Oklahoma City: Lots Of Questions, Few Answers

It has been several years since the devastating bombing of the Federal building in Oklahoma City. The Government has found its main suspect in the case and the sitting Attorney General has indicated that he is satisfied that justice is served with the execution of Timothy McVeigh. Most Americans do not believe that McVeigh acted on his own and an increasingly large body of Americans do not believe the FBI's and the US Justice departments rush to judgment that excluded leads to many other individuals that witnesses claim were involved in the bombing. The Governments case was fairly solid on McVeigh and his own confession clears up any doubt about his involvement. Yet we have scores of eye witnesses that claim at least one other person was with McVeigh In the Rider Truck at the time of the bombing. Just after the bombing, the FBI launched the largest manhunt in US history for the mysterious John Doe #2. Claiming to leave no stone unturned, the FBI's search proved futile and John Doe #2 is now still at large. The FBI's claims of sincerity in wanting to find John Doe #2 can be cast in a different light now that it has been revealed that they withheld over 4000 documents from the attorneys of Timothy McVeigh during the discovery phase of the trial. The FBI and the AG, claim ignorance of how this could have happened but while claiming this convenient 'ignorance', they also possess enough 'knowledge' to say it was 'innocent' and 'no one is to blame', certainly not the FBI or the Justice department. If it were possible to blame the McVeigh for losing all of this evidence, they probably would.

Indeed the facts simply do not add up in the entire affair. From the amount and the type of destruction attributed to a single home made fertilizer bomb, to a plethora of witnesses, including live, on the scene TV coverage that reported more bombs at the crime scene, to witnesses claiming to see more assailants at the scene and Federal agents that mysteriously, weren't in their offices at the time. Indeed, other witnesses in the building said some were warned of a possible attack and thus did not come to work. These questions will be very briefly examined here;

"When I first saw the pictures of the truck bomb's asymmetrical damage to the federal building, my immediate reaction was that the pattern of damage would have been technically impossible without supplementing demolition charges at some of the reinforced concrete column bases, a standard demolition technique."" Gen Partin


This demolition expert who served on the Joint Staff, in that capacity, makes it clear that it a 'red flag' should have been waved at the very beginning of the investigation. The federal governments rush to demolish the building was a criminal act that should be prosecuted under the laws regarding obstruction of justice. If McVeigh had demolished the building afterwards under these circumstances it would certainly have raised eyebrows. With Uncle Sam destroying key evidence, no one in the mainline media asked a single question: Why the rush? Yet the governments actions and its own suspicious role in the actual bombing, take on a more ominous turn with the revelations that it withheld 4000+ documents which seem to indicate that the Government was well aware of other conspirators but refused to follow up on these leads. Problems with the investigation and trial persist; from the refusal of the FBI to run over a thousand fingerprints through the National database, to the government 's prosecutors illegally meeting with defense witnesses before the trial and some even claiming to have been asked to perjure themselves and offer false testimony, add to that, a federal Judge, Wayne Alley said he had been alerted shortly before the bombing of people casing the courthouse, the list goes on and on. These are all important considerations when assessing the governments purported 'zeal' in finding the real culprits. One witness claims, he sold the bomb materials to McVeigh on the instructions from a Federal agent. He also claims to be aware of a middle east connection to the bombing. He claims to have seen the plans to the Murrah Building in the possession of 2 Arabs with whom he was doing business with before the bombing. These same men paid this witness 250,000 dollars to transport timers and detonators to Mexico. On a grant of immunity just after the cash was received, he monitored and reported the activities of these men to the US Government. He warned the US Marshall's about the bombing 18 days before it occurred. The Fed's did nothing. The question is, why? Why would the US Government want to let those who aided and probably sent McVeigh to bomb the building, get away? I do not know, but there are at least three possibilities

1) the Government had one or more undercover informants that notified the Government of the bombing and the the FEDS only notified certain law enforcement officials of the impending attack. The government still has these informants in the midst of (or perhaps in the leadership of) these terrorist organizations and to this day, do not want them exposed.

2) The government (Clinton Administration) instigated the attack, or perhaps simply took advantage of the attack, which was quickly used by the (then failing) Clinton administration to attack conservatives in the press and push unconstitutional legislation (anti-terrorist bill). It is probably a stretch to accuse Clinton and Co. of this attack, but remember, this is same the guy who illegally took money from this nations enemies to get elected, perjured himself in open court and met with convicted drug felons at the White House.

3) The FBI and or ATF had illegally stored explosives in the Murrah building and those explosives are what caused much of the damage. Not wanting to expose this criminal negligence, they have done what Washington is best at...they covered it up.

4) Coincidence - that the steel reinforced concrete spontaneously combusted at the same time as the fertilizer bomb went off, and the Federal agents had ESP and 'knew' via telepathy, that the something bad was going to happen if they went to work that day, and yes they really did lose all those documents in the biggest, deadliest and highest profile terrorist attack in US History.

Another possibility is that at rouge element in the US Government may have instigated the attack and thus the US Government fears the anti-government sentiment that such a scandal, if revealed, would bring about.


Clearly it has been demonstrated that there were at least 2 blasts and not only one as government investigators claim. This is confirmed by nearby seismographic sensors. The idea that there was a large crater at the scene is a fabrication of the Government and it's federally licensed mouthpiece, the establishment media. Unfortunately, the real terrorists and those that aid and abet them are sitting in the TV newsrooms across America. In America, it is still a crime to not report criminal activity when one is aware of it, except, it seems, when the FBI is involved, then it seems to be a crime to have evidence that is contrary to the governments fabrications. The news media absolutely refuses to report the all of the real facts (no longer conjecture) to the American People. Even some of the victims families are beginning to ask some questions of the Government. Why weren't the witnesses listened to? Why no follow up on some of the leads? The real problem here is an agenda. An agenda that very few really understands. An agenda that lets those that are the most guilty go free, and gives up one single patsy to placate the ignorant masses. Masses whose childlike trust in the mainstream media will be their undoing.

The dearth of photographic evidence of the blast scene is not for want of its existence. The simple fact is there are many photo's available that show the Government's case was not based on the evidence but on the propaganda and the deliberate and willful ommission of forensic evidence and the hiding of relevant materials from the defense. These photo's will never be shown on mainstream TV. The Jury in the trial that ruled that there was no wider conspiracy in 1995 was not allowed to see the 4000+ pages of FBI documents, nor was a thorough investigation of the building allowed, as it was destroyed by the US Government apparently in a hurry to cover someone's tracks.

As we can see with 20/20 hindsight, the stage was carefully being set by the FBI and the US Justice Department to make Mr. McVeigh the 'lone nut' patsy and silence any and all who had other information.

So Mr. McVeigh has been executed for his crime. We will not know who was really involved and it seems so many of our conservative leaders have no interest in finding out who was involved. From Gingrich to Lott, from Bush to Ashcroft the new conservatives (bought and paid for by America's corporate elite) are afraid to really investigate this terrorist attack and prosecute any more suspects. Their fear and cowardice is an affront to any and all who love freedom and justice and any man who sits in the Whitehouse and or in the Attorney General's seat and can calls himself a 'chritstian' and refuses to really pursue the leads on those that committed this act of mass murder are no better than those who covered up the concentration camp murders at Auswitz and Dacau. They are a merely a cloak that covers evil.

The FBI's problems are myriad. From the TWA 800 bombing, which ignored scores of eyewitnesses testimony to the the Hansen spy case, from the Wen Ho Lee Spy case, to the the failure of the Justice Department to prosecute criminal campaign finance violations to Ruby Ridge, where Federal Agents shot an unarmed woman in the back while carrying her baby, to WACO. The FBI behaves far more like the criminals they are hired to catch than the actual criminals themselves. It appears that every tyranny needs its Gestapo, and that is what the FBI is becoming. A tool to cover up rather than reveal the truth (as with TWA 800 and Oklahoma City), a tool of oppression and violence(as with WACO and Ruby Ridge). It is now little more than an armed force used by the powerful against the people, under the cover of law. The FBI needs to go. And much if its leadership, past and present, needs to be behind the same bars they put so many others, who were guilty of far less.


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