“And the king loved Esther above all the women, and she obtained grace and favor in his sight more than all the virgins; so that he set the royal crown upon her head, and made her queen instead of Vashti.” (Esther 2:17)

Highly Favored.

The book of Esther is kind of an anomaly in the scriptures. Like the song of Solomon, It has no name for God in the text. It is the story of a rather unusual way God chose to deliver his people from almost certain annihilation from the hands of a Jew hating member of the kings court. God gives favor to every believer just like Esther received favor from King Ahasuerus. The king eventually made the beautiful Esther, Queen in place of Vashti, who had angered the king by her open and public rebellion. This rebellion cost Vashti the crown, but opened up an opportunity for Esther. God had a plan to save the Jews from the plotting of those who wanted to destroy God's people. Esther, who had submitted to God, found herself in what look like on the surface, an enviable position... Queen of the realm. Yet even so, her position put her life in great peril for she gained a powerful enemy in the kings court as she was being exalted. That enemy was Haman who represents the anti-Christ system and those that despise the people of God, (Christians and Jews). This woman was highly favored by God with beauty and wisdom. This favor extended to the King who fell in love with her. Esther is not altogether unlike Mary, who also was highly favored by God to bring forth a Son who also would deliver the Jews (and the Church) from the enemy (Sin, Death and the Devil). Each was highly favored and each had a particular cross to bear. Esther was willing to bear all kinds of dangers for her people and showed remarkable courage and faith as she stood before the King giving an account of how Haman was out to destroy the Jews. This pronouncement could very well have meant her death as Haman was quite powerful and certainly had the Kings confidence. This courage not only caused the eventual fall of Haman, but also caused the Jews to become feared and exalted in the realm. This is all because God's highly favored servant/Queen was obedient. Her life was not nearly as important to herself as doing God's will and saving God's people. It would have been easy for the queen to simply forget about her people and enjoy the riches and power of a pagan kingdom and keep silent, but she chose to obey and honor God and save her people instead. Because of this, she not only got to keep her privileged place, but most importantly, gained a reprieve for her people and God's heritage through her faith and courage.

How often has we really seen that kind of courage in modern Christianity? How often have so called men of God cowered in fear of the opinions of others or been ashamed of the forthright truths in the Bible. How many times have we seen 'Christian' leaders refusing to speak out about evil in fear that they might lose precious money for their ministries if they become to controversial? How many times have leaders who claim to know Christ gone on to deny him by their deeds, such as lying to the public, praying to other gods and reneging on promises? The example of Esther should strike a chord in any true believer when called upon to do a dangerous work for the LORD and to do it knowing that in the end, the work, if done in faith, will be rewarded.