What Time Is It?

February 2007

The hour is later and later than most know. As this age comes to an end, the blindness of men becomes greater and greater. It is the worst kind of blindness. It is willful, stubborn and irrational. Yet it continues and grows with each passing day. Our world is in deep trouble not just from the plagues, wars, famines earthquakes and the other troubles that are besetting it, but from the God who made it and is preparing the most devastating Judgments on our world that it has ever seen. Man will be on the verge of extinction when it is all said and done and be assured of this dear brothers and sisters, there will be nothing that will stop or even mitigate the fury that God has reserved for our wicked and unrepentant world. This wrath is not meant for nor will be be experienced by God's elect, for they have not been destined for wrath, but to obtain salvation. Let us who know our God take rest in this fact, that while there are many tribulations ahead for the saints. Let us note that we, those who love Christ and demonstrate that by obeying his commandments, will be thankfully spared the outpouring of God's wrath on this perverse, wicked and rebellious generation.

There are many reasons to be concerned. America's war on terror is going badly though she seems determined to continue and expand it. America's fiscal situation continues to deteriorate with rising deficits and the debate weather to spend America's money on more war or caring for her citizens. These are the fundamental issues that face a nation that has become the single biggest obstacle to peace on the earth today. Its greed and violence is an abomination not just to the poor of the earth, who often are the first to feel the sting of Washington's modern arsenal, but to God, who blessed this nation above all others in History and who has watched America turn into a spiritual, economic and political brothel whose cruelty and perversity will win it a place similar to that of Sodom and Gomorrah.

The question of where the Church is, is answered by the Holy Apostles when they foretold that there would be a great falling away. The question of persecution as foretold by those Apostles is seen in the headlines of a plethora of Christian news services. Around the world Christians are harassed, burned out of their homes, tortured, imprisoned and even killed simply because they believe on Jesus Christ. Around the world the target of the world's governments is Christians. Yet these stories never make it into the newspapers in the mainstream. They are not considered newsworthy. In your major western newsrooms, attacking Christians is the latest sport and refusing to report their horrible persecution has almost become an article of faith or a foundational principle in their reporting filters.

Today sin and evil are reigning. The sins of Sodom are rampant and are very much the norm in the youth of the west. Whether it be fornication, sex parties, sex orgies, pornography or adultery, the worlds youth have embraced sexual license with reckless abandon often jumping into bed on the first night of a date. The entire western culture is completely sex-obsessed and lacks even the desire for restraint, let alone its practice. There is a constant barrage of sex related ads on TV for various forms of sex related products; from remedies for real and imaginary sexual dysfunction, to chemically produced aphrodisiacs. The world, not just America is slipping into a frenzy of sex obsession that is leading to other dangerous and evil sexual activities. From child molestation to rape, sex obsessed men and women who are no longer capable, psychologically of enjoying healthy sex with a spouse turn to all manner of perversions to get their satisfaction, with little or no rebuke from society as a whole. The Church is not exempt. There is just as much sex-sin in the Churches as there is outside the Church and adultery and pre-marital sex are two of the primary culprits.

Why then is this people of Jerusalem slidden back by a perpetual backsliding? they hold fast deceit, they refuse to return. I hearkened and heard, but they spake not aright: no man repented him of his wickedness, saying, What have I done? every one turned to his course, as the horse rusheth into the battle.

(Jer 8:5-6)

The Church like the ancient Israelites say, “What have I done?”, believing that their sins are OK with God. But as with the Church, so with the world. In the workplace young women come to work in scantily clad outfits exposing as much of their flesh as possible in order to climb to corporate ladder. In the government, young interns prance about half naked to stir up the hormones of sexually deprived (and depraved) middle-aged men in order to hook in a better job or a husband that can be fleeced for alimony once the ink is dry on the Wedding certificate. And then there are the men. Men who leave their wives for the first pretty thing in skimpy clothes or just jump into bed with them in the hopes that no one will find out is the new norm for the American male. In America, sex obsession and sexual-politics are ruining marriages, recking the lives of children and turning its culture into the twin sister of Sodom and the cloned brother of Gomorrah.

Were they ashamed when they had committed abomination? nay, they were not at all ashamed, neither could they blush: therefore shall they fall among them that fall: in the time of their visitation they shall be cast down, saith the LORD. I will surely consume them, saith the LORD: there shall be no grapes on the vine, nor figs on the fig tree, and the leaf shall fade; and the things that I have given them shall pass away from them.

(Jer 8:12-13)

Impudence and a stubborn love of evil, that is 21st Century America. It is no longer any good. Like an apple that has sat too long in a vat of urine, it can no longer be eaten and even remaining too close to it can leave one sick to ones stomach. Those who truly know God know that there is something rotten about what America has become. We have some the worst leaders ever to come forth out of the womb... on both sides of the political aisle. They are the result of the sin laden, evil loving, corrupt American people. Many of those who have ministries on the net seem to miss this point. They consistently point to our evil leaders, the Illuminati, the CFR, the Freemasons as being the primary problem in America. Conservatives point to the baby killing Democrats, Liberals point to the warmongering Republicans. Each groups stands on his own particular dung heap and preaches against the pile of manure that the other guy is standing on. Each group has their part in making America the putrefaction she has become. These are the people the vast majority of Americans vote for when they go to the polls and for each of these groups of people who have chosen sides in this 'battle of the demons' here is the word of the LORD, “This evil system will not be allowed to continue”. Judgment has already been pronounced and its sentence proclaimed. 'Come out of her', remove yourself from her corruptions, perversions, thefts, murders, tortures, lies and evil. A man can no more be attached to the spirit of America and be saved than he can participate in a satanic ritual and expect to see life eternal. What America has become is an abomination unto God1. It is not salvageable. The key for those who wish to see life eternal now is to extricate themselves from her evils and withdraw yourselves into holy associations. Remove yourself from all wicked associations and encumbrances be they personal or professional. You and I will be judged by who your friends are. Can two walk together except they be agreed2? Did you not know that friendship with the world is enmity with God3? Why is it that the modern Church and the world look exactly alike? Why do they separate themselves on the basis of race and economics. Why is it that a black man can walk into a predominantly white Church and be treated like a criminal with contempt and suspicion? Such a Church that consistently does these things is not of God, it is a synagogue of satan having at its core the devils hate, not God's love. Such religious entities are in every city and in most every neighborhood in America. It is the religion of Babylon, run by the prince of this world, whose followers shall be damned in the eternal fire prepared for the devil and his angels. You see, there is a narrow path that leads to life and the word narrow means just that n-a-r-r-o-w. It is path strewn with difficulties and persecution, difficult to stay on and requiring your full attention to do so. The broad-way4 'Christians' never understand that and refuse to do as they are bidden by the Lord they claim to worship. They shall be cast out just as the LORD says.

There is only a little flock that will enter in the the kingdom. God, who like a rather fussy wine grower will only accept the best grapes into his wine, will not accept rotten grapes into his prized vintage. The rest will be thrown out. He will not take corrupt grapes and use them. Only the best (spiritually speaking), the pure, the holy and the righteous will enter into his kingdom. They shall do so and receive God's gift as a small child or they shall in no wise enter in at all. Humility, obedience and holiness are what the Church in America need more than another crusade, TV pastor or fake 'revival'. This is not the time for the Church to be playing games. The final hour of intense persecution and the rise of the Antichrist is upon us. Christians are already being imprisoned enslaved and even killed for their faith like never before.

What time is it? It is very late and it is time for Christians to get serious about their citizenship being in heaven and not here on earth. It is time to stop supporting the evil and wickedness of the Political parties (Democrats and Republicans) in Washington. Wicked people follow wicked leaders. Extricate yourselves from the devils system and get on the narrow path... and stay on it!

This does not mean we should ignore what is happening in our nation nor does it mean that we should bury our heads in the proverbial sand. We as Christians must be a witness against evil and for righteousness and not, as is the habit of many in the religious right, vice versa. We must be for life and against death. We must be for truth and against lies.

When our leaders call for war against nations that have never attacked us, killing maiming and impoverishing millions, then we have a serious problem for those who support these kinds of actions have fallen for the devils propaganda, pure and simple. It is easy to do when one is filled with lies and half truths from the pretty lady on the national news broadcast. People tend to believe the 'news' that comes from defense contractors, oil conglomerates and drug manufacturers as though they are getting the whole unvarnished truth.

But wars and rumors of war are things that Christ warned us would happen in the days just preceding his return to save his people and judge the wicked for their deeds. Around the world, iniquity abounds and we must not let our love grow cold because this is one of the most important warnings that Christ gives to those Christians who live in the last days.

And because iniquity shall abound, the love of many shall wax cold. (Matt 24:12)

All manner of wickedness is rampant in society. Children are being abducted and held as slaves by demented adults. The whole world is so sex obsessed that normal sexual relationships between husband and wife are becoming a target of scorn by some and no longer considered 'normal'. Indeed most American women of marriageable age are single. Things are only going to get worse, man has forsaken the commandments of God and decided that the license of the devil is more fun. Sadly, that license comes with a price tag that can only be paid in ones soul. It is a price tag the vast majority of humanity seems more than willing to pay as they keep taking advances on eternity and borrowing against their souls. People do not realize just how high the cost is. Not knowing that God is deadly serious about the place he sends the wicked to, (no, he will not relent or repent of it) they go into the fire prepared for the devil and his angels. The world laughs at God and his prophets, but the message of the eternal Gospel remains unchanged. The major difference between today and the first Century when the Gospel was still being preached is that the Gospel has already been preached in every nation. There is not a place on earth with the possible exception of a remote jungle or island that the word of Christ's salvation has not been proclaimed. These are the end times for it is when the gospel message had reached the entire globe accompanied with the great falling away from the faith5 that Christ promised would hail his glorious return, to be preceded by the most horrible judgments to fall on man.

Might Makes Right.

In the swirling debate that is raging in America over he new found obsession with killing, war and war-profiteering, it seems germane that on some level the current predicament be dealt with briefly here, especially as it touches on the subject of religion. America's war is really against political Islam. It is not just against radical Islam as our leaders have said but against any system that is not 'secular' in its basis, there are exceptions of course, the most notable being Saudi Arabia, but the Saudi's are very much players in the system of Mammon6 that is engulfing the earth and will not be targeted at this point in time. The real threat to secular mammonists is Islam. Why is Islam winning the hearts of the earths downtrodden? Is it because it is superior to Christianity? No. However it does posses one very important aspect to it that Christianity does not have. Namely this; Christians are forbidden to kill, or even resist their persecutors. This prohibition is not present in Islam. In fact, the call to Jihad seems to be more and more one of the main foundation of many of today's Islamic movements. As more of the earth's population become victims to the neo-liberal vision of globalization, more and more people are heeding Islam's call. These people, many of whom are victims of this economic system, are open to any system of belief that allows them to or even facilitates resistance to the forces that are exploiting and impoverishing them. This is Islam's appeal to the victims of the Neo-liberal economic model. This model, however much one wishes to explain it away, is built primarily, though not exclusively on conquest (economic and military) and exploitation. This is not a model that will be embraced by those who are to be exploited. Here as well, Christianity is having difficulty in finding followers among the downtrodden. In the past this was the best place for new converts as this is where Christ preached his message and the Apostles followed suit accordingly. But now there is a new threat as many of the world's downtrodden do not want to hear about turning the other cheek, but rather want to hear about loading up a rocket propelled grenade. This is where Christianity in th 21st century is going to have a great challenge in gathering converts. It is the message of love and being longsuffering that is being rejected by many in the world today.

This is why Christianity is so very different that Islam or most any other religion for that matter. It places its hope fully in the coming kingdom and not in any that are here on earth now. The true Christian knows which spiritual entity is in control of the world's kingdoms.

Changes Ahead

There are big changes on the Horizon. America's wars and looming debt default are forcing many in power to speed up the plan to integrate the North American continent. But more pressing in the minds of those who hold power will be how to contain the looming chaos that will envelope the nation when her currency fails7 and her economic power wanes. Those plans call for 'emergency' or 'disaster' planning. This is part of what is being done now at America's Northern Command. The Pentagon has been devising scenario's for this for some time. While policy makers want to focus their PR campaigns convincing people that the reason for these plans is to focus on another Katrina like disaster and their plans to 'help' the people, the real danger is being explained with surprising consistency and publicity by the world's central bankers. This, in my estimation is the real threat one that they simply cannot avoid. The question being asked is how to deal with the inevitable chaos that will ensue when Americans have to find other things to do than consume the world's resources. I firmly believe that some form of Martial law is coming and is being actively planned for. The simple fact is that if you read between the lines, you can see some of our leaders are telling us all they can about how far those plans have come.


Other changes ahead is in the realm of Islam. A fascistic form of Islam is coming to much of the world. Islamic finance, Islamic courts, Islamic culture is showing itself all over the western world. In Europe and the UK in particular, Islam is making tremendous inroads into the culture of the west. Having rejected the gospel message and given themselves over to various forms of self indulgence, lust and vice, the people of Europe are now dealing with an Islamic invasion that would have made Saladin very happy. This is sadly and most tragically the reality of Europe. Even traditionally Catholic Ireland is having real trouble finding priests to full its pulpits and must go to Africa to find them. There is a massive cultural shift coming on in the world. This shift is clearly post-modern and anti-Christian8. The question now is which system will prevail in the days ahead. It can be called a new order that many are saying is coming. Even the Chinese Soothsayers are predicting it. The Bible does too, but clearly identifies its satanic underpinnings. Will it be secular humanism or will it be Islam that will rule in the final 42 months. Which system will the Antichrist use as the footstool to his perverse kingdom? We must work from what we know.

His kingdom will persecute the saints

His Kingdom will Blaspheme the God of Heaven (God of Christians and Jews).

His kingdom will bring in a new economic order.

His kingdom will have seven, then eight heads and ten kings

His kingdom will demand and receive worship from the world

His kingdom will bring in the open worship of Satan (the dragon)

His kingdom will be 100% global, no corner of the earth will escape his rule.

His kingdom will have a false prophet who will have the same authority as he does.

His kingdom will have the power to do miracles including making fire come down from heaven. (now technologically possible)

There are many other important facets to the final kingdom of the earth which lasts 42 months, but these are the main characteristics as described by the scriptures. These are the things that we as Christians should watch for as the days pass for these are the keys to understanding this system. It is coming and it is not far off. But before I go on there is one thing that is of the utmost importance. That issue is not so much of the false prophet of the Antichrist's kingdom but of false prophets in the Internet with supposed 'words' from the Lord that serve a political (usually Republican) agenda. They are out there, many are very popular and you can find their 'words' on many a newsgroup and sent out by what I call the Christian 'axis of disinformation'. It is a network of Christian sites and newsgroups that regurgitate the same old false prophecies and false prophets without really considering what it is they are doing. They know everyone else is sending out these same messages so they send them out as well. They are still unaware how deep the devil's network of disinformation goes. They still are far more concerned about saving the Great Whore and their own comfortable lifestyles that about building God''s kingdom and looking towards that new world that is not built with human hands. I will not name names, that is not my job and rest assured that God does have is real prophets out there. However just as in the olden days, God's true prophets are not popular (at all!) and are often ignored by the 'axis of disinformation'. You know the kinds of sites I am talking about, those that harp on issues that are close to the heart of the Mammonites in the GOP, those issues that distract from the kingdom of God and righteousness as well as those that spend all of their time on freakology; you know; UFO's, aliens, bigfoot... you get the picture. They tell you to pray for the President so that he can kill more Muslims, not so that he can repent of his evil and stop blaspheming God with his bloody actions, as he claims to be a Christian9. Bush-ites and Freakology... it is everywhere. Now, while some of these things can be interesting but they are by and large a major distraction from what is happening in our world today. There is famine, pestilence, mass murder, torture, kidnapping, slavery and the willfull impoverishment of millions taking place and these men and women focus on a picture (usually fake) of a UFO. These are the same guys who want to sell you a UFO video for $49.95, plus shipping and handling.

There is simply too much happening to be focusing in on these things. Another major problem I see is that people love to read and talk but no one takes any action. They are like lumps on a log sitting and sitting and doing nothing. I will give you a perfect example. On many of these news groups I belong to, I hear the constant drone of fear of the 'New World Order' and how it is taking away our privacy. These so-called believers however, will take no action to protect themselves. I have posted numerous times on my news page how Microsoft and the NSA work together to rob you of that privacy. This is no small issue and EVERY CHRSTIAN WHO USES MICROSOFT PRODUCTS IS AT SERIOUS RISK. I am not whistling Dixie here and despite what disinformants on the net (who are often paid by one or the other) say, this is no myth. But what do these so called remnant believer do? They spend their money on Microsoft who is in bed with the NSA?!! Very, very few folks warn of this major threat and so you must wonder who is really looking out for YOUR interests and who is really secretly working for the BEAST10. Five years ago there was no real alternative to Microsoft. That is no longer true, today there are two and both are good. One is free (Linux) and the other is not (Apple's OSX). I still do not understand how someone can rave about microchips and then have a computer with a back door that leads directly to the beast and then... be too cowardly to warn others about it. Frankly, such behavior is beyond me. It says, 'look to your right when the beast in encroaching on your left' or yells ''don't drink cyanide' while he pours you a cup of arsenic tea11.

I am being rather annoying about this because more is at stake that just your surfing habits. Your credit card info, even your identity is at risk because most people keep a great deal of information on their computers. Perhaps more than they realize. This is a more dangerous threat than microchips (as they are being used today) by far. If you do not believe me ask someone who has had their identity stolen, that is, if he still has a home to live in and a way to communicate with you.

When I say this is a serious threat I want you to consider most carefully what I am going to reveal to you now. There are criminal organizations at work in our most important financial institutions. In fact one of the most secretive and pervasive organizations has been infiltrated by these organizations. I am talking about FinCen. This agency was set up by the US to track financial crime and illegal financial activities. In many respects it is a good idea (as this is a key arena in our fight against terror) but one that has gone awry, but that is another subject. What is important here is that the US government is not the only government that has access to the information in it and FinCen does have enormous power, none of which I can go into here. However, there was a paper that floated around Washington not too long ago detailing a trend that is most troubling. Rather that tell you what is in it, I will give you a hypothetical case.

Joe goes online to buy a old CD at a website in Europe. He uses a credit-card pay system that that is secure. Joe gets his CD and is most happy. The site however, it turns out, is owned by a front company for a Western government. About 3 months later, Joe notices that his checking account is short about 50 bucks. He calls his bank. He shows them the error, but mind you there is no withdrawal located on his statement, the math simply does not add up. The customer service representative at his bank can't figure it out. There is no trace as to where this money went or exactly how this was done. The bank credits his account and Joe scratches his head and goes about his business. About 6 months later the same thing happens, it is not enough to raise alarm bells and the criminals get away with the money as most banks are not going to investigate a $50 discrepancy.

What Joe does not know is that when he entered is credit card data into the CD sellers website, the Intelligence agency that owned the payment system took his info to FinCen and got all his banking information (savings and checking; all of his credit data, all of his credit card numbers and now will slowly, almost imperceptibly draw 'milk' from the unsuspecting customer. This is a growing problem and some insiders in the beltway know it. They are keeping it from you. This is mainly because their are very serious international implications to this and unfortunately, I cannot go into details. What I will tell you that anyone and I do mean anyone can be victim of this and many have been and simply do not know it. This does not mean that only those who have put credit card info into certain pay systems are vulnerable. Hardly. Inside your major financial institutions these networks are there, gathering information on people unbeknown to the management (usually) or customers (invariably).

Be warned. This is an extremely serious threat to ordinary people and the financial system as a whole.

The Rise of Islam and Islamic Finance

Can it be that the last days beast will be Islamic? Can it be that what is described in the Scriptures as the final beast will be an Islamic system that takes over the ever expanding backbone of the global economy? Can it be that the west will lose its soul to Islam and that when all is said and done, it will be a Mullah or Imam or the Islamic 'mahdi' who will be the false prophet? Can it be that this is our future. About a year or so ago I had an interesting conversation with a friend of mine who has business dealings in the middle east. He told me of a very rich Arab leader who was building a brand new financial network including underwater fiber-optic cables that was totally independent of the existing financial networks and impervious to FinCen. He was planning for something and whatever it is, it does not include Washington or Europe, this guy is dripping with money and just to be on the safe side, I will not mention names. Once again this is real, the Arab/Islamic world is planning for something. They know, just like anyone who still is in possession of his or her faculties that the current financial system is doomed. The entire system is a debt bomb ready to explode.

Islamic finance is already very important not just in the Islmaic world but in nations like the UK where it is a leader in Secondary bonds. Indeed the world's largest Islamic Bank, the Saudi bank, Al Rajhi Bank is poised to make some major moves in Malaysia.Saudi Arabia’s Al Rajhi Bank, the world’s largest Islamic banking group, on Monday unveiled an aggressive plan to expand its operations in Malaysia to 50 branches by 2010. Al Rajhi has set up 12 branches since it opened for business in Malaysia with a soft launch in October, said its chairman, Abdullah Sulaiman al-Rajhi. The bank was formally inaugurated later Monday by Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi - Zaman

Indeed, the rise of Islamic compliant investments is real trend today in the world of global finance as the following article explains.

Fuelled by high oil prices, the Islamic finance sector is growing to record proportions, and capturing the interest of non-Muslim investorsThe UK government has courted Islamic finance with the stated aim of “building bridges with the Islamic world”. And London has become a major trading centre for Islamic funds: UK trade with Arab countries has grown 60% in the last six years. Now the UK is now looking to extend its capital gains tax principles to accommodate Islamic bonds, or sukuks, each worth millions of dollars. The market for sukuks has grown from nothing five years ago to a current estimated worth of $24 billion. - Ethical Corporation.

Look, banks are even offering training courses on this. Islamic finance is the wave of the future, in my estimation. It will be because US banks will probably wind up failing, one by one, and rather than scare the US public and risk a bank run, just before they fail, the Fed will look for a suitable 'marriage' partner and find them in the Middle East. Many Islamic banks would love to own a large stake in US institutions. This is the future that I see. Sooner or later Uncle Sam and his banks will be forced into bowing the knee to the god of Islam. US banks have done well so far and most people think that major banking failures in the west are simply not possible. Yet high rates of foreclosure, the rapid decline of the value of the collateral (houses) will cause and are causing major problems for banks. I think that the future could hold the rise of Islamic finance in America as her fiscal situation becomes more precarious the US is going to look for a way out of her mess and the only place to look will be to those who have money. China has cash, but the Islamic world has that as well and what the US really needs, Oil. This is why I think a marriage between the West and Islamic finance is likely in coming. Not tomorrow mind you, but eventually. Many of the richer gulf sheikdoms support America's war on their Islamic brethren because these states have refused to submit to the rulership of the G7/G8 financial oligarchy. For this they are named 'rogue' states and 'terrorist' nations. It is not that these rougue states do not use terrorism, some do. Iran in particular is well known for its ties to various terrorist organizations. But its terror, it can be forcefully argued, is not as bad as the terrorism used by the US led G7 in many parts of the third world, when they bring in coups, fund death squads, assassinate leaders, bludgeon the poor and disappear and torture peace activists. It is hard to take side when both sides behave as though they had the devil as their father and seek to outdo even his wickedness. One must wonder if it is really men that do these things or as Shakespeare put it

Are you a man? Ay, and a bold one, that dare look on that which might appall the devil. - Macbeth

Indeed the things going on today are so hideous that if there were things that could appall the devil, they are being committed by governments west and east, secular and Muslim. Everyone is bent on vengeance and bloodshed to cure their social ills.

Let’s make us medicine of our great revenge, To cure this deadly grief. - Shakespeare's Macbeth

This trend is by no means a given. Today the trend by those who hold petrodollars has not been, as in the past, to recycle them into the US, rather it has been to invest in the third and developing world and notably, China. Thus we can see that there is a large pool of Islamic money out there waiting and looking for something to buy and invest in. The equation is rather simple. Who needs cash (or will) and who has it. This is not rocket science and it is not as obscure as many economists like to make it. America is undergoing a cash crisis. It spends far more than it makes and cannot continue on its present course. Do you remember the row over selling ports to an Arab (UAE) shipping conglomerate early last year? The story can be found here. Arabs want a place to spend the dollars they make and the best place is in investments that make more money. When the US blocks that possibility, they look elsewhere, but the price for help goes up in the future don't believe me? Check here. One thing can be said with relative certainty. The US will eventually have to crawl on its belly to those who have capital. Today it is coming from Asia, but how long that will last is anyones guess. The only safe guess is this, not forever. This is why I think Islamic financial institutions will have an important place at the table in American finance of the future. They will extract a price but will not demand it until the trap door is just about to fall out from under the hangmans noose and uncle Sam's neck is located securely in the financial rope. Then, I believe they will extract their price. What will they want? Well, I can only conjecture but here are some guesses.

This may seem far fetched to most of my readers. I only ask you to keep the 8 trillion dollars of debt (fast approaching nine) America has accumulated and its utter dependence on lenders to keep her fiscally afloat. Most Americans seem to think that these debts are notional, not real and can be signed away. This is not true anymore than you can wish away your mortgage or credit card statement. These debts will be repaid or our currency will become worthless. This is the situation as it presents itself. America is running against the clock and sadly also is running against common sense.

While I am not a Muslim and have little use personally for Islam, its financial institutions do seem to be a cut above those in the west, ethically speaking. For example

In an Islamic mortgage transaction, instead of loaning the buyer money to purchase the item, a bank might buy the item itself from the seller, and re-sell it to the buyer at a profit, while allowing the buyer to pay the bank in instalments. However, the fact that it is profit cannot be made explicit and therefore there are no additional penalties for late payment. In order to protect itself against default, the bank asks for strict collateral. The goods or land is registered to the name of the buyer from the start of the transaction. This arrangement is called Murabaha. Another approach is Ijara wa Iqtina, which is similar to real-estate leasing. Islamic banks handle loans for vehicles in a similar way (selling the vehicle at a higher-than-market price to the debtor and then retaining ownership of the vehicle until the loan is paid). - Wikipedia

From ancient times the threat of unlimited interest and fees was seen as a danger to societies. It is a lesson that the west refuses to learn. If you don't believe me look at America's unplayable debts. The Old Testament had strict guidelines on debt and usury.

(Exo 22:25) If thou lend money to any of my people that is poor by thee, thou shalt not be to him as an usurer, neither shalt thou lay upon him usury.

(Lev 25:36) Take thou no usury of him, or increase: but fear thy God; that thy brother may live with thee.

(Lev 25:37) Thou shalt not give him thy money upon usury, nor lend him thy victuals for increase.

(Deu 23:19) Thou shalt not lend upon usury to thy brother; usury of money, usury of victuals, usury of any thing that is lent upon usury:

(Deu 23:20) Unto a stranger thou mayest lend upon usury; but unto thy brother thou shalt not lend upon usury: that the LORD thy God may bless thee in all that thou settest thine hand to in the land whither thou goest to possess it.

(Neh 5:7) Then I consulted with myself, and I rebuked the nobles, and the rulers, and said unto them, Ye exact usury, every one of his brother. And I set a great assembly against them.

(Neh 5:10) I likewise, and my brethren, and my servants, might exact of them money and corn: I pray you, let us leave off this usury.

Judaism, as intended by God and his prophets and laid on in the Torah (first five books of the Bible) also did not like usury but just like the Christians of today, no one listened to what God had to say about things. Consider the words above from Nehemiah. He wrote his words after Israel was chastised by God with exile. There is little good about debt interest and the threat to any economy, ancient and modern is very real. This is why God allowed for Jubilee (Leviticus, chapter 25) years that erased debt and the threat of compound interest. It also removed the threat of using debt as a method of permanent wealth transference. Sadly, no is about to listen to what God has to say about debt because so much of the global economy runs on it.

Islamic financial institutions, at least theoretically seem to be ethically superior to their western counterparts. Indeed it seems as well that as long as large sums of money flow into Islamic nations and their banks and financial institutions from the west, the need to accommodate Islamic practices will become more pronounced. One need only Google-up the words Islamic Finance and find out how many EU and US banks are offering classes and courses on handling Islamic investments.

Looking at the wider canvas, it seems to this author that the real threat to the western world is not or will not be the Islamic fanatic ready to place a bomb under a baby carriage, but the Islamic banker who will demand that those who do not follow allah be impoverished and beheaded. Those of you who have come to this site for the seven-plus years it has been here know that I said this in my book in 2000 hard copy here. (written in 1998-99), that Islam was a real threat and its prophetic significance was being underrated by Western Christians. The real possibility in my estimation is that that last days system that lasts only and exactly 42 months has very strong Islamic underpinnings. In fact 1)when one consider that the false prophet blasphemes the God of Christians and of Jews, its Islamic character makes more sense. 2) When one consider that the primary method of Execution for those who refuse the mark is beheading, its Islamic character makes more sense. 3) When one considers that it persecutes Christians (Rev 13:7) and Jews (read and understand Rev 12), its Islamic underpinnings make more sense. 4) When one reads the headlines of our newspapers and really understands bible prophecy, its Islamic underpinnings make more sense.

This is why I think our war on terror, the Bush Presidency and our attack on the very center of the Middle East is extremely significant prophetically. I know that most folks do not agree, and that is not my problem. Too many have already made up their minds as to what God's word teaches that they have become unteachable, they are, as I have said before, like the fool who is trying to teach God what his word means. Islamic governance and probably more importantly Islamic finance will play a very, very important role in the world to come, in my humble estimation.

Science Fiction... Sort of

OK ...Flash forward, it is April 11, 2011 here is a snippet of news that could appear on Watson's Web.

11 April 2011

Saudi Bank Set To Buy Citi Group – Future Press

The worlds largest bank, based in Saudi Arabia will offer 175 billion dollars for the beleaguered Citigroup, publicists disclosed yesterday. The deal, which is not expected to cause any regulatory problems, will place all of Citigroups assets under the management of the Saudi Group. The failure of the big Hedge Funds along with the bankruptcy of Ford and the continued sluggishness in the housing sector caused the venerable group to quietly ask the Fed for a bailout of over 30 billion dollars last year...

Assests of GM To Be Sold Off To Toyota Motors – Time Machine Press

GM whose bankruptcy in 2008 caused the failure of the worlds three largest hedge funds is having all of its assets sold off in part of an agreement to satisfy investors who lost billions in the carmakers financial downfall. Toyota as well as Nissan were believed to have been interested in purchasing GM but far deeper financial problems were discovered when federal regulators began examining their books, causing potential investors to balk. Toyota today is 20% Saudi owned brought about by a deal that allowed the Saudi's part ownership for access to energy supplies through 2020 at market rates that are capped at 150 euro's a barrel.

US Winter Deaths Mount – FNS

Deaths from this winter caused at least 10,000 deaths in the Midwest and Northeast, authorities say. Low heating supplies and high oil prices made it impossible for low income families to heat their homes this winter as the price of Crude oil hit 230 dollars a barrel on short supplies. Natural gas futures as well hit a record $50/ million Btu's. Hurricane Fran having knocked out 70% of the gas supply in the gulf of Mexico, has added to deep concern over the future of the industry in the Gulf. Insurance companies are balking at insuring new rigs and rebuilding has been impossible without it. Freestate Insurance Company filed for bankruptcy 2 months after the disaster. Russia, who heads the new GOPEC (Gas, Oil Petroleum Exporting Countries) offered to come to the aid of the US but was met with a swift refusal from President Obama, who has met with stern criticism of his handling of the economy and his recent foreign policy debacle and embarrassment in Venezuela where 58 CIA trained personnel were captured attempting to seize control of the nations government in order to bring in a more pro-US government. “This time we were ready for El Norte. Venezuelan oil is not for American exploitation and Obama should not play the fool for el Gringo”, Chavez bellowed to thousands of supporters just outside the Capital.

More Proposals On Reorganizing The Fed – FASTFORWARD NEWS

The inability of the US Federal Reserve and the US Treasury to meet financial obligations has caused Democratic members of the House and Senate to speed up plans to reorganize the FED and Treasury Department to make them operate more in tune with one another. “As the US dollar is no longer directly convertible on some international currency exchanges new ideas are needed”, said Senator John McBlame, in a press conference, “The Democrats are moving too slow”. Our economy needs oil and we can't but it when our currency can't be converted to Euro's directly for its purchase”. President Obama's Press secretary shot back that it was the Republican's and their disastrous war in Iraq that is one of the primary reasons the dollar has lost its prestige. The war from the beginning to its in in early 2010 was over $2 trillion dollars. “and that does not include the human toll and the long term care many of our soldiers need” Obama's press secretary opined. Over 30,000 were exposed to radiation when and unknown source exposed the majority of US soldiers to lethal amounts of radiation. Many believe that US weapons badly mishandled which were known to have been brought into the region were to blame, a charge Defense Secretary Powell denies. Obama supports the idea that the Fed should include members who are most exposed to America's debt, thus enlisting their help in repairing America's fiscal situation. The GOP is adamantly opposed.

King Abdullah To Join G8 – Couldbe Newspapers

While not formally joining the exclusive club, King Abdullah will join discussions on how to deal with the urgent Global fiscal situation when they meet in Rome in June. G7 members are hoping to attract large amounts of capital to cover losses and save some of America's and Europe's banks from dissolution. Abdullah has graciously accepted the invitation but will not commit to anything until the matter is discussed in more detail. “We need clarity on what it is exactly they feel we can do for them”, Abdullah stated.

38 Day Seige in California Continues Ainthappnedyet Press

Hispanic voters have held the Capital in Sacramento hostage for 38 days demanding special access access to financial, heath care and other services that are no long available since the state went Bankrupt last month. The Earthquake of 2010 coupled with a massive financial scandal that sent the state into receivership caused Hospitals and businesses to close and banks to close their doors. Los Angeles Mayor Tony Rodriguez had to call martial Law in the city after the quake and the city is still under Curfew 15 months later. Governor Schwarzenegger said in a statement. 'You cannot draw blood from a turnip, were broke and cannot provide services to anyone, we are looking at all options'. He appealed for calm while militiant Latino activists demanded that California be made a province of Mexico, which has seen a large economic boom after its President cleaned up the drug cartels. 'We would welcome California into Mexico, as this is where she rightfully belongs, history is on our side', said the Mexican Presidents spokesperson. Meanwhile, the shadowy leadership of the New American Caucus has threatened violence against those who make any such move. The NAC has been dubbed a hate group by the US administration and its ties to the KKK and neo-Nazi's and other neo-fascist groups is well established. As a demonstration of their abilities to foment chaos, a bomb went off just outside the Sacrament City Limits. Federal Investigators are looking into the matter.

Food for thought...

Yes it is time to consider the course our leaders are taking us and always remember that if you Love God, Christ will be your source, not man, mammon, governments or corporations. God will look out for his own and will not fail nor forsake those who really love him. Who really loves him? At the risk of sounding like a broken record...

He that hath my commandments, and keepeth them, he it is that loveth me: and he that loveth me shall be loved of my Father, and I will love him, and will manifest myself to him.

(Joh 14:21)

By, Mark S. Watson


1I say this not out of a lack of patriotism. I love what America used to stand for its freedom, its love of justice, however imperfect its implementation was. America was and still is a very great country and a good place to live, nevertheless it is on an irretrievable path to destruction. It can only hope for a great humiliation at best and utter destruction at worst. I say this not in any kind of joy but with a heavy heart knowing that a post American world will not be a pleasant one but one that America's leaders and people are ensuring will come to pass.

2Amos 3:3

3James 4::4

4That leads to destruction.

5This we have clearly seen in most major denominations.

6Mammon is money, wealth and riches.

7It may not fail outright but its value will wane so significantly that the difference will be academic.

8Today Christians from all walks of life in almost every corner of the Globe are being severely persecuted. This includes beatings, rapes, torture, imprisonment, enslavement and death. Yet most media organizations do not cover it. They behave not unlike Hitlers Propaganda organs when the Jews were being slaughtered, churning out vicious propaganda against Christ's followers and refusing to even cover those who are being killed for no other reason that their faith. What Hitler did to the Jews is being done today against Christians by the post-Christian West, if not by active participation then by proxy and silence. Some of the worst persecutors of Christ's sheep are America's best friends, supported economically and militarily by the same.

9Praying for our leaders is commanded in scripture but praying for the continuance of evil is neither commanded nor recommended. Think carefully how you pray for our leaders. I always ask that God surround them with men and women who will tell him the truth and what he needs to know and provide workable solutions that are in keeping with the principles that made us great (the love of freedom and real justice). Also I pray that God will provide real prophets to him when he goes seriously askew.

10Knowingly and unknowingly, for there are both in so called remnant 'ministries'.

11I realize that it is hard t o make the break from Microsoft. I know that it can be a hassle. I did it and still do have MS PC's in the house. But I have learned how to protect my privacy to a very large extent. You will all be wise to get another OS. Learn it and use it. My Linux box's are great and I really Like the free Ubuntu. The learning curve is not nearly as great as Microsoft has tried to make people believe. Most importantly there are no back doors in Linux to NSA. I have written on other ways to protect your privacy. If you don't do it, one day you will weep and wish you had.