Dream on 8/20/2001

This is the most unusual dream I have ever had. Yet, when I awoke I knew that God was showing me something very significant. I do not know exactly what it is, but this is the only dream-vision I personally have felt led to post on this site.

I was in a spacecraft in the heavens with a few other people. While I was in it, three of my fellow astronauts got in another craft that was docked with the ship I was in. One of the ones that got in the other craft was an extremely beautiful, but I could tell naïve, woman. As soon as they moved towards the craft to get in it, I knew she was in trouble. I sensed that everyone on the ship was up to something that I was not privy to. As soon as the three were in the craft and the door was closed and the airlock was sealed, the two who were with this beautiful and naive woman murdered her. They did not waste a single second. It was a very brutal and unspeakable murder. They even went so far as to cut off her face, as if in mockery of her beauty. I was determined to find out what was behind this murder.

Once I decided to find out, I found myself in what can only be described as a 'flying chair' . In this chair I was being shown things from the air that were hidden from the rest of the world. I was seeing the earth and its kingdoms from a very different perspective. I saw huge oval cities (oval from an arial perspective) being built. Some were larger that others but all were of the same shape, and were being made by the same people. They were all still under construction but most were almost complete. Behind me on this chair, someone was explaining all of what I was seeing to me but I could not see his face. One of the oval cities had a statute of liberty on one end of the oval, but the statue was only one-third the size she should have been.

We flew for a while into the night and then we came to some sort of mountain, like a rockface. I knew this was an important location, though it looked like any normal mountain range. We went inside (or underground I do not know for certain) and there were lots of people inside working. But where you would have expected lots of high technology, the place inside looked run down, like it was built in the 1950's and no one ever got around to redecorating. I tried to tell the people who were working this structure what had happened to the woman and how she was murdered, but the reaction of the people was like I was describing the weather or the latest football scores, it was a sort of a 'ho-hum... so what else is new', sort of reaction. I remember going into the restroom and I just could not believe how run down this place was, and yet I knew I was in an extremely important and secret facility. I finally stepped out into what can only be termed an anteroom or foyer where visitors were allowed to come. The place was packed with ordinary people, some with small children siting on their shoulders. There was a sort of stage and on it some very important people were speaking to the people. Those on the stage were congressman and senators most of whom are (in real life) in these positions. This was an important announcement and I knew that there was something almost 'alien' to the whole thing, from the place we were meeting to the things being discussed to the activities going on in this building. I could not put my finger on it, but whatever was going on in the world (and there was something very, very big happening but I was not allowed to know just what it was exactly), there was an outside, alien and or demonic presence. (Comment: The strange thing is, it did not 'feel evil' at all. If it had not been for what I already knew of God, Jesus Christ and the what the Prophets of The Bible had taught before going in to this whole compound, I would have been completely fooled by whatever it was that was going on. It was all so incredibly deceptive. Following this deception, whatever it was, will be so ordinary so mundane, it will be like sitting down to eat dinner or brushing your teeth, people were no more aware of the enormous moral and spiritual implications of what was happening than that. It would be like asking someone today asking “everyone brushes their teeth... don't you?” But only those who knew that this was all carefully orchestrated knew what a horrible lie it was.)

The person who was speaking on this stage was someone I did not recognize but I think I will in the future. He was either a member of the the Senate or the House and he was speaking to the mass of people who were gathered in the foyer. Yet, there was something strange about the way he was speaking. It was almost hypnotic, the way he spoke and the cadence he used and the way he reassured the people. I could tell the people he was talking to were scared and they did not really believe what he was saying and yet they seemed to be almost brainwashed to believe what this man said, even though they knew it was not true... it was most bizarre.

I believe the murdered woman was America in her present form, rich and beautiful and the envy of the world. Her death will be quick, brutal and merciless. I do not have any other interpretation for the other things that I saw. I do think something very big going to happen in the next several months. It will shake peoples belief systems and frighten them immensely.

Mark Watson