Respectfully submitted by Kimellen
Dear Brothers & Sisters In Our LORD:
This is something that I generally do not do, as a rule, for our LORD'S
Ministry through me has always been a Behind-The-Scenes One on a one-
on-one basis with those who are Led to me for HIS Reasons.  When HE
Compelled me to go public with a series of postings, no one was more astonished
than I was to learn that -- in a matter of 4 weeks -- The Messages had all
gone international (even into the remote regions of places like Costa Rica).
This is NOT a testament to what a fantastic, compelling writer I am -- I
am not. Rather, this was a Confirmation of the Sense of Urgency that HE had
Pressed Upon me about these Messages & Their Critical Importance to those of
HIS Children who either have not yet learned how to discern HIS Voice in the
Spirit or are still crippled by self-doubts that our LORD "would actually Bother
with the likes of them".

Before I proceed, my brothers & sisters, let me assure you of one fact:
HE Made me a teacher of GOD, and I was the VERY LEAST of you all --
believe me, each one of you is MORE THAN WORTH "HIS BOTHER," so
please do NOT let the deceiver use the oldest trick in the book -- that of
our own sense of distorted low self-esteem -- to block you from being a
messenger of our LORD & from enjoying a Personal, Intimate Relationship with
our Real & Living LORD. If I say nothing else that ever merits your recall,

Having said all this, I am doing what I normally never do -- issuing a commentary.
Perhaps our LORD is Leading me to do this -- usually, I will not waste anyone's
time unless I feel I have a Specific Message from our LORD, HIMSELF.  However,
this whole matter about "Harry Potter" has sickened me to a level of revulsion
beyond any mortal ability to describe adequately, & I feel compelled to bring forth
this plea to anyone who follows our LORD closely enough to be Led of HIM to finally
start DOING SOMETHING before this woman author's wretched mindset is allowed
to spew forth more noxious fumes in unlimited volumes allegedly passing for
"children's literature".

I am assuming that no outcry has been forthcoming because most people have
been like me -- unaware of the true trash in the "Harry Potter" series beyond the
fact that it seemed to be a bizarre series very popular with school-age children. My
own precious daughter, Angela, just turned 18 in February, so I praise our LORD
that she was out of the "Harry Potter" loop long before this latest insanity plagued
our already sick nation.  Had she been of that age range, then I assure you I would
have known more about its blatant noxious intentions (hiding cowardly in the guise
of being "harmless literary fun" for children's imaginations to "encourage their
reading").  Yes, I have heard the same old tired arguments about the illiteracy in
this country & that we should be "grateful that our children are taking an interest
in reading anything" beyond the usual inane comic books.  However, I do not share
that view -- should I be thrilled to let my minor child read some of Larry Flynt's
beyond-obscene "Hustler" magazines because "at least there is an INTEREST in
reading"?  I hardly think so!  Ridiculous example?  Yes, but that is how I tend to
teach -- in examples of ludicrous exaggerations to clearly make my point stick in
the minds of those to whom I want so desperately to convey a meesage.

The Kingdom Of GOD, folks, does NOT See things in "degrees of difference" that
we do here in this temporal realm -- what I mean by that is this: no "sin" is less
harmful than another sin.  If you "sin," you SIN ... period ... end of statement ...
no "ifs, ands, or buts" about it (if we don't like it, we can take it up with HIM; I
don't make the Rules; I merely pass Them along as HE Instructs me). The perception
of one evil being "less evil" or "less harmful" than another is merely an illusion,& too
many people don't realize that they are trying to cloak themselves in something that
has all the consistency of a thin vapor in terms of self-righteous self-defense. So, to
those who would say to me that I cannot put "Harry Potter" in the same league as
Larry Flynt's blatant "literary" perversions, I reply, "Oh, yes, I can!  Because that's
exactly what our LORD Does, & HE will Be more than Happy to Back me up on this
when we all come face-to-face with HIM!"  Motive is EVERYTHING to our LORD, &
we need to examine the motives behind any literary message that is sent out to
impressionable minds... or to*anyone,*for that matter!

You may not always agree with me (& that is your full-fledged right, which I will
honor & respect), but the one thing that you will absolutely always find above
reproach is my MOTIVE. My motive is the Glorification of our LORD, & the
Edification of the Body Of CHRIST; however, to state it a little more directly,MY
THE WELFARE OF HUMANITY (specifically in bringing forth our True Spiritual
CHRIST-Self Identities that our LORD Forms within each of us out of HIS Own
LOVE & CHARACTER). My motive, brothers & sisters, is never meant to attack or
be harmful in any way -- you may not LIKE what I feel Led to say, but I am not
here to mollycoddle anyone's self-delusional mindsets or hold hands with clucking
sounds of false sympathy ("empathy" & "sympathy" are two entirely different things
-- the latter is false & destructive in that it promotes the perpetuation of self-
delusion). I am here to do a Job ... end of story. But I do that Job with the
LOVE OF OUR LORD for each one of HIS Children -- one cannot do HIS WORK
without feeling that Deep, Unconditional Love. And, while that Love may mandate
being direct with Truths that are not going to be well-received whenever someone
feels his or her delusions are coming under fire, my motive is still unchanged -- it
is still first & foremost always for the Glory of our LORD & for your best & highest
possible best interest. I will never type a letter or post any message that reflects
anything less than these two criteria -- I have no axes to grind or resentments to
unleash, for our LORD Took Care of all these matters of self-resolution long before
HE Sent me out into this Ministry.

Bear with me -- I made these declarations for a reason. Keeping in mind what I've
said about "motive," can anything POSITIVE be said for the "Harry Potter" series?
In my mind -- as I'm sure it is in our LORD'S MIND -- if the motive isn't
promoting the Spiritual Welfare & the best, highest possible interest of mankind,
then the motive is one of HARMFUL INTENT. There is nothing in-between &, the
sooner people begin to wake up & realize that fact, the better it will be for the
world. The buck begins & ends with each one of us -- the time for pointing
fingers of blame with the excuse, "It's not MY responsibility!  That was Joe
Blow's job to take care of!" must come to a complete stop. I could say the same
thing about "Harry Potter" -- I have no school age children, I watched Matt Lauer
on "The Today Show" interview this particular author in which absolutely NOTHING
was said by either party about these books' actual contents or sorcery-focused,
anti-CHRIST themes, so therefore I can't be held responsible for failing to do
something that I knew nothing about. However -- as a comedy movie once said --
"fiction can be fun," but the point is this: I DO know about it now through The
Father's Cry Prophetic Ministry List -- & I was horrified beyond all description
by E.M. Carlson's article provided by Reverend Sharon Marks.

So now I DO have a responsibility to our LORD & to all HIS Children to do
whatever I can to ensure that the ignorance that I, myself, had on this very
subject until late last night now comes to a grinding halt as a general rule among
all Christians. Not only did I forward this posting on to anyone I could think of with
a legitimate E-Mail address, but I also took it upon myself to go to the National
Organizations with whom I share my Volunteer Prayer Ministry to post it with strict
instructions to GO PUBLIC with it (one of them even has international connections,
& -- considering the fact that I have just agreed to take on 30 prayer requests per
week from the original agreement of 30 prayer requests per month -- I had no
problems at all "calling in a favor" on this one). When Mark Watson (a former
Intelligence Analyst who operates the very informative, Biblically sound "Watson's
Web") contacted me in response & told me about The Last Trumpet Newsletter, I
went to the site, checked out the messages for myself, & then took the liberty of
passing them along to Reverend Sharon Marks, whom I knew I could trust implicitly to
do the right thing as she feels Led by our LORD JESUS CHRIST. Many of my other
contacts involved veteran ministers & missionaries in the field for 20-plus years,
including one minister with ministerial contacts all over the Northeast San Fernando
Valley here in Southern California, so I feel that I did my job in terms of getting
out the word both on the national & international level. If I had just "sat on it" &
decided to let the fiery Reverend Sharon or the dedicated Mark Watson do all the
work in educating the public, the guilt of disloyalty to our LORD would have eaten
away at me like eroding acid. I am one person in terms of what I can do ...but even
notifying JUST ONE OTHER PERSON can start the ball rolling, folks. You do NOT
have to be a "head honcho" in the ministry with a zillion contacts to make a
difference in the NAME of our LORD. If you have helped to save even one person,
you have helped to save the world, as our LORD has Shown me that nothing we do or
choose not to do exists in a vaccuum.  Whenever we get up in the morning & make
our decisions, HE Taught me that those decisions (or the failure to do them) impact
the world -- you can't escape it even as a hermit in the most remote mountaintop
areas you could find.  This only reinforces the New Testament teaching that HE is
ONE with our FATHER, we are ONE in HIM, & thus we are ONE in our FATHER with
HIM.  Based on that, HIS Teaching to me on this topic makes perfect sense -- we
will soon learn that all sense of individual "self" identity was an illusion, but that is
for the HOLY SPIRIT to Reveal, not an inept mortal such as myself.

So ... what will YOU do about this?  Will you do nothing at all on the basis of a
dozen spineless excuses or will you decide to go to our LORD, pray for HIS Guidance,
& follow whatever Inspiration that HE Gives you to do?  There is much of HIS WORK
that needs to be done, & ALL of us can fulfill an Important Role in that WORK.
None of us is a "minor player" in our LORD'S Theater; all of us are Major Stars in
HIS EYES, & all of us can have a WORK that is of Paramount Importance to the
Destinies of all HIS Children who are still lost in the illusions of this world & the
sick mindsets of those who create trash like "Harry Potter". Remember the massacre
at Columbine High School, folks, &  ask yourselves this: if those two teens did NOT
have the "Harry Potter" influence in their childhood & were capable of perpetuating
such a horrendous, cold-blooded crime, then what awaits our society when the
"Harry Potter" children come to the age of rebellion?

Something to think about ... & truly PRAY about!

Thank you for your kind time & patient attention to my usual long-windedness,
& may GOD'S Best & Brightest Blessings be Upon each & every one of you to
the Honor & Glory of HIS Most Holy & Awesome NAME ... now & always ...
Love To You All In GOD'S Awesome LOVE, LIGHT, & TRUTH:

Kimellen: Minister/Messenger Of GOD