A Note To Readers Of The Public Side Of Watson's Web

I sense a change is coming in the world. It may be a very big one and it may not be long off. I have discussed many of these things to my insiders and will continue to as long as that is possible and God keeps this door of ministry open. When I say change I do mean change. Big change that is likely to effect all of us in the months and years ahead. These trade agreements are just part of those changes. For some time now I have been telling my insiders that there are some key things going on the economy and the world and what they mean. I have also laid out these things along prophetic lines and created  some prophetic maps and future divisions of our world that I think are probable. Outsiders may think I have been idle but I have been busier than ever these past couple of years (well almost!) as a private site.

Some of you may ask, "why don't you share them brother Mark"? I will tell you. I have been gently chided by the Lord for casting too many pearls before the swine and when I did not stop, he chided me a little harder.

Give not that which is holy unto the dogs, neither cast ye your pearls before swine,
est they trample them under their feet,
and turn again and rend you.
(Mat 7:6)

The material on this site is very special. I am not bragging. I know that it is. God gave me a gift and I am going to use it where it will do the most good.  I have had the most powerful and wealthiest men on this earth frequent this site. Why? Because the views here are informed, thoughtful backed up with facts and any conjecture is clearly labeled as such. Some very violent and evil men have worked very hard to shut this site down and just recently I was under a serious Federal investigation. Yes, they went through my computers with all that Snowdenesque FBI malware and covertly broke into my house one day  on  several occasions when I was out and about.  Why? Mostly because of my trust in a couple of nominal Christians. Both lied to me. I am still trying to work out if these men were sent by the devil to destroy this site. I don't think so, but frankly, as I look back on a number of things and events and place them sequentially, I can only say that the jury is still out on that one. Anyone who lies to me like these two did and get me into the kinds of trouble I was in... I can rule nothing out and won't. Both claim to be Christians and both told me bald faced lies, have been totally evasive, deliberately misdirected me and never repented of these things.  Both work in the intel community. I am starting to think a conscience removal operation or an ethical bypass surgery is a prerequisite for employment in those agencies!! The thing of it is, I just don't think either of them believe that what they did was wrong!!

Brothers, and sisters, if you are in any kind of position of ministry in any part of the world and one of these guys shows up, know that it is their job to gain your trust so they can stab you in the back. That is how they earn their bread. That is how they get 'assets' in far off places. If you are a pastor of a Church beware, they will leave you in jail for the rest of your life after you helped them do whatever it is they asked of you. Don't endanger your ministry, flock or witness trying to play 'James Bond'.  In the end you won't get a knighthood and the bad buy, but rather a cell block and prison chains.   But the Lord gave me a powerful dream a couple of weeks ago that really clarified a few things. I will not relay it here. For you 'footmen' for the Feds who were doing your job, I have no animosity towards you. I think some one fed you a line of crap about me and you believed it and ran with it. That is not your fault. Your job is to investigate and that is what you did (and may still be doing). I am fairly certain that this was a political investigation motivated by folks who don't like Christians and certainly don't like no Black folks!! There is a huge backstory that I will not put on the Public site. (this was later done in another two other posts)

Suffice it to say I got some very, very powerful enemies and some of them are highly schooled in the arts of deception, the 'set up' and misdirection. Dear readers, this site survival in the future depends on people who are willing to support it and keeping it small and off the radar and blogopshere drumbeat (the political-religious 'narrative' game). I have not, do not and will not take money from those political machines or those Intel agencies that run other major Christians sites. That is why I am dependent on donations and they are not. I am fortunate I am alive today and can only thank God for that. But he had been warning for many years that I was telling people too much and that I needed to limit the scope of my readers and to cease trusting someone I did like a brother.  I deeply regret having befriended this person and trusting him. But it was my fault that I did -  I admit it and repent of it.

I did not do either of these things God asked me to until I was basically forced to. Since then, in many respects, this site has gotten a lot better, less stressful, more fun (though very tiring) and I have far fewer ravers and and mentally unstable people writing and harassing me. In fact, since I went private the emails I have gotten have been almost universally positive and encouraging. The tone of my initial postings going private put a lot of people off here on the home page. It was designed to. When I said I did not want the kinds of people I had hanging around, that is exactly what I meant. Most of those kinds of 'Christians' will fall away and betray when things get hot... and they may get hot sooner than you think.

I realize there is a dearth of really good prophetic and news related material from a solid Biblical rather than a far right political perspective on the web. I know a lot of people are hungry, even starving for some really good information and perspective to help them make sense of the insanity that has gripped the earth.  After 14 years, I just had to call the free site quits. I could not go on with the site the way it was. Financially and Spiritually it was too taxing on me. There are still thousands of pages of material that are still here for FREE, so I am just not hearing any more whining about going private. Do you really think sites like this are worth it? Truthfully, I just don't think most of you do... right now.

Since I went private a lot of people have stepped up and understood that if they want good information and perspective, they are going to have to support it. Almost all of you reading this here pay for cable. You pay for MSNBC, CNN etc as well as HBO and all those others to spew lies and garbage into your homes. That is why they are still in business and so many Christian ministries and Churches are having trouble or are gone. YOU fund the devil, not the Christians. You want to watch two gay men have sex? Watch an episode of Game of Thrones (I was shocked when I saw that at someones house who used to call himself a Christian!!). And Christians are PAYING for that!!! But what gets me and I know it angers the Lord is that these same Christians won't support Christian ministries. They will always have an excuse why they can't or won't do it, usually railing against the person who is doing the work of God on a shoestring budget. "How am I going to watch Californication if I help you?" Is their unspoken response.

I am not going to see this happen to Watson's Web - no matter how many folks whine about 'give me free stuff'. However those genuinely cash strapped or poor are rarely turned away... I don't think I ever have. If I listened to some of these so called Christians who got mad at me calling me names because I went private, this site would be gone by now. They cursed me, called me names railed all manner of accusations but would not support me. These are the types of Christians that have destroyed so many ministries with their twisted 'evil steward' mentality. They are like a plague of locusts... eating up everything and leaving nothing behind... not even a thank you, instead I got a f- you from them. Then they come back and say, there are so few good sites out here... why is that brother Mark? Please come back! I have to hold my hands back from the keyboard to keep from saying something wholly unchristian.

I did not want to go private, but it was the only way to save the site. It was not my failing, it was not God's failing, it was the failing of poor stewards in the kingdom. But God sent in an angel (from Texas)  and many men and women of God to assist in this important work. May God return your blessings 100 fold in this world and the next all you who give to genuine Christian ministries; weather they support orphans, the homeless, the persecuted, battered kids, evangelists, teachers, preachers, prophets or healers. Amen!!

This is one thing I have to give the Islamic world credit for, at least they financially support their religion. In Christianity we too often support our enemies. That is why the Islamic world is moving into the west with such lighting speed. They take their religion seriously. Christians take the NFL far more seriously than they take their God... with a  few exceptions. More here and here.

Understand, I am not against all TV.  I am speaking against a spirit that has gotten control of so many Christians that they find the devils entertainment more important than Christian ministry... any Christian ministry (not just this small site) and truth be told that spirit is far more prevalent than most know. What is the average Cable Bill? $120 a month? How many people tithe/offer $120 a month? What is more important to these Christians... based on what they DO (not say).

Listen if that is your mentality I just am not going to waste my time informing, helping and ministering to you. I am not going to teach you algebra when you still are in swaddling clothes, spiritually speaking. Nor am I going to be an 'enabler' for that kind of twisted thinking. We are in a very serious spiritual battle and here are millions of Christians funneling billions of dollars into Hollywood who has spent millions in political fights to undermine Christians in America. If that is where your head is at... I don't want you as a member and don't want your money. As long as you feel its OK to arm your enemy and have excuses as to why you cannot help out God's workmen - I view you as a potential 'collaborator', enemy spy and a 'problem child' in the camp. You cannot have a renewed Christlike mind with your TV projecting an image of two men humping in bed... and you paying good money for it! Brothers, take care that you don't bring a curse on your finances over this misuse of God's blessings. So step back and consider... there is entertainment outside of Cable. The Internet has some great stuff for free or very, very inexpensive. TV is not what it used to be, family friendly TV shows of the 50's and 60's... its gone.  Today, it's satan friendly and if you step back and consider what I say carefully, you will know that what I am saying is right. No, you may not be able to get your favorite shows if you cut the cord but that is how they get you paying so much. This is how they make you a cable addict. Doling out all that dough for your digital 'fix'.

And be not conformed to this world: but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind,
that ye may prove what is that good, and acceptable, and perfect, will of God.
(Rom 12:2)

Can you take the digital addict test?  How do you take it? You have to be willing to save some money. Are you willing to do that? Here is how. Take six months off of cable. I know internet is pretty much essential these days, for email, bills, etc. But take the addict test and get rid of just the cable for 6 months and see if you can survive without it. FYI most cable companies hide the under $50 a month internet only access from their subscribers.  Maybe try just using some kind of internet TV device. Save yourself hundreds of dollars over the six months and take it. If you cannot take it you are indeed an addict and are probably in denial.  Let me put it to you this way as well. As you watch the world's morals paraded in front of your eyes hour after hour after hour in today's modern TV shows, you are indeed being conditioned. But in order for the conditioning to work you cannot be aware of just how you are being conditioned.  Your eyes really do glaze over as those digital messages become embedded in your cerebral cortex and slowly you begin to adopt the world's morality and spirituality. I think modern TV and the conflicting and often godless morality is one of the biggest unspoken challenges the Church faces today. Pastors won't talk about it because most of them are addicts too. When I made the break from it it was far, far easier than I thought it would be. I spent 79 bucks and got a Roku device and watch much of my TV completely free. Christian TV is abundant as well as news sites foreign language news and many other very interesting channels. FREE!

Folks individuals who pay all that money and cannot help out with Christian ministries,...I am not going to let such into my site. I got enough problems, I am not going to knowingly take on any more. The insiders page is for mature Christians who know or genuinely want to know the times we are in, what they mean and what we as true believers in Christ ought to be doing. It is not for the worldly and compromising minions who think they are saved and probably aren't. They have no intention of actually doing these things. They talk the talk but that is all.

But be ye doers of the word, and not hearers only, deceiving your own selves.
(Jam 1:22)

I know many of you don't like when I talk about money. Well money is why Gay Marriage is now the law of the land; its why the TPP is going to steal your job (and for most of you, it will), it's why they will soon force kids to be vaccinated in California and Christian sites and Churches have got troubles and Islam is rising. Christ talked quite a bit about money, particularly as it relates to stewardship.  Do you want to know who is to blame for the Supreme Court's decision on Gay Marriage and the trend in place with a President who endorsed it publicly? I am not blaming the gay's, at least not totally. I am blaming American Christians who armed the homosexual movement with billions of dollars who then put that money in the pockets of politicians, talking heads in the media and crooked Judges to rule the way they did. Nothing is done in Washington without a check being written and that includes Supreme Court decisions. That money came from somewhere. Much of it came from the American Christian who pays for this junk in their homes but won't help Christian ministers. That is why I am not speaking a negative word about what the gays did. The lost world will always act in a lost fashion - fish swim, birds fly and sinners sin. There is nothing new in that.  I am speaking against how Christians helped them do it and now whine about it because they have not the level of maturity and spiritual strength to just say 'no' to NBC, TimeWarner, Disney, Universal Studios, Pixar, etc. The same Christians who weep and whine about Gay Marriage now and will surely pop that cable check on the 1st... to pay the actors in more sexual Olympics and perhaps soon, the legalization of pedophilia or the televised executions of Christians.

I know many people want me to come back and be free again and let every liar, satan worshiper and covert officer on earth into the site so they can steal the work I do and use it for evil purposes as many have in the past. I deeply regret that. People took my analysis (some stole it when I specifically told them not to and then called me 'friend' and 'brother'.... after they robbed me) and used it to further goals for which I find utterly abhorrent. We are talking about people in the pay of the US government. This is another reason I went private. Evil men with evil purposes used my material in ways I never intended.

So those of you who are mad at me and want all the free goodies for yourself and don't want to help out, "Watson's Free All You Can Eat Diner" is closed for good. Don't come whining to me about coming back... it ain't gonna happen. If you are a mature Christian, one who has a few years walk with Christ under his belt, deeply wants to be saved more than anything in the world and want to do as Christ commanded 'Watch' in these most perilous times, then the private site is most defiantly for you. But that is a very, very small number of American/Western Christians. For the most part, in the past I had to deal with Christians who were operating a very basic level.

Brothers and sisters, you reap what you sow. You sowed nationwide sodomy with your money and now you've got it.

Finally let me leave you all with this. Most of your Christian sites today are not being paid for by Christians. Yes, there are some small blogs and sites that are, but for the most part your large Christian sites are being funded and run by some very dark forces. I cannot stress that enough. when you see a big site with all of those newswire stories ask yourself who is paying the bills. Those AP, Reuters, AFP wires services are very expensive. Then you have to pay staff writers, graphic artists.... folks that stuff costs SERIOUS MONEY. I know who is paying for a whole bunch of them and those who control them are NOT Christians. Their job is to steer the narrative in Christian political circles towards issues that they deem important and steer you away from issues that may hurt the interest of those who own them. I am not guessing and I am not making this up. The devil's got Control of much of the Christian internet (and so called 'African American/Black media' as well) and most Christians don't know it and don't want to know it. Bait and switch is the oldest intelligence tactic in the book... besides the female honey trap.

I have gone 'behind the lines' because I know who is behind this and know that they will not be satisfied until they get this site and one other site... one way or another. They have made it their goal. Why? We are not under their thumb. The two of us are the only US sites with any real traffic and significant period of time on the web that are not connected to the political/intelligence/satanic machines in Washington. I know none of you want to hear that, but there it is. That is how far the devil has got American Christendom on the internet.

Why am I telling you this? Get ready. Something big may be happening sooner than you think. I have laid out to insiders some of the major pressure points. They are real and some of them have been deliberately downplayed in the media. When Change comes, you may find that your favorite sites are not available and when they come back they are not the same. I have gone private for a reason. I saw something very, very ugly on the horizon the day the US supported Nazi-ism in Ukraine. Then I knew that the President was fully captured by the Underground Reich. Because he has no independent political machine (the illegal machines that run both political parties that blackmail/murder/ and do covert operations), he has to play ball with them. I knew the plan was going to be accelerated. I just did not know exactly which avenues they would take. Things are somewhat clearer now. I think I will be around no matter what at least for a while until they kill me... and they probably will and every true Christian who serves Christ. If you think they won't, ask some Christians in Iraq and Syria just how serious the devil is about killing Christians. If you don't think it's happening, just go to any major search engine and type in "ISIS Killing Christians", while American Christians switch between football games on TV.

Don't freak out, we have a little time, but not much. They may be able to put the breaks to the economic and political boulders heading our way, but I am not holding my breath.

So don't expect anything more here from me for outsiders for the reasons I just stated other than the occasional less important posts. I have been freed from serving the masses and the ingrates. God has given me a smaller scope and much nicer and easier group of  Christians to get along with and deal with. They appreciate the long hours and hard work done here. I am happy to call them friends, brothers and sisters.

Many of you have taken these internet age and those who work in it for granted. This was a brief period where a lot of powerful information could get out in a relatively unrestricted manner. I am fairly certain that is going to change, very soon, slowly at first, but much more as time moves on. Think those trade agreements and the stuff they have buried in them... and they do have stuff buried in them. Something to consider....

That and our world may change sooner and more significantly than you think.

Finally this post is not about self interest. Some may think that this is what this message is about. Do you see a donate button here on this page? If I were 'greedy' I would have one. I took that down over a year ago. No this is about far more than just this small rather insignificant site. This is about what millions of Christians are doing with the bounty God has given them and what the result of their poor stewardship has brought them. So I am not hearing any complaints about the Ruling on gay marriage. If Christians want a Christian nation, then they need to act like Christians and stop shopping with Sodom. Giving the devil all the ammunition and slumbering in front of a flatsscreen TV. No brothers, I see this ruling from a very different perceptive because I am on the front lines and hear the rationalizations and excuses for wasting so much money on those digital demons. So next time you are inclined to complain about why the nation is heading to hell in a handbasket, go over your finances and ask yourself what kind of steward you are with what God has given you and stop pointing the finger at everyone else. Turn your critical eye on yourself, not the Supreme Court who is just responding the political winds in the nation. Winds that you have funded with your money.

The hour is too late for you to be playing games. Brothers, there is much work to be done, Christians in need, the gospel to be preached, Churches and godly assemblies to hold together and ministries to support, and waking up the slumbering masses of nominal Christians. Western Christians, most of them are just going to have to start thinking and behaving very differently if they are going to be spiritually victorious in the days ahead. Their minds need to be renewed by the Holy Ghost and their priorities rearranged by Christ. These are dark days brothers and we must make ourselves ready. We must do the work we have been called to WHILE THERE IS STILL TIME!!

I must work the works of him that sent me, whilst it is day:
 the night cometh, when no man can work.
(Joh 9:4)
Brother Mark

Circa Thanksgiving 2014