Depression And Terror

The dollar is still falling on world markets and there is no recovery in sight. This, despite the consistent pontifications by our financial and political elite as they tell Americans that a recovery is right around the corner. This recovery is a pipe dream, a fantasy, a convenient lie that is told to the American people in order to get them to keep their hard earned cash in the corrupt financial system. The dollar may recover for a short while, but only at the expense of ever higher interest rates and widening balance of payments and budgetary deficits. Hence any rise in the dollar's worth on the international currency markets will be short lived and fraught with different types of risks and troubles. I tell you of a truth, this system in its present form is irreparable. It cannot be fixed. It can be massaged, here a little and there a little, but it is essentially a non-functioning entity now. That does not mean that meaningful economic activity is not transpiring at present. Indeed there is much activity. Primarily it is going on in the purchasing of essential goods and services that are intimately concerned with:

These are all economically related. It may not seem so now, but they are intimately related to the ensuing economic collapse now in progress. I report most solemnly that these events and trends have been accelerated by our 'war on terrorism' and that we, as a people, are being managed into a new system that will be thrust upon us at the proper time. This is what any person who has eyes to see and ears to hear can understand provided he or she is capable of turning off the TV and doing a little independent research. The result of the the economic changes that are now transpiring will be

Yes, the end-game of the current economic decline in America will mean every one of these things. Those who refuse to adjust to the new economic order will be cast away and, if not imprisoned, then they will simply be impoverished, unable to earn a living for themselves because of a federal 'blacklist'. This is the future of America. Make no mistake. A new order is on its way, and America's standard of living will decline most significantly.

I cannot stress enough the need to be prepared physically, emotionally and most importantly spiritually. Exactly how and in what order these things are going to transpire is not completely known. Another suspicious terrorist attack (blamed on Bin Laden but carried out by others) could occur in America just when the markets are at the point of collapse. This is probably the most likely scenario, in my opinion. Such an attack would finish what is left of our constitution by the passage of the Patriot 2 act, which our Justice Department, run by a supposedly 'Christian' man, lied about when they claimed it did not exist but was later leaked. Once again, they lied then and they are lying now, about everything from the state of our economy, to the real purpose of the anti-terrorist legislation, to the real culprits in many of the terrorist attacks we see and the ultimate aim of those who have held power in the American government for the past 40 years.

In very short order it will all become plain, when the people are completely powerless and penniless and they beg for order from the very ones who brought them terror, impoverishment and chaos.

To all who hold the commandments of God and his son Jesus Christ, I exhort you to continue in righteousness and to faint not. If you have time, you should read this article posted in February. It will give some insight on our economic condition. Also check out this article, it may help some of you who are still enamored with the current administration.

Please pray for me.

To the Glory and Honor of Jesus Christ who rose from the dead and is now at the right hand of the Father and will return soon in great power and great glory.

Mark S. Watson