The Death Of Christianity?

Is Christianity really dying? Is it really irrelevant in today’s modern technological world? Have its beliefs become irrelevant in an age of space travel and instant communications. This is a question that is being asked by many people inside and outside the modern Church. Christianity is two millennia old and has gone from a small outlawed ‘sect’, to one of the most powerful political institutions throughout the middle ages into a slowly but seemingly sure course becoming an 'outlaw' and 'forbidden' religion and a target of governments and 'intellectuals' the world over.

Christianity has a long and rich history. While many of Christ's enemies only focus on the abuses committed by the Church by evil men who slipped into Church leadership, Christianity's legacy of feeding the hungry and educating those whom world, along with globalisms 'new intellectuals', feel were not worthy of teaching is well established. It has brought medicine to the sick and comforted the dying. This has all been done not, like so many in the world today1, in order to gain attention to itself. Indeed, most of those engaged in such work deliberately avoid the spotlight and do not want any worldly recognition for what they do. They have done as the scriptures say;

Take heed that ye do not your alms before men, to be seen of them: otherwise ye have no reward of your Father which is in heaven.

(Mat 6:1)

Missionaries of every kind have gone throughout the world proclaiming the good news of Christ's Salvation and love. This love has been demonstrated by the good works of those who carried the message. Yet Christ's followers are still harangued, mocked, assaulted, tortured and even killed for their works and their testimony. While many wicked acts have in the past been ascribed to Church leadership, it is the humble and honest followers of Christ that suffer for it.

Why is this? There are many, in fact the vast majority of 'Christians', who are giving Christ and his gospel and his true followers a very bad name. They preach hate and love to torture others who do not think as they do or are not not rich like they are. They want to be kept 'safe' from those whom Christ, during his time of ministry, went and preached to. The group Jesus spent so much time with were the poor, the downcast and the downtrodden. Let us remember Lazarus, who was a very poor man, whom Christ raised from the dead. Lazarus was so poor that he had to wait outside the rich mans house for the scraps of food to be thrown out. The Christ that died in the first Century AD was a caring person and while extremely concerned about sin and evil, also spent much time doing charitable works. He loved people, especially those whom the world had forgotten about. He cared for the abused, the downtrodden and the impoverished. This is because Christ was showing the character of God to people. Christ came to deal with sin by his death on the cross but he also came to show God's love by the good works of Christ and those of his true followers.

Today, it is not in the purview of most 'Christians' to love their brothers, let alone their enemies. They are not obeying Christ and those that do not obey him are none of his. They are the 'straw man' the devil has sent in to give Christ and his followers a bad name. In the western world the satanic tactic has had enormous success. While some of the criticism of Christianity is well deserved, the bulk of it comes from a deeply ingrained love of darkness and evil than pervades modern society. It is a self love, that thinks murdering a child is a right, but molesting one is bad. Yet ask a loving mother whether she would rather have her child's skull crushed as it lies in the crib or have it molested, what is the right response? Modern society says 'crush its skull'. I say both are heinous and so does Christ. But murder is a crime that is the most heinous act one human being can do to another. Yet, somehow in western society we have come to accept the dogma that made Nazi Germany 'great'2. That there is life that is 'worthy' and life that is 'unworthy'. Those that are not 'worthy' can be murdered at the drop of a hat with no judicial, social or political outcry. Those that are 'worthy' are given millions in medical care to keep alive, even in old age. Murder becomes a state sanctioned act either by direct actions or deliberate neglect. Look at your Nazi history. This is exactly what the Nazi's did. Today one set of Moral principles have been rejected (killing children) while the other stigma remains (sexual abuse). One is punished for abuse, but praised, supported and even encouraged to repeat the crime of murder. Thus America has already accepted inverted morality because it is considered a 'rights' issue. Such moral ambiguity is necessary to mold and reshape a society as ours is now.

The input of Christians in these important moral issues is bing neutralized by the devilish cry of 'Separation of Church and State'. What does this mean? In the modern secularists view, that is those who sacrifice their new born babies on the altar of economic convenience, this means that all religions (Taoism, Buddism, secular humanism, Hinduism) can have input into the political process. Only Christians are exempt. It is a religious based bigotry prevalent in those who call themselves 'liberal'. Their bigoted hypocrisy is rather heinous as they attempt to cast dispersions of Christians as somehow being 'bigoted'. Why? One example of why Christians are 'exempted' is that they do not believe that sodomies should have special rights. This is ultimately what the gay rights agenda is about, it is not about equal rights, it is rather about special rights. Sodomites can ride in the front of public bus and transportation, they can get hired or fired based on their abilities; they can marry someone of the opposite sex and they can go to the bank and get money out at the same times as you or I. They can, attend the education institution of their choice and can even go to sleep without having to worry about people burring crosses on their front lawns. Gays have just as many rights as anyone else. What they want now is to be treated specially because of their unnatural sexual proclivities. They want to force their unnatural behavior on those who find their practices abhorrent.

What if one day those who like having sex in position 'A' wanted special rights? What if those who have sex in position 'B' decided they wanted special rights? What if those who believed in open marriages wanted special rights? Should the adulterers of the earth unite and seek special favor with the government? How about bigamists, perhaps they too will want special rights as well. I mean why not? Since all of the above things are, as the saying goes, performed by 'consenting adults'.

Throwing Off The 'Shackles'

For two millennium the world accepted the basic tenets of Christian teaching (Judeo-Christian ethics). Those ethics are being quickly jettisoned for a 'if it feels good, do it' ethos. This is a fundamental shift from nearly 400 years of American thought3. But let us quickly look at ethical and moral systems before Christianity. Many evils existed in the world before Christian ethical systems became commonplace. Human sacrifice and slavery were rampant, if we were to name only two. Rome and its empire was a brutal and harsh master of the earth before and during the time of Christ. While today we worry about poverty, in Ancient Rome 90% of the population in Rome were living in abject poverty. The Senators, Emperors and key military leaders lived sumptuously and with a flagrant and cold-hearted disdain for the people. Different philosophical views were prevalent in those times. However the two major groups (for the sake of brevity) were the Epicureans and the Stoics. Each was prominent in society. The Stoics believed in controlling ones emotions, hard work and not giving into passion. In order to visualize the stoic's one need only think of Mr. Spock from the popular Star Trek science fiction show. The Epicureans, on the other hand, believed in pleasure above all. If it gave pleasure it was inherently good. When one thinks of the Epicureans one need only liken them to the modern porn stars of today. It has been argued that it was essentially the Stoics that built Rome into an empire and it was the Epicureans that destroyed it.

The Romans, not unlike the Nazi's, believed that deformed babies should be killed at birth. In fact the parents were allowed to 'expose a child at birth' even if it was not deformed but was a female in Roman times. In the early days of the republic, only the man had any rights before the law and his authority over his family was absolute. The Roman's of the early republic had strong 'family values' and marriage and child rearing were strongly encouraged. Men married early and rarely for love. The key here was to rear children, giving the man a helper and giving the man a healthy sex life. Once again in this male-centric society it was the man's interest that were paramount. Women were looked upon as little more than property. Marriages were usually arranged.

So while, Rome had its virtues, it also had as many if not more vices. But these vices today are only looked upon as vices only because of the religion that eventually replaced Rome and then occupied its imperial seat saw them as such. It is the ethics of the pagan's and Rome itself that so many of todays secularists pine for as they lambaste, attack and rail against Christianity. It is the religion of Christianity that brought far greater honor to women, children and human dignity than those philosophical and religious beliefs that preceded it.

It is important to point out that the philosophical and religious underpinnings of the state, any state, are what makes that state what it is. From the Rome of pagan times to the Rise of Christianity, the rise of the so called 'enlightenment', modernism and now our increasingly post-modern world, the different ethical systems that underpin these epochs can be seen across western civilization. From the forbidding of charging usury to the belief in the sanctity of all human life, these were uniquely Judeo-Christian developments. As the world entered into the 20th Century, rejection of these norms began to pick up speed. Various forms of pagan and new-age (really just repackaged forms of ancient pagan and occult practices) began to take hold on western societies. The changes that occurred in the late 19th and early 20th century were most significant. It was just after the turn of the Century that the world saw a major state adopt, as its enforced 'religion', atheism. Russia's October revolution brought in a new age of godlessness that saw individual man as only having value if the state (an artificial construct) deemed it so. While communism continued the march of humanism, other philosophical underpinnings were being adopted by people in Europe and America. The moral 'constraints' of Christianity were too much for many of the well to do and it became fashionable to cast horoscope's, read palms, have sèance's and engage in other occult practices. At the time, these things were not looked upon as evil, but rather as personal eccentricities.

A more eclectic view of philosophical and religious views ensued, bringing out a hodgepodge of ethical and moral principles that were and are increasingly in conflict one with another. Today moral relativism is increasingly viewed as acceptable. This moral relativism essentially says that something can be wrong in one situation or for one person but right in another situation and/or for another person. This 'situational ethic' philosophical view is very much part of the emerging global religious system. It is situational ethics that is increasingly at odds, not only with Christian absolutism, but with the very rule of law itself. The last two American Presidential administrations are very much part and parcel the situational ethical view. President Bush believes that he has a right do do what he is doing outside the law because the situation calls for it. Torture is now acceptable because he perceives that the specter of global terrorism calls for it. This is done in the belief that the Law is outmoded because he believes in the righteousness of his acts in the given situation. Situational ethics will always benefit the most powerful in matters of law. Laws then become loosely or selectively enforced because a situation may call for a man to kill his wife while she is sleeping because perhaps the husband was taking too many anti-depressants the night before. Running over a child in a crosswalk becomes a non-punishable offense because lady driving was 'stressed out' that day and her actions should not be held against her. It is a removal of the individuals responsibility to the society and their adherence to acceptable moral principles. In such a society, those who create the best excuses for their actions, or can pay others to, do not get punished. Situational ethics are one of the greatest threats to the so called 'rule of law' than any group of gangsters or mafiosi.

This direction that late 20th and early 21st century western Civilization is taking is as much a rejection and negative reaction to Christianity and its perceived 'rigid' moral code as it is a deliberate attempt by powerful people to bring in a new way of thinking about man, the universe and ethics and to assist them to better manage the human population. First and foremost this new ethic is based on what can be rather euphemistically called the 'death of God'. That is, those who adhere to this new moral system, usually either do not believe in God or have replaced him with a god of their own choosing or making. They have decided that their moral view is superior to the almighty and thus move into moral and ethical gray areas to satiate their own desires or to accomplish things that are morally questionable or even reprehensible. This requires an all out assault on Christianity and any idea of God. This is why Darwinism is so very crucial. This is a system of belief that was created and sustained by the world's richest and powerful in order to remove the very idea of God from the public debate. Darwinism, despite its psuedo-scientific acceptance, is a system of morality. Sadly many do not see it as such but Darwinism has at its roots the idea of the survival of the fittest. This is exactly where Hitler got his idea's of racial superiority from (alongside various occult and mythical writings). Dawinism, new-age belief systems go hand in hand. They have largely been sustained by the same elite that funds higher education with large tax-free donations, grants and other financial support. There is an agenda and it has been at work for some time. In short, there is a new religion coming. The new religion will have at its heart the glorification of man, and of a firm rejection of Christianity coupled with blasphemous rhetoric.

It is essential the Christianity be removed as well as its ethical foundation that still remains in much of western society. The ideas that murder is wrong must be done away with (removing political dissent). The idea that adultery is wrong must be done away with (destroying the family unit). The idea that sodomy is wrong must be done away with (limiting population growth). The Idea that the poor have a right to the opportunity to make a living must be done away with (to reintroduce slavery). The idea that torture is evil and wrong must be done away with (to give the state these tools to perpetuate itself). The idea that man has a right to worship and believe as he or she chooses must be done away with and selectively enforced against Christians and Jews. Today the force is being used against Islamic leaders. This is to as much to ensure the disposition of key economic resources into the hands of westerners as it is to break the back of religious fundamentalism. While I have little good to say about Islam, the systematic attempt of its deconstruction by western powers is most instructive.

First, Theocratic regimes are being targeted but it is being done on a very selective basis. Saudi Arabia whose Islamic roots are fully recognized especially by the state itself has not been targeted for destruction yet. But other states have, Iran most notably is in the news today. Theocratic Islam is a danger to the west and to the secular religion being preached from globalist 'pulpit's. The danger is real. But the danger that most people see is different than those that secularists fear. This fear and danger in their minds is a clear acknowledgment of God and his sovereignty. God, in the mind of globalist/secularists, is a concept that must be controlled through the instruments of western state organs and global supranational entities.

While some of these things may seem fantastic now, I can assure you that this new religion is waiting in the wings to be implemented with an entirely new global system of governance. A new global 'ethic' will be implemented by force of argument at first and then by force of arms.

Theological Confusion With Perdition's Pastors

One of the major problems within Western Christianity is the plethora of different sects, belief systems, denominations, groups and views. Western Christianity is a cacophony of confusion and un-biblical doctrines that have sprung from a concerted effort to undermine its authority and effectiveness as a moral and even political4 force in the minds of lay people. This effort has had its successes in the minds of millions. Church attendance in Europe is down significantly from 100 years ago. In America while the Churches are full, the morality and ethics of those who attend are largely indistinguishable from those who make no Christian profession. Church membership was often a prerequisite for certain public offices and important business positions in times before the mid-20th Century, as people were generally looking for leaders of good moral character. These morals are no longer viewed as relevant today.

Much of this, though certainly not all, has to do with the kinds of doctrinal positions taken by many clergy, especially around the end the 19th Century. A new desire for spiritual experimentation also engulfed the Church. Because so many people were leaving the Church and moving into other belief systems the Church began to re-examine its own doctrines. The rise of such belief systems as Unitarianism, Rationalism, Deism, Universalism, began to cause many to reexamine their own personal belief systems and leave active Church membership. These were subtle changes at first but even today the effects of those times are with us. When one looks at old movies from the late 1920's to the 1930's you can see the shift in social morals. The rebellious, independent woman who bucked the system and did what she wanted and shacked up with different men or played around on their husbands as common. These new morals were typified by actresses such as, Greta Garbo, Betty Davis and Joan Crawford during that period.5

This new morality did not just effect American morals but this new moral, ethical and spiritual assault also targeted other western societies. In Russia it was the birth of a godless state in the form of communism. In Germany it came in the form of new theological thought that found it advantageous to ally and mold its theology with that of the state. In Germany some of the most well know and internationally recognized 'men of the cloth' allied themselves and their considerable reputations with the Nazi state and its repugnant philosophical underpinnings.

Theologians such as Gerhard Kittel, Paul Althaus, and Emanual Hirsch were among Hitlers enthusiastic church supporters. During the days of the Reich, church leaders of many denominations and ideological leanings supported Hitler and the rise of the Nazi's. For such support to have any lasting legitimacy it was necessary to hire well known religious leaders to create a theological argument that was sympathetic to the Nazi point of view. These Church leaders created the theological argument, using their high esteem, educational legitimacy, and international renown to deceive millions of Church goers into supporting Adolph Hitler. They each in their own way believed that Hitler was sent by God to raise the German nation up. They believed that it was a Christian's responsibility to follow Hitler. Hirsh said that Hitlers rise as a 'miracle of God'. These men were not alone. Christan Churches readily accepted Nazism into their Churches. One documentary film noted that one of the reasons it was so readily accepted by middle class Germans was because so many German officers, especially the SS got married in Churches, thus giving members a positive impression of the Nazi party.

But the theological underpinnings of the this German departure from the basic tenets of Christian faith and more relevantly, the inability of both layman and pastor to recognize the problems with these new theological distortions was much older that the Third Reich. It can really be traced back to the German 'higher critics' who denied the truths of the Bible. It was a frontal assault on the idea of divine inspiration and the need for evangelical activity. It looked at the bible more as a philosophical work or ancient classic, than a serious religious text. These higher critics were all German and the heart of the movement was founded in Tübingen Germany. These critics essentially no longer believed in the God of the Bible and were essentially philosophers who made their money off of the Church while slowly undermining its foundations. The theological movement that arose in Hitlers time came very much from the works of these men. Other philosophical systems were also causing a gross ethical and moral darkness to fall upon the the Western World and in the Church particularly. The teachings of Marx, Nietzsche, Kant and Freud were all bringing in a new age of ethical and moral confusion. Sadly the Church was impotent at the time largely because so many of her pastors had given heed to the seducing spirits of this new age. In fact when one examines what was really happening in many seminaries in the west (America particularly), both then as now, one sees that many are not only sympathetic to many of the doctrines of the 'higher critics' of those times but one can find that many are openly hostile to Christianity, as it is revealed in the Bible. From new movements in the Church such as the 'purpose driven' movement which removes God's sovereignty in the individual life and as head of the Church are replaces it with a man-made ambition in order to do man's work, one can see the same spirit at work. It is a new movement that seeks to become relevant to secular society rather than holy and set apart for God's service. Mr. Warren who started this movement believes that Christian fundamentalism is the greatest threat to the world in the 21st Century. Indeed, when one looks at the opening pages of the NIV we see an important name appears in the translation notes. Gerhard Kittel, the afore mentioned member of the Nazi party. Sadly Kittel has his counterparts in the US and his theological imprint is in the most popular American translation of the Bible.

While the NIV translators generally used the Kittel Biblia Hebraica, published by the Privilegierte Wurtembergische Bibelanstalt of Stuttgart and available in the United States through the American Bible Society, until the later edition called Biblia Hebraica Stuttgartensia was available, other sources within the framework of the various translators’ expertise were considered. These resources are almost limitless, covering, as they do, textual references from citations of various sorts from Hebrew manuscripts and quotations from such manuscripts and observations on such sources. The same can be said of ancient versions in other languages. - International Bible Society

More On Kittel Can be found here.

Essentially, Hitlers theologians were deeply committed, not to the Church, but to molding the Church into and important tool of the State. Therefore one of the first things that needed to be done was to create a theological basis for anti-semitism. This was accomplished with devilish skill by the likes of many Church leaders of the time. Christ's Jewish roots had to be rejected and he was turned into an Aryan. Jews were blamed for the death of Christ, and a subtle revenge factor was also used to feed the flames of racial hatred against the Jews. What these men did was to take key Christian phrases like Christ and salvation, and juxtapose them with 'Hitler' and the 'building of the Reich'. When Hitler said Christianity, he meant the German Völkish faith. They key was to remove the 'Christ' from Christianity and the 'God' from the Kingdom of God and replace it with a distinctly German religious belief system rooted in German myth and paganism. Hitler knew that the Church's roots in Germany were deep and thus he had to co-opt them into his service or emasculate their power and hold over the people.

Bultman, Hegel, Locke Strauss were all indirectly responsible for the theological mess that allowed Kittel, Althaus and Hirch to deceive so many Church members. But those that were deceived were also very much to blame. Having put too much trust in Pastors, Priests and Theologians, they never took the time to truly study God's word and find out what god expects of his a true Christian.

He hath shewed thee, O man, what is good; and what doth the LORD require of thee, but to do justly, and to love mercy, and to walk humbly with thy God?

(Mic 6:8)

Mormonism/Jehovah's Witnesses And Mary Baker Eddy.

Towards the end of the 20th Century, as moral relativism and spiritual experimentation continued onwards, new religious systems sprung up that had Christianity as a basis but distorted many of its key teachings in order to attract followers and/or provide an alternative to a Church and a Christianity that was in turmoil doctrinally and appeared to be in decline. These new belief systems were important insofar as they attracted millions of adherents and remain to this day important symbols of the failures of genuine Christian leadership, scholarship and Church discipline. While many revivals and temporary upsurges in Christian activities were prevalent in 19th Century America, popularity of these new offshoots showed that many were seeking religion but found Biblical Christianity as taught and practiced in America somewhat lacking. Mormonism was one of those new systems. Let us keep in mind that Joseph Smith was a Freemason and much of Mormon Architecture and doctrine come from the Freemasonic religion6. The same appears to be true of Charles Taze Russel, who was a founder of the Jehovah's Witnesses. While some have claimed with a bit of overblown vehemence that 'no evidence' exists as to his Masonic ties, the fact is his own writings show is masonic ties as this link shows. Masonic symbols abound at his grave site. Russel was almost certainly a high level mason (32nd or 33rd Degree).

Sadly Ms. Eddy also seems to have had some masonic associations. Over and over again when new sects of 'Christianity' arise the hand of Freemasonry is often found. Herein lies some important clues as the where the Corporate (as in money and riches driven) Christianity is heading. It can be discerned not just by the fact that freemasonry has its foot prints on these heretical offshoots, but in the direction that leaders of nominal protestantism are taking it. When the leader of one of the most popular and influential movements in the Church says that Christianity is the greatest threat to the 21st Century, you know you have a serious problem in the Church. Mr Warren and his purpose Driven movement is an unbiblical and dangerous heresy that moves the Church away from the purpose of Christ and spreading his unaltered Gospel to serving the purposes of man, or perhaps more relevantly, freemasonry.

The Religion Of Tomorrow, Borrowed and Stolon From The Past

There is a new religious system coming. It will have the force of law. In Rome those who did not submit to the cult of the emperor were killed, sometimes mercilessly. In Nazi Germany, the cult of the Emperor was perhaps less pronounced as in Rome, but the cultish aspect of the state with its 'savior' could be clearly seen. The emperor cult can be seen in nations like North Korea as well. Less than a hundred years ago Japan had an emperor cult system in place. While many will argue otherwise, these compulsory religious systems are not a cure to ending religious conflict. But these systems presuppose a bigoted religious superiority that excludes others. Secularists, New-Age pantheists and other modern religious systems consistently accuse Christianity and Christians of the bigotry they themselves practice with increasingly greater and greater skill. The battleground is now in schools and public buildings by removing any and all mention of God. This is an intolerant attitude that seeks to remove religious people and religious thought from the political, legal and social debate. The rallying cry? Separation of Church and state7. The weapons? The ACLU, the Southern Poverty Law Center as well as a host of such political and social action committee's. While each of the above groups have done much good on many issues, each is determined to undermine Christianity's place in society. If they cannot do it at the ballot box they will attempt to do it in the Courts. Dictating to the majority that they cannot teach their Children Biblical truths, but rather only unproven psuedo-scientific theory can be taught8. Telling them it is 'illegal' to pray at school, in court, at a football game, or just about anywhere. Some cities have gone so far as to try to force home Churches out of their fellowships by trying to stop parking on the street, or by trying to pass city ordinances limiting the number of visitors one can have in the home. These things are only tried against Christians. They are not tried against Jews, Muslims, Buddhists, Taoists, Wiccans or any other group. The effort is consistently against Christianity and only Christianity. Why? There is a temporal reason and a spiritual one.


In order to make a new society the old one must be swept away. The underpinnings of it must not only be removed from it legally and socially, but it must be discredited in the minds of the people. Then follows what the Soviet's would have called 're-education'. The old must be destroyed and discredited; the new elevated and honored. Hitler knew this and so do so many of the world's elite. While many have mocked serious researchers into the Globalisms roots, anyone who has sincerely and diligently researched this (and is not too cowardly or concerned about how many friends they make and money they earn) will tell you the sad and inescapable facts9. There has been a plan for many years to bring in a global system of governance. The relevance to Christianity is that there have been a large number of well placed and extremely prominent termites that have been placed in the Church to destroy it. According to Christ's words, they will succeed in what will be (or is) the great falling away. Christianity as a foundational principle of American and even western society will effectively be over. This is being worked on now and has progressed significantly as it is clear for anyone to see.

However, Christianity was never meant to be a secular governmental system. This is where so many in the apostate movement of the religious-right miss the boat. They want to use the principles of Christianity to build a new society. This will fail and frankly, fail is should. History has shown just what happens when the Church runs the state, both are hopelessly corrupted10. Thus, a new 'Christian Republic' as so many strive for would not be desirable11. Nevertheless the ethical system that is based on Christian principles (do not murder, do not steal, do not commit adultery, do not lie, honor the marriage bed12, honor your agreements, etc) are neither odious nor cumbersome to apply to a modern society. Yet these things are exactly what 'New Societies' and 'New Orders' strive to destroy. This is especially true with the 'do not kill' part of the ethical system. The 'new society' of Hitler killed millions in death camps. The 'new society' of Communism killed millions in planned starvations and labor camps. The 'new society' of Mao shot and starved millions.

Nevertheless, if the world is looking to modern Christianity for its example of ethics, there is little wonder there is such a strenuous rejection of its hypocritical and often hateful morality. So many preach love and have segregated congregation's; they preach peace and fight to keep Blacks and Hispanics out of their neighborhoods. Some have gone so far as to praise officials who openly speak of the mass murder of African-American babies. Who would want that kind of satanic 'Christianity' running their nation? The odious nature of its actions and doctrines strains the conscience of even those who make no Christian profession. Thus many Christians are not enthusiastic about any kind of a government/political revival as put forward by these charlatans as it would only evolve into the religious bigotry and a modern inquisition similar to that which occurred in the middle ages and to this day still gives Christianity a bad name.

Jesus answered, My kingdom is not of this world: if my kingdom were of this world, then would my servants fight, that I should not be delivered to the Jews: but now is my kingdom not from hence.

(John 18:36)

Well, Jesus summed up one of the most perplexing theological arguments that, if listened to, believed and obeyed could have prevented the German clergy and America's religious right from committing its grievous errors


The spiritual underpinnings for the new religious movement which has at its heart the removal Christianity from being at its moral and ethical center comes from an attack that has been going on for Centuries. Christ's apostles warned of a great falling away that would preceded that revelation of the man of sin (antichrist) and his new order based on compulsory identification, economics and force. It is increasingly clear that at its heart it will be a masonic system that will envelope the planet that will preach tolerance to all who bow before its image while committing wholesale slaughter against those who will not bow13. The spirit of blasphemy is already present in so much of society, especially in America pop-culture. Hit moves and radio tunes show a serious trend towards, not just a simple ignoring of God's commandments, but an open hatred and mockery of God. On a personal level, I have never understood this. If people are so convinced there is no God, why spend so much time hating him? Why are millions spent on movies that specifically laugh at God? Philosophically speaking (legally too) it is usually impossible to disprove a negative. That is why our legal system puts the burden of proof on the prosecution, in matters of law, to prove the positive (that a certain act occurred) rather than, forcing someone to prove that they did not do something (sometimes impossible). You cannot prove there is no God. People must take it on faith and it seems to me that it requires a great deal more faith to believe that there is no order, purpose or structure to the universe and that it all came together by chance that to believe that all was created with the minutest care for detail in great love and beauty. Then came man ruin so much of God's wonderful planet with his greed, lust and gross disrespect for the creator and his creation.

Nevertheless people do blaspheme God and do it with alarming regularity and increasing hate. The Bible teaches that at the very end of this age (after the man of sin arrives), God will send such horrible plagues on sinful men for their sins. The people will know that God is sending them and they will curse God rather than repent.

And men were scorched with great heat, and blasphemed the name of God, which hath power over these plagues: and they repented not to give him glory. And the fifth angel poured out his vial upon the seat of the beast; and his kingdom was full of darkness; and they gnawed their tongues for pain, And blasphemed the God of heaven because of their pains and their sores, and repented not of their deeds.

(Rev 16:9-11)

The simple truths of the Bible remain, despite the rise and fall of empires, wars, social movements and as in 21st Century, rising blasphemy. To have Hollywood and the RIAA's artists engage in poking fun at God is akin to a condemned serial killer telling an off color joke to a judge who is about to sentence him to life in prison. His levity is ill timed and does not take into account the gravity of his most precarious situation. The Judge who may have allowed his sentences to run concurrently (thus allowing the slightest possibility of parole) may now change his mind and change that one little word to 'consecutively'. Leaving him behind bars until he is carted out 'feet first'.

It should not be lost on people that the assault on Christianity has its spiritual master as well. While we may discuss the Freemasons, Rosicrucian's, Templars, Skull and Bones, the reality is that these are all controlled by the same spiritual rebel that has brought all of this sorrow and pain to our dying planet.

A Pariah Religion

Marvel not, my brethren, if the world hate you. We know that we have passed from death unto life, because we love the brethren. He that loveth not his brother abideth in death.

(1Jo 3:13-14)

Christianity has always been and grown as a pariah religion. It flourishes under adverse circumstances. It grows when the fires of persecution burn their brightest. When it becomes politically acceptable it weakens and becomes weak at first and corrupt later. In America we have had two centuries of a semi-Christian government. One in which its leaders prayed in public to Christ, one which sent missionaries out into the world to preach the gospel and one that has been in so many ways, a beacon of hope to the world. Today the gospel preached by many of its missionaries is not the same gospel that was preached by the apostles. There is a new Christianity that is married to the state in an unholy union. Christianity is now taking all of the blame for the hideous nature of our policies abroad. Much of the criticism is well deserved, much of it comes from those whose whole desire (and seemingly whole purpose in life) is to destroy Christ and his message of love, forgivingness and salvation. Some of the most hateful and visceral diatribes are reserved for Christians and their beliefs. Rarely are such invectives used for Muslims or Buddhists or other systems. These intellectually and emotionally unbalanced rants are usually reserved for Christ and his followers.

But as the world increasingly rejects the fundamental truths of the Bible and jettison them on the altar of mammon and hedonism, what will the west choose to replace it with? What kind of system can we expect and how will religion play a role? This question is succinctly and tragically answered in Revelation, Chapter 13.

Seven Churches

Abide in me, and I in you. As the branch cannot bear fruit of itself, except it abide in the vine; no more can ye, except ye abide in me. I am the vine, ye are the branches: He that abideth in me, and I in him, the same bringeth forth much fruit: for without me ye can do nothing. If a man abide not in me, he is cast forth as a branch, and is withered; and men gather them, and cast them into the fire, and they are burned.

(Joh 15:4-6)

Christ laid out some of this standards when he judges a Church. The first few chapters of the book of Revelation are letters to 1st Century Churches. There are two that seem to describe what is happening in America. Sardis and Laodicea, Most people who are critical of what is happening in the American Church can easily see that parallels with Laodicea which was complacent in its material wealth. They believed that because they had money this was a 'sign' that God approved of them and their works. Christ was so angry with them he threated to remove him from his body altogether. Being part of the body of Christ is the only way one can be saved. In fact Christ said he would vomit them up, like a piece of moldy and rancid meat. Their lukewarmness was making the Lord sick to his stomach. Today it is no different, in fact I will let you in on a little secret. Many Churches have already been expelled from Christs body, though they have no idea that this has happened to them. In fact in many Churches across America the Spirit of God has already left. The candlestick has already been removed and their congregations remain in spiritual darkness. As this nation goes under a horrible chastisement (coming very soon and already underway in many parts of the US... just ask the gulf coast resident) the wealth of many will be removed from their keeping because they refused to do the work of God. They spend money on $50,000 cars, $600,000 homes, $10,000 kitchen remodelings, $30,000 Jacuzzi/swimming pools, $8,000 'dream vacations', while their poorer brothers and sisters in Christ were starving on the streets. When calls went forth to assist the poor and the persecuted they went to concert or a movie. When others were calling them to prayer, they were at a party. And what did they do when God sent messengers to warn them? They closed the door to them and politely told them NOT to return to their 'Churches'. Despite what you hear in the Churches of 21st century America, God is not a pansy. He will NOT be mocked. He will not be blasphemed. The prophets of old constantly warned, were constantly ignored and Israel was constantly in trouble; very, very big trouble. Imagine having a prophet come to your church and say 'all of you have been destined for the sword, your young men and virgins, young children old men and old women will lie unburied in the streets until the birds of heaven pick their bones clean. I will send an enemy nation to invade you. Those that are left alive will go and be slaves in another kingdom.' People in the Churches would say 'we are Americans, special to God! How dare you preach that to us! KILL HIM!!!

This is what happened to the prophets in Israel. The Israelites (the chosen of God) too believed they were too special to have God judge them. God got fed up with their unrepentant evil that he did all manner of evil to the people, as described above.

Christianity's main focus changed from building God's kingdom in the Church and for the God's people to changing and influencing the political and 'secular' debate. It decided that God's kingdom was too esoteric, ethereal and 'pie in the sky' to give it serious attention. With the church at Sardis (one of the seven Churches of Asia from the book of Revelation) the problems was that it looked like it was alive but it was really dead. This is another serious problem in the church. There are many dedicated Church members, but their emphasis is on political reform, influencing local governments, and a most dangerous poison pill that is destroying the church called 'church growth'. There is nothing wrong with church growth as long as the people who are joining the Church are saved and really want to serve the Lord. The problem today in most Churches is that they are not at all discriminating in who they allow in the congregation. Lesbians, adulterers, wiccans are all invited to join and are not required to repent or even acknowledge that what they are doing is wrong. The pastors do not seem to care as long as they bring their checkbook on Sunday. This has allowed many enemies of the Cross to enter into God's camp. Can you imagine the President conducting meetings on how to deal with Al Qaeda and having Osama Bin Laden's lieutenant sitting in on policy meetings? How successful to you think such a war would be? That is exactly what the Church as done, it has allowed enemies of the cross into the Church in this crucial hour of spiritual warfare.

Another parable put he forth unto them, saying, The kingdom of heaven is likened unto a man which sowed good seed in his field: But while men slept, his enemy came and sowed tares among the wheat, and went his way. But when the blade was sprung up, and brought forth fruit, then appeared the tares also. So the servants of the householder came and said unto him, Sir, didst not thou sow good seed in thy field? from whence then hath it tares? He said unto them, An enemy hath done this. The servants said unto him, Wilt thou then that we go and gather them up? But he said, Nay; lest while ye gather up the tares, ye root up also the wheat with them. Let both grow together until the harvest: and in the time of harvest I will say to the reapers, Gather ye together first the tares, and bind them in bundles to burn them: but gather the wheat into my barn.

(Mat 13:24-30)

The fact that the enemy is in the Church is not news to the Lord, the fact that now the enemy is now in charge of so many Churches as alarming to any genuine Christian. But any spiritual warrior must separate himself from unbelievers and especially religious leaders who are under the control of the devil.


The time for these things to be discussed lucidly by real Christians is now. The time to deal with the leprosy in the church and seminaries is now. The time to fix these problems is now. While I have little hope for the religious right or what I like to call' 'the Corporation', a dynamic and dedicated people can build something more akin to what Christ wants for his Church. However, the old must be jettisoned and rejected. The new must embrace the Cross of Christ, the truths of the Bible and the love that Christ preached. I think such a move will happen, but it will not (frankly... must not) start in the west. It must come from parts of the world that have not been polluted and perverted by the west's doctrinal poisons and witches brew of spiritual hocus-pocus. Let God's watchmen and leaders in the lands where the poor dwell and a persecuted Church lives, take up the mantle that God has for them.

There shall be great reward.


Christianity's Failure is turning into Islam's gain. Around America people are turning to Islam. The numbers are growing by leaps and bounds. Sadly there are many, many who are being recruited by terrorist organizations. However, the normal racial profiling that is bing used by law enforcement to identify these people will not catch these new converts. These are white Americans who look and talk like most any other white American. Many have left the their Christian upbringing to convert to Islam. If you have any doubts I counsel you to watch this video. This is an area that American law enforcement is not paying much attention to and and area that will almost certainly bring about the next terrorist attack.

Christianity is failing its adherents in numerous ways and most importantly in the spiritual realm The pastors are not feeding the sheep with the basic fundamental truths of the faith. Baptists apparently are the most susceptible to conversion as their rates are much higher than other denominations. One of the reasons so many are leaving is that Christianity as it is being preached in America is not conservative enough. Pastors in their desire to be trendy and popular are alienating a great many people and they are not just leaving the Church, they are leaving the faith altogether. They are fed up with adultery, fornication, drug abuse and all the evils that are prevalent in society and condoned too often by Christian Churches. “Islam is everything I wanted Christianity to be”, says one convert in the above referenced video. In this respect, the death of Christianity is making itself felt in alarming and ways that are not readily apparent to most Americans.

American Pastors must go back and preach the whole counsel of God. Lay people must leave Churches that are not doing that and if necessary form their own smaller less formal fellowships rather than have their faith poisoned by the American 'gospel'. Sadly I expect millions of Americans to convert to Islam and the vast majority of them will not be Asian, Black Latino, or Arab. They will be white Americans who got sick of the half truths and spiritual poison of America's Churches. The scary part of this is that some (a small minority) will be recruited by Terrorist organizations and pass under the screen of law enforcement radar by virtue of their race. These recruits are highly prized by these organizations and know this as well, some have already been recruited.

In Christ Jesus,

Mark S. Watson

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1Especially in the entertainment world who often want to do these things in order to enhance their public image.

2In evil

3Let us remember that the first settlers in America were religious people who were fleeing persecution in Europe.

4Christianity as a political force in the religious right is a powerful indeed. Yet this movement is not led for a moral purpose. It is led by men who use a prudish morality to mold a political force for men who have no use for Christianity except at voting time.

5While these movies seem very tame today they were not looked upon that way at that time.

6 This link shows this and is written from a Mormon perspective. Mr smiths involvement in the occult is also discussed in this article.

7Words not to be found in the Constitution.

8The laws of logic and common sense to not support our universes existence as being anything other than as a creation of God. Sadly, man in his thirst to justify his own wickedness and lusts will believe any lie rather than give up their evils.

9This is the primary problem I see with so many writers. They will only talk using a common and politically acceptable vernacular using only 'acceptable parameters'. Many know about these matters and will talk about them 'offline' but on so many sites there is the streak of moral yellow that runs in their writings and radio programs. 'Freedom is the ability to say two plus two is four', said Orwell in his book 1984. Never a truer word spoken by a secular writer. One must wonder what kind of mental shackles these men have placed on their own minds with their obsession with the political correctness of the day.

10While the separation of Church ans sate is NOT a constitutional principle, the idea is not wrong in its broadest sense. The problem with the rallying cry of the new-secularists is they want to remove any and all references to god from all aspects of public life. This clearly is contrary to what the framers of the Constitution had in mind. What this does is make the new secular religion (the SECLORUM in in NOVOS ORDO SECLORUM found on our dollar bill) the law of the land and exclude religion but most particularly, Christianity.

11This is a key goal of those who are of the Christian Dominion persuasion. They believe that it is the Church's responsibility and mission to create the conditions on earth that will bring about the new millennium. It is very interesting to note that this new millennial thinking was very much espoused by people like Charles Taze Russel. A magazine published by the Watchtower Society was called The Golden Age. This is the work and has been of what is referred to as 'the builders'. Masonic workers who are trying to build a new society. Freemasonry used to concern itself with constructing buildings for commerce, religion and government. Now they are building a new building, the New World Order. Instituting a new secular age is the same goal that Freemasons have had in mind for centuries. Those who are trying to bring in this new SECULAR age are wittingly or unwittingly working for the same goal as Freemasonic Lodges. This is why so many in the religious right are doing what they can to bring this in under a nominal 'Christian' foundation. The key here is secular. But let us remember this Christ said, 'My kingdom is not of this world'.

12Between man and wife.

13Revelation 13: 6-18