America - You Have Been Judged

Mary Koons


PREFACE: I do not like "sensationalism" in any form, be it from the broadcast media, or in a prophetic utterance. Nevertheless, what I was shown last weekend, and what Mark was given on the same day - connect - however; I didn't realize that until TODAY. These "symbols" and the "word" ALSO, I believe, are interrelated to "OFF WITH THEIR HEADS!" which was posted earlier this morning. Therefore, since the Lord has told me to post this also - I am doing so; I do so with the prayer that the "judgment" that is herein described can and WILL be averted, and not in anyway to "sensationalize" what is presented below. I pray that we all realize the "seriousness" of this word and the correlating symbols the Lord has given… and not be caught unawares by the "extreme gravity" of what I feel Mark and I have been shown. It is for that reason - and that reason ONLY - that I believe the Lord is allowing us to share any of this.

Mary (Koons) Wattenford

AMERICA! You have been judged and found wanting! by Mark and Mary (Koons) Wattenford

A week ago I decided to "act upon" the pull I had been feeling in the Spirit to go back to the summit of Mount Spokane… I was half-way there, when suddenly the Holy Spirit began to point out the following "three" things to me in QUICK SUCCESSION… First I saw three horses grazing in a field to my right… on the fence that enclosed them was a sign that read, "FOR SALE."

I rounded a curve and noticed another road sign about Mt. Spokane. The sign read: "The entrance to the mountain is closed." Above the sign were two bright red flags.

I turned around and on the opposite side of the road just a short distance away from where I had seen the "three horses" grazing away contentedly in "blissful unawareness" of their being "FOR SALE," the Holy Spirit prompted me to look at a large, white barn. On the side of this barn was a HUGE American flag…. And written above it were the words, "IN GOD WE TRUST."

I had been pondering all of these "three" signs… and feel this is what I was shown:

First of all, the "entrance to mountain sign" the Holy Spirit showed me represented: - "the entrance to Mt. Zion IS NOW closed…." The red flags represent "danger" in trying to "enter or open" what the Lord has now declared "closed or shut."  I was given a STRONG  impression that this is as when "GOD SHUT THE DOOR TO THE ARK."

I feel that I was shown that the "FOR SALE" by the "three horses" represents those who would "SELL" their anointing - those who "count numbers" if you will... for they really have "NO PART" in Mt. Zion... being much more interested in their own purposes, plans and agendas. The "FOR SALE" sign was seen "immediately BEFORE" the "mountain closed sign," indicative of this happening - first, which, I don't think any can argue IS the current state of affairs in America Christendom.

The American Flag is ALSO symbolic of what "many" have put their trust in… this was in "sharp contrast" to the words that were written ABOVE the flag:  "IN GOD WE TRUST."

"IN GOD WE TRUST" is ALSO indicative of our "currency.." but our currency too is an "illusion" since our currency is NOT, and has NOT been for a long time - backed by a "GOLD STANDARD..."

Those who have been depending on "their church, their agendas... and/or their financial prowess," ... and thinking that protects them - rather than TRULY TRUSTING IN GOD are in for a very rude awakening.

Mark received the following word on the same day that I left to go to Mt. Spokane: The "symbols" that I saw on that trip correlate EXACTLY to this word.

Blow the Trumpet!! Send your wind and your rain. The young will come to you O God in the millions.

The warriors in the Spirit are "now" taking their place and the enemy will be routed like never before and the Light of the Son will shine into many previously dark places. There SHALL BE "ONE" voice raised up over the whole Earth. A "voice" of exaltation, proclaiming the "COMING OF THE LORD" and "HIS SALVATION!" The Gospel of the Kingdom will be preached in "great power" as NEVER been seen, not even in the first century. The "latter rains" will cover the Earth.

Two angels stood before and one of them said:

"We have come to tell you to proclaim that the apostles of God and the prophets of God, "shall" be established THIS MONTH. This is a SURE word.  They shall put the Body of Christ in order and prepare His Bride. The mantle of Christ will be upon them and the House of God "shall be" rebuilt."

Heaven and Earth is the Lords! Behold, the first rays of the morning are rising upon the righteous. Brightness shall rise upon the chosen Ones of God in the midst of "great darkness." The Waters of God shall rise up from beneath, the waters of God shall rise up from within, and the waters of God shall pour out from Heaven.

"In this time," sayeth the Lord, "I will loose the seals of revelation and the mysteries of the times and seasons SHALL BE KNOWN. What has been locked up by the Father - will become widely known. I will shake the entire Earth."

"Behold!" sayeth the Lord - "look upon those that I have gathered and called up into My Presence and given them My signet ring. These I have called up before Me to commission - to send throughout the Earth. I say unto you, My Prophets will speak and their mouths shall be as a "consuming fire!" The latter rains are falling…yet still a little while, but soon there will be no dam that shall hold it back. You who pray and intercede, be encouraged, you are about to see the reward of your diligence. I am placing beneath the feet of My chosen vessels a sure rock of foundation and you SHALL NOT BE MOVED! You, who are My chosen, are about to go before Kings and governments and you "WILL" proclaim MY TRUTH! I AM is restoring My House and with each of My "peculiar treasures" will each living stone be set into its proper place…. NOTHING will stand in the way of My going forth.

Hear My Word - you who oppress; turn from your oppressions and repent before I "strike" you suddenly. If you do not repent, you will suffer a great deal and will be utterly destroyed without hope, For I will come upon you without remedy. Suddenly! Will I strike with a mighty blow and break the bones of those who oppress.

Listen! You who have trampled underfoot the Grace of the Living God! you will not stand against My fierce anger!

Look! And see how I put My servants in order, each one knowing his proper place, his proper duty.

Look! See how each one knows what their God expects of them!

"Behold," sayeth the Lord, "LOOK upon the beauty of My bride as she is prepared. See how she is made beautiful, well and whole… see on her countenance the face of her Father, who art in Heaven. See, as she is arrayed in fine garments, smell the perfume of Heaven that surrounds her.  And Look, she shall be brought forth in the Earth and shall stand in My Name and in My Authority shall I bring her forth."

"The morning dawns. My Spirit is sent throughout the earth to proclaim the Gospel and the END of the Age. I shall cover the Earth with knowledge as the Oceans cover the Earth. All that know Me shall walk in the light and glory of MY PRESENCE."

"Look! As I shall shake the Earth and the ground as a sign; watch as I cause the winds to blow more violently than "EVER" before. See the fires that I will kindle on the Earth. See the mountains that I will shake and wake up! These signs I give you now - beforehand - ALL DECLARING MY SOON RETURN! And in the depths of the sea there will be a "shifting" and the oceans will rise up."

I then saw the Lord standing before an American Flag. The American Flag was on a flag pole and He looked up at it and I saw all the righteousness American "use" to stand for and I saw how "every" Godly thing that she had used in the past to honor her Creator GOD - dissolve before me. I saw the Lord "review" it all in "minute detail." He was angry with America and I understood that he was considering cursing America in the same way He had "cursed the fig tree that had not produced fruit in season." I watched him "consider" and take into account "His righteous ones" that were still within this country; and then, He looked up and judged 1/3 of America; and 1/3 of it was "burned up."

Then the Holy Spirit within me said, "NOW, release judgment upon a third," and I did so.

The Lord then said, "DO NOT mourn over that will shall be judged… DO NOT weep over that which I shall burn up. One third will I destroy. One third will I burn and turn into ashes. You shall walk over the ashes of My judgment, My son, but judgment shall NOT come "nigh thee." Not one hair of your head shall be touched. You will not even smell the smoke of her burning. I shall place her in a bed of burning and by her arrogance and oppression she will be in great anguish. She will not have comfort who does "evil" in MY NAME! Her prophets will cry out to me for water to bring forth to stop the fires, that I - Myself, have kindled! But, I tell you now, I WILL NOT GRANT ANY, not even a drop. She stands now as though she is "most secure" among the nations. I will tear into shreds the red, white and blue garments from her. The nations will see her nakedness and that she has been "judged" by a righteous God… that she is "not" clean! Her prophets will seek to save her. They shall strive to save her and there shall not be found by them - a remedy for her. My servants will I send to bind her up with the chains she used to control others. With her "own chains" shall America be bound and with her own evil devices will she be caught and placed upon an unmade bed of anguish; THEN, will I turn upon her prophets. "I will gather them and I will destroy them," sayeth the Lord. "As with the prophets of Baal will I gather her prophets and will I pour out their blood upon the ground for all to see. Do not bother to bury them," sayeth the Lord, "Let the birds of the air eat their diseased flesh."

Then I looked upon the "unmade bed of anguish" and America had become very old and feeble, as if in a day - and she pleaded with me saying, "Where are My prophets who may comfort me?" And I replied, "They will not come to you as the Lord has destroyed them." She answered, "Can you not find even ONE who might come to me with a little water?" I said, "If there be any left, they will NOT come to you for fear of their very lives and the Lord will NOT grant them them water to bring to you."  Her anguish increased as I spoke those words, and I saw the spirit of death come upon her, and I saw her portion in Hades with the prophets that had gone on before her. Those who loved her were fearful of her end and of the God who hath judged her.

I asked the Lord again, "who" this woman was and He said, "She is the false Bride, the arrogant woman who has brought forth judgment to one third of your nation." Then the Lord showed me more and said, "Look now, she has daughters that are the same as her. She has no husband, but has brought forth daughters that they might learn her unclean ways as well. She thought she would rule the world by her power and withy her daughters considered herself to be "Queen of the Earth." Now shall I NOT ALSO destroy her daughters in the same way?"

Then was I taken up and saw the Kingdoms of the world and the daughters of her and that they ruled other nations by their influence and I saw every nation in the world examined to see if "her daughters" were within them.  Some nations were utterly destroyed while others having only been influenced a little, were spared. Those who were spared were those who had refused to drink of her ways. The "Queen of the Earth," was cast into hell with her prophets and her daughters were cast in after her and hell was sealed up. For she had "oppressed" others in the Name of the Lord! She was young, but was made "old" in a day - a day of anguish.  She, with her prophets, brought forth her own desires and by secret devices gave herself power to rule. Does not the Lord see? Shall not the Lord judge?

Rejoice! Oh, SONS OF GOD! Rejoice O Earth, for the manifested Sons are come! Sing O EARTH for the day of your waiting is over, the Dawn of Redemption is breaking forth upon you. All those who call upon the Name of the Lord - "shall be saved!" Before you have finished praying shall your answer come. Praises shall ring forth from the Earth. The dead shall rise from their graves and will walk among the sons of men.

"Heaven and Earth are mine, " sayeth the Lord, "They are given unto Me.  Lift up your eyes for your redemption is come! That which is corruptible shall be changed into the incorruptible. I say unto you TRULY - THIS GENERATION - shall not pass away before the end of the age shall come and My Kingdom shall be upon the Earth and as Kings and Priests shall be those who have believed "IN ME!" Behold the works I do now… shall they not come upon you SUDDENLY?




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