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This site is for people who are tired of Globalist spin and government propaganda in their news reporting. It offers information and perspective from a very different point of view. Make no mistake, America is a great country. But it is much too dear for us to remain silent on the course she has taken. This site will challenge what you think you already know and it is designed to do just that.

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17 June 2003
Closely watching America's economic decline and its march towards tyranny...There is no war on terrorism, there is a war on freedom waged by the American administration against the poor, people of color and its own citizens...

Another Soldier Shot Dead In Iraq - AFP
US Natural Gas Supplies Cause Economic Worry - NYT
Jury: Lehman Brothers Assisted Fraud Scheme - AP

Released Concentration Camp Victims Talk Of Despair, Suicide - NYT
High Court Limits The Drugging Of Prisoners - MSNBC
911 Road To Tyranny
- Infowars/Indymedia

Truth And Lies Of 911 - Mike Ruppert(Large file but worth the wait)

International News

Call On To Have Queen Vacate 'Head Of Church' Title - Observer
US Plays Into The Hands Of Iranian Clerics - Asia Times
America's Image Abroad: An Interactive Map - BBC
Russia To Hold Missile Defense Excercise - Russia Journal
French Kills Two In Congo - Reuters
Economic Elite Rate African Corruption And Ignore Own Role - Onw World
Ethiopia Calls For Expedited Food Deliveries - All Africa

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Issues Behind The News  
National Issues

National Issues

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These are issues that face the American Nation. These range from violence in schools, gun control issues, the slow almost imperceptible erosion of constitutional rights and other political issues. This is written from a realistic, yet admittedly conservative perspective. Even if you are not conservative, you should not be afraid to review this material. It may surprise you.

War: A More Secure Future? -The Year In Review - How To Fix America - The Coming Economic Depression - Environmentalism - War, Terror, Bin Laden And The Establishment - Attack On America - Mainstream Media: Consolidation And Monopolization - Oklahoma City: Lots Of Questions - Bush: First 100 Days - California Energy Crisis - Abortion - Black Politics - Campaign Finance - Clinton - Guns - Military Readiness - 21st Century Money - Stock Market - Inflation In America - Force X - Institutional Deception - New President - Treason In America - Prison In America - Gas Prices - What's Wrong With America? - Propaganda
International Issues

International Issues

This area describes many of the conflicts in the world today. It does not attempt to provide solutions, rather it attempts to show why things are the way they are and imparts information and perspective usually not heard in the mainstream media.

2002 In Review - Sudan's Civil War - MidEast War Process - 2001 In Review - Afghanistan - Global Summits - Globalization - Diamond Wars - Chechenya - China And Free Trade - Russia And Reform - EU and US - Terrorism - Hitler: An American Creation? - Kosovo - Mideast Peace Process - Who is Putin? - Mideast Peace Process - Drug Wars
Prophetic Issues

Prophetic Issues

This area may not be for everyone. It is for Christians who believe and obey the commands of Christ. Many people are confused and intimidated by bible prophecy. It is not as difficult as it may seem, or as some theologians like to make it. You do not need a Ph.D. to understand it and its study will enrich your life and walk with Christ.

Prophets Corner - Mesopotamia In Prophecy - Martyrdom -- The Last Trump - Who Is the Antichrist? -Hope Of The Righteous - 666: The Beast System - Is America Babylon? - Redefining Hell -Hope Of The Righteous - Set A Trumpet To Thy Mouth - Christians Persecuted - Comment On Harry Potter - True To God - A Word For God's Prophets and Apostles - What Time Is It? - Discerning False Prophets - Why Study Prophecy? - Babylon - Ten Kings and False Prophet - America's Churches: Den's of Iniquity? - Jerusalem- The Return Of The Son's Of God - Why Must There Be Judgment? - Is Another Gospel Being Preached? - Modern Faith Doctrine - Who Is Jesus...Really? - Armageddon- Let Not Your Heart Be Troubled...
Eternal Amnesty

Eternal Amnesty

This an offer that God makes to us all. It is conditional, yet free. It is a very special offer and one that is most foolish to ignore.

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