Middle East Peace Process

Is it this time for sure or another exercise in diplomatic futility? Read why some of the fundamentals in Israeli and Syrian relations may produce some real progress.

Who is Putin?

The New Russian leader is a mystery to a lot of people. Who is he and what is he likely to do?