An Important Word

9 April 2006

This particular piece is not going to contain a lot of links as I usually do. It is designed to be food for thought, not research.

The last few weeks has seen some rather strange activity in the financial markets. One being the trouble in certain currencies. Particularly the New Zealand Dollar and the Icelandic Krona. Each has its own particular problem but each also can be summed up in this manner, the end of low interest borrowings are leading to a crisis in some circles. This is may very well be a bigger problem not just for these two economies but for others as well. But US banks are not allowing Icelandic banks to extend their credit lines. The predictions of a full blown crisis in Iceland is very real and the worlds bankers are using terms like 'depression', 'crisis' and 'insufficient global liquidity' to describe what is happening. Things are not there yet but there are undercurrents that need to be factored in as well, such as the fact that the US is not attracting the borrowing needed to fund its activities; such as the Chinese making statements talking abut diversifying their massive dollar denominated foreign reserve holdings; Such as the fact that the US household debt is set to approach 9 trillion dollars.

These are facts that no one with any savvy can dispute. The problems are very real and if Mr. And Mrs. America have not figured it out they will be woefully unprepared for the financial turmoil that is coming, and this could be life threatening to such people. In light of this I want to relay some things that may be of interest to my readers who are firmly in the camp of Christ, who will bow to no other but Christ Jesus.

About 10 years ago I had a very strange experience. I cannot call it a vision, I frankly do not know what it was but I was sitting at a friends house and we were watching a golfing match, now I don't like golf that much but my friend did. Something called him away from the TV and while I was sitting there I saw something rather strange. It was like a news broadcast. There was this guy who was talking and trying to calm people. He refereed to the 'wise men' who were trying to solve these problems and was trying to convince people that this is what was needed. Something was happening and I do not know what it was. But many years later, I remember going to see a guy named Ken Peters. He talks of something similar. A time of great upheaval and a time when the devil is given full dominion over the earth. What I saw was not exactly that same as what he saw but I think it was the same event.

Here is a cut and paste of a small part of Ken's vision, given to him in 1981.

TV & Radio return: Antichrist promoting world citizenship 12-14 hours/day:

I walked the streets in shock. Everywhere there was absolute fear and lawlessness. Looting and murdering everywhere.

After several weeks, television and radio communications began to slowly come back on line; however, all radio and television broadcasts were the same man promoting a "New Government and Leadership".

This new man, whom I believe was the Antichrist, was emerging to lead us.

This man, with olive skin and dark hair, spoke with great eloquence and charisma.
He was soothing and promised answers to all the problems.
This man was smooth and extremely convincing — he was a master communicator.

He explained how this removal of people was God’s judgment upon them.

He began to communicate through large, flat screen televisions strategically placed nearly everywhere. Everywhere I looked all radios and televisions on all channels and frequencies were his speeches. That is all you could get on all radio and television twelve to fourteen hours a day.

Hitler was not accepted when he first began, but this man was immediately accepted by almost all people.

He gave new direction for the whole world. He spoke of the "new times" upon us as human beings, new directives for global peace and

the need to give up current citizenship for "world citizenship".

This man constantly spoke of "World Order" and the benefits of all men dwelling together in peace.

This alarmed me to think of relinquishing my US citizenship,

I was not convinced of this man’s "New Order".

My freedoms and patriotism were instantly eroded.

People around the globe in staggering rates accepted his new plan.

I was amazed to see how quickly and without resistance people surrendered their rights. [ JOH 5:43 ...if another shall come in his own name, him ye will receive.]

Then about a year or so later, I had this extremely strange dream that I really did not want to post but did a few of years ago. Which showed that a crisis on earth is coming. It will be global and the spiritual significance will be extreme.

My Strange Dream

Patti Torvato's Dream

Why am I writing this to each of you? I am going to tell you why but I cannot tell you all of things I have been told by extremely well placed Government insiders. Some if it will surely scare many of you half to death. You know... it is one thing to read an article on Alex Jones' site or from another so-called 'conspiracy site' site, or from a pastor or prophet. But when you hear it from someone who really works on the inside who you have known, worked with and trusted for years, it kind of 'drives it home', so to speak.

Entire new financial networks are being set up buy some of the richest and most powerful people on earth. It is not connected with any (*ANY*) of the existing electronic financial networks. Millions of dollars of contracts have been awarded and these things are being built now as we speak. The folks who are running our planet are making plans for a new system and I believe that this new system is much closer that most of us imagine. Something big is going to happen before too long and those of us who know our God must be ready for them. Is the tribulation upon us? I think so, but I think more serious troubles must happen first before we enter that final phase. Perhaps a nuclear war, or financial collapse or global natural disaster. I do not know. But I do think that there will be many changes in the days, weeks and months ahead. If you are a Christian then keep your eyes on the Cross, stand with Christ through thick and thin. He is your only hope and deliverer.

When the time arrives when you are being threatened with your life for not submitting to the image of the beast and not taking the mark of the beast, do not panic or fear. Remember this. The devil is only giving you a promise of the future continuance of your temporal existence, a promise that he can break the second you take that mark, so your choice is ultimately a question of faith. Who do you trust and whom will you obey. Christ or the Devil?

Detention centers for Christians. Is it coming. Yes it is. In fact, it is also in Ken Peters Vision. I have watched the things that are going on in America's prisons and I do think that they are testing grounds to determine effective techniques for control of prisoners when Christians are rounded up... and yes I think many of us will be rounded up in the dead of night.

Things are happening around the world now that says war, war and yet more war. A big war is coming. From Iran, to Sudan, from South America to Iraq .The stories are of weapons transfers and military preparations plans of attack and scenes of gruesome atrocities. Strange power outages, resignations of high officials are all part of the scene here in 2006. How many of you remember the massive power outage in the northeast? Folks, this was almost certainly a DOD exercise. There are some very, very strange things happening and sadly folks about 50% of it I simply cannot share because lives may very well be at stake. Please understand this. I am not over dramatizing. Something is happening in DC. Now I believe (my considered opinion) that right now the DOD is at war with the US Congress. Do you remember the anthrax scare when congress was attacked with anthrax when they key members were at a meeting considering the Patriot act which gutted constitutional protections for Americans? I told people years ago that they would never find the culprit and they never did. Why did I say that? Because this was part of a broader campaign by forces inside our Government to undermine our republican form of government. Remember this as well, it has been clearly established that the Anthrax samples found in the capital were manufactured by the US. No Osama, No Russians, No Chinese, rather it was American. Whoever did it had intimate knowledge of Congressional schedules and logistics. You figure it out. When one considers terms like 'full spectrum dominance' and 'Asymmetrical Warfare' 'Information Warfare', these are terms that need to be fully understood and once one does the implications are enormous. In essence these guys will stop at nothing. Tapping phones, planting stories, threatening leaders, blackmail, murder, legal set-ups, There are no rules to the game anymore, and even national patriotism is only a tool in their arsenal, not a goal or a principle.

Something is being planned because this administration needs a crisis to keep themselves in power. And this may be one of the reasons that Congress has not moved against this President, they know what will happen. What that crisis is is anyone's guess, but it seems clear that there are folks who are determined to destroy our republic and replace with an open fascist dictatorship. Will they succeed? I do not know. But I suspect they will and I do not think these changes are years away. I am not saying this to instill panic. But something very, very strange is happening so please be ready and prepared for some kind of event to happen.

Finally, for the time available I want to impress on each of you that the underlying tenets of the coming system will by Antichrist and very Nazi like. Recently I have come across some information dealing with Nazi's that you will not hear anywhere that really scared me. Now I am not easily scared, but what I learned has literally kept me up nights. What I can tell you that the Nazi nexus is in our midst and sits in high places in the US government and many American companies. There are some very strange things going on in these very strange times.

Please no not panic. I am not, nor should you. Do not be afraid brothers and sisters and please be most careful of the alien-hunters and big-foot seekers who claim to be Christian who at the drop of a hat send out messages and e-mails warning of some impending doom that never happens. These well intentioned disinformants more often than not do more harm than good. My advise to each of you is this; keep your lamps burning, really keep your eyes on Christ and do what he tells you. Be ready for sudden and violent change to occur. Don't freak out, don't put on sackcloth and ashes, Don't instill panic in your friends and family nevertheless let us all be very circumspect in the coming months. The days are truly and utterly evil.

In Christ,

Mark Watson

In Christ Jesus,

Mark S. Watson