Tim's Visions


Time is drawing down in these last days.

There will be rumors of war. Nations will fight against nations. There will be famines and pestilence. There will be earthquakes and storms. Children will turn against their parents. Households will be divided. False religion and prophecy will abound. You will be persecuted and even killed for my namesake. Man will lose the capacity to love one another. The Holy Word will no longer be heard and the Book shall be sealed.

You only have to read the paper or watch the news to see that all these things are occurring at such a magnitude, never seen before. You may wonder, 'How much worse can it get?' Keep watching, because it will, for the Holy Bible says so!

We are currently engaged in a war that cannot be won, for the enemy is not only of the flesh, but also 'not' of the flesh. The war is against a concept, an evil power that manipulates men to believe that the murder of innocent people is inspired of God and that martyrdom in a jihad guarantee's the martyr the greatest pleasure in paradise for their deeds. It entices them to seek death as much as we seek to live. This war cannot be won, for the orphan's left behind today, will become tomorrow's antagonists, perpetuating the war between good and evil.

In the world.s darkest hours, men will turn their backs on God, seeking more worldly solutions to the problem. Too many governments vie for their own self-interest, perhaps we should have one world government. Religious beliefs are the root cause, perhaps we should have only one world religion that promotes tolerances of each other. We will need one leader, a superstar, that will be able to bring us all together and solve the world problems. The news media reiterates and hammers home these concepts until its subscribers are accustomed to the new age that ascribes to a lukewarm, tolerant world of every imaginable form of behavior - 'Can't we all just be friends and live in peace?'

The pivotal point of all prophecy centers on Israel.

It's going to get much, much worse - but 'Fear not, for the LORD is with thee.'

'Young men will be given visions and old men shall be given dreams.'

I want to share some thoughts and more importantly, a couple of dreams that I recently had in the past eight months, dreams that had a significant impact on me.


I'm in a church, where the congregation was distinctly separated from the priests by a wooden railing. On the front wall, was a huge, heavenly mural of a renaissance age depiction of Christ Jesus and the Saints, it was magnificent!

As I watched, the mural shifted in phase and began to move. The people and priests ran from it. I stood there in awe, Christ Jesus walked through the wall and approached me. Immediately, I threw myself prostrate to the ground, not looking at Him. The other's cowered at the edges of the rear of the church.

He lifted me and told me that we were not ready, and that He would return in three days to inspect us. He also said to me, "Do not approach the front wall." and He left.

I told the others what He said, but some of them ignored me and went up to the wall, touching it as if in defilement.

Immediately, I ran back to my home. Looking at it, it was a mess, so messy, that I knew that I would not be ready. So I furiously went to work without sleeping, cleaning, scrubbing, getting ready for inspection, stopping for nothing. Of particular note, I had a large round oak table that was stained, dented, scraped, and looking very bad. I saved it for last since it would take a lot time. I sanded, sealed, did everything humanly possible. The table was looking better, but it was still stained and time was up. I knew it wasn't ready.

Fearing that I would be late, I ran back to the church and laid prostrate on the cold stone floor, waiting for Christ Jesus who would return any moment. The others were still up by the wall in disobedience. Christ Jesus returned, I heard a commotion, but did not see what happened. They were gone.

He walked up to me and I was crying. He lifted me and we walked together to inspect my home. Christ Jesus remarked that my home looked nice and I told him that I worked hard, but I ran out of time trying to fix my table.

He said, "I know, I know, my son." I told him that I was sorry, and if He would give me a little more time that I know I can make this table shine and pass inspection.

Christ said to me, "That's all right my son, I have a job for you in heaven that will be pleasing to the Father.â€Ã' He hugged me and I cried because I was accepted.

My second dream occurred within a week after September 11th. Knowing the state of the world at that time, fear was prevalent.
I was facing significant, life-threatening challenges, and that how I conducted myself determined how others around me reacted to the times. A broad-winged angel bearing a sword appeared before me amidst my trepidation. He was much taller and stronger than me and he said in a loud, reverberating voice, "Fear not, for the LORD is with thee and will protect thee."

At that instance, all fear departed me and my mind sped across the span of time where these words had been repeatedly stated - to Joseph imprisoned by the Pharaoh; to Moses before the Pharaoh; to David; to Elijah; to the Prophets; to the shepherds tending their sheep; to the Apostles; to Christ Jesus dying on the cross at Calvary; to Paul imprisoned by the Romans; to John exiled on the Isle of Patmos; to every man who faced certain death, to my own father who died saving others.

Since then, I have had no fear, for the LORD is with me and He is with you too.


I was working in my kitchen. I was cooking dinner. As I was working there was commotion occurring outside my window behind my home. A large steep hill appeared in the neighborhood and I called to my wife and son to come outside and see.

We approached the hill as did many others. The hill was a plush green grass and slippery with dew and atop, barely visible was a light. We all began to climb. Some easily, some with great difficulty, and some not all. As I climbed, I began to slide back down the hill. Repetitively, I climbed and slid back down. Struggling to keep my footing, a man looked down from the light and saw me.

With a loud and reverberating voice, he said, "Come up here!" and instantly in a flash I stood before the man in the light. The light was beautiful, warm, and sparkling. In the light I saw Him, it was Christ Jesus, and I was stunned because it was really, really Him. Tears of joy streamed from my eyes.

He looked at me smiling, and told me "Go and tell every one that I am returning very soon." And I said, "Yes Sir!"

As He faded away, I walked back down the hill which was shrinking back into the original ground. I perceived a feeling inside, a shine in my face, an ove rwhelming awe like Moses had when he first returned from Mount Sinai after being in the presence of the Great I Am.

I awakened with tears in my eyes, visibly moved and shaken. I told my wife what happened. We both cried, praising God.

Christ Jesus is returning very soon, to gather His church.


I found myself in heaven. There was a multitude of youthful people dressed in white. Christ Jesus escorted me to meet my wife who was also in heaven. He led me to where I could find her and He said, "Which one is your wife?" Looking into the multitude, I scanned the youthful faces until I espied her. "There she is" I said to Him and went to her. She and I were young again and had no pain in our bodies. We felt a great exhilaration and complete peace.


One man's dreams, so what? The interesting thing is that I didn't ask for the dreams, and more importantly, I am not alone in these dreams. Many, many have been having the same type of dreams -

"Fear not, for I am with thee" and "I will be returning soon."

The irony of our current world, many are blind to the signs - even some Christians. It's almost as if they believe the words that they read, but treat them as a myth in application. "Yeah, we know, Jesus is coming, but it will be in the future, someday."

Future is now and soon!

While we don't know the hour and day when Christ Jesus returns, we do know the signs as He told us (Matthew 24), and they are unfolding right before our eyes. And in a shout and the sound of the trumpet, in a blink of an eye, He will return. Christ Jesus expects us to be busy doing the work of Father, who is heaven and He wants us to be watching. Affix your eyes on Christ Jesus and never let go!

Don't get caught being idle. Don't get caught not obeying the Word of the Father. Don't get caught asleep at the helm. Don't be left behind.

Christ Jesus is returning very soon, to gather His church. Are you ready?

My prayer is that may God continue to bless you, guide you, and help you during these trying times. May Christ Jesus continue to minister to you and may your witness shine His Light brightly so that others may see and be shown the way Home. In Christ Jesus name, I pray, Amen.

In His Love,

Brother Tim