By Mark S. Watson

(portions excerpted from the book 'That He may Run That readeth it.')

Babylon is the great mystery in the Bible.  It is a mystery that has a great deal of historical significance as well.  Babylon is making its presence felt today.  But if you do not understand who Babylon is and was in history, you will certainly miss the command when it goes forth “come out of her my people, that ye be not partakers of her sins[i].  God gives this command to his people just before he decides to vent his holy fury on its wickedness.  Who is this Babylon, and why does God become so angry with her (sorry ladies, the bible describes her as a woman)?  The answer to this question goes back all the way to ancient Babylon, to the time of the scattering of the people at the tower of Babel.  God confused the peoples speech at Babel because they were erecting a monument to themselves, and the people were ‘one’ (Genesis 11:6).  Therefore the LORD who is God, confused their language in order to keep the people from their purpose and from being one and erecting a tower[ii] into the heavens. Today the people are once again becoming one, and have gone much further than erecting a tower, they have placed men in space in a spectacular display of ingenuity and knowledge, however knowledge which everyday mocks God.  I can remember years ago, Russian cosmonauts mocking God saying that when in orbit they did not see God.

Babylon is the key to unlocking the mystery of iniquity. As the apostle and prophet John saw, it is as “Mystery Babylon the Great the mother of Harlots and abominations of the Earth[iii].  But who is this entity?  I will attempt to shed some light on this subject but first, I wish once again to dispel any idea that what I write is from any special revelation from God. I have studied the scripture and looked at Babylon’s influence historically so that many will fully understand just what is happening today, so no one after having read this book will be caught unaware.

Often in school we were taught that the first real civilization/empire of the recorded history is that of the Egyptians.  Now, however it is clearly understood that the first civilization is that of the Sumerians.  The Sumerians are also known as the ancient Babylonians.  They lived in the land referred to as the land between two rivers, that is between the Tigris and Euphrates River. This region is also referred to as Mesopotamia.  This is the first Babylon, where God scattered the languages of men and it has since been referred to as the tower of Babel (Babel also means confusion).  This Empire has an interesting and quite relevant history which is not recorded in the book of Genesis, but is made mention of in the prophets, when the errors of this Babylonian religion made its way into the life of the people of Israel. Nimrod, who was the leader of the Babylonian people in ancient times, when the tower of Babel was made was really, from what we can determine, the originator of what is referred to as the Mystery schools.  The Sumerians, or early Babylonians, had established a system of worship, which had a goddess mother and a son.  This object of worship was Semerimis, who was the mother of Nimrod. Semerimis was also known in the East as the Goddess Rhea, the Goddess Mother.  But it was from the Son, from whom she derived all of her Glory and her “Godhood”. This same system of belief traveled far from

 Babylon to Egypt. 

This Mother and Child Worship continued, only this time the names were changed to Isis and Osiris. In Asia, Mother-Child Worship went under the names of Cybele and Deoius, in Rome as Fortuna and Jupiter.  The child in the early Babylonian system of belief was a person of immense stature and power.  This is one of the foundations of the mystery schools, this Mother-Child worship and the worship of the mother as the “Queen of Heaven”.  This system of belief predates much of written history.  This evidently was taken from the original promise of God of a redeemer from the seed of the Woman (Gen 3:15).  As time passed, this Mother Goddess religion transformed itself into various fertility cults that flourished in the ancient world.  These mystery schools had special important ‘holy’ days that were celebrated. Consider this, it was during the Winter Solstice that the son of Isis the Egyptian Queen of Heaven, birth was celebrated.  It is very interesting to note that these festivals were not celebrated by the Church of the first two centuries of its existence[iv].  The introduction of these pagan/satanic rituals into the Christian mainstream only began around the fourth century AD.  To which “Christian’ holiday am I referring? Christmas for one. Some of the early church fathers have commented on the exchanging of gifts at Christmas time as being an observance of Saturnalia, a pagan winter festival. The Babylonians had an old fable of an evergreen tree[v] that sprang out of a dead tree stump symbolizing Nimrod, later known among the mystery schools as Tammuz.  The Bible makes some reference of these pagan customs and holidays (Jer 10:3-4; Ezek 8:13-14; 1King 14:23). These all occurred during the winter solstice, that is, the time the ‘Church’ celebrates Christmas.  The risen ‘child god’ rises from the dead three days after the winter solstice.  The celebration today is commonly referred to today as Christmas.  This is clearly NOT a Christian holiday.  Despite the traditions of men, passed of as truth in the modern American Pulpit, this Holiday, is deceptively decked with lots of goodwill, songs and presents in order to deceive the masses into rejecting the truth.  The scriptures (with obviously excellent reasons) do not give the date or even season of Christ’s birth. It is conspicuously silent on this matter.  Yet the American apostates spend large sums of money and weeks of effort on ensuring this holiday is properly celebrated. The Church leaders today are so reticent to enlighten their congregations, though they know fully well that these celebrations are of the enemy.  These ministers are in grave error.  Thus, they erect their evergreen trees in the church, three days after the winter solstice exchange gifts and think they do God service on a day that was NOT Christ’s birthday [vi].

The institution of these pagan holidays into the mainstream of Christianity was certainly done much for expediency [vii].  It was easier for pagans to become “Christian” if they did not have to give up their holidays and rituals. It was these festivals which were carried from Ancient Babylon to Greece then on to Rome to modern day “Christianity”. Most church leader today deliberately mislead their congregations as to the origin of these holidays and what God has revealed about his opinion of them. Most pastors are fully aware that these are pagan holidays. Most attempt to justify their paganism with self deception such as “well, were here to celebrate Christ’s’ birth not debate theology.” These pastors ignore the warnings of scripture of these holidays and because they are too weak and lukewarm to make a stand against this paganism, they just go along with the flow. I believe the Holy Spirit was acting out of its supreme wisdom by not including any information as to the date of Christ’s Birthday, God knew that we would construct elaborate festivals in it’s commemoration.  The only day Christ commanded us to celebrate was the Last Supper, the church has even missed to boat on this too, as Christ COMMANDED us to drink wine and eat bread in remembrance of him.  The Church, however, feels it is to ‘holy’ to obey Christ, and usually will not serve wine, as Christ commanded.  Thus they nullify the Commandment of God through the traditions of men.  How these shepherds can stand in the pulpit week after week and knowing these things is unthinkable.

Easter is another Babylonian abomination that has made its way into the Christian mainstream.  The name actually comes from Ishtar, the Goddess of fertility in Assyria.  However this is simply the Babylonian Goddess Astarte, who was the consort for Baal.  Being the Goddess of fertility, it was only natural that the favorite symbol of fertility be used in the spring festival that we now call Easter, that being the egg.  Easter Eggs are the most visible representation of the fertility aspect of the spring pagan festival. Pastors who celebrate this are in grave violation of the Commands of Christ when they conduct the passion of Christ during this time.  The Scriptures are very clear when Jesus was crucified it was on Passover.  We know exactly when Passover is and we know that is when Jesus was crucified.  Why does the mainstream ‘Church’ continue in the pagan abomination?  Many mainstream pastors will never speak out about these and other abominations in mainstream (Protestant and Catholic) Christianity, if they did they would find themselves no longer welcome on Christian T.V., lucrative Church Circuit speaking engagements and may find their books will not be published by large ‘Christian book’ publishing houses.

(Ezekiel Chapter 8)


The mainstream American Christian church has been bewitched and no longer follows the commands of God.  They follow their man-made and idolatrous traditions and their ‘Christian’ idols.  These have heard the truth and have scores of versions of the Bible printed in their own language, huge stores with thousands of titles on Christ, so they can clearly see what God expects.  They have no excuse therefore and have willfully chosen a lie. 

To whom much is given, much is required.

The King of Babylon


The king of Babylon is identified in scripture as an opponent of God.  The Panorama of Babylonian Kings is well documented in History.  The Babylonians were very good at keeping records, and since they kept some of their more important records in stone, they have survived these many long millennia.  Hammurabi and his famous code can be seen in one of the world’s finest museum. Indeed, it was a truly great and fascinating culture. It’s rulers were the envy of the known world.  Yet God identifies another spiritual power which is the real King of Babylon. The Book of Isaiah talks about the King of Babylon and identifies him in all his spiritual wickedness. You will find the Proverb against the king of Babylon in Isaiah Chapter 14 versus 4-23.  He is violent (vs. 6) he is has power over nations (vs. 6).  He is pompous (vs. 11) there is rejoicing when he falls (vs. 8). He winds up in hell (vs. 9) his name is Lucifer (vs. 12) He is arrogant enough to think he can be like God (vs. 13) he shakes kingdoms, (vs. 16) he destroys the entire planet (vs. 17).  More descriptions of this spiritual entity can be found in the book of Ezekiel, Chapter 28 Verses 12-19. Here we have more information He was the Anointed Cherub (High ranking angel) (vs. 14), he was actually in the Garden of Eden (vs 13) he was perfect (Gods Opinion! vs 15) be was beautiful  (vs 17) and he’ll will be destroyed for all to see (vs 18-19).

The spiritual stronghold that makes up end-time Babylon is one that is able to move from place to place, from age to age. This means that the spiritual stronghold that was in Rome, Tyre (Ezekiel 28), Nineveh, (Nahum 3:4ff) and Babylon (Zechariah, 5:10-11). It is able to move (Zechariah 5:11). It's final place is a Mystery (Rev Chapters 17-18) but one that fills all the parameters set forth and only a few will recognize, because of satanic deception. People get angry, hot and bothered curse and scream when you identify it, because they are part of Lucifer's system and have their minds under his control. They cannot see and most will never see because they do not want to see!

Hear now this, O foolish people, and without understanding; which have eyes, and see not; which have ears, and hear not:

(Jer 5:21)

Son of man, thou dwellest in the midst of a rebellious house, which have eyes to see, and see not; they have ears to hear, and hear not: for they [are] a rebellious house.

(Eze 12:2)

Lucifer is the King of Babylon. It is Lucifer who deceives the planet into serving him. From this scriptural understanding of the real power behind Babylon, we can determine that Babylon is a Luciferian system.  It is the Devils Kingdom top to bottom. It is founded in iniquity and sin and is destined for destruction. Babylon of the past is a fascinating subject. However, there is a Babylon which was future to John who wrote the Revelation some two thousand years ago. Who is this entity and what sort of influence does this entity have today? I shall attempt to answer these questions as the Holy Spirit gives me grace.

First of all, many devout Christians have believed that this system is best personified as the Catholic Church. As I mentioned earlier, such an interpretation is too narrow for the scriptures.  The Catholic Church seems to be the ‘boogie man’ of many Protestants and evangelicals.  While I will make no attempt to defend many of the Doctrines of Roman Catholicism, I find the mainline Protestant denominations involved in the many of the same hypocrisies and apostasies while steadily pointing a finger at the Catholics.  Frankly, there is far too much error in both to be comfortable with. 

Yet some of the symbols used in the book of revelation are too closely intertwined with Rome and the Church to be ignored. The whore commits Fornication with the Kings of the Earth.  That is, spiritual whoredoms[viii].  Her doctrines and teachings make the kings and inhabitants of the earth drunk.  That is, they are intoxicated with her falsehoods, they are no longer able to act or think properly, they are just like a person who drinks too much, giddy, stupid, easily fooled and completely under the control of the delusional catalyst.  So it is with the Harlot.  The Bible says Kings and the inhabitants of the Earth are drunk with the wine of her fornication (Rev 17:2).


Economic Babylon

The book of Revelation speaks about the economic aspect of Babylon.  When Babylon is destroyed it is said that the merchants of the earth mourn because Babylon can no longer purchase their goods, signifying that Babylon is a consumer nation. They are upset that this great economic power is gone. Its destruction is total and the merchants could see the smoke of her burning from a distance.  The scripture also says that she will be destroyed in one hour (Rev 18:10).  Babylon is obviously a place where the entire world’s merchants do a great deal of business. It is a place where a great deal of political power rests as well.  Remember, the book of Revelation also states that the woman, who represents Babylon rides the Beast that has 10 horns[ix].  It is the Woman who is in control of the end time Beast.  But the scripture also states that the kings of the earth will hate her and will make war with her and will make her desolate. So let’s take a look at this woman’s attributes

1.   She rides the Beast thereby exercising power over the end-time world system.

2.   She is a Mystery

3.   She has the names of blasphemy written on her forehead

4.   She very wealthy

5.   She is drunken with the blood of the saints and the martyrs of Jesus.


Whoever this woman is, she is given the name of Mystery Babylon The Mother of Harlots.  Mystery and harlotry mark her kingdom.  The scripture also indicates that she becomes a nesting place for everything vile (Rev 18:2). God destroys her because of her arrogance (Rev 18:7-8). The only way Gods people can escape her plagues is by coming out of her (Rev 18:4).

This woman lusts after her material belongings (Rev 18:14).  It is this lusting after comfort and material possession, which angers God. Whoever this woman is, she is rich, lustful and is a trading center for the world and rules over the kings of the earth. Who is she?

After having read this far one can see that this really is one of the perennial questions of our age. This system actually is the real key to the end time system. While the Beast is important to much of the end-time question, the real key to understanding it is Babylon!

One of the keys to understanding mystery Babylon is determining who she deals with.  She deals with Kings and Nations (see Rev 18:3) and rules over them.  The fact that scripture identifies this woman with the title mystery indicates that she is not to be readily identifiable, nor does she exist in the minds of the uninitiated.  The kings and governments know of her but she is kept concealed from the people of the Earth.  This system will not be identifiable by most people, because they trust their kings and rulers to be in control.  But the end time system shows that the one in control is Mystery Babylon.  Dictatorship, democracy, oligarchy, Revolutionary Marxism, Statist Communism.  These are all forms or systems of Government that are ruled by the mystery harlot who commits fornication with the kings of the earth.  The scripture make no mention of her aversion to any particular king or kingdom nor any aversion to any particular nation, but the scripture does say the woman is fascinated with goods and gain, for she is very rich    

The following are some keys and hints to understanding organizations, governments, religious systems and leaders that are part of Babylon:


This is the very first sign of a a government, religious system or economic systems infiltration by the Babylonian spirit. As is well documented, the US Government, many so-called Christian churches, Wall street firms, media and entertainment empires, are all engaged in various forms of the occult, from the casting of astrological charts, to the acceptance and promotion of Occult products, to the membership of its leaders in Occult organizations (including and especially Freemasonry). Here, we can find a lot of 'respected' organizations are deeply involved in the black arts, though it is marketed with extreme skill so that most people see it as harmless fun or an interesting diversion. Dabbling in the occult is one major clue discovering Babylonian influence.

Building the Beast.

While the Babylonian system is primarily interested in Commerce and gain, it is part of the Devils system and will work to strengthen the powers of World Government, as long as she get to ride (control) the Beast. This is done by a variety of means using economic, political and religious institutions which she controls.

Anti- Christian

In this system is found the blood of the martyrs, the murdered saints. Here is another key to understanding who she is. She is the firm and violent enemy of true Christianity. She loves the Christianity she controls, those who are just like her and love money. Churches and Christian businesses that sell the Gospel, prophecies, spiritual advice, sermons , etc. She is at ease with them. It is those that refuse to fall under the Lordship of the state/harlot system that she has a problem with. Here is just one example of this click here. This is how the harlot system views those that will not fall under her Lordship. Whether it is media, Entertainment, Government , commerce, the legal system, it does not matter. She hates genuine, true and pure Christianity and seeks to destroy its followers.

Rich and Luxury Obsessed

This describes America, Mainstream Christianity, the Catholic Church, Wall Street and the world economic system which is based on greed and usury. It also includes most Americans, powerful secret societies, to name the most notable.


The Name’s Lucre, Filthy Lucre.

Just like the secret agent who gives his name with such coolness, so does this harlot behave with her own degree of cool-headed profiteering on the backs of the people of the earth.  One of the commodities of the harlot is slaves and the souls of men[x]!  The harlot will trade in any commodity that brings in wealth.  This is a truly unbridled capitalist system, which operates under no moral or religious restraints. The harlot is very cunning, she knows how to get what she wants, it is through her fornication that she is able to get her wealth and power, as the nations are drunk.  Today’s world system is increasingly moving in a direction that rewards only one thing, profits (in the form of paper currency). This type of profiteering is the wave of the future and is the cornerstone of the world system being built.  Increasingly, the debate on future trade sanctions in other countries is no longer focused on freedom or the degree of democracy, but on trade balances and the average wage paid to workers.  Unfortunately, this trend will only continue.  More and more, I expect the world to become oblivious to the most blatant and wicked dictatorships on earth as the world system becomes more and more concerned with profits and future investment. Those who cannot find an economic niche will be less and less welcome in their own countries and will be viewed more and more as economic liabilities and thus will be marginalized.  This trend is already taking shape in America, where the establishment Media often paint certain ethnic minorities as burdens on the economy and increasingly withdraws public assistance for the less fortunate and ill equipped, while at the same time passing laws to increase the size of corporate welfare.  The Nation is more and more cost conscious because economic pressures (increased competition because of trade agreements coupled with a heavy debt load) is causing our legislature to re-think the way in which public assistance is administered.  While this in general is far overdue, the church should express its concern not just with easing the tax burden for its parishioners, but in ensuring those less fortunate brothers in Christ who may lose a great deal because of these changes, are taken care of.  Unfortunately the Christian Establishment has sought to lower the burden of taxes not so much to help the poor but to accomplish the goal of securing more of the “American Dream” for themselves.  This ‘dream’ for many, many Americans more likely resembles a nightmare. The churches in America have become an increasingly important participant in the Babylonian system of commerce. Today we have entire financial corporations dedicated to lending[xi] to individuals who want to build large and expensive church buildings for just about any religious faith.  The idea here is that the merits of the loaning and building are purely economic. Then the corporation lends to the “church” who then must pay usury (interest) to the Godless banker.  The parishioners who then tithe into their church coffers will have a percentage of their offerings (interest of 8%?, 10%?), which is supposed to be used for God’s work, going to the Godless banker who will use this tithe money to help a liquor store get started, or a porno shop, or God knows what else.  All accomplished through the participation of the “church” in the Babylonian system of commerce. The Parishioners think they are doing God’s business, in reality it is big business, Babylonian style. Deceitful, and greedy for profits committing whoredoms with the world.  Sound Familiar?

The rich rule over the poor and the Borrower is Servant to the lender” (Prov 22.7)

Owe no man anything , but to love one another…” (Romans 13:8)

To obey is better than sacrifice and to harken than the fat of Rams” (1 Sam 15:22)

And I heard a voice from heaven saying, Come out of her my people…Rev 18:4


Babylon’s Fate.

The whore will die, along with all who are attached to her.  She will be forced to drink from the LORD’s cup of indignation.  She will reel, spew, wheeze, cough, slump and finally die. While the book of Revelation describes at length what shall be the end of this abominable woman, the Book of Jeremiah also describes the destruction of Babylon.  The Babylon, which Jeremiah foretells of is the Babylon of 586 BC but some versus are for a yet future Babylon as the events which are described here were not fulfilled during the time of the Babylonian destruction of the sixth century B.C.  Jeremiah must have seen all the way to the end times when describing this system. 

Jeremiah describes the destruction of Babylon.  Chapter 51 of the book of Jeremiah is a list of God’s Judgments against Babylon.  Here much of the prophetic language is the same the golden cup (vs 51:7) the fact that the wine makes the nations “mad” and finally, her sudden destruction.  The people are warned to come out of her (vs 51:6).  The instrument of Babylon’s destruction is the Medes (Modern Day Iran).  An interesting fact that must be noted here is that Babylon described here is “O thou that dwellest upon many waters…[xii], this is noteworthy in that ancient Babylon was not known for sea trade or have access to “many waters”.  The Babylon here also is described as a military power, she is described as the hammer of the nations, (50:23) she is God’s tool to and is used as a weapon of war  (51:20-22) she is obviously a world military power who is also very, very rich.  This Babylon who is the praise of the nations (51:41) will become an astonishment.  It is a place where the nations of the earth will no longer flow together (51:44).  Then Jeremiah makes an interesting statement under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit,

And lest your heart faint and ye fear for the rumor that shall be heard in the land; a rumor shall both come one year and after that in another year shall come a rumor and violence in the land, ruler against ruler”  Jer 51:46

Some how, civil strife seems to be indicated here.  Though the passage is not clear, it appears that there will also be some warning for the people of God who dwell there to get out before it is too late.  God will overthrow Modern Babylon as he overthrew Sodom and Gomorra (Jer 50:40).  In fact the Earth is moved by the sudden destruction of modern Babylon.  God has a plan for the wicked system and city of Babylon, he has a plan to destroy her with in a single hour, for her sins reach up to heaven (Rev 18:5).

An often neglected passage of scripture that deals with the destruction of Babylon is found int Jeremiah. Most expositors relate this passage to ancient bablyon of 586BC. Yet the scripture gives us the true identity if we read the chapter and leave out nothing. Here is a key verse that identifies Bablyon:

Your mother shall be greatly confounded; she that bore you shall be ashamed: behold, the hindermost of the nations shall be a wilderness, a dry land, and a desert. (Jer 50:12)

 Here we see two identifying characteristics for Babylon the nation (this prophecy seems to be directed at the end time nation of Babylon not the entire system ). The first clue is that Babylon has a mother and the second clue is that she will be the hindermost2 of the nations. She will exist in the last days. The only nation that has kind of global power and has a mother in these last days is America. Her mother is England and she exists in the last days. The prophecy against Babylon appears to end at verse 16. At which point the dirge is again the Ancient Babylon , because King Nebuchadnezzar is mentioned. This is not unusual in prophetic literature as even Christ himself showed how prophecies can be partially fulfilled in one time to be completely fulfilled at a later date (see Luke Chapter 4). We notice many of the same things happening here as we do in revelation 17 ad 18, People are commanded to flee her, all who remain will be destroyed. These are pretty big hints that this is a prophecy of the same events in Revelation. God will destroy Babylon as he destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah, (with fire, Jer 50:40, Rev 17:16). In addition, many kings are arrayed against Babylon to destroy her (Jer 50:41 cf Rev 17:16). The parallels are too compelling to ignore and most importantly, cannot be applied to the destruction of Ancient Babylon. Indeed those who attempt to make this apply only to ancient Babylon must ignore verse 12 and the fact that she is destroyed by fire and a destroying wind (this sounds very much like a nuclear war, despite all of the protestations to the contrary, no such wind destroyed ancient Babylon). The similarities go on and on including the Golden cup. I find that most who want to apply this entire prophecy to Ancient Babylon are afraid. They are afraid because there is only one nation in the world that fulfills all (not just most of) the parameters of fulfillment and that nation is America, and the false shepherds that lie in her are these teachers, and that is a possibility that is too terrible for them to contemplate. All should prayerfully read Jeremiah 50 and 51 and Revelation 17 and 18 in their entirety before jumping to any conclusions, read and understand.

The Babylonian System is capable of deceiving nations with her mysteries, that is her falsehoods. It’s not based on truth.  However, it has truth contained in its system.  It is like a giant lake of water that has only a few drops of cyanide in it… just enough to kill any who partakes of its waters.  Money and religion are intertwined to form a system of commerce that damns the participants, in one single hour (Rev. 18:10).

According to the scriptures, a new economic system will be brought into being.  Most have already heard of the mark of the beast from a myriad of bible prophecy teachers. Revelation chapter 13 discusses this system and how it will affect every man, woman and child in the world, including the ultimate fate of those who choose to take this mark.  I believe[xiii] that the fall of Babylon and the institution of the Mark of the Beast will be somehow linked.  The scriptures say that the merchants of the earth are in great distress when Babylon falls. No one will be able to buy their fine goods any longer will be the lament as the smoke of her destruction is seen by all.  An economic event of the proportions the bible describes would almost certainly bring about a period of chaos and would cause many in positions of power in the world economy to seek out a new system, which will almost certainly have to be constructed.  Today our world is filled with huge debt burdens with severe balance of payments problems. These problems are magnified in light of global derivatives and overvalued stock markets.  These factors along with many others are causing serious concern among wealthy investors who are in many instances are protecting themselves. It is apparent to many savvy people that something big is about to transpire.   While this is only conjecture on my part, based on the scriptures say, it seems that economics will give the ten-horned beast its power, perhaps the power that was once possessed by the Babylonian harlot woman.  The scripture says that the ten-horned beast will hate the harlot (Mystery Babylon) they will make her desolate and will burn her with fire[xiv].  So we see that these ten kings who comprise the Beast who is controlled by the Harlot will ultimately bring about mystery Babylon’s undoing.  They will be the instruments of Babylon’s destruction. Additionally, the scriptures indicate that the harlot controls the Beast, which arises out of the sea.  The beast hates the harlot and destroys her.  Then the Beast must move in to control the people of the Earth by controlling their wealth. The loss of the Harlot will leave an economic vacuum, which must be filled. I admit that some of this is only conjecture on my part, however Revelation 17 is quite clear on who will burn the harlot with fire.  Revelation Chapter 13 makes it clear who will bring about the mark of the Beast. Additionally it must be remembered here that the institution of the Mark could come before the destruction of Babylon. However revelation Chapter 14 gives us a strong hint that the destruction of Babylon and the institution of the mark of the Beast are linked.

And there followed another angel, saying, Babylon is fallen, is fallen, that great city, because she made all nations drink of the wine of the wrath of her fornication. And the third angel followed them, saying with a loud voice, If any man worship the beast and his image, and receive his mark in his forehead, or in his hand, The same shall drink of the wine of the wrath of God, which is poured out without mixture into the cup of his indignation; and he shall be tormented with fire and brimstone in the presence of the holy angels, and in the presence of the Lamb: And the smoke of their torment ascendeth up forever and ever: and they have no rest day nor night, who worship the beast and his image, and whosoever receiveth the mark of his name.

(Rev 14:8-11)

I cannot discern from the scripture which event occurs first other than the fact that the 10 horned beast and the harlot do co-exist, at least for a short while.

Babylon Today

The Global economy now is inextricably linked at the hips.  The world is now living in a time where people are being told we live in a “Global Village” a “World Community” or a “Borderless World”.  This mumbo-jumbo is sucking in a lot of otherwise intelligent people to believe in a clever variation of the old communist manifesto[xv] about the wonders of Global socialism and how it would be so nice if we could all just live together.  People are believing that it would be so nice if the world at large could just help the poor and indigent and if the “rich” nations don’t want to give we should impose a tax. We should then give the money to the poor and magically, we’ve just brought about the necessary conditions to bring about world peace[xvi]!

The Humanist is the way of the socialist. The socialist is the way of the communist[xvii]. The communist is the way to the gulags and death camps in order to bring about “order”.  Make no mistake, Mao, Stalin, Hitler, Pol Pot all told their people the exact same lies we are hearing today from our elite.  Their unanimity is frightening, as these individuals are, by and large, educated and intelligent.

The new Global rulers are in our corporate boardrooms and legislatures, but every baron and prince has its king and the real kings of the World are operating more and more behind the scenes. The have enormous power.  They want what every dictator wants.  More power.  It must be understood that that the old hard line East bloc communists were really not communists at all[xviii], but fascists. That is, a small group of elite men ruled communist countries, while the people are consistently given large doses of propaganda and disinformation in order to keep them under control. The old Soviet Union is a perfect example.  The Communist party officials always had the best cars, homes, food etc. while the rest of the ‘proletariat’ were told how hard the party was working against some foreign power which was out to destroy Russia.  They were constantly told about all the 'evils' of the west and the people by and large believed it… for a while.  Raw uninhibited POWER is the goal of the fascist. The political philosophy (communism, socialism) was only a means to an end. The political dialectic today is no longer capitalism vs. communism, that old paradigm has produced what we are seeing more and more of today; corporate fascism. 

Americans And The Delusion of Goodness

America today is not a good nation. The delusion that the American people are a 'good people' and are a charitable nation is a farce. America is not a good nation, and to the extent that we are charitable, this is done only, in so many cases, for a tax deduction. It's charitable contributions go to nations that have often, (though not always) suffered under American foreign policy.


How dare Americans call America good when over a million people have been murdered by American Foreign Policy, one million. That is a lot of people. A lot of people we have starved to death and denied critical medicine. All to 'get' a bad guy who we ourselves built into the evil thug he is today, Saddam Hussein. This was done especially during the Iran-Iraq War, we supplied him with weapons and intelligence. We did the same thing with Iran. Many, many died in a war that could have ended much sooner. Now we want to call ourselves 'good' for killing a million people, trying to bring down a mad man we helped create. This is what America is. A nation of mass murderers.


This is a dark chapter in US history when under a pretense, the US went down and apprehended the drug dealer Noriega. Now he was another CIA asset that the CIA used, knowing full well that he was a drug dealer, whose banks were used to launder drugs that were sent to the US. Then we had to get a military swat team to kill about 10,000 Panamanians to get the 'bad guy'. CIA director, George Bush, knew exactly who he was and met with him on several occasions. Now, it isn't like the US needs to go to Panama to get drug dealers, one can walk within 5 blocks of the White house and find drug dealers of every stripe, nationality and economic class. That annoying little fact somehow did not rate the US government and the American people. They said it was 'good' that we removed him from power, and the 10,000 Panamanians?... well they are a statistic, like the Jews of Nazi Germany, unimportant to the 'enlightened' people of Nazi Germany and America. Yet our own Big banks have been involved in money laundering and they are not put in prison. This is true in the Salinas affair, where a major US Bank was laundering his money, no one went to jail. Drugs are not the issue, it was a propaganda tool used to inflame the evil and ignorant American people to support another morally bankrupt American Foreign Policy expedition.


This is mass murder on a grand scale (tens of millions of people) that most Americans agree with. Now, we have some people saying that a baby should have a 1 month 'trial' period that allows the baby to be murdered by the parents if they for any reason don't like it. This is pure evil, yet the American people will eventually allow this, as they allow babies to be murdered up to the point that they are coming out of the womb, using a craniotomy, (crush the child's brain) as a the method of death. The is OK with the Supreme Court and OK with most Americans. This is a nation of mass murderers. An evil and perverse nation whose hands are soaked in blood and says, 'We are good, we are Americans'.

The Taliban

US Aid has flowed to the Taliban as late as August 2001 Just One month before the WTC attacks. While Washington likes to tell the world how much they hate the Taliban and their religious extremism, they used US Aid money to assist ostensibly, in humanitarian support. This support was over 113 million dollars in 2000. The Pakistani Government, with the assistance of the US actually brought the Taliban to power. These are facts carefully obscured by the war propaganda of our times. Yes, the US helped bring the Taliban to power and assisted though out their tenure in power.

There is still much goodness in the hearts of many Americans. All Americans are not deceived by the US government and the US Media. The problem is, most are. The good news is that people are slowly beginning to wake up to the machinations of the beast also knows as the US government. Do not mistake this kind of talk as anti-American. Most of the people who know these things love America, as I do. They do not love evil and want nothing to do with it, no matter how beautifully it s packaged as patriotism. Ignorance and evil go hand in hand and America must awaken to something better that the lies and deceits she has been seduced by if she wishes to survive. According to the scriptures, unfortunately, it seems as though she will never come out of her deception and will thus be destroyed. Destroyed totally and completely. This is a solemn warning to all Repent of evil, strive to righteousness, forsake and speak out against evil, have NO PART IN IT. America MUST REPENT of these evils. These things have not been written to cause controversy, or dissension, but to point out the real nature of America, its people, and the Babylonian system and its extreme deceptiveness. Most importantly, it is written to wake up the mainstream Churches to get them to REPENT as well. This is not a time to be sitting on the fence, with one foot in the world and the other in an apostate Church thinking you will be saved, you won't.

Babylon will be destroyed. America will be destroyed. All who forsake the LORD and rebel against him will be destroyed. Don't let false prophets and lying theologians tell you that things are going to get better on earth before Christ comes. They will not. They will get considerably worse.


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[i] Rev 18:4

[ii] Interestingly, a popular symbol for the European Community is a painting of a modern tower of Babel with the motto ‘many tongues, one voice’

[iii] Rev 17:5

[iv] In fact these pagan holidays were condemned by many of the early Church fathers.

[v] See Jer. 10:2-5. These versus show that the nation of Israel also had their Christmas tree, as the myth of Nimrod turning into an evergreen tree is very ancient. This celebration made God very angry. That is not to say everyone who has a Christmas tree is an idolater, but rather, is repeating the sins of Israel. Let the reader beware.

[vi] It is a LIE that Jesus was born on Christmas. Those who persist in LIES are not Christians no matter how much they think they are. See Rev 21:27; Rev 21:8; Rev 22:15. Always keep this in mind; a deceived person does not know he is deceived, if a deceived person knows he is deceived then it is no longer deceit if he continues in following a lie, it is rebellion against the truth.

[vii] During the days of the Roman emperor Constantine.

[viii] Spiritual Whoredoms are those acts which show disloyalty and unfaithfulness to God. It can be described as whoredoms because the Church is the Bride of Christ. It is like a betrothed woman going out and selling herself on the street when she is to marry someone else. These activities are manifest in the Church when we as a a  people mix our faith with the world or with pagan and false religions. When we partake in those things that God hates, then we are committing the very same sins Israel committed when she rebelled against God.

[ix] Rev 17:3

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[xi] Lending is not specifically condemned in scripture, though at times it seems to be severely criticized. However, usury or collecting interest is specifically forbidden.

[xii] The Many waters could just as easily be referring to many different peoples. There is precedence for this interpretation.  In the book of Revelation as, Vs. 17:15  this symbol to explains this interpretation specifically. This would follow as there is one nation in the world today which proudly uses this title ' e pluribus Unum'  or  One composed of many.

[xiii] This is a personal belief not specifically taught in scripture.

[xiv] Rev 17:16-17. Notices that God puts this plan in their hearts, to 1) agree 2) give their power to the beast. In these times it is wise  to remember that  God is in control

[xv] Written my Karl Marx and Max Engles, it is the blue print for modern day Communism and Socialism.

[xvi] AKA Communism.

[xvii] One of the key tenets of Communism is GODLESSNESS, or rather the state is god.

[xviii] ‘Pure communists’ according to Karl Marx.