China, Freedom and Free Trade

(Edited excerpt from book "That He May Run That Readeth It...")




The eyes of the world for almost 7 decades were fixed on Russia. The Russian bear was perceived to be a menace to the free peoples of the earth. However since the collapse of the Soviet Union the world is no longer overly concerned with what Russia is doing. However, the eyes of the world are now turned toward China, especially the eyes of the international business and financial community. These entities see tremendous opportunity in harnessing the labor market in the worlds most populous country. In China, human life, particularly the lives of political dissidents, religious groups, and some ethnic minorities, does not seem to have nearly the value that we in the west, in the past, have placed on it. The slave labor camps, infanticide, geriatricide (killing the old), and the like speak loudly in the ear of the those who still posses a sense of human decency. However, the only way the truth about China’s hideous example of abuses can be exposed is through a concerted effort in an informed church an informed and brave media, through political action that is consistently applied and through the various human rights activists who have shown th courage that many in the Church seems to lack . The Church though, with more than a few notable exceptions, is more likely to mimic the establishment think tanks which receive very large donations from the corporations who are making the most money in China. Since China is a moral topic and many Christians and other so called 'political dissidents' are being severely persecuted there, we shall seek to discover who is behind the drive to open up China.


In 1970 the Senate Internal Security, the office that does investigations for the Senate, estimated that between 34.3 million and 62.5 million people were murdered by the Chinese communists. The record speaks for itself, "in no previous war or human holocaust either in Tamerlane or in the time of Adolph Hitler have so many people been destroyed in so short a period. No period in human history have so many people perished in such a sort period" (Time magazine 3/5/56). Let it be known that if mass murder is your measure to brutality, then the communists led by Mao Zedong is the most brutal dictatorship in human history. Certain Business interests and high ranking government officials, praised Mao’s successor, Deng Zao Ping, when he passed on to his eternal place. The American Establishment and the mainstream media (with a few notable exceptions), praised with great adulation, this bloodthirsty, deranged butcher, and murderer. This is the same press which was upset about O.J. supposedly getting away with murder while praising this worse than Hitler. These are the strange 'morals' of the Establishment media, they speak the loudest for the highest bidder.


The Chinese Economic Miracle though can be explained as being a result of 1) cheap labor markets (slave labor included); 2) foreign investment, much of it coming from America and 3) technological know-how paid for with bribes (aka illegal campaign contributions) to high level US government officials. Many Americans may be surprised to know that some pension funds have invested heavily in China and many manufacturers heavily purchase Chinese goods. One need only to look at much of the merchandise in most stores to see that a very large portion of it is "Made in China". The Chinese laborer makes less than 50 cents an hour, far below the American minimum wage. Economically, the Chinese are in a very good position. They have very powerful friends who sympathize with the Chinese position that investment in China is a great idea. Notables such as Henry Kissinger, Al Haig and of course, the President of the United States, Bill Clinton are among them. These interests attempt to put the best face on China’s bloody hands (politically correct term "human rights abuses") and try very hard to accentuate the failed notion that trade with the Chinese will some how change their behavior. What seems strange, is that the U.S. government has gone to great lengths to starve the nations of Iraq and North Korea into submission through sanctions. Yet, some how these very same policy makers are making millions in China and are helping them get their special trade status and downplaying the systematic shedding of human blood.


Frighteningly, China also is making very real progress in its military modernization, with the illegal assistance of the American establishment. China has been more careful however, not to make the same mistakes as Russia did during the Cold War. China will not let its military expenditures get ahead of its economic development. It has attempted, in the past, to get its economic house in order, unfortunately, they until only recently, have met with very, little success. But now the Chinese are a very much moving on the right economic track. By making their markets attractive to western investors, and using well polished, highly paid American mouthpieces and lobbyists, the Chinese have learned the Lenin’s maxim, "The Capitalists will sell the rope we will use to hang them", very well. The Chinese know that they lack the technical and management techniques necessary to make their country a forward looking economic/military superpower. Thus, they have gained the support and investment of the only remaining superpower in doing so, the United States.


But the Chinese communists are very afraid of genuine Christianity. They are going to great lengths to control the spread of Christianity and other religions by creating state run churches. They are presently attempting to get all religious groups, including Christians, to register with the government, and then have more politically correct religious leaders watch over their activities.

However many Christians who belong to the underground church have already been imprisoned. In fact, more Christians and are in jail in China than in any other country in the world. The Chinese church has experienced its worst persecution since the late 1970, during the years of 1996-97. The Chinese have, within the past couple of years, issued decrees which forbid foreigners from conducting religious activities or engaging in any missionary work. However, the Chinese Church has survived and grown in home and underground churches. The Communist government is using all available means to stamp out underground religious activities.


The Chinese Communists know that what happened in Rome of the Caesar’s can happen in China. They are very, very afraid of Christianity in its pure and true form. They have no problem with the state run or "patriotic" mausoleums which are referred to as churches, which are very similar to our American IRS compliant ‘churches’. No. The Chinese government knows that the only thing more powerful than their brutal state is the power of truth and love. The wickedness of that government will be its downfall, as it will be ours. The question that needs to be asked is, are there any real Christians left in America? I once heard a story on the radio where is was told to the announcer that the Chinese Christians were praying that persecution would come to

America, so that Americans would get serious about their faith.


That woman’s prayers will be answered, if the Laodicean Church in America continues on in its double mindedness, lukewarmness and apostacies.


The situation in China is something that we all should be concerned about. Have we sunk so far as a nation, morally and spiritually, that the genocide of some sixty million human beings is actually being debated on its economic benefits to America? Is that what we have become. What’s next? Imported lampshades from China made from human skin? What are our leadership and dumbed down masses thinking about? The simple fact of the matter is this; The American establishment is far less concerned with human rights is China, ad they are about the Corporate bottom line. They are profiting immensely from China’s abuses. It is very unlikely that these corporations and individuals wish to make China more like America, a democratic and free society. It is more likely true that they wish to make America look more like China. A place where people work for wages which are at or below sustenance, where freedom is crushed with a tank. A place where the balance sheet is written in human blood, by child chained to a work bench.  Free Trade is important. The filed must be made level so that we are not on a road to the bottom of the wage scale. It is good to have trade with nations with different viewpoint as ourselves. But there is a line that should not be crossed. No reasonable person would have supported trade with the Nazi’s, those objections would be purely moral. When is the US going to be that beacon of light again and say. ‘some trade comes with too high a price, morally, not just economically?


I fear no time soon.

Copyright © 2000 Mark S. Watson



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