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The mystery of the ages is being revealed for those with the courage to seek it out!

The Prophets Corner

Words from other prophets. Dreams and visions from those who know the LORD.


Climate Change: Temporal And Spiritual

The Sufficiency Of Christ

Standing In The Gap

The Power Of The Blood

Spiritual Warfare: Part II

Two Horns

Prophetic Sense Versus Prophetic Nonsense

What Is Truth?

Prophetic Musings For August 2008

Seven Plus Eight = 666

Political Economic And Spiritual Review - Spring 2008

Political Economic And Spiritual Review - Winter 2008

Political Economic And Spiritual Review - Spring 2007

What Time Is It - February 2007

The Political Economic And Spiritual Review - Winter 07

The Political Economic And Spiritual Review - Summer 06

What Time Is It? July 2007

The Political Economic And Spiritual Review - June 06

The Political Economic And Spiritual Review - March 06

What Time Is It October 2005 Update


Stronghold Key Cities Of Demonic Activity

Events To Watch: August 2005

Racial Supremacy: A Doctrine Of Devils

What Time Is It? June 2005 Update

Events To Watch

A brief look at some ominous events going on today

They Will Not Bend The Knee

A look at 'Holy Defiance' and the Last Days

The Pope, Catholics and The Last Days

A look at what the death of the Pope means to us last days Christians.

Marriage: Practically And Prophetically

A look at the marriage union and where we as a society and as a Christian community have erred.

What Time Is It? - Feb '05 Update

A look at the world today though the lens of Bible Prophecy

6000 Years Old?

A look at how old the world really is and the coming earth changes and polar shift. This is a soon to come prophetic event.


A Look at the prophetic significance of the great Tsunami that altered the earth and killed thousands.

What Time Is It? - Looking Ahead To 2005

A look at the world at the close of 2004 in my aperiodic prophetic updates on prophetic events.

Two Camps

There are Two camps in the prophetic movement. Those who speak the truth and those who prophesy 'smooth things'

Gehazi Syndrome
A look at a spiritual tragedy and its relevance to today's Church.

Is Bush The Antichrist?
An very interesting look at the biblical evidence. This is not a typical game of name 'name the Antichrist'. Bush's prophetic significance is far greater than the religious right wants you to find out.

The Last Days Christian
Political Christianity makes its 'Mark' In America

Global Instability
A brief look around our troubled globe

Persecution Is Coming!
Yes it is, and you had better prepare your souls! This is a key prophesy of Christ, let us not ignore it!

Spiritual Warfare

A panoramic view of this most important and neglected subject

Occult Government

What is it and what does it look like? It's rise is a key prophetic event and is universally ignored in America's apostate Churches.

What Time Is It? 2003(updated link)
An update as to where we are in America today, prophetically speaking.

The Moving Stronghold
A powerful spiritual stronghold that  leaves its footprints where ever it sets up 'shop'.


The Bible speaks a great deal about Babylon. It is one of the most important subjects in the study of our times. Its rise is a key prophetic event.

Why Study Prophecy?

You might wonder why? There are practical reasons for this other that the fascination with the unknown future. God has some specific instructions for his people in these times.

Ten Kings

Ten rulers will have enormous power over the earth in the last days, but they will give their power over to a man and a system based on pure evil. These prophetic Ten Kings and Seven heads are the kingdom of Antichrist.

Mesopotamia In Prophecy
A look at Mesopotamia, the war in Iraq and the enormous spiritual significance of th region in the end times.

Who Is The Anticrhist?

This is a look at the Antichrist's kingdom and possibilities as to where it will arise from. The Antichrist is the apex of Satan's plan and is an important prophetic figure.

America's Churches

The Scriptures teach that the church would fall way from the faith and bring in heretical teachings that will deceive many. We are This is a key prophetic event happing in America now.


Jerusalem is the key to the end time events. God is not finished with Israel He has a plan in these times to save Israel from her sins. Israel is the axis by which the end time prophetic scenario turns.

Son's of God (Benay Elohim)

This admittedly may be a little far out for some, yet Jesus spoke of very unusual events in the last days and said they would be just like the days of Noah. This speaks of a race of beings (Angels) came to earth and made the LORD very angry, long ago.

Why Judgment?

Why is God concerned about judgment and why do God's servants speak about it so much?

Another Gospel?

Are the Churches today preaching another Gospel? What are the consequences for perverting God's eternal message?

Modern Faith Principles

Is the message of faith being perverted into a message of greed and materialism.

The Last Trump And The Second Coming

A look at the false Pre-tribulation Rapture Doctrine and this creeping deception that has overcome corporate Christianity. This is a strictly Biblical look. This is a far more important topic than meets the eye. So...what saith the scripture? This is a key prophetic topic. Don't miss it.


What is the final battle of Armageddon? Why is it fought?

Christian Persecution

A short paper on Christian persecution with some links

Set A Trumpet To Thy Mouth

David Wilkerson's 1985 prophecy for America

What Time Is It?

A word on current trends in Economics, the International Scene and Spiritual Issues

The Prophets Corner

Words from other prophets. Dreams and visions from those who know the LORD

Let Not Your Heart Be Troubled...

A prophetic word from Kimellen

Discerning False Prophets

A timely prophetic word on ways to tell a true prophet of GOD from a false one. (By Kimellen)

I Am Seeking Those Who Will Be True To Me

A prophetic word from Marsh Burns.

A Word for God's Prophets And Apostles

A prophetic word of encouragement for God's future leaders.  

A Commentary On The Harry Potter Mania

A word of exhortation on the Harry Potter phenomenon and its effects on the world's children.

Here is an Audio Link to an excellent presentation on Harry Potter by a minister who was saved out of a life of witchcraft

Click Here

Hope Of The Righteous

A brief message on the hope that motivates and sustains God's people.