A Message From Prophet Kimellen...

 The multitude of letters that I have received on this topic has confirmed what our Lord Told me: that His chosen ones are all going through a particularly long, hard, trying time of waiting & that the only differences that we might have lie in thenature of those difficulties & in the degree of weariness that we may be experiencing.  He Said, "Some of My children are tired & confused, others are anxious & fear that what I Promised them was all a delusional mistake, & others are at the brink of despair. If they only knew that the longest, hardest part of the wait is just about over for them, they would lift up their weary spirits & rejoice fully.  Remind My beloved children that anyone who puts his or her love & trust in Me shall never be ashamed or let down".  This is the Message that our Lord would like to Relay to His children: "I know that some of you have been waiting for a very long time -- in some cases,  the wait has gone into many years.  During this time, it is very easy to feel isolated and all alone -- as if no one else is going through this or could possibly understand the inner turmoil that you battle every day.  At times you have wanted to quit in frustration -- you've wanted to declare yourself to be wrong in what you thought I was going to Do for you & then just forget the whole thing, for even forgetting about something for which you've longed very deeply would almost seem preferable to having the interminable wait go on & on & on & on ... . I Know that you're tired & confused & hurting, but be assured that you were not wrong about what I Promised to you, nor have I Forgotten about you. I Love you all so dearly, & I now urge you to remember that some of My greatest servants in Biblical history -- such as Moses and Abraham -- all had long, long waits for their Promise to be made manifest as reality.  I do not Do this arbitrarily to Test you -- that would be a cruelty -- but there is a Purpose to this long wait, & this Purpose is One that benefits y-o-u!

"One Purpose of the Wait is to develop & mature you Spiritually -- look back on who you were even a year ago, and behold the difference in your Spiritual Maturity from who you  were then & who you are right now.  A vast difference, isn't it?  You know today that you weren't Spiritually Advanced enough then to undertake the Calling to which you have been Appointed -- yet, a year ago, you would have proclaimed yourself fully ready for the Promise that I Said I would Give to you, having no concept of just how far you needed to go & how far I can Bring you.  Learn the Lesson of the Wait, accept It, & you can speed up the process -- I will gladly Explain to each one of you what I am Doing & why, if you will set aside your frustrations & doubts & hear Me when I Teach you.

"Another Purpose of the Wait is to teach you how to walk by Faith in Me alone. In the beginning of your Spiritual Infancy, I Gave you several Signs & Portends to help you focus on the Promise I had Given you & strengthen your resolve to stand on My Promise to you. However, at some point, you must advance to the point at which you no longer look to your external surroundings to verify your reality for you -- the whole idea is for you to walk by Faith alone in Me.  That means you must rely solely on Me & in My Power to the exclusion of all else, including what other people might say to you, the presence or absence of circumstances favorable to what you are waiting for, & even what your own physical senses tell you.  If you look to the world & to appearances to define your reality, you will get exactly what you look for because that will be what you have chosen -- I Gave you all free will & I cannot Violate My Own Laws that Govern your right to choose, even if what you choose is wrong & self-destructive.  Come to Me, look only to Me, & I will joyfully Teach you & Patiently Explain to you the way you need to go & why -- yes, I will even Explain 'why' to My children! I am your Father, but I will never, ever Tell you that you must do something or accept something because 'I Said so'.  That is not My mode of operation.  I do not
merely have All Wisdom -- I am All Wisdom, & one of My greatest joys is Imparting that Wisdom to all who eagerly seek to learn of Me & from Me with all their hearts, minds, & souls. I am the Greatest Teacher, & I love to Teach My children My Ways. So come freely to Me & learn all that you desire -- I will Give you more than you can ever think to ask from Me because I love & value you so much!

"Another Purpose of the Wait is to get you past the anxiety stage of 'needing to have something happen' & come to the point of total reliance on/trust in Me.  You need to reach the point at which the fear of not having something happen finally dissipates, & you can say to Me, 'Lord, show me Your Will for me, even if it means that I was wrong all these years about what I was waiting for.  I now know that I can live without that Promise  materializing in my life, I can live with the fact that I've been wrong all these years, but I cannot live withoutYou in my life!  So long as I have You, nothing else matters -- nothing else can hurt or destroy me or devastate me'.  When you reach that point, My children, you will realize a new liberation from bondage that you have never experienced before, & you will realize that all of this has been Orchestrated for your benefit & ultimate joy, not as a sadistic form of loyalty test to Me.  And then you will be ready for the Promise that I have always Intended to Give you, & you will undertake the reality without falling into any of the traps that easily ensnare the inherent flaws of human nature.  You will have stopped focusing on 'self' & anxiety over 'self" & what 'self' wants, & then you will learn that it is through losing that sense of 'self' that you truly find your real, glorified 'self' in Me ... the person you were Destined to become in My Image & Likeness.  Your time of waiting is nearly over -- be patient yet a little while longer & always watch for Me, for I will Break In suddenly without Advance Notice & there will be no indications in your circumstances that something is about to change when I Make My Appearance.  This is all outlined in the New Testament -- this is how I Operate, & My faithful ones will not be caught off guard when I Appear to start Running The Show."

It is my prayerful hope that our Lord Speaks Clearly to each one of you who is enduring private trials & difficulties, & I confidently leave it to Him to Confirm, Deny, or Correct any part of this Message that I felt Led to pass on in good Faith.  I take full responsibility for any errors that you may discern, & I once again thank you all for the honor & privilege of being able to share in our Lord with all of you.  Let us lift up one another in loving prayer for, united in Him, we have already overcome the world!

Yours In God's Awesome Love, Light, & Truth:

Minister/Messenger Of GOD