This is a question that should never be asked by  a Christian. Today there are many Christians who claim to know Christ but do not. They may protest till day's end that they are 'in the faith' but ignore the warnings and commands of the one they claim to adore. This is an indictment against both pastor and parishioner. It is a willful ignorance, which, in short, is an act of rebellion.


"For rebellion is as the sin of witchcraft, and stubbornness as is as iniquity and idolatry…" (1 Sam 15:23a)


        The study of God's word is an important task that Christians engage in. It is not to be done in a haphazard fashion, nor is to be done selectively.  It is important to approach the study of scripture with these things in mind. The primary reason that the Church today does not have any 'fire' and its 'light' is dim, if it exists at all, is that the church has refused (not forgotten) to teach all of the Bible, including Bible prophecy.  This, put simply, is rebellion. Pastors today know the words, promises and warnings of Christ concerning his return. Yet, in Church after Church, pulpit after pulpit, the prophecies that affect the Church of today, the warnings, pleadings and promises are not taught.  They are relegated to second class status as scripture and in some circles are even scoffed at. The mark of a true Christian is one who knows Jesus and obeys him. He doesn't read the same old 'Jesus loves me' versus over and over again and call it Bible study. This is not the way to a deeper walk with God and, if continued, will lead to spiritual atrophy and perhaps even being 'cast off as an unfruitful branch.  The warnings of scripture require us to do and not do certain things at certain times. The Prophecies of the Bible are a kind of Divine road map to the last days. Could you imagine going on a journey to a place you have never been, being given a map, precise instructions and then putting that very same map and instructions in your closet, while you are getting in the car to go in your trip? Or cutting out huge sections of the map and blacking out every third word of the instructions intentionally? Does that make any sense? The General impression of so many people is that the prophecies of the Bible are not relevant to them. They are concerned with raising their children, making more money, taking a vacation, what to buy their spouses for Christmas. This, to these 'Christians' is more important than the specific commands of Christ to not be overcharged with the care of this life, lest that day take you unaware . This is exactly what is happening today in the mainstream churches. Notice in the Bible there are two classes of Christians, 1) those that know the times and the seasons are not taken by surprise and 2) those that are taken by surprise. (1 Thes. 5:4; Rev 3:3) Watching is of paramount importance and knowing what to watch for is the key. The Bible does not teach that there is such a thing as a Christian who does not know the times or seasons, at least not a Christian who will remain one for long. Those who know the truth are not in darkness, however, most Christians today do not know where we are in Gods prophetic timetable. They are at a loss to understand because the Churches are still feeding the sheep with baby food and spiritual 'breast milk'. Some of these Christians will say they have known the Lord for 15 years and know little about Gods word.


 It is interesting to note that when Jesus was born the majority of Israel did not celebrate his birth by honoring him. Indeed, Herod, who ruled over Israel at the time, tried to kill the Christ child. More interesting is the fact that some 'unclean' Gentiles  came from afar, knowing of the prophecies and traveled far to honor God's savior. The so-called heathen knew what time it was, yet God's chosen people, by and large were clueless. So clueless in fact that God rejected them and grafted in the 'unclean' Gentiles into his family. The Church today is like the Jews of old, they are too busy to look into the Bible and do what God commanded them to do. Watch and pray. Christians must become dependent on God, his promises and his word. This entails giving up some precious time and spending time with God, most church people do not want to give God his due, that being ALL of us, including our time.


The Isrealistes did not listen to the Prophets sent to them. Ezekiel, Isiah, Jerimiah Micah and the rest were largely rejected as prophets by the people. The prophecies are for the Church today. Not just for the Church of yesterday and tomorrow. Now, the US Government is making all kinds of threatening noises about those who believe in Christ's Return (FBI's Project Meggido report) and ominous things are happening in this country to believers. Where does the mainstream church stand? In mute silence, because most of them do not believe (though they may say they do) in the Second Coming of the Messiah, Jesus Christ.  Here is where the commands of Christ are so important, he commanded us to watch and pray. Now the Government is saying to those Christians who believe in Christ's Return, that the FBI will from henceforth 'watch and prey ' on believers in Christ's return. So now the command of Christ is beginning to put us at loggerheads with the US Government. If you believe in Christ's return then you are a suspected 'terrorist', a potential enemy of the State. Now the true believer knows who the true ruler of the nations of this world and of this age, including our own government. To real believers, this type of report is no shock, in fact in some ways it is welcome, for we know the day of Christ's Return is closer that ever.


        Discernment is needed in the Church Today. If the mainstream Church cannot discern the times, it will be lost. God will always have his remnant, many of God's remnant have moved away from and out of the mainline denominations, to keep themselves pure from religious apostasy. Pastors must go back to teaching the Bible. All of it. If they do not, they will have an unbearable reckoning to make. May God have mercy on them…before that day comes.

That He May Run That Readeth It - By Mark S. Watson



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