Our  LORD'S  Teachings About 
 The Discerning Of False Prophets  - as Given To Kimellen

Saturday:  7 April, 2001
Prayerfully submitted by Kimellen for your discernment

Authors Note: At the time I am typing this, I have no idea of how this Message from our LORD will ultimately be Relayed to those of you who are reading this. However, I do know that all the prayers on my behalf have given me more energy for longer periods of time in these last 2 days than I've had for a few weeks, & today I have been Filled with an Increasing Urgency to type out a Message that HE has been Building in me for about 2 months. While I have relayed this Message individually to some of you, HE now Wants this in a documented format, & I know that HE has Renewed my energy & Increased my endurance for this very Purpose. Whatever HIS Will may be for me, I am certain this will be my final "public" posting, & it seems almost poetic to me that this Message about HIS messengers would be the last posting for one who has lived every second of conscious awareness being focused solely on serving HIM in that capacity for nearly 3 years. I mentioned not knowing how this Message will be relayed because Its Central Theme will be even more unpopular than the One about making a choice between our LORD & man's approval. The people who accepted that One, however, will not necessarily accept this One because it will "hit too close to home" for many of them. In fact, I can think of only 2 websites where I would even have a remote chance of getting this posted -- quite a significant declaration when one considers that the number of allegedly "prophetic" websites & lists is beyond estimation. Those who are familiar with me know that I am not prone to exaggerated or histrionic statements regarding our LORD'S Business (some of you may have even patiently indulged my repetitious phrases about the importance of my credibility's integrity in this Calling), & I assure you that I did not make the previous declaration either flamboyantly or indiscriminately. When I felt Led to say that, I considered it thoroughly & prayerfully to ensure that such a statement would be fully accurate without a trace of embellishment. The reason that this Message would not be welcomed by most of the allegedly "prophetic" websites is one of obvious simplicity: ******* This Message specifically targets* false prophets and their claims* to bear "a word" from our LORD!


This should not come as a surprise to anyone, for these are merely the false prophets about whom our LORD Specifically Warned us in the New Testament in the final days of the age. Not only have they arisen, but they have also proliferated to the degree at which they dominate most of the public media under the banner of "Prophecy". In fact, they are so predominant now that it is their false brand of "prophecy" that the public accepts as being the "real thing," while those of us who are truly Called to be messengers of our LORD are often criticized for being 'judgmental,' 'critical,' 'politically incorrect,' or 'unnecessarily controversial/confrontational'. I have seen many of our LORD'S Chosen Ones back off from the Message being Given through them because of the self-doubts that such labels tend to promote, as none of us wants to come off with a negative impact & bar the recipient from hearing the Message because of the messenger. Such a concern should always be at the forefront of our mindsets when Led to give a Message, & this conscientiousness is indeed commendable ... to a point. However, our LORD Shows me that many of us don't realize that*these false prophets - - who have no such compunctions about their words adversely affecting the Spiritual Welfare of others - - are*using this particular conscientious concern as a weapon of vulnerability against us.*This is the nothing more than the ages-old method of taking a Truth & putting just enough of a distorted spin on it to transform it into an utter deceit, & our LORD has Enabled me to take my personal 3-year experience of serving HIM in the capacity as "messenger" & break it down to some common-sense practicalities that I hope will bless & strengthen those of you who share this Calling with me. This is the Purpose of HIS Message and I will E-Mail this out individually to as many of you whom I can think of if no one is willing to post this on a list. My only request is that you*go to our LORD for HIS Confirmation, Refutation, or Correction of any part of this Message & - - if you feel confident that the Holy Spirit within you has Confirmed this as being a Genuine Message from our LORD - - then I implore you to please take It & send it out to YOUR internet connections & use the "snail mail" to reach your Christian associates who are not wired in to cyberspace.*Never before have I made such a plea with any Message that I have felt Led to submit from our LORD, but we are moving into such a critical time now - - and so many of you are closer than you think to your Destinies becoming Reality - - that it is absolutely*urgent*that HIS Message gets out to as many people as possible. If I do my part of this Job correctly, then*the practicalities with which HE is Guiding me to present should help all of you to*never hold back on any Message that HE Gives you ever again out of a FALSE ACCUSATION*of being "judgmental," "critical," or "offensive".*I know that this will be unavoidably longer than most posts, but please bear with me, for I cannot afford to skimp on any of this, OK?

a.. (1.) For anyone who is overly concerned with being "politically correct" & "nonoffensive," our LORD Directs you to review the Messages that HE Gave through the prophets in the Bible, including the prophetic role that HE, HIMSELF, Fulfilled when HE Came here to Give us the Gospel. Did you see prophets like Elijah or Jeremiah display any concern about whether or not their Commissioned Messages were going to be "offensive" or "politically incorrect"? Did our LORD Avoid offending the 'organized religion' leaders of HIS day? No, HE did not! In fact, HE had no problem Calling them "hypocrites" & "brood of vipers" for keeping His Children in the dark of Spiritual bondage. I have recently instructed the list owner to remove me from a mailing list because of repeated conflicts over the Messages that our LORD has Given me - - I will not edit or alter any Message that I feel strongly Led by HIM to post, for I have no urgent desire to see my name "out there" in cyberspace publications. When he told me that my statement (about our LORD Saying that HE could not Use religious people because of their allegiance to doctrines instead of to HIM) was unacceptable due to being "judgmental" & "critical," I told him that the list he promoted was no longer serving the purpose of Prophecy & to please unsubscribe me immediately. The next day, I saw that I had received 3 messages from this list in less than 24 hours, all an attempt to disconcert me into seeing it their way (one would have to wonder why it mattered so much to them what I thought; why not simply "unsubscribe me" & be done with it?), so I merely deleted them without reading them (the subject topics were clear indicators of the messages' contents), informed them very politely not to waste their time composing messages that will not be read, reiterated my position once again, & then respectfully requested that they leave me alone). b.. (2.) However, I did*not *pass up the opportunity to pass on a Teaching from our LORD to them, which I will cover in these three statements: a.. (a.)*I do not feel I am qualified to edit or alter any Message that our LORD Gives to me to relay to HIS Children.*How many of*you*feel that you have either the wisdom or prerogative to tell our LORD, "Hey, LORD, they think YOU are being too Long-Winded with this. This part of YOUR Message isn't very Important, so let's chop it out, OK? YOU might also want to tone it down a little - - they think YOU are being very Judgmental & we should 'neutralize' YOUR Statements to avoid getting anyone upset with the list publishers, right"? I told them that*they*can feel free to alter any Message that they feel our LORD Gives them (but anyone who is REALLY our LORD'S Message-bearer is NOT going to feel free or even want to take such a liberty), but*I*will not do so, myself. I am merely the Message bearer ... period! *We're Called to*bear the Message*--not to edit It, issue commentaries, sterilize It to ensure "political correctness," or alter It in any way, shape, or form.* Different Parts of the same Message may strike chords in various recipients, so who are WE to edit so much as one comma or period? This is*our LORD *we're talking about here, folks - - do we really think HE is going to Waste Time with a bunch of superfluous words that*we*are supposed to proofread for HIM & edit as necessary? b.. (b.) We need to make sure that we understand what*"judgmental" *&* "critical" *really mean in order to avoid them. Those terms apply to the habit of*taking a*behavior*that we*think*we are seeing in a person, slapping that behavioral label on the person, & pronouncing ourselves qualified to expertly sum up & dismiss the person based on that label.*That, my brothers & sisters, constitutes "passing judgment". How many times has each one of us said or done something that did NOT reflect who we really were or what we represent? If we are honest about it, then our answer would be: more times than we care to recall, right? And how many times have we felt upset or hurt because others have seen this one type of inadvertent behavior & decided that they what they have seen is who we are as people? Not only is that completely*unfair,*but it is also*inaccurate.*Our LORD Advises us against passing judgment because it perpetuates a delusional mindset that keeps us prone to perceptual errors in all areas of our lives. It is just as much a favor to*ourselves*to stop judging as it is to others; those of us who are truly undergoing Spiritual Advancement never cease to frequently learn that we never actually knew*ourselves*at all for most of our lives. If this is true, then how can we ever presume to think we can know - - much less*judge*- - another human being? However, having said that, we are Expected to call out against the behaviors that we see that are influencing or contributing to our LORD'S Children being*kept in bondage & away from the Blessing of knowing HIM*-- "Up Close & Personal" -- *which we, ourselves, have freely received. If I smell a skunk that has been hit by a car within 2 yards of me, I will wrinkle my nose in disgust & remark honestly that the odor is "rank" -- I am not going to stand there with a frozen facial expression of feigned politeness while my nostril hairs are being singed from the noxious fumes & pretend that I don't smell anything at all (or, even worse, declare that I am enjoying the aromatic fragrance of that wonderful perfume). If I go with my honest reaction, can I be accused of being unfairly "critical" or "judgmental" to the members of the genus*Mephitis*? I did not criticize the skunk as a living, breathing variety of New World mammal or insult the skunk personally in any fashion (in fact, I think the little critters are pretty darn cute looking -- just very malodorous)-- I would have reacted the same way if the offensive cloud of olfactory toxins had emanated from a domestic pet, rhinocerus, or web-footed platypus! The odor stinks - - that is a truth that has nothing to do with its source! But, in this era of "political correctness" paranoia, making a statement about the odor would render me "critical" & "judgmental" of the skunks & their GOD-Given right to emit a nasal searing stench; furthermore, my remarks would be censored for fear of offending all the members of the genus*Mephitis*who might somehow be literate enough to comprehend my ignorant & prejudicial remarks. Ridiculous? Yes, but no more so than the prevailing climate of "political correctness" that now exists (which, if it has produced any improvements in our societal condition, I must be too dense to see them). Being "judgmental" or "critical" entails demeaning people by assigning identities to them of behavioral labels that we think we see them exhibiting - - and that is the behavior our LORD Admonished us to avoid. Speaking out against a behavior that is contrary to our LORD'S Character & the best interest of all people is not being either "judgmental" or "critical"... it is caring enough about our LORD & the welfare of all HIS Children to refuse to stay silent when we see blatant acts of abuse, hypocrisy, deceit, & injustice. What would have happened if the Biblical prophets & our LORD, HIMSELF, had Taken this same stance? If we know that we are not attacking someone as a human being on a personal level, then we can confidently resist all attempts to falsely accuse us of such behavior & see them for the falsehoods they are. c.. (c.) Beware of another ploy of the false prophets who will slyly try to insinuate that it is YOUR attitude that has a problem if you refuse to compromise on the Message you've been Given - - that what a shame it would be for others not to be blessed because YOU would not play by their rules to get it posted. Here is what I feel our LORD Urges us to remember at all times on this matter: a.. (1.) let's ask ourselves this question:*why would anyone professing devotion to our LORD & the sharing of HIS Messages via "prophecy" vehicles ask us to*edit, alter, or*compromise*on Those Messages?*If I, myself, were to run such a site or list, I would*not*presume to dictate any mandates regarding a submitted word's length, content, or personal style; I would correct only "typos," spelling/grammatical errors, or alert the submitter if I personally felt Led to perceive that a Message could be in error. While list owners & website operators definitely have a responsibility as to what is posted in our LORD'S NAME & must do as they feel they are Spiritually Led, they do*not*have the right to dictate the style or limit the length of any Message's presentation. If the list owner feels that the Message is from our LORD, then he or she should be devoted enough to HIM to print that Message*as is*without trying to interject one's own personal style preferences into that Message. Once claims about "reputation" & "image" start cropping up, beware ... for you are now entering the waters of human egotistical arrogance. If our LORD could Use a jack-ass through which to Prophesy, then who are*we*to presume that*we*can snobbishly dictate how another person writes or delivers a Message? If our LORD Indicates that a Message is in error, then we should prayerfully let HIM Lead us in how to notify the submitter & handle each situation individually as it occurs. No "set rules" can be established, for each Message & messenger is unique. b.. (2.) if we are chided about about "not being submissive" & that "it would be a shame for others not to be blessed by this Message because of our refusal to reasonably compromise" (translation: our "prideful selfishness"), then we need to stop the automatic responses of guilt & self-doubt right in their tracks by asking ourselves these 2 questions: a.. (a.)*to whom are we being accused of "not being submissive" ... our LORD*or*man?*If our LORD does not Lead us to change HIS Message & we follow that Leading, then*we aren't failing to submit to HIS Will!*Always remember that the number of "666" in the Book Of Revelation is symbolically representative of*man trying to present himself as GOD.*This was meant to be a warning to us on several levels, one of which includes situations in which man would have us believe that our failure to obey him results in our disobedience or disloyalty to our LORD.*Do not fall for it!*The more you are Led to go forward with increasingly "controversial" or "unpopular" Messages, the more often you will run up against the* "666 set-up".*I feel strongly Led to pass this on to you as an Advisement from our LORD; let those who can hear do so, & pass It on to others who will also hear! We don't have to be duped by the "666 set-up" & its ploys of derailing GOD'S messengers with false guilt trips & crippling self-doubts;*the whole Purpose of your long waiting period, my brothers & sisters, was to*strengthen you against such ploys.*Learn about them, be aware of them, & they can never have any power over you.*Their "power" lies only in*our belief*that it exists as a stronger force than we are;*in the NAME of our LORD, refuse to grant your permission to play that game with them any longer, for you have Serious Work to do & no longer have time for empty illusions that cannot touch the Children of GOD ALMIGHTY! a.. (b.)*if we alter our LORD'S Message in a guise cloaked in false nobility-- that of benefiting others who would otherwise not receive the Message--*will they actually be blessed by It the way our LORD had Intended?*Perhaps we should trust HIM to Deliver the Message through other forums if these lists or websites won't post It, & even be willing to send It out, ourselves, if need be. Remember that* "Prophecy"*is only about*revealing our Real, Living LORD*to those who cannot yet hear or recognize the Voice of HIS Spirit for themselves;*it is NOT about an ego trip for the messenger, a site or list's alleged 'reputation,' trying to get our names "out there" & noticed/acclaimed, vying to compete with others as to who can post the most frequently, & the other myriad of inane human behaviors of self-glorification. If any of that even remotely comes into play, then the CHRIST-Centered Focus has been lost ... & whatever "message" is being proffered is*not*from our LORD. Also, isn't it rather arrogant of someone to imply that people won't be blessed by seeing this Message if*that*particular site or list won't post It? These are the "common sense" reasonings that our LORD would have us all learn how to see before automatically assuming that*we* are the ones who are "in the wrong" in such conflicts. ************************************************************** a.. (3.) False prophets - - of both the self-deluded & deliberately deceitful variety - -are actually almost ridiculously easy to spot when we are Guided by the Holy Spirit. Our LORD has Shown me some habitual patterns tending to recur in their 'messages,' which I would now like to share with you : a.. (a.) the most common style I have seen in their postings is characteristically vague in content & pompous in style with extravagantly verbose language designed to be impressive with its 'prophetic profundity' but actually says nothing that can be either proven or disproven. Our LORD Advises us to review*Deuteronomy 18: 21-22*for clear-cut guidelines as to how to determine whether or not a self-professed 'prophet' was Appointed by HIM. I challenge everyone to review the Messages that were Given through the Biblical prophets & compare Them with the majority of what you see posted today that is being called "prophecy". You will see a major difference! Our LORD has no egocentric need to "impress" anyone with HIS "prophetic profundity" - - when HE has a Message to Give to HIS Children, that Message will be clear-cut, very specific in content, & contain statements that can - - & will be - - proven in accordance with HIS Plan's Ideal Timetable. b.. (b.) those of us with a Genuine Calling are "burdened" to bear the Messages. By "burdened," I am referring to a Compelling Weight on our souls that Leads us to relay these Messages almost in spite of ourselves. I have since learned that my own experience is that of the "classic prophet" in that the Calling does not rule my life ...*It*is*my life!*It constitutes my every waking second of conscious awareness-- defining who I am, not just what I do. I take no credit for that level of intense devotion; our LORD has Done all this in less than 3 years in one who was once suicidally depressed, pessimistic, & a former drug addict from a dysfunctional background. Those of you who are acquainted with me & my "M.O." know that I am not "out there" proclaiming myself to be a "prophet" (most of us tend to downplay that role by calling ourselves HIS "messengers," "representatives," or "ministers," instead) & that each accolade ever sent my way has been immediately directed by me to HIM. At all times my focus is on HIM & on letting HIM Work Through me to Touch those who are Led to me, never on "self". This is not a testament to what a terrific person I am- - this is a testament to*HIS*Love, Grace, & Power "In Action," for HE has Done all this with my former self's weak, negative personality & Transformed me into who I am in HIM today ... in less than 3 years! My point is this: I'm not "out there" looking for ego trips or accolades because the person I used to be is always before me; no one is more acutely aware than I am of the fact that, without HIM, I can do nothing & I am nothing. And I am certain that those of you who are serving a "Living Calling" feel the same way to one degree or another. This is why anyone who is an avid publicity seeker with bold proclamations of being a "prophet" can be identified as a false prophet - -* anyone who is*truly Called *to be a messenger of our LORD has*no room for the carnal nature's ego trips. c.. (c.) another clue that a "prophet's" legitimacy is questionable, at best, can be derived from the frequency & memorable quality of the "words" they are posting. This one may draw fire of condemnation, but I feel compelled to say it, as it has been Shown to me repeatedly:*if certain names keep showing up repeatedly on a list (whom I call the "frequent posters"), they should be regarded with some degree of skepticism unless our LORD Shows us differently.*The reason I say this is that*our LORD Gives us a Message only when HE has Something to Say to HIS Children*- - HE is not a "Motor Mouth" when it comes to Messages that HE Wants to deliver through us. This is not to be confused with the private Revelations or Insights that HE Gives to us on virtually nonstop basis - - we are supposed to be in constant Communion with HIM at all times. However, we are not Led to*post*those Insights, are we? As I once reviewed a particular list in response to this Insight, I saw that the same person (a "frequent poster") had posted twice in one day! Those are not "Messages" from our LORD - - those are the desperate attempts of people who want to believe they are "prophets". If we have to "force" postings or find ourselves trying to increase our number of postings because "Joe Blow's" name has appeared more times than ours, then this is no longer "prophecy"-- this is the competitive mindset of "prophet wannabes" & our LORD is not Working through such mindsets. When people have asked me why I don't "post more regularly" or have my own mailing list or website, I reply, "Unless our LORD Specifically Directs me to post a Message, I have nothing to say. I only post the Messages that HE Wants to Relay through me, whether that occurs twice in one week or not for another 6 months." I've even been told that, if I want to keep up the "momentum of my reputation," that I must "keep myself out there" so I'm not forgotten in the myriad of everyone & his brother proclaiming themselves to be "prophets". I find these statements to be utterly mystifying, for this is not about me or making myself known in the world of prophecy! This is about our LORD & the Messages that HE Wants to Relay through us to Reveal HIMSELF to those Children who are still lost to HIM in the darkness, & I cannot reiterate that either strongly or frequently enough. "Prophecy"-- like "religion"-- has become a mass production business enterprise, & a very lucrative for the profiteers. The people who gave me this advice still perceive mostly through the natural/carnal level, which inevitably leads them to buy into the modern attitudes regarding "prophecy". Therefore, any "prophet" who is operating from a self-promotional standpoint is a false prophet, for self-promotion is actively pursued only at the carnal level. Also,*if the posted "word" is*immediately forgotten*as soon as we're done reading it, then*that "word" did*not*come from our LORD.* Any Message that HE Relays to HIS Beloved Children will Strike our inner Spiritual Identity & have the effect of "hitting us between the eyes with a bullseye"; no Message that HE Relays can be easily forgotten, for It will stimulate a Deep Internal Response from the depths of the innermost core being.*HIS Messages will always*Say Something Specific & Profoundly Meaningful -- a "word" that is vague, couched in pompous-sounding language in an obvious attempt to "impress" without saying anything, & is quickly forgotten by the reader has not been a "word" from our LORD.*If it is represented in that manner, then that person is a false prophet. This person may not have the*deliberate* intention to deceive, but he or she*is*aware at some level that the "word" being posted in our LORD'S NAME is really an act of*"de son tort" *(a fancy legal term for*someone who is not appointed,*usually as an estate's executor, &*takes it upon himself to act in that capacity). d.) the last Insight from our LORD that I will impart about the nature of false prophets is that of*claiming*false ownership*for what does not belong to them.*The Gift of Prophecy is precisely just that ... a Gift, a Privilege ... that our LORD Bestows upon us for the Purpose of HIS Specific Planned Accomplishments to be done through us. Note the key words here:*done * through*us,*meaning that*we*aren't the ones who are doing it ...*HE*is! False ownership claims generally start out by the accepting of compliments for "self" instead of directing the compliment giver's focus immediately to our LORD, WHO is the ONE Responsible for whatever was Done through "self" to evoke those appreciative comments. When that occurs frequently, one's thoughts automatically follow that pattern to the next level: that of taking the credit for the Spiritual Gift's Benefits that someone has received through our LORD'S Power. From that point, the downhill velocity accelerates dramatically as that person then begins to actively seek the "high" of receiving the credit & accolades that belong to the Giver of the Spiritual Gift, not the recipient vehicle of that Gift. All Spiritual Growth has ground to an abrupt halt, & this person is not unaware of the process; the recognition of no longer receiving Revelations from our LORD is one that is always immediate & ever- present in the person's consciousness. This is when the panic begins, for this person feels that he will no longer be "special" without this Spiritual Gift & does not want to lose the ego-gratifying benefits of the ministry, website, E-Mail List, etc.; this is when the deliberately false "words" are given. By "deliberate," I do not mean that it is out of purposeful malice or manipulative deceit, but rather it is "deliberate" because this person is always aware at some level of the deceit that is being perpetrated. Anyone who claims to have been totally clueless that this Gift was gone is not telling the truth, as* it is*just not possible*to be fully self-deluded & not know about it at all.*A delusion is a mind-set that requires*constant time & energy to insulate it from exposure to the Light Of Truth*that would reveal it for what it is, & such insulation requires*the active participation of the one who has chosen the delusion.* Even those who are in the intensive care units of mental health facilities have some degree of awareness of their delusional perceptions at an accessible level in the conscious mind. *These false prophets are also*very threatened*by anyone else who posts a "word"*-- I have seen "frequent posters" try to post "words" to contradict a Message that our LORD has Sent through me because they are threatened by that Message's Different Quality (which is not mine; it belongs solely to our LORD, so their "messages" can never compete with HIS) & view me as a potential invader of their territory. The alleged "professional prophets" will be fairly friendly if they think we are their admirers - - however, I suggest that you just share a Message with them that our LORD has Given through you, & I can virtually guarantee that the speed at which this congeniality abruptly reverses could be timed with a stop watch in nanoseconds! Some of them may also try to discourage you completely by informing you that the Message from our LORD you shared with them was "inaccurate," "in error," "way out in left field," or some other cutting, belittling remark designed to completely enervate any "potential competition".*Please do NOT always assume that -- just because these people have alleged reputations as "professional prophets" -- this means that they are automatically right & that you should be ashamed of your "presumptuous belief " in possibly having a Calling as "illustrious" as theirs.*A genuine messenger of GOD will never issue any remarks that are hurtful or discouraging; instead, that messenger will gently lead you to seek our LORD"S Guidance about the*possibility*of any errors (beware of those who feel qualified to proclaim that another person is in error -- that is not the job of anyone except our LORD, HIMSELF) & encourage you on the strong qualities that you are showing. False prophets aim to eliminate the competition -- if they fire down hard upon you, our LORD Advises you to consider the possibility that HE Spoke so Powerfully through you that they automatically recognized you as a viable threat of either exposing them or eliminating them from a field of easy lucre & fame. False prophets are all about "profits" -- so much so that the latter of the two homonyms would be a more apt designation for them -- & they can resort to a ruthlessness unrivaled in the secular business world for the purpose of eradicating any "competition" that could "move in on their territory". Do not be deceived by the distraction of a well-known reputation, title, position, or even by earlier "words" that might have seemed to be legitimately Inspired at that time - - if these mannerisms are present, then they are false prophets, & whatever cloak of "legitimacy" that is presented as their "validation" is nothing more than an illusion that is used as a veiling smoke screen.*No human being has the right, power, or authority to tell you that you have not been Called by our LORD; only our LORD Carries that Authority, & HE will always Verify any human messenger whom HE Sends forth in HIS NAME. *I urge you now to watch all these well-known, "celebrity-type" prophets & ministers, for soon you will see most of them no more. Those who are Destined to go forth in the Unprecedented Baptismal Fire of the Holy Spirit will all be unknown men & women who have gone through long, difficulty-filled periods of preparation & waiting. They will emerge from relative obscurity & go forth into the world in Power, Illuminated by the Full Blazing Glory of our LORD'S Blessed Presence within each one of them. If you are reading this Message, then YOU will be one of that Glorious Chosen Number.

I apologize for the length of this Message, but I pray that you will agree that every word was necessary as you read this. I've felt highly Blessed by these practical observations that our LORD has Given me, & I wanted to impart that same Benefit to each one of you. So please bear patiently with me, read through this, & seek our LORD'S Confirmation on this one final Message that I feel strongly Led to submit for HIS NAME'S Sake. If you agree that this is HIS Message, then I pray you will find yourselves arrayed with the "armor" needed for invulnerability to any deceitful ploys & attacks of the false prophets. If you feel you've been Blessed & Strengthened by our LORD to go forward with even more anticipation & confidence in your Ultimate Destiny, then I will have been even more blessed for having been privileged to serve as HIS vehicle for providing some of that joy. My Job now as HIS messenger is essentially complete now - - while HE may still Work Through me for a little while with certain individuals, the "major postings" have all been faithfully carried out with my whole-hearted devotion to the best of my ability by letting HIM Work through me . This Relayed Message now becomes YOUR Message -- if I cannot find anyone willing to post this, then I will send this out myself & rely on each of you to follow as you feel Led by HIM to do the same & pass it on. Thank you again for the blessing of your presence -- I have been able to experience a life in this earthly realm that I had never thought was possible because of all that HE Did through me in each of your lives. Your Blessings were my Blessings; as your Faith grew, so did mine. The last 3 years of my life were worthwhile -- I have absolutely no regrets if I leave now, for I am one of the most Blessed people on the face of this earth in what I've been able to experience in our LORD, & the fact that all of you cared enough to pray on my behalf moves me beyond words. You have no concept of*the sheer joy *that awaits each one of you, & I pray mightily for this on your behalf. You may not be able to believe this, but you couldn't want this for yourselves any more than I want it for you. Our LORD'S LOVE for all of you is Strong within me & defies all description, but know that*you are each * HIGHLY LOVED & VALUED *by our LORD, HIMSELF *... &, for whatever it's worth, by Kimellen, as well. GOD Bless you all, & thank you so much for the privilege of my having had this contact with you in my life. Our GOD is, indeed, an Awesome GOD ... to the max! Love Always To You In GOD'S Awesome LOVE, LIGHT, & TRUTH: Kimellen* Minister/Messenger Of GOD E-mail Kimellen