A word for God's
Prophets and Apostles
By: marlenem@alltel.net

The Lord seems to be impressing on my heart so strongly that there is a
mighty powerful move of His Spirit taking place. That those who know
Him are being put through a sieve to really intensify more of Him and
less of us. The enemy sees this taking place and feels threatened that we
are on the move and are a might and power to reckon with.

God is raising up prophets like never before so His work will be
manifested, spoken and created by the prophetic words and prayers. He is
really laying it heavily on those whom He has called into the realm as
prophets and apostles.  There is such a cry of His heart going forth to His
children that it is a heart rending and tears the walls down, the veils are
rent, the hopes and dreams of the flesh are being smashed, but He is not

He is purging and purifying everything within each prophet and apostle.
He is calling for a holiness and purity in each one's walk as He has not
done in the past -- for now is the hour now is the time that each of us
are being called into the front lines.

There are many babies joining the ranks but we must learn to designate,
so we are not deterred from the calling of His heart.

He is taking us many times beyond the ranks that He may not only speak
privately to us but that He may tell us tactics that we may lead the army
of soldiers properly. We cannot just willy nilly do this we must do it
the proper way, their lives are in our hands. We must obey our Commander
and Chief to the very minutest detail. He is bringing us through the
swamps, through the muck and mire but, if we obey His voice and give
only the directions He tells us to they have a good chance of surviving --
especially if they listen and follow.

We are examples and are constantly being watched, studied and analyzed.
Many will not understand us, they simply cannot, it is not the call in
their lives but that is okay. We cannot look and fuss about that. We have
a work to do, we are marching on the enemy and taking back ground that for
to long has been His. We are not going to back down for we are being
taught by Him as to precisely who we are and given a holy backbone and
courage, not mortal courage but supernatural holy courage. We will stand
and fight as He is by our side directing our every move. We will not shirk
the hard work involved for we are no longer fearful little people, but
filled with His might and power we can and are holding our heads us.

He is giving us directions as to how to help each one to fit into their
places with their giftings, talents and fruits for His glory. We are His
holy army and like it or not we are on the front lines and will continue
to be.


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