A Strange Vision

I will not ask anyone to accept what I saw in this rather quick but repeated (one time )vision other than to say this, while I was more than willing to leave this alone, not post it and just chalk it up to some the things God shows me from time to time that is not for general consumption, this one is something that God reminds me of in rather strange ways. Yesterday, it was while finsishg up my quarterly update (should be up by the 15th) that showed a whole bunch of Volcano's in Africa that are dormant. Here is a screen shot of the volcano's from Google Earth.

Copyright Google Earth

What I saw in my vision which was very breif was something like the map below. Idid not get all of the details as I waited so long to take it to heart and write it all down. But it looked to me as though about a third of Africa was submerged and the east coast of Africa was mostly tributaries and small islands. I do not know how many people were killed and I do not have any idea when this is to occur. In fact, I am not even 100% sure that this was solely a geographical thing. But I am pretty sure that it is. Do not take this map literally, just the general areas of devstation, the LORD wanted me to pay close attention to the east coast and the tributaries. The swath in the center of Africa may not be quite as wide as depicted here, but I am not real good with these graphics tools so please forgive me.

God has not left me alone about this and I suspect he wants this posted where people can read it.

Please I beg you, do not ask me anything more about it as this is really all I know, I am holding nothing back. I really hesitate to put visions on my site anymore because of the criticisms that come my way. I really do get tired of hearing them. But I will not rebel against God for it, if he wants this out there, then out there it will go.

When I see all of the stories of volcano's coming to life (Japan, Indoneisa, Philippines) I am truly concerned.

Underlying Africa Map From NASA Whirlwind

Upon talking with Brother Kato, who lives in Uganda near Lake Victoria, he also had a strange vision and tells of many things that are going on that we are not hearing anywhere in the west. I will cut and paste what he wrote to me... you decide what time it is...

In Christ Jesus,

Mark S. Watson


Greetings Brother,

Thanks for the communication on the dream that The Lord sent through you, I must tell you that I have was shaken and instantly new this was true and brought the fear of The Lord in me and His Awe...

I believe that will be judgment to Africa and The Lord is going to split this Continent and bring judgment on the areas that have cause Africa havoc...if you realize in the map is that the continent was split from Egypt, Sudan, Great Lakes, Ethiopia,Horn of Africa and up to The Congo and Angola...all these are places where bloodshed and genocide have been very typical...

Not mentioning The Lord speaking through the prophets to Judge Ethiopia, Egypt, Sudan and Libya because they participate in the Gog and Magog wars and also dividing Israel... Many dictators have arisen in this region, The Lord's People - Physical Israel was once held captive in this region - Egypt and Uganda during Idi Amin's time - Ninety Minutes at Entebbe airport...

This is real and it is sending me to seek The Lord for wisdom and what to do...

I have had serious visions and dreams lately... I had one in which I was taken back to Kansas City and it was flooded with water and divided up to St Louis, the USA was split along the Fault in Missouri, I saw destruction and the person who was taking me around told me this was a sure dream to come to pass...he told me he had done his math and calculations very well...I knew this was because of the Fault in Missouri but I had not thought about Africa, the same happening...

I have not been able to sleep the last two days...The Lord would wake me up to simply Watch and told me judgment was coming and that we should pray that we abide in His Peace...My wife was shown judgment coming too and God taking care of us...

Should I post this on my website?

I have been in prayer and fasting lately and it is just amazing what The Lord is revealing...I will be in prayer and preparation as The Lord Leads us...He told us to have Peace in Him and that He will protect us...

Yes, His Judgments are Righteous, Just and True...who are we to withstand His Hand? Let The Lord's Will be done...We only have to gain in the long run...The Lord always arises to judge on behalf of His people - His Saints...Amen

Keep us in prayer as we pray for you too...The Lord has confirmed to me that this is going to be a time to be His Witnesses...we shall stand to be a Witness for Jesus Christ...

Keep us in Uganda in prayers too...there is a Modern Slave Trade going on here…the current Hegemonic powers – the NWOs are currently recruiting large numbers of Youth, well educated and physically fit young men to go fight and guard installations in Iraq…brother, this is a shame, it makes me so sad that the NWOs are doing so…many have been taken to Iraq and sad stories have come back in our news papers that some have been forced into sodomy acts with marines etc…and they cannot object or come back…the current government is an conniver in this because the brother of the current president is head of this force that is taking mercenaries to Iraq…sad, sad, sad…they say they need about 10,000 to 50,, they are amassing troops to attack Iran…I suspect so because Americans no longer believe in the Bush bogus war in Iraq…sad to say there is a Pastor I know very very very well who is telling his church members to go and join the Americans to fight the “terrorists” and make money and send him tithes. The Pastor claims that this is a righteous war and God is on the side of Americans…He has one of the recruiter working for the USA fellowship in his church here in this town I live. The Pastor recently gave a testimony in his church how the boys who went from his church are now giving tithes from the 1000 dollars a month they get from the USA as payment in Iraq…This pastor no longer wants to talk with me and ostracized me after learning my position on the bogus war in Iraq…

The War in North Uganda, South Sudan and the Congo continue as all governments are accomplices and the local people suffer…no wonder we are getting judgment from The Lord...

In Christ Jesus

Kato M