Immigration is an issue that has been treated with kid gloves in America. This is mostly because those who speak out against the massive influx of illegal immigration into the US have been shouted down as racist or uncaring. The issue of immigration is used by demagogues from every political persuasion to push forward their own often narrow agenda's. Some want to disparage Hispanics and other immigrants; others want to change the face and culture or America by bringing in millions of people who have no historical or cultural bonds to the American nation. The issue will not be an easy one to solve if it is framed in the way proponents of unlimited immigration want the issue framed. The problem, most simply put, is a matter of law. The key word in the illegal immigration debate is not immigration, as America has been the most immigration friendly nation on the planet since its inception. No, the key word in the illegal immigration debate is the word illegal. This is the reality of the immigration debate. Those that aid, abet and encourage the commission of this federal crime are seen as the 'good guys' and those that want to enforce and uphold our already extremely liberal immigration policies and laws vigorously enforced are often demonized as evil racists.

California, will have more Hispanics in its population in the middle of next year than Caucasians. This is unprecedented. Most of these immigrants have left countries where corruption is pandemic and have no hope of building any kind of a life for themselves in their native countries. Thus they migrate to a land of opportunity, America. Many of these immigrants have formed networks that allow other illegal immigrants to obtain work and benefits (paid for by taxpayers) such as medical care, unemployment benefits, social security and the likes. This has caused some serious fiscal problems for the nation as a whole which has had to resort to accounting tricks to hide serious deficiencies in the social security system on the federal level and other types of creative accounting techniques to hide the scope of the problem at state and local governments. Stories of American Citizens being turned away from medical care who have worked and paid into they system for 20, 30  and 40 years in favor of an illegal immigrant who has not paid a dime into the system has angered a lot of ordinarily mild mannered and tolerant Americans.  This phenomenon is not healthy for the nation as a whole and is causing racial and economic tensions in these most economically vibrant of times. One must ask what will happen when the economy takes a downturn. Here in the nation of America, we are being invaded by waves of immigrants. The argument is no longer if we are being invaded but if the invasion is benign or malignant.




The story however, cuts both ways. Not all illegal immigrants make it to the US. The bodies of Hispanics in found in border areas is not uncommon and many immigrants find that, once they arrive, they must fight a plethora of corrupt officials, unscrupulous businessmen and criminals in order to obtain entry into the 'promise land'. Running immigrants into the US is big business many of these entrepreneurs are also involved in the illegal drug trade. It must be noted that well over half of all illegal drugs entering the US enter from Mexico and one estimate places the number at over 75%.  Indeed a high number of drug arrests are of illegal immigrants who act as mules for drugs dealers when illegally entering the US. This market for smuggling is one that is fueled by unscrupulous merchants and corporations who willingly hire illegal immigrants because of the extremely low wages they can pay them. Once they have arrived in this nation, in effect they are criminals, having broken Federal Law by illegally entering the territory of the US. The illegal immigrant can perhaps be excused for wanting a better life for himself, yet that is the cry of most criminals. Many federal inmates also wanted to better their lives and found that breaking the law was a way to accomplish this end.  A person who so willingly would flout the laws of America and not use the legal means available to them to enter the country should not and cannot be expected to suddenly begin respecting the laws of America upon entry and many do not. While most of these crimes are confined to fraud (claiming to be a citizen when they are not), using assumed names to gain access to government services (sometimes includes identity theft), driving automobiles without valid insurance etc, these are all crimes for which ordinary Americans can wind up in a great deal of trouble for, yet these same crimes are excused by those who continue to pursue an irrational policy of knee jerk defense of and/or encouragement of the commission of this Federal Crime.

With Some estimates of 15,000 illegal immigrants entering the US each day it is difficult to see how anyone can  see this is not a serious problem, and while the INS spends a great deal of time, energy and money catching counting and documenting illegal aliens, information about actual deportations is scarce. Those that are caught and deported simply make another attempt. A persistent immigrant will enter the US by the fourth attempt.

It should be noted that immigration is not the issue. America is and always will be a Nation that welcomes immigrants. What is the reason so many people and so much money is quietly spread around to ensure illegal immigration continues unabated? Those with a vested interest in the economic benefits including business people (large, small and medium sized businesses) that use and abuse illegal immigrants using them as an economic under class to exploit at will.  This is a big, and often violent business; as those immigrants who attempt to speak out about these abuses are threatened with a phone call the INS or worse.

This problem should be dealt with honestly. The problem while quite large in the US is also quite significant in Europe where people are migrating once again to obtain a 'better life' and while politicians' demagogue about wanting to make a change, somehow nothing of any substance is ever accomplished. What a large influx of immigrants and refugees does to a nation is dilute not so much its ethnic makeup, but is cultural and historical ties. In effect, it weakens, slowly, almost imperceptible the foundations of the nation-state. It forces people to think less and less in terms of national interests, but rather in global or utopian terms when attempting to deal with problems. This is because those ties which bound a culture together, language, history, sense of justice, familial roles, child rearing, sense of responsibly, religious beliefs, respect for the law and the likes are all diluted with a large influx (invasion) of illegal immigrants.  Should one wished to weaken the concept of the nation state, this would be a excellent method for accomplishing such an end. While, this may not be a deliberate policy of many of our globalist policy makers, it certainly seems to be the result of their woefully ineffective policies.