How To Fix America


There is no single fix to America’s predicament. Now, as I write, Americans are now finally beginning to realize that they have been lied to about many things, especially about the economy. Some are asking more pointed questions and as time passes and things do not get better, there will be a plethora of the same media sources on TV telling people different half truths and fanciful fabrications as to what needs to be done to repair America’s broken economy, political system and international prestige. These things can be fixed now, but they will not be, at least not until people demand these changes. That will only happen when there is real, prolonged, seemingly hopeless economic pain. This is surely coming and is slowing coming to pass now. The question I will try to answer with this paper is, how can we fix America? I will assume for the purposes of this article that this is possible, but frankly I confess that it may not be. Not because the changes outlined herein would not work, but that for various reasons, not least of which is the lack of real understanding of the nature of the American predicament and the entrenched nature of the American establishment, these changes would be vigorously fought. Hence, because popular sentiment is easily manipulated by the powerful, no meaningful amount of popular support will be garnered to bring them about.


First of all the moral, ethical and spiritual slide in America is the foundation of all of America’s ills. Yet in this paper I will not recount these particular ills and how to get America to get back on a more firm spiritual foundation. That is not the purpose of this article, yet suffice it to say that moral and spiritual dilemma is the real crux of America’s problem. Watson’s Web is full on information of America’s Spiritual decline. What follows will be more of an analysis of its political, economic and bureaucratic deficiencies and what needs to occur to fix them.


Mind of the Masses.


First of all no change can occur in America as long as the people are continually told half truths, lies and have large swaths of relevant and important information withheld from them when that information is pertinent and relevant. Thus, what needs to happen is changes in the way people get their information and the place to begin is an overhaul of the FCC and its broadcast licensing regimen. Why is it that only large multibillion dollar corporations should be able to address the nation at large? Why is that only those candidates that receive millions of dollars in campaign contributions from these same corporations get a chance to debate on national TV? Why is it that these multibillion-dollar media empires decide for you who gets to be heard and who gets to be silenced? Why is that these decision get made behind closed doors in a supposedly ‘free’ press? The answer to these questions is not a simple one and as the saying goes, ‘the devil is in the details’. Specifically bureaucratic details in the FCC licensing system and the special interests that have held sway over the FCC and its chairmen since the beginning of the broadcast age. This has allowed the big three networks to monopolize the flow in information in the nation over the airwaves. Here is a perfect example of insiders and the powerful holding sway over Americans and each of the major networks (the big three plus Fox and CNN) make up the bulk of broadcast news in the US. Most Americans get their news and base their political decisions on what they are told by these economic behemoths.


Today as never before people are fixated and dependent on an increasingly small and exclusive group of corporations for both their news and entertainment. This process of media consolidation has been underway for some time but gained a great deal of momentum and scrutiny in alternative publications during the 1990's. According to the Media Channel (in association with,"…the number of transnational firms who dominate the global media system has dwindled to nine. Ranked according to size, they are: Time Warner, Disney, Bertelsmann, Viacom, News Corporation, TCI, General Electric (owner of NBC), Sony (owner of Columbia and TriStar Pictures and major recording interests), and Seagram (owner of Universal film and music interests)." However, the concerns of consolidation barely make it into mainstream circles. And when it does, rarely are the real concerns of academics, historians and critics voiced. Instead, debate is usually constructed to give the idea of 'free press' a corporate look and feel. In other words, the government should not regulate mergers and acquisitions in the media, as that stifles 'freedom of the press'. The fact is, nothing could be further from the truth. Each major television network has a special relationship with the government in obtaining FCC licenses. For over 60 years the major TV networks have had a virtual monopoly on the American Airwaves, as only they have the money and power to force their way on the nations airwaves, coast to coast, strong arming other voices out of the public domain. This monopolization, not at all unlike the consolidated media power of the old Soviet Union, is called 'Free press' in America. The censorship in the US is not as blatant as in the old USSR but it is just as present and perhaps even more effective. Corporate executives, through their managing editors are able to spike stories that may reflect badly on themselves, advertisers and individuals and corporations with which the media outlet has a special relationship, including the government that must approve multi-billion dollar media mergers. The views of others; important individuals, journalists, scientists and government informants that are not for sale on the corporate slave-block or the mainstream medias prostitution ring, are simply not heard in the mainstream. The overall trend being a denigration of basic journalistic practices in favor of the practices of the corporate boardroom which is usually dominated by the bottom line over the public interest.

The main offenders in the conglomeration of Media Power are
1. AOL/ Time/Warner/CNN
2. Disney
3. Bertelsmann
4. ViaCom
5. News Coproration (FOX)
6. Vivendi (universal)

This is a very small cross section of media ownership please see for a more complete list of media ownership.

Indeed, a far more troubling trend in the mainstream media is not simply the consolidation taking place raising media owners and key editors to an elevated place in society among the ruling aristocracy, but the semi-clandestine association media has with other elite in the nation, further removing itself from the concerns of the people, in favor of the wealth of the elite. One such very important association is with an organization called the Council On Foreign Relations. Individuals who sit at the pinnacle of Corporate, Media, Government, Labor and Academic Power meet in strict secrecy and refuse to allow event the slightest glimpse of what is transpiring available to the American public. The CFR's media membership includes, but is not limited to:

· Lawrence Tisch and William Paley - CBS
· John Welsh - NBC
· Thomas Murphy - ABC
· Robert McNeil, Daniel Schorr, Jim Leher - PBS
· Katherine Graham - Washington Post
· Michael Posner - Reuters
· Davis Gergan USN&WR
· Leslie Gelb, Cyrus Vance, AM Rosenthal - NY Times

TV Anchors/Personalities Include:
· Dan Rather
· Bill Moyers
· Dian Sawyers
· John Chancellor
· Tom Brokow
· Ted Koppel
· Barbara Walters
· George Will
· David Gergan
· Frank Sesno

All of these very important individuals who decide what America is to know and more importantly what America is NOT to know belong to an extremely exclusive, secretive and powerful club. A club in which almost every Secretary of State, Secretary of Defense, National Security Advisor and of course, President of the US and CIA Director has come. This includes often those individuals who are charged with regulating these economic and political behemoths in the media. They are all joined together in secret associations unbeknownst to the American Public. This would be clearly illegal if the associations were not of such powerful men. But the wheels of Justice have stopped on this issue and these powerful men continue to feed their 'news' to a largely unsuspecting public who think they are getting the straight scoop on the issues of their day. The fact is they are not. More than that, on the rare occasion when important issues are discussed, it is usually done so with a heavy corporate spin. The main chokepoint in the flow of information into America is the wire services. They largely decide what will and what will not enter in the American debate. Members of the CFR control these as well.

Enter The Advertisers

It is impossible to understand the impact of the mainstream media on society without discussing the advertisers effect on that media. This aspect of the growing media monopoly is less a product of collusion and nefarious planning than it is simple market economics. Indeed, many advertisers are leery of the growing monopolization and consolidation of the media, as it provides fewer choices for advertising outlets and makes them increasingly at the mercy of huge media conglomerates that can charge exorbitant rates for advertising space. The idea for advertising and what made it so attractive at first to newspapers and later to electronic/broadcast media is the fact it has allowed the publishers to sell their news at below cost to the consumers, the difference was made up by the advertisers and was recouped in the form of higher prices for the products people paid for their products at the cash register. Broadcast media became far more dependent on Advertisers because, before cable and satellite, there was no way for them to directly charge their viewers. This has given the advertisers a great deal of leverage in deciding what programs would be aired and which would be canned. It also was a strong deterrent to keep publishers and broadcasters from airing stories that the advertisers did not want publicized. But it has also meant a decreasing amount of space for news and an increasing amount of advertising.

In 1980, there were 5 pages of news for every 66 pages of advertisements. This need for advertisement over the clear wishes of the readers for more hard news caused one person to comment. 'The challenge of American Newspapers is not to stay in business - but to stay in Journalism' (Harold Evans, London Times).


The intention of the constitution and the form of Government that made this nation, the greatest, freest, richest nation on Earth was to separate the powers so that they could not be used against the people in unison. That is why the Judiciary, Congress, and the President all had different powers and one balanced against the other. In addition, the press was considered off-limits to the powers of Government and was to remain free from Governmental interference. Yet today the FCC (Federal Communications Commission) regulates not so much what gets on the airwaves but who. Only big, high-powered, very wealthy people are able to obtain an FCC license and then gain the access to the Cable and satellite distribution that is becoming increasingly monopolized. Thus, a small clique of elitists in the CFR and mainstream media are able to bypass the constitutional requirement and work in unison and expunge from the airwaves of any ideas, opinions, viewpoints and information that is not in the interest of these elites. Powerful men in the CFR are now able to undermine the truth in favor of politically correct 'spin' and then call those that attempt to give all the facts, without the spin, various unsavory labels; ‘Conspiracy Theorist’, ‘Extremist’, ‘Right Wing’ and many other terms which through years of manipulation through TV and yes, even movies, are designed to keep the vast majority of people from listening to the unvarnished truth. Because the information does not jibe with what is presented via mainstream sources the hearer often becomes confused and even disoriented trying to piece together what they have learned.

They were not told these pertinent facts because the elite had a virtual lockdown on the press and decided what would be presented to the people and what would be withheld. This can only happen where effective (not necessarily legal) control is exercised in the media by the powerful who have special relationships with the Government.

What needs to happen is that the FCC should no longer give any station or corporation a license for more than 3 years.  News and information to the people should not be more tilted towards advertisers, rather it should be geared to giving an honest picture of the goings on in the nation and in the world. Smaller less known news agencies should also have a crack at entering the airwaves nationally and as ABC, NBC, CBC were ‘forced’ on people (as they were the only ones who could get licensed), networks like OneWorld TV, and FreespechTV and IndyMedia should be given equal space and equal time on the airwaves as well. The biggest impediment to this will be the ago old cry of the mainstream that they will not be profitable. This will largely be true as large Corporations, who are often targeted by these smaller independent networks as they expose rampant corruption will not get the advertising dollars the present networks receive because of their unceasing honest criticisms of these corporations.


What will that mean? Ultimately if the so-called free-market is left to its task, it will drown out alternative voices by suffocating it with the lack of advertising. Thus, we come to the real crux of the matter. Should advertisers alone decide what gets on the air and what does not? The airwaves should be public property, not market property.  The airwaves should be there for the common good, as much as roads, bridges, water and schools, which are all publicly held in trust by the state. The FCC in theory is just that, but in practice it is another entity entirely looking out only for the wealthiest interests in the nation, and ensuring that they and only they are heard by the nation. Rotating licenses to applicants and waving fees or granting space to start-ups for limited periods of time would bring a new freedom to the airwaves heretofore unseen and heard in our neo-Stalinist FCC…sending shivers down the spine of our political, economic and cultural aristocracy.

Economic System


The Linchpin of our economic woes can be traced back to the debt money system that is the foundation of the American economy. Rather than real money backed by real wealth. The US economy is an economy based on debt and debt alone. Without debt no dollars would circulate. That is because the debt money system now in place, run principally by the Federal Reserve is based on the assumption that you can create more money than you have wealth to back it up. Hence, the trillions of dollars of debt racked up by the US and the growing inability of people and businesses to pay that debt back. Very soon, there will not be  enough wealth on the planet to cover the enormous debt that the US has accumulated. The economic system must collapse. There is no way around it. While the talking head on TV speak of coming out of recession and continued economic growth, the reality is far different than is being portrayed. The US cannot pay its debts, it can however, back up its economic preeminence with military force. It can and will do this in regions of the world that eventually would not ordinarily take dollars for its precious natural resources once the dollar collapses. Mind you, the dollars collapse will happen, it will not happen overnight and its demise will not be broadcast on TV. Here we can understand the current ‘unending war’ that the Bush administration is now waging. If you do not understand anything else about what is happening understand this. Our policy makers in Washington, Democrats and Republicans alike know that the Dollars days at its high rate of exchange are numbered. Once the Dollar declines significantly, goods will become much more expensive, even the cheap goods that we import from China will cost more. However, the most important commodity that is the lifeblood of the US economy will also be more expensive… that is of course oil. This will send the US Economy in to a prolonged and unstoppable tailspin (unless other fuel alternatives are found and implemented). The forecasted depletion of known oil reserves is the most important dynamic in understanding the important power shifts that are now taking place in the world today.  The other is debt.


What is needed is a massive public works investment in the major metropolitan areas that provides cheap (or free) public transportation to and from work and heavy, cost prohibitive automotive taxation on individuals who refuse to use that transportation in the course of the normal workweek. Having companies stagger work hours to that everyone is not on the road between 7 and 9am and again between 5 and7 pm would ease some of the load on the public transport system. Trams, Subways, buses, employer owned and operated minibuses and trains would significantly reduce America’s dependence on Oil. Making way for these new public transportation systems in ways that deliberately interrupt and impede permanently, the daily flow of automobile traffic would force people to use newly created public transportations systems. This would, once again, force people to use these pubic systems and reduce the need for imported oil. These are the tough political decisions that will have to be made sooner or later anyway. Now is the time to make these things happen. Using the automotive industry to build and operate these new systems would help to minimize their natural aversion to these changes.

A Fundamental Financial Reorganization

The only lasting solution to America’s debt crisis is a general temporary moratorium on any new collateralized debt and a massive amnesty of all existing non-collateralized consumer debt. This however must be coupled with the repudiation of our current Federal Reserve System. The replacement of the current system should be done by the Treasury department, using at least temporarily, a paper currency that is not backed by debt. Eventually, as the US begins to mend itself economically, a system of ever-increasing precious metal reserves should be obtained by the Treasury as backing for the new currency, the amount of backing should be determined by a newly elected Congress. This would require a great deal of political skill as the most powerful elements in the American Establishment and Government would certainly use any and all available means to stop such a course of action including (I must say this) fake terror in order to impose a system of government that does not allow dissent. Yet it is imperative that the current debt based money system be done away with as it is a mathematic impossibility that it can continue as it is. Soon, interest payments alone will outstrip our GDP, as it has already technically outstripped our federal tax base, hence our constant need to borrow and borrow to keep the Federal Government running, with new debt limits and new continuing resolutions. Once a new honest system is brought on line, a new era of prosperity will abound in America.


The Current system of income taxation is regressive and unfair and counterproductive. The income tax is a relatively new phenomenon that arose out of the Federal Reserve act and our current debt money system. Before, the Federal Government received most of its revenues from import duties levied on foreign goods landed on American shores. Currently the existing World Trade Organization rules would prevent the US from using this as a primary source of income. That being the case other sources of revenue must be found in order to offset the current US income tax system. One of the best ways would be a national sales tax, Implemented progressively, lower or nonexistent rates for necessities higher rates for non-essential items and higher rates for luxury goods. The most important and truthful criticisms of a National Sales Taxation System (NSTS) is that it is by its very nature, regressive. However, its regressivity can be offset by using the afore mentioned methodology. This way the burden on the poor would be minimal if food, non-luxury clothing, utilities and basic transportation are not taxed. This would be a real boon to the working poor (families with income under 35,000 a year) as necessities would not be taxed and there would be no Federal income tax to pay.  Granted such a regimen would not solve more pressing and politically charged issues such as what gets cut in the federal budget and how much. These political decisions would have to be done by a commission of economists, agriculturalists, industry experts etc, to decide what to cut and how much. This can be done in a way that is similar to the way the Base Closer issue was handled in the early 1990’s. Set up the commission and Congress must vote up or down on the whole package, no amendments, no changes and no delay. But is must be remembered that some of the massive interest payments that are made and are part of the federal expenditures will have been repudiated in the general debt amnesty. Much however should remain, especially US Treasuries and bonds that are backed by the ‘full faith and credit of the US government’. That faith would never return in the global investing community if their T-bills had suddenly become worthless. International faith in our system must remain, however the general domestic amnesty can be looked upon as domestic housecleaning and while certainly there would be concern in the international community, it would be assuaged if it were clear that their investment was safe. 


Any debt moratorium, however, must be accompanied by strict anti-usury laws that cap the amount of interest that can be legally collected by any institution, banking, consumer and private. One may be able to charge more, but cannot take his claim to any court to collect. Loan sharking also should carry very hefty fines and mandatory prison sentences.  A cap of 5% on all debt and fees, and all other finance charges not to exceed ½% of the total loan amount would be one way to reduce possibility of massive debts to pile up due to excessive interest rates. Additionally, periodic debt holidays and jubilee’s should be the norm on non-collateralized debts. On collateralized debts less flexibility should be allowed but once again debt amnesties and jubilees should not be unheard of. No non-collateralized debt should be collectable after seven years. Rights of debtors and creditors should be clearly spelled out in plain simple English in any legally enforce able contract. Because credit will be more difficult to obtain and high priced items with large markups would be out of reach of most people, prices would almost certainly decline in order to make them affordable. Additionally, those who really have good credit can get it. Banks would not take risks on people with marginal or bad credit and cannot charge exorbitant rates for riskier clients.


Changing the Debt and oil culture is a must if America is to survive the 21st century.


Legal Profession


The law is one of the most fundamentally important aspects of any civilized society. In America it is also one of the most lucrative and corrupt. That is not to say all or even most lawyers are corrupt, rather institutionally, the legal profession has become an entity that protects the interests of the wealthy and abuses the innocent poor with lengthy prison sentences. The recent spate of individuals who have served many years in prison for crimes they did not commit should attest to the fact that something is clearly wrong. Thankfully DNA testing and other forensic methods are showing that many witnesses are lying on the stand to convict the innocent and many DA’s are deliberately suborning perjury to increase their ‘tough on crime’ image. The law has been turned into a market place where justice is sold to the highest bidder. The poor and minorities are treated with contempt by the legal profession (in general) where the richest defendants can get their cases dropped or sentences reduced. Simply put, bribery and judicial corruption are not an aberration in American Justice but the norm. However, bribery is not done by passing an envelope full of money to a judge, it is done far more subtlety, a promise to be considered for a higher post, a lucrative investment opportunity from a defendants well connected friends, or a threat to reveal unsavory information if one does not play ball with the rich and powerful. 


Today, hundreds of thousands of individuals are now in prison for non-violent and victimless crimes. Yet Ken Lay who looted billions from Enron is still free. Individuals who were involved in swindling hundreds of billions out of the nations Savings and Loans are still free and have never served a day in prison. Yet, thousands of poor minorities are in jail for non-violent drug related offenses, often simply selling a small amount of pot or cocaine to an undercover policeman. This is enough to send a person to prison for a number of years.  These are the more egregious atrocities (and they are atrocities) being committed in America by the aptly named “Criminal Justice System”.


There is one change that needs to happen immediately in America to stop the violence. Legalize most drugs and strictly control them, make them dirt cheap to keep any profit incentive from creeping back into their sales. This should be done in short order. Yet the most important, corrupt and lucrative part of this market (after the sales and distribution of these substances) is the Criminal Justice aspect. If these measures were taken, many in the legal profession would suddenly be in great need of clients, the prisons would be less than half full, Judges would be fewer in number and the need for large police forces would be less clear. These are all vested interests in perpetuating the continued criminalization of non-violent drug crimes. Additionally, the ability of the current establishment to have a ‘legal’ excuse for incarcerating large numbers of young black men (of which almost one in four are wards of the criminal justice system) would no longer be existent. Hence, we come to the crux of the matter. Drug related offenses have been a way for the American establishment to control a long mistreated and downtrodden minority in America that has been the target of some of the most violent acts and discriminatory laws in the world[1]. These drug laws are not enforced with the same rigor in uptown all-white neighborhoods where just as much or more drug usage and dealing goes on, but in poorer urban areas populated primarily by Blacks and to a lesser degree by Hispanics. This is real crux of the matter in America Racist laws, enforced by a racist system to perpetuate a racist society that has used Blacks as whipping boys for centuries and now seeks to persecute Arab Americans with draconian anti-terrorist laws.


The legal profession needs to be completely reworked. The first thing that can be done to rid America of frivolous lawsuits is to make the losing party liable for the attorney fees, court costs, and incidentals including witnesses and investigative costs of the winner in any case. This would keep many suits our of court and someone who knows he is wrong would be quick to settle out of court lest a $3000 dollar claim turn quickly into $20,000 claim. People would settle out of court most of the time. This is how it is done in Germany; you lose, you pay. This would be one very clear way of ensuring that the courts are not clogged with frivolous cases and people begin to see that the Government is not the solution to all of their problems.

Rather, some problems are best solved, one on one.


Abuse of Power


Prosecutors who knowingly suborn perjury or are guilty of serious malfeasance should be able to be prosecuted by their victims (in special courts not exclusively populated by members of the legal profession) for prosecutorial misconduct, when the evidence warrants it. This of course needs to be done carefully so there is not mad rush to challenge every case. Some sort of truly independent legal review board should be established to determine the legitimacy of complaints. A body of men and women outside of the normal appellate review system would be desirable. Prosecutors who commit prosecutorial crimes should be dealt with by giving the guilty prosecutor whatever sentence the accused was given. If it was a rape case and the prosecutor suborned perjury and the defendant was given 10 years, then 10 years is how long the prosecutor should be given for his misconduct. The danger here is that such laws would have a tendency to make prosecutors timid. This may be the case, yet with any high paying, powerful position one must be up to the task and if one is not, then he should not seek such an office. The time to process for these cases should be extremely minimal and not allow time for political and legal maneuvering. The merits of the case and those merits alone should be considered and sentencing is, of course is moot. Holding pubic servants especially judges and prosecutors personally liable and responsible for their actions, just as they daily hold defendants personally liable and responsible for their actions, is the first real step in rooting out the criminal nature of the Criminal justice system.


I must make clear that there are some great lawyers out there who are really trying to do right by their clients and the system as a whole, the courageous lawyers who have taken on the Justice department in their unconstitutional imprisonment of suspected terrorists is to be commended. This is the courage that made America great, not the mass media induced flag waving conducted by the greedy, half-witted multitudes that are as cowardly as they are stupid. Most of these individuals have never even read the Constitution let alone are willing to defend it with their lives. No. To them patriotism means borrowing more money to buy an SUV or a luxury cruise vacation, that is the extent of their ‘patriotism’. Greed and stupidity wrapped in the American flag.  This generation should be known as the ‘gimme mine now generation’. The very presence of such creatures in America is an affront to the high-minded American ideals that are embodied in the US Constitution and most importantly in the Bill of Rights. They have turned America into a cesspool, fit only for rats to live in. Good lawyers know and respect out fine constitutional traditions, bad ones want to make money, no matter who gets hurt. This is the perennial problem, how to root out the bad while keeping the good. The best way to do this is to remove the prime motivator for the bad lawyers, namely money.



Constitutional Review


The Supreme Court was created to ensure that laws that were passed were consistent with the US constitution, the purported bedrock of the American Republic and its legal system. Unfortunately, the Supreme Court has been so politicized that no judge, who believes in interpreting the constitution, literally will ever get a chance to sit on the Bench. The last one nominated, Judge Bork, was so shamefully treated that the entire process of railroading potential nominees is now called ‘Borking’.


This must stop. It is this severe politicization that has allowed the nine abominations that now sit on the high court to validate mass murder in the form of abortion, enthrone the loser in a Presidential election while debating such inane questions as the Constitutionality of seat belts!! This defies the limits of sanity. This is what happens when political correctness becomes more important than Constitutional principles. It is clear that the entire nomination process needs to be fixed and that all of the justices that now sit should be retired, preferably to various sundry mental institutions.


Perhaps leaving the nominating process up to the states with Congress ok’ing the nominee’s would be a better idea. Or having judges from around the nation decide this issue, rather than politicians more interesting in helping their personal political ambitions rather than the nation’s needs.



Justice Department.


Once the Supreme Court nomination process is taken out of the hands of the Washington politicians, the US justice department should then be placed administratively under the high court. The court itself should in no way involve itself in the internal investigations of the department and should in no way influence its ability or willingness to prosecute offenders and it should specifically be prohibited from impeding any investigation..  Some sort of mechanism needs to be put in place to remove corrupt Supreme Court jurists. It seems clear to this writer, that even though the Supreme Court has a relatively high reputation for being above serious corruption, it is the Courts unwillingness to tackle serious constitutional issues (such as our current demonstrably unconstitutional Federal Reserve, and demonstrably unconstitutional War Powers act) that is an underlying part of our current ethical and economic problems that undermine our republic. The Justice department should be dedicated, at least in the first 5 years after its reorganization, to rooting how the deep-seated political corruption that is at the core of each of the two main political parties. Prison sentences running consecutively, rather than concurrently should be par, rather than the exception in sentencing in these cases. In addition, the President’s pardon power should be removed at least temporarily during this 5 year period. Yes, this would take a Constitutional amendment but one, after the Marc Rich scandal, should be voted on the house floor.


Political System


This is the most corrupt part of the American system of government and its reformation is as necessary as it will be difficult to accomplish. I confess, it is highly unlikely that that any of these changes will actually take place, as powerful forces would seek to impede these changes. Nevertheless, any real positive change will have to incorporate most of the things that follow.


Campaign Spending Limits And The Media


Candidates should be strictly limited as how much they can spend on an election. Parties should also be strictly and severely limited on what they can spend on an election. The idea of forcing a level playing field by providing matching funds to all candidates that can get on a ballot is tempting, however, the real problem here is having taxpayers fund something (a particular candidate) that is loathsome to themselves. While this has not stopped the government from doing this with tax money it seems to be the eternal cry of the corrupted that this is the result of such a policy. If this ideal is really unworkable, then forcing equal  time on all networks for all candidates would be a great place to start. Now the first vale of tears shed by our corrupted political establishment will be to cry the ‘freedom of the press’ issue. This is not a valid argument. Any one can say what they want to in America. An FCC licensed station has certain privileges not granted to ordinary Americans, that being the ability to speak the American people at large. If carrying all the viewpoints and candidates is such a ‘burden’ to the station, their license can and should be revoked. In this manner they would then have the exact same rights that 280 million other Americans have, they can speak freely off the air. Even now these stations must provide certain community service time and education time in order to keep their licenses. Would it be such a tragedy to let others on the air at election time, and let the voters actually hear something other than the usual rhetoric we hear from the Republicratic or Demopublican (not a misspell) parties? Is it really such an evil? No! The real agenda is that the media along with its advertisers gets favorable tax, licensing and other arrangements from the Government have vested interest in keeping the status quo firmly in place. They are part of what has been described as the permanent revolution that not unlike the old Stalinist’s tyranny, only allow the people to hear and vote for the same old criminals and butchers over and over again, and calling it ‘democracy’. The exclusion of voices for positive change is just the kind of thing that has allowed such rampant political and economic corruption to creep into America.


A New Federal Election Commission


America needs a real Federal Election Commission (FEC). The FEC should have subpoena power and it should be the most feared agency in the government. It should be untouchable by the Congress and the President and should be overseen by the US Supreme Court. The high court should also appoint those who run and serve in it. The days where political hacks throw elections with large phony voter registration drives and disqualify large groups of voters based on race should be over forever. Large, fines, coupled with prison sentences of not less than 10 years should be the penalty for such malfeasance. Additionally, political parties and political operatives who benefit from this corruption should be given these types of sentence and mandatory recalls and new elections should be accomplished forthwith. No statute of limitations should exist in election fraud cases. These things will send shudders down the corrupt political machines that now operation in every major metropolitan area in the nation and an FEC with real power, including the power to stop the declaration of a winner in any federal election. This would be a blow to the corrupt party bosses that infest the American electoral process. In fact the FEC should also have investigative powers in state elections. This would help to move out corrupt political machines that keep local interests in state government contracts and avoid prosecution for criminal activities via backroom deals. These illegal arrangements would be more difficult with a politically unhindered FEC with subpoena powers.


Reorganization Of Federal Bureaucracies


The US Federal Government is too big and has far too many agencies with overlapping responsibilities. The US Government could accomplish just as mush as it does now if it were reduced by at least one half in size. Redundancies in law enforcement and intelligence are the most acute, but others exist as well. The EPA and Energy Departments could perhaps be reorganized, provided the normal lobbying and campaign finance problems are solved. The problem with many of these agencies is that the politically appointed heads of them are usually very closely connected to the industries that they are supposed to regulate, usually causing a severe conflict of interest. These appointed secretaries usually go right back to their respective industries benefiting from the regulatory environment they have created. These heads should continue to be politically appointed and should be very familiar with their industries from a management standpoint. However, being able to return to that industry in any capacity within five to seven years should be prohibited. In order to keep these secretaries out of the industry fully and completely they should receive some sort of stipend during the transition period out of the government. These and other administrative changes are essential in order to return these agencies to the task of benefiting the people rather than the special interests and the corporations that wield so much influence in Washington.


Intelligence agencies should not be part of the operational agency that they provide intelligence to. For Example the FBI’s intelligence agency should not be administratively part of the FBI. Nor should the CIA’s DI (Directorate of Intelligence) and DO (Directorate of Operations) report to the DCI.  They should each have their own separate, scaled down individual agencies reporting to separate directors. One should be in charge of Operations, the other in charge of Covert operations. On the many occasions when the two overlap (which would be often) a new interagency taskforce could work out the administrative details in these special projects.





The entire personnel structure of the US government needs to be scrapped and entirely new regulations need to be written. It must become easier to fire incompetent and unproductive employees and mangers. At present this is an extremely difficult proposition. Ineffective, incompetent and lackluster employees, who ‘play the system’ for their personal gain are a blight on our federal bureaucracies. These employees take large amounts of money from the taxpayers…and not just in the form of their salaries and benefits. Their costliness also manifests itself in mistakes that must be corrected, bureaucratic sabotage that must be rectified often costing the government more time, money and materials. Many times programs have equipment ordered costing millions of dollars, only to have the program cancelled and the equipment sit in mothballs. This is often due not so much to collusion and corruption, but to just plain old incompetence and stupidity. The general lack of accountability that is endemic to federal employees must stop. All must be held personally accountable for their mistakes.





These are just a few of the fundamental changes that need to happen in America if it is to survive the 21st century. Will it? Probably not. The more important question that few ask is this; should it? The answer is again is,,,


Probably not.


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[1] The native American can also said to have been treated at least as badly, but unlike the African American, they were at least given land.