June 10, 2001 NA (Network America) e-wire

Tim Russert: Mouthpiece for Government in McVeigh Case

I’m showcasing Tim Russert, of NBC and Meet the Press, as a Mouthpiece

for the Government in the Tim McVeigh Case -- because I believe that he,

along with Brit Hume of FOX Cable News, Robert Novak of CNN, and Bill

O’Reilly of FOX Cable News, are the best of the bunch allowed to go on

camera as “reporters” or “investigative newsmen” by those who own ABC,

CBS, NBC, CNN, and FOX. (Implication: Russert, Hume, or O’Reilly – or

any of their on camera colleagues -- could be fired in 15 minutes if the

Real Powers who own the TV networks so decree – so they’d better learn

when to adopt the Party Line if they want their high-paid careers to

continue uninterrupted.)

About the worst you can say about someone who claims to be a world class

investigative reporter – is that he is a shameless Government


Tim Russert, Brit Hume, Bill O’Reilly, and all the lesser reporters on

the Big TV Networks (we could include all the reporters on the Big Daily

Papers) have been shameless Government mouthpieces in the cases of the

Oklahoma City Bombing and Tim McVeigh.

(After reading this e-wire, if you are aware of even one shining

exception among the Big Media reporters and Big Daily newsmen or

columnists regarding the McVeigh case, please notify us.)

Let me be clear: these Big TV Network Reporters have been shameless

government mouthpieces because they have meekly accepted all information

about Tim McVeigh since his trial -- from unverified third party

sources. They have not demanded an extended, direct live interview with

McVeigh, or any proof that the alleged letters, the “revelations” in the

touted Michel/Herbeck book, or that anything else coming forth in the

last few months is authentically from Tim McVeigh -- instead of more

Fedgov propaganda. When you look at the Charles Key report (see below)

or numerous other sources, it becomes difficult to believe (impossible

for me believe) that these so called revelations are anything but more

Fedgov cover-up and diversion.

The whole scenario reminds me of a great line spoken by the character of

Admiral Von Trapp in the Movie “The Sound of Music” when occupying Nazi

officers caught him and his family in the dark of night pushing his car

-- with motor and lights off -- in an attempt to get out of

Nazi-occupied Austria. When neither party asked the other what they were

doing out in the dead of night under such circumstances, Admiral Von

Trapp quipped, “Apparently we’re both suffering from a deplorable lack

of curiosity.”

You and I aren’t suffering from a deplorable lack of curiosity in the

case of McVeigh and the Oklahoma City Bombing – but all the government

mouthpieces at ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, and FOX Cable News certainly are!

Live, extended television interviews were conducted by the Big TV

Networks with serial killers Ted Bundy and Jeffrey Dahmers, among

others, in the final days leading up to their respective executions.

Portions of these live, uncensored interviews are still broadcast today

at various times. Of course, these were spontaneous sicko cases, with no

bearing on the Ruling Elite’s political agenda. The Timothy McVeigh case

could not be more different.

I personally saw live interviews with Carla Fay Tucker on FOX Cable News

and other outlets as Pat Robertson and others tried to intervene on her

behalf in the days immediately preceding her execution by the state of

Texas a year or two ago.

Have you noticed that there has NEVER been a live uncensored interview

with Tim McVeigh since the Oklahoma City Bombing???

This perfectly fits with the massive government cover-up going on all

around the entire Oklahoma City bombing affair. For months, this writer

has said on this e-wire, on local talk radio (as a caller), and on

national talk radio (as a caller) that the government would never allow

an extended live interview with Tim McVeigh. WHY?

Because McVeigh, the designated “Lee Harvey Oswald” patsy in this case,

would begin spilling out all kinds of details that did not fit with the

Official Party Line about the Oklahoma City Bombing as decreed by the

Ruling Elite behind the 5 TV Networks. (See our April 14, 2001 e-wire at

votefraud.org in the “red hot news” section on the navigation bar, or in

“Daily E-wires” if you scroll down the page; that e-wire is entitled,

“Lee Harvey Oswald Must Die: This Time by Lethal Injection.”)

The question is: Why have all these so-called World Class Investigative

Reporters at the Big TV Networks and Big Daily papers been content with

being spoon fed by government approved Third Parties what Tim McVeigh is

saying, thinking, and feeling? The Communist approved reporters at the

old Pravda couldn’t have been more docile.

I’ve been watching the situation from this angle for months and months –

and its downright comical. In grave, solemn tones, we are told that “Tim

McVeigh wrote a letter to the Houston Chronicle” or “Timothy McVeigh

wrote a letter to the Buffalo News” or “Tim McVeigh wrote a letter to

our own Rita Cosby here at FOX Cable News” etc., etc., etc. . . . and

then they tell us what Tim McVeigh said, thinks, and feels etc. etc.


As noted above, the most bold of these claims is that Timothy McVeigh

gave 35 hours of audiotaped interviews to two reporters, Lou Michel and

Dan Herbeck, who then went ahead to write a book called “American

Terrorist: Timothy McVeigh and the Oklahoma City Bombing.”

Dan Herbeck appears to be near brain-dead, even fitting the personality

profile of one of those emotionless CIA agents himself. Lou Michel

(pronounced ‘Michelle’) is one of those individuals who makes my skin

crawl just to watch him talk (same goes for Micheal Isikoff of Time

Magazine). I always get the feeling that Lou Michel and Isikoff are

trying to pass themselves off as a straight-shooting reporters, when

they are actually insiders, hiding most of what they know to present

“The Party Line” to the unsuspecting viewer, listener, or reader.

I’m left with the impression that Lou Michel is a high-level insider who

is lying and playing me for a sucker, while pretending to “tell it like

it is” and dribble out purported oh-so-significant details about the

maniacal Tim McVeigh, who, Michel assures us, has disturbingly human

qualities. In line with Ruling Elite propaganda, Michel is careful to

slip in how disturbing it is that McVeigh is just a typical angry white

male of suburbia. In fact, the implication is, he could be your own son,

Mr. And Mrs. America!

I say that Herbeck and Michel are de facto government agents, if not

actual government agents. Why were THEY allowed to have such exclusive

access to Tim McVeigh? Why was THEIR book given such saturation coverage

by the Big Media?

This Big Media access afforded the Herbeck/Michel book is sharply in

contrast to the total Big Media black out imposed on independent

reporter David Hoffman’s book, “The Oklahoma City Bombing and the

Politics of Terror.”

This beleaguered book, published in 1998, blows holes in the “lone

bomber” pretense of the Big Media and the Fedgov regarding the blowing

up of the Murrah building. After David Hoffman tried to get copies of

his book to the grand jurors in the Oklahoma City bombing case, a

crooked judge ordered that Hoffman be jailed and that all the copies of

his book be destroyed, on the pretext that a few paragraphs in the book

slandered a federal agent. The last I checked, the remaining copies of

David Hoffman’s book was on sale in the rare book market on the internet

for $150 dollars each! Book burning is alive and well when the

Occupation Government operating behind our Federal Government is engaged

in a desperate cover-up of its own actions.

The same Big Media censorship has been applied to former Oklahoma State

Representative Charles Key’s 500 page report detailing all the evidence

which the Fedgov and the Big Media is suppressing. Charles Key had been

an elected Oklahoma State Representative from 1986 on – until he was

“defeated” in a computer counted race in 1998 – the first election cycle

after he had become vocal about the Fedgov/Big Media cover up in

Oklahoma City. NOTE WELL! Any “elected” official who wakes up to any

form of corruption, and shows he has more loyalty to truth and his

conscience than to the Masonic Super Party behind the Democratic and

Republican parties – will find himself or herself “defeated” at the next

computer counted election.

If you go to http://www.orlingrabbe.com/keylettr.htm -- (in case the

foregoing was garbled, that’s orlingrabbe dot com forward slash keylettr

dot htm) you can find a letter from then Rep. Charles Key detailing the

cover-ups he was fighting in the Oklahoma City bombing case, and the

attacks that began upon him when he wouldn’t adopt the Official Party

Line pushed by the Big TV Networks on this incident.

You can go to http://bombing.tv/About.html (bombing dot tv forward slash

About dot html)and get the details on ordering former State Rep. Charles

Key’s 500 page report with 30 color photos and illustrations, which go

for $34.95 plus $5 shipping for the hard cover version, and $24.95 plus

$5 shipping for the soft cover version. The report is entitled, “Final

Report on the Bombing of the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building.”

(Charles Key will be speaking at the Barnes Review Forum to be held in

D.C. on the weekend of June 16, 17, and 18, 2001.)

The point, again, is this: this painstakingly compiled report from

Charles Key is being totally censored by the Evil Wirepullers at the Big

TV Networks – while creepy Lou Michel and his Big Media-approved book,

with all of its convenient revelations (all of which fit the Occupation

Government Party Line), are given unlimited favorable coverage.

The Michel/Herbeck book ties up all the loose ends for us – HOW

CONVENIENT. In this book, McVeigh purportedly confesses for the FIRST

TIME. That’s right, he never admitted he did the bombing during the

trial itself.

In this book, according to Lou Michel, McVeigh WANTED to get caught.

Michel tells us that McVey took his own license plate off of his car as

a “wildcard” he dealt himself. (I can’t describe my sense of revulsion

watching Michel’s taut face as he dishes out this bilge.) WELL –

Herein lies a MAJOR CONTRADICTION in the official Fedgov/Big Media Party

Line. If McVeigh wanted to get caught – if he wanted to gain a platform

to explain why he did this terrible deed – then WHY has he forgone every

opportunity to speak directly to the American public ?????? This is the

unanswerable question for the Lou Michels, the Ted Koppels, and all the

other de facto, or actual, New World Order government agents engaged in

psycho-warfare against the American public.

Michael A. Hoffman II (hoffman-info.com) has treated at length the fact

that apparently mind-abused patsies like alleged Unabomber Ted Kaczynski

and Tim McVeigh meekly pass up their one sure opportunity to address the

American public regarding the rationale for what they allegedly feel so

passionate about. When given his chance to make his statement before the

court, with the world press watching, Kaczynski mumbled something about

how he would issue a statement to reporters later; McVeigh read one line

from the late Supreme Court Justice Louis Brandeis, and fell silent.

Very strange.

Along these lines, there was an unexpected confrontation a few weeks ago

between Fox Cable Network anchor John Gibson and Terry Nichols’s

brother, James Nichols – on the live call in show on FOX Cable News

which Gibson hosts from 3 PM to 6 PM on Sunday afternoons. I saw a rerun

of this call on FOX Cable News the following Monday morning.

Here’s approximately how it went (Gibson will be identified as Gibson,

James Nichols as “Caller.” However, FOX news did state that it had

confirmed that the caller was actually James Nichols, brother of

convicted and imprisoned accomplice of Tim McVeigh, Terry Nichols.) This

is paraphrase by me from memory, but it is very, very close to the

actual conversation. I’m sure the transcript is available. Here’s my


Caller: Hey, John, how come you big time TV reporters never seem to be

able to focus on the key issues in the Oklahoma City bombing?

Gibson (looking bored, with a touch of mocking, as if such a question

were obviously ridiculous): What da ya mean?

Caller: This is James Nichols, Terry Nichols brother. How come it hasn’t

been of any interest to any of you that the Federal government didn’t

introduce one piece of forensic evidence to prove that is was an ANFO

truck bomb that took down the Murrah building in Oklahoma City?

Gibson (getting agitated as if his producer was screaming into his

earpiece to be tough on the caller): What difference does that make?!

McVeigh has already confessed to the crime!

Caller: Oh, has he? He didn’t confess during the trial. Have you seen a

signed confession from Tim McVeigh that I haven’t seen? We’re taking the

word of third parties that he said he confessed. I don’t believe it.

Gibson: You were in prison yourself weren’t you?

Caller: Yes, they kept me in federal prison for 42 days.

Gibson: Yea, they were sniffin’ over you real good. I don’t even know if

you’re who you say you are.

(The Fox commentator came back on at this point to say that FOX had

verified that the caller was James Nichols, brother of Terry Nichols.)

So, the one assertion that McVeigh wanted to be caught so he could have

a forum before the public – it blatantly contradicted by the fact that

he has passed up (or has been forced to pass up) every opportunity to

speak to the public directly. I’ll go out on a limb and predict – 5

hours before the execution at this hour – that McVeigh will not make his

final statement right before his execution himself – but that we will be

told that he wrote a note to be read by someone else -- which will then

be read to the public outside of McVeigh’s earshot. Or, if he is under

mind control, he will say something cryptic and innocuous. We’ll see in

a few hours.

As implied in the above paragraph, this e-wire is being sent out at

about 3 AM EST and midnight PST. By the time most of you read this, Tim

McVeigh will have been executed. And herein lies another contradiction

in the Big Media Party line: on the one hand, Tim McVeigh, we are being

told, is an agnostic who doesn’t know whether or not he believes in God.

But wait! He does have at least one strong religious belief! For we are

also being told that he requested NO AUTOPSY and cremation – for

religious reasons! You can’t have it both ways!

The no autopsy request by McVeigh, granted by a Judge circa March, 2001,

-- raises all kinds of other questions, which were covered in our April

e-wire at votefraud.org about this McVeigh “no autopsy” request.

Let us draw to a close by decrying the absolutely shameless exploitation

of the grief of the families of the Oklahoma City bombing victims. The

Big Media have tried to keep as many Americans as possible in an

emotional frenzy so that these same manipulated Americans will be as

vulnerable to their psycho-warfare as possible. Hundreds of times the

Big Media have shown pictures of the victims of the bombing, often in

slow motion, and often with emotional music behind the pictures. Now,

this is not to object to appropriate memorializing, appropriate

grieving, and appropriate honoring of the victims and their families –

but I suggest that this is not what the Big Media has been about. The

Big Media news producers have been trying to use slow motion pictures of

the victims over music -- to wallpaper over the fact that they have

engaged in a cover up of the real facts and circumstances around this

act of outrageously senseless terrorism. This Big Media cover up in the

Oklahoma City bombing case is the ULTIMATE dishonoring of the victims

and their families.

Over the Big Media we hear the mantra that, “The victim’s families need

closure, and they will get it when they see Tim McVeigh put to death by


What they really mean is, “THE CONSPIRATORS in the Fedgov, whose

mouthpieces we are, NEED CLOSURE. They are hoping that once their

designated patsy, Tim McVeigh, is executed, that the public will put the

Oklahoma City behind them and quit thinking about it and asking the

questions that can’t be answered. If that happens, then the conspirators

in the Fedgov can go about planning the next phase of their psycho

warfare against the American people, and their next horrific terrorist

incident, -- and continue pursuing the goal of taking all guns out of

the hands of the American people, especially out of the hands of white,

middle class Christian Americans.”

As Gomer Pyle might say, “Shame, Shame, Shame” on Tim Russert and all

the rest of the Big Media reporters and personalities for being the

perfect, docile mouthpieces of the Federal Government in the Oklahoma

City bombing incident and the Tim McVeigh case. Fellows and gals, you

are violating your integrity and becoming what you never intended to

become when you entered the news business. It isn’t worth it. Either

become honest investigative reporters, or get into an honest line of

work. If you don’t do so, you will end up like Dan Rather, “on top of

the world in your profession” – but in need of anti-depressants to fight

the depression that comes from knowing you have sold your soul to get


Jim Condit Jr.,

Director, Citizens for a Fair Vote Count


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