War, Terrorism, Bin-Laden and The Establishment


    This nation is at war. This is something that was not seriously considered only a few short months ago. We are at war against a nebulous concept called terrorism. This war has our troops located in nations that have predominantly Muslim populations that do not particularly like America or Americans. This war will certainly cause many casualties, both American and Muslim. However, the most casualties will not be the soldiers that fight and defend themselves, but citizens and civilians. This has already come to pass in Afghanistan where a great many children, mothers, brides and bridegrooms have already been massacred by the carpet bombing conducted by the US. This bombing, while perhaps militarily a necessity, has caused a great deal of death and destruction to one of the poorest nations on earth. This war will cost the US what little goodwill it has remaining in the third and developing world. We are increasingly and perhaps correctly viewed as a violent, hypocritical and dictatorial nation that wages wars for reasons other than a prudent need to protect their national interests and then does so with such a flagrant disregard for life that any moral high ground it once possessed is dissipated by the thousands (millions, if you count the people of Iraq who have been starved to death by the US Government) of corpses made dead by American Foreign Policy. This war, as it is increasingly being portrayed in the media in various parts of the world outside of the US, is a war for influence. Influence in an area of the world that is rich in natural resources or provides an indispensable route to export those resources to the US. Afghanistan may not be rich in anything other than opium, but it is a passageway for oil and natural gas that is existent in the Caspian sea. For various political reasons, it looks as though Afghanistan will be a future route for an oil pipeline which will allow US oil companies to export oil, via pipelines, to the West. This has always been the primary problem with The US's choice to go to war, it appears that the reason the the American people are told and the reasons that actually propel America to war are usually quite disparate.

    Terrorism And the New War

    Terrorism is a concept that is highly subjective and given to many varying interpretations, depending on which side of a conflict one is on. The terror that caused the World Trade Centers to come crashing down is only one act out of many hundreds of violent acts that have engulfed the world in the past decade. Yet now suddenly, a war has been declared by the US on a former CIA/US government asset. His name is Osama Bin Laden. This is a very interesting and quite troubling affair. Daily, on the major news networks, footage from the war and so-called experts are paraded one after another, showing the American people how the war is being conducted, how well we are doing etc., lots of tactical war information and lots of video footage showing things blowing up from precision munitions. It is a daily event with one glaring omission. That is, hard and convincing evidence that Bin Laden actually committed these acts1. The details leaked to the media are sketchy at best and if they are to be believed seem to implicate individuals linked to (but not necessarily members of) Al Qaida. However, they do not prove Bin Laden's guilt.

    So why are we bombing Afghanistan? Well, the quick and easy answer is to stop terrorism. If that were really the goal, then a better place to start would be Hamas and Hizbollah. These are the terrorists that have shown a real propensity for violence in the middle east and who have a deep seated hatred for the US. Yet here is where the major contradiction comes in. We are not doing anything about them. In fact we have protected them from serious retaliation by Israel from the very beginning. Yet the American administrations next target are not these terrorists, it is reportedly Iraq, another oil rich nation. Mr. Bush, Mr. Cheney and Ms. Rice were all high powered oil executives before they gained the reigns of power in the US. Since their ascension to power, we are engaged in a war in oil rich nations or nations that may prove critical in the exporting of that oil (Afghanistan). So why the emphasis on oil nations? Why the strategic maneuvering? It is difficult to impute actual motivations to these bizarre happenings in this purported 'war on terrorism'. This is especially true if we remember that Bin Laden and his network have been used by the US to bring in weapons to the Bosnian Muslims just a few short years ago. This was all done by the US administration with the ever capable hands of the CIA. Our own government used and paid this very same Bin Laden to ship arms. Additionally, he assisted the CIA in its war in Afghanistan during the Soviet Invasion. Now suddenly, he is public enemy #1. It also seems strange that no matter how hard we try (and I am not certain we really are trying) to find Bin Laden, he seems to escape our grasp. I cannot say that we are deliberately letting him escape, but if (and I know this is a 'big if') he were still an asset of the CIA, it would track that we will never find him because somewhere in the bowels of the CIA is a secret Presidential directive ensuring that he must never be captured but must be allowed to escape, despite what the American people are told on the television. Now admittedly, this is pure conjecture. However, this seems to track with some of the reports that have come out of Afghanistan that large convoys of Taliban leaders and their entourage, including materials, were allowed to leave Afghanistan with the approval of the US Government. They were not attacked but were tracked and given safe passage. Indeed, reports of large payments to Taliban officials being made in Gold by the US Government have have made their way into the mainstream press. What is not conjecture is that Bin Laden has worked for the CIA in the past and indeed, it is not beyond the pale on imagination that he is still working for individuals connected with the US government, its intelligence agencies and/or its political and economic establishment. Remember, this President has blocked every attempt to investigate Bin Laden before the Terrorist attacks and has blocked every attempt at investigating the so called 'intelligence failure' of 911 after the attacks what is he hiding? The governments own story is complicated somewhat by reports from British and French media sources that Bin Laden met with a CIA employee shortly before the attacks . It appears that a pretext was needed to start a war in Afghanistan/Central Asia and it certainly has now been provided.

    It appears that an 'arch enemy' needed to be created in the minds of Americans in order to pacify their extremely simplistic and 'Hollywood' view of the world. To garner this support, a horrific act was needed to bring it all about. This is said not to exonerate the truly evil Bin Laden. The preponderance of (extremely circumstantial) evidence does point to his network, if not necessarily to him personally. However, this same evidence points to other state sponsored elements and not simply Iraq and other Islamic regimes. Some of these nations have long standing good relations with the US. But lets look at those who benefited (but are not necessarily behind) this act of terrorism, that are not on the US's hit list. Be advised, this is simply a cold hard look at the facts devoid of the manufactured patriotism that is prevalent today in America.

    The American Establishment:

    A: This terrorist attack has turned out to be a panacea for those who have wanted to destroy our Constitutional form of government. Today in the minds of flag waving Americans, the Constitution is a bad word. Today, the bill of rights has been abolished and the intellectually vacuous flag waving Americans cheer, with carefully manipulated and manufactured patriotism. With armed troops in malls, random roadblocks, machine gun toting soldiers in airports and American Citizens in concentration camps, America is not turning into a police state, it is a police state. American citizens have been detained in military prisons without having been charged, without having access to a lawyer for indeterminate periods of time. Thus removing every single constitutional protection guaranteed to every American citizen. Granted, the crematoriums and gas chambers have not been churned up yet, but rest assured, one day very soon... they will be, once a widely accepted cover story explaining their necessity has been developed such as a bio-hazard or chemical attack.

    B: One of the most important and underreported scandals in US history was under way at the time of the bombing. Some of the most important and and critical evidence in a massive price fixing scandal was destroyed when the WTC towers came crashing down. This lawsuit named the US Treasury Department, the Federal Reserve and many of Wall Street's biggest banks and investment houses in this scandal. This had the potential of locking up most our recent Secretaries of the Treasury and Federal Reserve Chairmen, not to mention some important Wall Street bankers. With the primary evidence now charred ruins a conviction is highly unlikely.

    C: US Hegemony benefits because now we have ground troops in a region where it was viewed as imperative, by key policy experts, to have troops be sent to and remain for the foreseeable future. Brezinski (former National Security Advisor, and co-founder of the Trilateral Commission) in his book, 'The Grand Chessboard', lays all of this out with incredibly lucid detail. He demonstrates the necessity for US intervention and a US presence in Central Asia four years before we sent troops in this area, which he calls the 'Eurasian Balkans'. The 'coincidence' of us now embarked on a war now in this region are simply too startling to ignore.

    D: The illegal stock trades that the Justice Department was looking into that shorted certain airline stocks just before 911 turned out to link back to...you guessed it, not Osama Bin Laden, but the CIA. Granted the sums of money were not staggering but they were substantial. This has to lead on the the obvious question, how did they know, if they were not involved in the terrorist attack? The fact that the US Government would stage a deliberate deception in order to start a war is unbelievable to most of the extremely naïve people in America.

    Intelligence Failure?

    Here is just such a plan. This is not 'conspiracy theory'. This is an official government document that has been shown to be genuine by the US Governments own admission. Click the following URL (http://www.prisonplanet.com/northwoods.pdf). So I would ask you the reader, to realize that the US would actually allow the World Trade Centers to be blown up as a pretext for war is not only possible, but that the preponderance of evidence is showing, beyond a reasonable doubt, that it was at least known that such an attack would occur and a decision was made somewhere along the way, to allow it to occur. Please keep in mind that this is not an incontrovertible fact, but it is not simply conjecture either. As information continues to leak slowly, little by little, a picture is starting to emerge that is showing this to be the most reasonable explanation for the so called 'intelligence failure' of 9-11.

    It must be remembered that no less than three separate nations warned the US intelligence community of impending attacks on the US soil, one warning was so specific that it gave the week of September 9th ! It must also be remembered that no one scrambled Jets to intercept the plane that crashed into the Pentagon. An entire squadron of fighters are on stand by for this very purpose, protecting the airspace over Washington DC, yet none were scrambled. Why? Scrambling jets when they fly over restricted air space is a common occurrence in the US, it happens quite frequently. So why did a jet crash into the Pentagon, while that nation watched in horror as a jet had just crashed into the World Trade Centers? The real question, I believe, is not why were procedures not followed, but who saw to it that procedures were not to be followed. Such rank incompetence is simply not believable. Someone, somewhere told those planes not to scramble. This is like someone calling the fire department for a fire and the firemen simply sat there in the firehouse and watched the fire on TV!

    Now lets look at another troubling anomaly, the passenger lists. I am not going to write a long synopsis here other that to say click on the following URL's http://www.whatreallyhappened.com/lindex2.html and tell me:

      1. Do you see any middle eastern sounding names on any of these lists?

      2. Do the numbers of passengers that have been repeated on the National establishments media's add up to the numbers of passengers on these lists? Count the passengers for yourself. What you have been told on TV and your newspapers is NOT TRUE!


    Bin Laden's 'admission' of guilt closed most people minds to any other view point. This 'confession' actually did not contain a confession, though his widely reported statements could be easily be construed to be one. But in fact, no such clear admission was made on this purported tape that conveniently, very few have been allowed to see. No one who is remotely familiar with Bin Laden would think him incapable or unwilling to blow up the twin towers. That is not the question. The real question is, despite the so-called admission, did he in fact do it and if he did, who helped him and why? If the US had prior knowledge of impending terrorist attacks, why did we not stop them? It must be remembered, that it is not uncommon for terrorist organizations to claim responsibility for acts that they have not committed and sometimes, go so far as to set up front organizations to take responsibility for acts committed by others. This is not at all unusual, in fact, often when terrorist organizations commit these acts and want to claim responsibility, they will leave 'signatures' that only trained investigators or intelligence officials are aware of to assuage any lingering doubts as to where the real responsibility lies.

    The problem is simple to understand, but the puzzles, deceptions and false evidence makes solving this puzzle very difficult to put together. Anyone who says for certain they know who committed the terrorist act on 911 is probably not looking at all of the evidence and is in some way biased against those whom they wish to accuse. I freely admit a certain degree of bias in questioning our federal government and establishment insofar as I know the history of what this government has done to its own people (Tuskeegee medical studies, releasing radiation in small communities, injecting mind altering drugs into unsuspecting soldiers, dropping bombs on civilians, etc.). To ignore the morally bankrupt machinations (some would say downright evil nature) of the US Government. To ignore this would be similar to a District attorney excluding a prime suspect who already has several felony convictions in his past, who was at the scene of the murder with blood on his hands. Yes, I want to know who ordered, organized, supported, and executed the attacks on the World Trade Centers. I want to know who did the deed. I do not want to chase the wrong people and let the real culprits get away. I especially do not want those inside the government who knew of these attacks and did nothing, whether by incompetence or deliberate neglect, to escape justice. Yet escaping justice is just what President Bush seems determined to do in letting these well connected bureaucrats off the hook.


    Conservatives need to stop for a moment and not let the flag they are waving turn into a blindfold. That is exactly what is happening, at some the more conservative publications and web sites. They are so 'patriotic' that they simply will not stop and think objectively. It is not necessary to agree with one another, but honesty dictates that it is necessary to look at all the viewpoints objectively. This is not happening. In fact some so-called 'patriot' and 'conservative' web sites will not allow message posts that question the validity and need for this war. They have become the very liberal media that they claim to hate, showing a hypocrisy that is vile to watch, with their Orwellian censorship these sites are almost certainly working for and are owned and operated by the enemy. Having served myself in the military during Desert Storm and Bosnia, I know what war is. It sucks. I hate it. Yes, there are times it is unavoidable and necessary. But many of these right-wing 'chicken hawks' are arm chair warriors who don't mind a little death and destruction as long as it isn't them doing the dying and fighting. They are on an 'arm chair and six-pack' mission to 'get Osama', maneuvering between the heavy militarized obstacles of the coffee table and the 'fridge to get to the virtual battlefield on TV. None of these living room warriors have actually seen any convincing evidence that Bin Laden committed the terrorist acts for themselves on 9-11, they only trust the good ol' boy, Texan oil man in the White House to tell his politically motivated version of the 'truth'.

    A Christians Responsibility

    Any Christian who cannot see where this is all heading had better stop whatever it is they are doing and get on their knees when they finish reading this sentence. These are very dangerous times as deception has now become a key tool of the American Government's political apparatus. Pray for our President, pray for him as you would pray for a Hitler or a Stalin2 (yes, if they were in power here, we are still commanded to pray for them). But pray that God's little flock will have the time and resources to do the work of the Gospel. This is not the time to go to sleep and simply believe that Jesus is going to save you. If you are not wide awake and watching you will be deceived (Rev 3:3, Matt 24:4) and lose your eternal reward. Watching and praying are the two main things you, as a Christian should be engaged in right now. Across America as I write this many ordinary American citizens, are being arrested by the Federal Government for the Crime (and yes, it has become a crime) of believing in the true Gospel and defending the Constitution. These people are the enemies of the the Devil and the Devil is moving them out of the way using his primary tool which he has pretty much full control of, that being the American Government. If you have not been singled out by the Devil it is because of one of two reason; 1) he has not gotten around to you yet, or 2) you are not in Christ's Kingdom and are therefore not a threat to his plans.

    Things may seem peaceful to you in 'Anytown, USA', but the beast is waiting for any Christian and their children with baited breath to destroy and kill. This is a spiritual war we are in and make absolutely no mistake, there will be casualties. Only those who endure to the end will be saved. I exhort you in the name of Jesus Christ, who shall judge the living and the dead to cease from sin, obey the commands of Jesus Christ, separate yourselves from all ungodly associations. This may mean leaving your place of employment. If it is engaged in criminal, immoral or un-Christian acts (i.e., if you work at a video store that sells porn, leave now. If your employer is asking you to 'cook the books' to hide something, speak out and do it now, do it even if it costs you your job. God can and will take care of you, you have his word on it, IF you follow him fully. He has taken care of me for 2 years after I left a very good Job at one of the World's top accounting firms. If he can take care of me, he can take care of you. You must decide where your meal ticket is coming from, who you will trust and who you will serve. There is so little time left, I fear many of you have already lost the window of opportunity for salvation, after having hardened your hearts to the Holy Spirit's pleadings for so long. I hope it is not true, but I know that God Spirit will not always strive with man. You can go too far. Do not think that Gods hand will always be extended to the unrepentant. Seek the LORD while he may be found, because there is coming a time, and it is now upon us, when God will slowly, step by step withdraw it. God's true ministers will fall silent and you will not hear them any longer. Their books will be quietly pulled from the bookshelves, their radio ministries will go silent and the only voices you will hear will be the voice of the Harlot/Luciferian version of 'churchianity' who will work with the Devil to destroy the very small number of real believers who will be labeled 'terrorists', 'Cultists' and 'enemies of the state'.

    Wake Up!

By Mark S. Watson

War On Freedom – A Great Book!!!!

As far as the facts on record are concerned, the best explanation of them, in the opinion of this author, is one that points directly to U.S. state responsibility for the events of September 11th 2001. A detailed review of the facts points not only to Kabul, but to Riyadh, Islamabad and most principally, Washington. Furthermore, in the opinion of this author, the documentation presented in this study strongly suggests, though not necessarily conclusively, that significant elements of U.S. government, military and intelligence agencies had exclusive advance warning of the September 11th attacks, and were in various ways complicit in those attacks. This is certainly not a desirable inference, but it is one that best explains the available data.



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