Eye Of the Storm

America is headed for a big fall. It will not be alone in the great storm that is coming upon the planet. These things will sound like fear mongering and unpatriotic talk to most people. It could be categorized by some as both but it is the truth, God has said it and it will happen. Our nation has been given over to men in high places who are hardened and committed occultists. They have nothing but contempt for the God of Abraham, Issac and Jacob. They are outwardly very religious people. They go to church and will speak well of Christians on camera and in public. But they are working for the prince of this world, who is also known as the devil. Baby Christians who do not know the word of God well and have only a rudimentary understanding of the scriptures do not understand nor are they willing to accept that these things are going to happen to America and if they do not grow up but quick they could very well be the casualties of the upcoming spiritual battles.

Jesus spoke about having 'wars and rumors of wars', if that does not describe the times in which we live I do not know what does. Afghanistan, Iraq, China moving troops into the region et. al. These are perilous times to say the least. But as true believers in Jesus Christ, we should not be moved or shaken by the things that we see in the world today. In fact for myself, a strange almost surreal peace has been part of my life since September 11. That may seem strange, but as the rest of the world waves flags and pretends to be patriotic, weeps for lost loved ones I have been very much at peace. I knew that something like this was coming. I knew it just as surely as I knew the sun will come up in the morning. Christians, so many of them are at a loss, deeply disturbed and troubled by this attack. Some uncontrollably weep in confusion. This is the weeping of Esau, whose tears did not change a thing. Jesus said (Don't get mad at me, go talk to Jesus), that many will come to him in that day (the day of his return and judgment) saving 'Lord, Lord...", but that he would cast them out of his sight into the outer darkness of Hell.

These Christians frankly, were caught unaware. God was speaking to his people and his prophets about these events and many more, much worse events that will come to pass in the very near future. It does not have to be that way for the professing Church. In truth, there is no more relevant word for the Church today than this: Your walk with Christ is an all or nothing affair. There will be no lukewarm Christians in heaven. Now, it is certain that you will find that most of the pastors in America will tell you that this not true, that God will save the Lukewarm believer. They are, frankly, not telling you the truth. Jesus told you the truth from the Bible. Lukewarm people are not going to be saved. But to those who give their lives over to Christ, he promises to shelter them from the storms to come. He will guide, and protect his flock so that all that are his will enter into life. It is the truth that God will comfort and shelter his people it is also true that God will chastise, harshly if necessary, and rebuke those that refuse to heed his warnings and pleadings. Such chastening is very, very painful and can seriously alter a persons life for good (loss of financial blessings, loss of children, loss of limbs, health and even mental disease). If a person heeds such chastening he can be saved. But to those who rebel, God does not save unrepentant rebels because rebellion is what caused Satan to fall and put the creation in the mess it is in today.

There is a sure shelter in Christ. There is sure hope in Christ. To those who fully trust him and obey him; that is, do his commandments, there will be Joy and life and peace, albeit with tribulation. (These things I have spoken unto you, that in me ye might have peace. In the world ye shall have tribulation: but be of good cheer; I have overcome the world - John 16:33). So while Christ promises His presence and joy and peace, it is through rather than by avoiding tribulation.

The terror attacks on the World trade Center are but the beginnings of sorrows for America-Babylon. It is only a preview to her destruction in total as a free and democratic society. The Anti-terrorist laws being passed now will never be rescinded, despite the assurances by our leaders that they are only temporary. America will start a decent at an ever quickening pace into a police state, with Christians being rounded-up as enemies of the state and for various 'hate-crimes' such as refusing to acknowledge homosexuality as a healthy lifestyle. That is how true believers will almost certainly be singled out by the Antichrist system that has been entrenched in Washington DC. This system will, in all certainly, make its infernal presence felt in every corner of the land. In America, armed troops, checkpoints, food rationing, draconian banking laws are on the horizon and will be here before you know it. God's people already know about these things because they heeded God's Prophets when they spoke. The apostates were either too busy or did not believe God's message. They refused to listen to the Holy Spirits gentle pleadings, or simply did not care to hear what God was saying. They will be caught unaware, and be deceived by the prince of this present world, who is the master deceiver.

He who would be saved in the times ahead will have to put his faith and trust completely, not partially or halfway, but totally and unreservedly in the living and risen Christ. I must make this important distinction here. This is not the Christ of the Televangelist world or of the vast, vast majority of America's Churches and their denominations. These will only and have only served to confuse and dilute the message of the living Christ. They are to be avoided at all costs if one is to see eternal life. Their words are such a close facsimile of Christ's true salvation message that most people will go there and never know that they have been deceived.

I know I will lose a lot of readers after I say this but I must say as God leads, America is an evil nation, it has gained its wealth by murder, death and deceit. Its people are perverse and wicked and it is a nation of mass murderers and is deeply involved in various forms of witchcraft. There are still a few good men and women in the US and a few true believers scattered throughout the nation in strategic places yet, they are very few in number. The US is not a Christian nation no matter how many pastors and priests say it is. It is a Satanic nation that has used the imagery and cloak of goodness and Christianity to appear to be righteous, it is just like the father of lies, the devil himself who transforms himself into an angel of light in order to deceive. We have murdered far far more than Hitler did with his concentration camps. You could add up all of those who perished in those camps and add it to those who perished under Stalin's reign and add to that the murders of Pol Pot and you would probably come up short when comparing it to the millions of young children we have killed in the US. Keep in mind I an Not adding the million or so we have killed in Iraq with our sanctions. How long can God wink at such abominations. How long can he let innocent blood spill into the ground? I do not know for certain but the bible gives us some excellent indications.

Not much longer.

Take heed to yourselves and be not deceived. Rest In Christ and obey him in all things.

In Christ Jesus