Cities Aflame.

I have had few visions from God. But one I saw was most disturbing. I saw the entire East Coast of the US in flames. Utterly destroyed. The areas that were left were under the control of the UN. One very prominent figure who was in the Clinton administration, was still here in the US conducting the clean up. It was a very violent overthrow of our country, and humiliating to watch what was happening. One thing the Spirit let me know was the fact that this was the last resort. America’s leaders had tried everything to destroy our Country’s Constitutional Government and couldn’t. Notice, I did not say America’s enemies, but America’s leaders. Thus, because the US was a major obstacle to the plan of World Government, they resorted to violent (extremely violent) means. This vision still haunts me from time to time. It seemed as though the people simply could not believe that it was happening. They were shocked, absolutely shocked and very frightened. There were a few cool heads about that seemed to know and even expected that this was going to happen and knew that America as we know it, was finished. America had become a page in future history books.

I had this vision (actually, it was a series of visions) back in late 1995 and have had only a few since then. I do not know if this was a warning as to what could happen or if it was a sure word of what will happen. I do know that is was something that God wanted me to see. I also know it was at the very least a warning. This country has fallen a long, long way. We have allowed our elected leadership to remove God from our schools. A quick look at our schools shows now the Devil has moved in. Abortions, Shootings, Drugs, Murder, Rape are all part of many of the nations schools. Wherever and whenever a people remove God, something else will come in and attempt to fill the void. The same can be said of our nation. Just look at it! This country really used to be the envy of the world. We had such a strong moral foundation. Our courts were, by and large, free of serious corruption. Our people believed in hard work and had a sense of loyalty and commitment to this once great nation. These things simply are not true anymore. Money is now being made, not through hard work, but through usury, lawsuits and graft. Most of the large ‘industries’ today are based on some sort of legal fraud.. Entire law offices are devoted to suing wealthy individuals, whose only crime is being rich. Lawyers have become so ruthless that now many individuals are creating estate trusts to keep some of these deranged vultures at bay. Time would fail me if we discussed some of the fraud and money laundering going on in Wall Street. Insider trading, a lucrative way to make money, where hard work is not rewarded, but illegal behavior is. It’s the ‘everyday people’, who’s retirement money are in huge banks and brokerage houses, which are exposed in derivatives and foreign dealings which are often only quasi-legal, are very vulnerable to what I call the new financial Mafia. As I write, this new Mafia seem to be the real beneficiaries of the ‘prosperity’ we see in America in the late 1990’s. The problem is that other than debt and reams of paper, these guys don’t produce anything. If you charge a fee for passing or accepting these pieces of paper you are considered a productive American, If you make something worthwhile, like cars, textiles or homes, then you are an overpaid blue-collar worker who is destined for the ash heap of history. Hard work today is almost laughed at, as the society and the economic system now rewards this new type of ‘labor’, and denigrates the type of work that made this country great.

Murder, lies, theft and sexual perversion are the god's of America. God is preparing his response to America's rebellion and wickedness.


A note here, I feel impressed to say (in light of the destructive nature this vision) that while the Islamic threat to America and her well being is very real one, a greater danger comes from American leaders within our own government who have worked with and shielded these terrorists for their own personal, political and financial gain. There is the whiff of high treason in the air. The axis of evil, as it is called, resides not only in Riyadh, Kabul, Baghdad and PyongYang, but most notably in Washington D.C. If you have a hard time believing this, read this excerpt from This US Senate report on “U.S. Chemical and Biological Warfare-Related Dual-Use Exports to Iraq and Their Possible Impact on the Health Consequences of the Persian Gulf War” Issued on 25 May 1994. Once you read this and re-read it you will see who is really responsible for Iraq's WMD Program. Ask your self why none of this public information embodied in a readily available public document has never been discussed in CNN, MSNBC, NBC, ABC, CBS and FOX.


Mark S. Watson