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Many of these files are large and require a while to download and unless otherwise noted, are in mp3 format. It is highly recommended that you save these files to your hard drive (right click – save target as) if you have a dial up connection, step away, brew some coffee, (or whatever else you choose to do). If you have a fat-pipe (Cable/DSL) it won't take long at all. These are all great presentations that will give you hard hitting information that the corporate controlled media in America has made every effort to keep from you. This is a time in history where your ignorance of current affairs will certainly bring about your demise.

FYI: Because I have used the maximum for my monthly bandwidth allowance for many of these audio presentations you will notice that towards the end of every month you are likely to see a password screen on some of these files. Do not worry. Come back at the beginning of the month and they will return. If you simply must hear your file now, then e-mail me and maybe we can work something out (without charge). - msw


Bush Enron ScandalA BBC TV Program (no download, must play from here - Real Video)

Bush Blocked Bin Laden ProbesA BBC TV program outlining US complicity in the 911 attacks. (No Download must play from here - Real Video)

Truth And Lies Of 911Mike Ruppert's Audio Presentation of 911 truth and media myths. This is an excellent presentation to listen to if you really want to see behind the smoke screen of lies being told to the American people.

911 Road To Tyranny (low bandwidth)Alex Jones' excellent documentary of America's road to tyranny. Ignore this at your own peril. Alex has done an excellent job at informing people with hard hitting documentaries stuffed with incontrovertible evidence on America's road to tyranny. For Those with A High Bandwidth Connection, try this much higher quality link Click Here.

Afghanistan, jihad and oil in Central Asia - A speech by the author of the book 'Taliban'. He speaks about many of the cultural political and historical factors that factor into the current conflict. (very large - 21 Megs)

Biowarfare: Leaps In TechnologyA presentation on aired on TUC radio that is eye opening as it shows the types of technology and Biowarfare weapons being developed the the US and its frightening ramifications on the world. (large - 10 Megs)

An intelligent look at the future of the Oil Based Economy – A Trustee of the Oil Depletion Analysis Center, Dr. Campbell whose long career in the oil industry has taken him all over the world describes in clear, concise and even-handed detail the real situation as it relates to the amount of oil left to be extracted in the world today and what it means to me and you. - Presented by R.I.S.E. (large 13 Megs)

Natural Resources and Global ConflictA talk by professor Michael Clair on wars in the world fueled by conflict over resources. He is author of 'Resource Wars'. He spends discusses the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Caspian Sea Oil and the present conflict. (large - 15 Megs)

Plan Colombia - A different look at Plan Colombia from the prominent professor, Peter Dale Scott. (large - 10 Megs)

Corporate Propaganda - Excerpts From Alex Carey's Book On the most intense and expensive campaign corporations have undertaken in managing public opinion. This is one of the most important audio presentations listed here and is presented by TUC Radio. The US population is the most brainwashed people in the industrialized world. This presentation tells how this has happened. Each part is about 10 megs.

In Two Parts Part 1 Part 2

Gore Vidal On TerrorismGore Vidal and a panel of experts discuss what can be done about terrorism after 911. From the Independet Policy Forum . and Part II

Noam Chomsky: Why Iraq?

Greg Plast Newsnight Newsreel On The Venezuela CoupIncludes An Interview With President Chavez and the Head Of OPEC.

The Bush's Oil WarA Democracy Now presentation on the war on terror and the machinations of the Bush Administration before the 911 attacks. An excellent presentation. Discusses Mullah Omar's visit to Washington in 2001, and the disgusting propaganda that obfuscates what really is going on with this war. This is a real Audio presentation that does not require download.

The Kissinger Cover-Up CommissionA presentation By 'Rockin The Boat' on the appointment of Mr. K to the 911 Commission.

Top Secret Iraq Weapons Report Says The U.S. Government & Corporations Helped To Illegally Arm Iraq, Part_1 / Part_2: "We Talk With The German Reporter Who Obtained Leaked Portions Of The Unedited Report That Names Hewlett Packard, Dupont And Bechtel & 20 Other U.S. Companies As Well As Los Alamos And Lawrence Livermore National Laboratories And The Department Of Energy" – Presented By Democracy Now!

False FlagA look at 911 from Guns and Butter/Taking Aim. In Short, A US Intelligence Operation for geostrategic reasons, lots of mainstream reporting, foreign governments is reviewed showing this to be the most reasonable explanation for 911. It's not important if you believe there is complicity, or a full false flag operation. You don't need to be a conspiracy theorist! However, it is very important to recognize that there is a mountain of contradictory elements within the official story. The official story simply can't be the truth. That much is certain, no two ways about. Watson's Web Does Not Subscribe to all of the conclusions drawn herein nor does it endorse all that is said in this interview. Nevertheless, this work is very important and relevant to the issues of the day. For Critical thinkers and discerning ears only.

Audio Interview with Stewart Best on strange artificial structures on the planet Mars. Mr Best is the producer of the Project Red Star Video Series. A Very interesting and informative presentation.

America The Babylon – A look at the Biblical evidence of America's future according to the only living God (one hour divided in two parts).

Part 1 Part 2 .

An Audio interview with Pam Schuffert. This is a shocker to those who do not know of her work. Don't believe you are destined for a concentration camp in America? Don't think you aren't going to be involuntarily sniffing Zyklong-B gas, or put alive in a crematorium? Listen to this. Posted at Cloak And Dagger move to 41:00 Minutes to start Pam's Interview.

An intelligent look at the future of the Oil Based Economy – A trustee of the Oil Depletion Analysis Center, Dr. Campbell whose long career in the oil industry has taken him all over the world describes in clear, concise and even-handed detail the real situation as it relates to the amount of oil left to be extracted in the world today and what it means to me and you. - Presented by R.I.S.E. (large 13 Megs)

The 911 Coverup Commission. The new 911 commissioner, after Kissinger stepped down, has some interesting ties to Bin Laden and big oil. A very interesting Presentation.

Black Box Voting: If you think those new voting machines are going to really count your vote, listen to this. Vote rigging is taking place on these machines where there is no paper trail, no independent verification and surprisingly no controls on the software and no tests run on them. These machines have not even been examined by ANYONE independent of the companies that makes them. And who owns these companies?... Listen and find out!!!!

The Evidence Is A Farce: A great presentation done in 2001, just after the 911 attacks on the so-called 'evidence liking' Al-Qaida to 911 and the part Oil plays in our Global War. This interview looks in-depth into the oil and Defense corporations that run the Bush Administration. The Guest is a former member of the US Special Operations forces. (large about 16megs).

The Habakkuk War – An Interview with Stewart Best and a Prophetic look at America's Adventure In Iraq. (Actual interview starts after about 5 minutes). Our adventure in Iraq is best called the Habakkuk Oil Wars.

The Bilderbergs An audio interview with Jim Tucker on this Mysterious organization that only now, after years of having its existence denied by the rich and powerful, is front page news in every nation in the world...except America. Who are they, what do they do and why you should care. This interview was on Alex Jones's Show.

The Strecker Memorandum - What is the AIDS Virus? Where did it come form? Are we being told the truth? Here is a presentation that you may find interesting. This is a Real Video presentation. No download, must play from here.

Globalization: The Great DivideA Wolrdlink TV Presentation with many prominent figures who discuss the future of globalization and how to reform the system and process.

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Eisenhower's Farewell Address – Ike's last speech to the nation. Ike warns the nation against the military Industrial Complex. A timeless speech and eerie in its 'prophetic' accuracy.

The Doctrine Of Incorporation: If you think it is OK for churches to be incorporated as state entities think again, this is an excellent biblical look at the doctrine of incorporation. Presented by Michael Bunker.

Ron Paul discuses the War On Drugs. One of the few US Representatives that stand for justice and individual rights, Ron Paul has shown himself to be a patriot of the highest order.  Presentation discusses medical marijuana, the appointment of the new drug 'czaress' Karen Tandy and the mechanisms of Bush's war of terror. This is a Presentation of Cultural Baggage, a site dedicated to Exposing the Drug War for what it is, a tool of political oppression.

Interview With Judge Moore On 10 Commandments Controversy - Truths That Transform (Web Site Click here)

The Carlyle Group A video documentary put out By Dutch TV explaining just how powerful this company is and why you as an American should care. This is a must see video. Note: The first minute of this is in Dutch and then moves into English with dutch subtitles. This is a presentation of Information Clearinghouse.

MesopotamiaAn interview with me on the Laurie Wallace Show that discuses Mesopotamia and its significance in the end-times.

Bilderberg – Very good presentation by the BBC and it is this kind of cutting edge coverage on this secretive group that includes the richest and most powerful people on the planet. It is this kind of coverage that has put it in such hot water with the Anglo-American establishment.  Hence the removal of its director and its slightly more tame journalistic curiosity.

Skull and BonesThe Connection get the 'low-down' on the Skull and Bones. This presentation is very interesting but a little bland. The Interviewer and interviewee are very careful not to get in too hot of water with the society. Worth a listen but just a little too cautious and one-dimensional.

A great video made for Dutch TV that exposes much on the order of the Skull And Bones. It is about and hour and a half and is a rather large file (2 files at 26 megs each). This is an excellent video that tells much that is untold. Includes an interview with Dr. Anthony Sutton.

Part 1

Part 2

Wheat Receipts A lecture given over 30 years ago by Dr. Stuart Crane that discusses and describes the Federal Reserve System in an accessible, important and at times, very funny way.

American Dynasty: The Bush family's rise to power: Presented By Democracy Now!

War Crime Video: A remarkable video of American troops murdering four unarmed Iraqi's. The Video also shows US troops killing a wounded Iraqi who clearly poses no threat. Friends... say or believe what you will, America is NOT the good guy anymore we have truly become the empire of evil.

Pentagon Crash investigation. - A very interesting video describing the particulars of the collapse of the Twin Towers, the Pentagon Crash and the subsequent investigations. This is very informative and goes into great detail. Strongly recommended!

Military Rule – The Coming Military Dictatorship in America. This is is very interesting presentation that goes over some very troubling speeches, events and news stories that clearly indicate that there are elements in the US government that believe that military rule is not only desirable but necessary. This is presentation of Guns and Butter. In two parts.

Part 1

Part 2

An excellent Audio Interview with A Former CIA Employee Trenton Parker. This interview talks about the oil crisis in the 1970's and what it was really all about. This interview contains a lot of history you will never hear anywhere else and also has Fletcher Prourty on as well. This interview was conducted by Tom Valentine on Radio Free America back in 1993. This is one awesome show, and it is highly recommended!!!

Hushmoney – Two very good shows on 501(c)3 church status, devoid of the typical paranoia that is usually heard on this topic. It really looks at the issue from a historical and legal standpoint. Excellent and recommenced for every serious Christians. This is an interview with Peter Kershaw from

Show 1

Show 2

Black Box Voting: How the new computers are designed to steal your vote and give it to someone else. Bev Harris talks about this issue in a conference and gets down to the nitty-gritty on the who what's and wherefores. This discussion brings the whole issue of the integrity of our voting system to a whole new level. Hear about the convicted felons who are in charge of our voting systems nationwide.


Is there a Planet X coming towards earth? This audio presentation looks at this issue and Mr. Stewart Best does an excellent job at showing how this may very well be a harbinger of the end-times. Mr . Best's Web site is at Truinsight.

Planet X Show

Interview with Tim Hamilton Executive Director of the Automotive United Trades Organization (an organization that represents gas station owners) on how the oil companies manipulate gas prices.

The Coming Terror - A Presentation of Guns and Butter that describes the Bush administration and its connection to the Coming Terror attack in America that may very well cancel elections and leave Bush in Power for the foreseeable future. You will also hear some remarks that show how the Christian Right has opened the door for contempt for Christ and his message by its deep and continuing association with this most corrupt of administrations.

Earth changes, HAARP, Non-Lethal Weapons - A interesting presentation by Unwelcome Guests on these issues by two presenters,  Mark Lynas for the first half and hour and, Nick Begich for about an hour and a half. Each discuss these issues in depth. If you want to find out how man is really screwing up the planet then give this a listen.

Part 1
Part 2

A History of the New World Order This is a two hour plus presentation and a brief introduction into the New World Order, from the time of the Templars to the present, it gives an alternative view of history and shows why those who belong to secret societies are always the ones who end up in power, be it in France, Germany, England or America. The audio quality is not so good as it was recorded over the radio in Jamaica. I suggest you turn up the mid-range in you equalizer to hear it best.

Part I

Part II

Other Great Audio Sites:

Radio For All – Very Left-Leaning, but has some truly excellent presentations

Global Public Media A great Site with lots of scholars and industry insiders that discuss the end of the age of oil, global population problems and environmental issues.

Time of useful consciousness – Interesting presentations from various perspectives

Christian Classics Ethereal Library – A Great Collection of Christian Classics in mp3 format.

The Connection A Great Program with some excellent presentations

First Amendment Radio - A Great Station With Some Great Radio Hosts - both internet streaming and satellite broadcasts.

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