Shirley Lise
Go forth. Do not hesitate, but go forth into the calling upon your life. I have raised you up in this day and given you great grace to move forth unhindered in the work I have given you. I am your light. I will guide you step by step. Be anxious for nothing, but in all your ways, acknowledge Me and I will make your paths straight. Take the path less trodden. Do not be satisfied to travel down the road of familiarity. I am taking you in a way you have not known. I am showering you with blessing and abundance of My Spirit. I am commissioning you to go into the highways and byways, to go into places of darkness to bring My light to the erring. I am equipping you and sending you. You will be fully-equipped to fulfill the mandate set before you. Do not ask what you will do tomorrow, but be faithful in what I show you today.

Take heed lest you fall. The way is narrow that leads to life. Many try to enter in on the wide way, but they are unable to meet face to face with their maker because their hearts are far from Me. They perform their religious duties, but they are unaware of My call upon their lives. They are in darkness though they claim to know the light. Will you go to them? Are you willing to go to these who are erring and lead them into everlasting life? Will you go into these places of refuge and bring the light and life of Christ? I am calling and equipping you to be taken into these places. There is a wake-up call going forth and I am asking you to take the call into these places. Many are undiscerning of the times. They have become idle in the Kingdom of God. They have allowed the enemy to put out the flame of passion for the Lord and they have closed their eyes and gone to sleep. I am opening the eyes of the blind in this day. I am sending in the wind of My Spirit to overturn tables in the temple. No longer will those who call themselves by My name remain idle bystanders in My kingdom. I have a job and a mandate for each one and I am bringing them into fruitfulness in the vineyard.

Watch and see what I do throughout the earth. I am pouring forth My Spirit in this day and bringing a hunger into the hearts of the people to know the Lord their God and they shall know Me and they shall do great exploits. I am about to burst the seams of those fellowships who say they are of Me. I will not allow complacency to set in. Be faithful to go into the places I send you, to sound forth the trumpet, to call the people from the dead to rise up into life. I am giving you the keys of entry into the places I want to send you. You are My apostles and I am sending you and you shall go forth unhindered to establish the word of the Lord in the community, and every knee shall bow and every tongue confess that I am Lord. Carry the torch high. Take My light to the nations. I am moving on your behalf. I am putting all things in order, ordering your footsteps aright.

Let Me take you higher. Let Me guide and direct your steps. I am at work on your behalf to discharge you from apprehension. I will make straight your path. I will open the door to adventure and opportunity. These are dark days, but the light shines in the darkness to dispel it. There is no darkness too great that I cannot break though and I am coming in power and majesty to renew My Bride, to dress her in jewels and fine linen. There is a new beginning for those who are open to the workings of My Spirit. I will take away the dross, burn off the chaff, and refine those who are willing to be made new. Deeper than the ocean is My love for those who have wandered afar. Greater love has no man than that he lay down his life for his brothers. Great is My faithfulness to those who are willing to repent of their iniquity. This is the day. It is like no other. It is the day of salvation for those who have clung to the hope of My coming.

I am coming in power and glory to shake the nations out of apathy. Take up the torch. Carry it high. Let its light shine forth. I am establishing you as a lighthouse in the community. I will light the way. I will steer you in the right direction. I will overcome the evil one on your behalf, lift you up, and let you run with the message of salvation. Do not be dissuaded. I have not left you. I am visiting you, showing My face to you, revealing My heart to you. You will not be denied access to the inner courts. I will open the door to you. I will invite you in. Ask and it shall be given you. Seek and you will find. Wait on Me and you will be fed from My table. How long I have waited to embrace you, to put My arms around you, to encompass you with My love. I am the giver of life. My life has been given for you. Enter into My presence. Come in with thanksgiving and praise. This is My word to you. I am the way, the truth, and the life. No man comes to the Father except through Me. Take the Word to those who haven't heard the message of salvation. Take it to the poor, the lonely, the lost. I am the light of the world. I shine My light into the darkness to show the way to the Father. Be faithful to shine My light forth into the community. I will bless your efforts to project My truth into the highways and byways.

I am coming in fury to smite the works of the enemy, to take down the idols, the gods, and false teachings. I will lay the root bear and take the axe to it. No longer will idolatry reign supreme in the temple of God. I will uproot wickedness form the assembly. I will make for Myself a people who will carry My light, who are vessels of My light. I will remove the idolater from his position amongst the elect. I am coming in power to take down that which has been offered to idols. I am uprooting selfish ambition, fornication, and adultery with the world. Allow the winds of My Spirit to blow forth. Allow the cleansing of the temple to take place. Do not stand in its way. The winds are increasing and every ungodly thing shall be hurled up into the air. The chaff shall be blown off and a sincere offering shall go forth unto the Lord. I am taking down the temple that exalts itself in My midst. I will remove the hindrances, the stumbling blocks of unrighteousness and greed. Only that which is rooted and grounded in My love shall remain. Take shelter under My wing. Rest in My presence and put your trust in the Lord God your Maker. I will arise in your midst with healing and deliverance. I will take you through on dry ground. I will deliver you from the enemy's stranglehold, from deception. It is given to me to know the times and the seasons. I will reveal them to you. You will not be unaware of the times. A revelation is going forth that will gain understanding for those who are open to the voice of My Spirit. A new day is dawning. A new revelation of what is to come is being released to those who have ears to hear what the Spirit is saying.

Enter in through the narrow way. It leads to life. Enter into the full-scope of ministry of the Spirit. Be a light in the midst of the people. Be a witness of My goodness, grace, and mercy. Let your actions be seasoned with grace. Do nothing out of selfish ambition. Wait on Me for instruction and direction. I will guide your feet upon the path laid out to you. You will not slip or falter, for I am strengthening your grip and you will be able to tread where angels fear to tread. I am making the way clear and straight. No more hurdles to jump, no more roadblocks. I am taking you through full-force. Watch and see what I do for you. I will lay to ruin every attempt to keep you back from attaining what I have called you to. I am moving in an unprecedented way and no-one is able to block the way. I will tear down every roadblock even as it is set up. I will take the stumbling blocks out of the way.

Do not listen to the plans and agendas of men. Do not submit to them. Keep your eyes on Me. I am your help, your source. I am He who sends forth His servants. Has it not been I who has called and equipped you for the ministry? Why do you look to men? They will only trip you up. Do not become entangled in their snares. I am taking you into greater depths of My Spirit. I am establishing you in the community as a light, a beacon. Do not let the light flicker. Do not be influenced by those with an agenda, but loose yourself from them and walk into the arena of influence I have destined you to. I am equipping you with expertise in areas you have not noticed. I am raising you up to the forefront in ministry, no longer to be tucked back behind those who seek to make a name for themselves. I will take you forward. I will move you forward in expertise. I am bringing you into a realm of influence beyond your greatest expectations. I will open the doors. I will propel you forward. I have shown you things to come. I have given you a glimpse of what is to take place. You have seen dimly, but I am about to open your understanding to avenues of ministry you have not perceived. I will put you in touch with those who need to be reached. The ministry will take place through a network of willing workers.