An Open Letter To Senator Mikulski And The Senate Select Committee On Intelligence And The Intelligence Oversight Committee.

I am writing to you to share with me some concerns I have with the way I have been abused by members of the US intelligence community. Because of the open nature of this letter, I will have to talk around some issues, but those on the committee will fully understand what and who specifically I am talking about as I suspect many of the issues surrounding a long running federal investigation into me and my work have probably in some shape or form already come before your committee.

A few years ago, I was contacted by a long time CIA officer (formerly a Senior Executive there under the Panetta tenure) and former friend and was made aware that my name had been included with the names of several others to be used by an undercover CIA operative who would be unable to contact anyone even remotely associated with the US government, while undercover. This person was to operate in a highly sensitive and politically dangerous situation overseas. My site and name were give to him so that when it was time for him to come home, I could let others know and arrangements could be made to make that happen.

First of all, I did not really want to become involved in this. My work here at my site is not to really get involved in those kinds of things and my permission was not asked for before my name went on that list.

This angered me at the time, as for many years, I told this person time and again I did not want my name appearing anywhere at his place of employment as I did not and do not trust them. My professional contact with most of the CIA's officers in the past (and there have been a few) have shown them to be some of the worst kinds of rather ardent racists. I just did not want to deal with that place on that level ever again. This CIA officer did not respect my wishes and not only used my name liberally, he put my name as a point of contact on this very sensitive operation. I was made aware of what this soon to be operation as well as the what operative/person/entity was going to do in the broadest of terms many months before and in less clear terms, the purpose of it. Having worked in the intel business for over a decade, I know the deal and did not want to leave anyone 'hanging in the wind', so to speak. So I was going to reluctantly cooperate.

For the record, I kept my mouth shut during the time his operation was underway (and still have though I know it is winding down) but was not sure who this person was if and when he contacted me. He may have and he may not have done so. I don't know for sure. There is one person I suspected but the simple fact was, when I did email this person, within hours my VPNs and Internet connection went bonkers and my 'unconventional' DNS server went down and the notification that said  on their site that they had never been served with a warrant, was taken down just a few days later. In short, all manner of strange and evil things began to happen whenever I mailed this person.

I had no way of knowing who this person was for sure by email under those circumstances, though I could follow his actions via the news. [FYI others who will read this, real names are never used in this business]. But more importantly as a direct result of my attempts to help with this covert operation, I came under a full fledged investigation by the DOD who later became aware of this CIA operation and wanted to do all in its power to undermine it. Other federal agencies also became involved in investigating me. The surveillance was near total with a full team operating out of one of the nearby apartments. Even my neighbors were co-opted, destroying my reputation here where I live. They all probably now think I brew Meth or molest kids or something.

I had people (not neighbors) constantly passing by my home and peering in my windows and at least one home invasion, though I am 90% certain there were others as well. Of course a full computer scan of my laptop that could not be turned off  - initiated by the insertion of a personal USB drive into it.

I also came under what amounted to near harassment in many of the local places I frequent, to my local restaurant and gym. It became very annoying. At first I thought this was about Jeffery Sterling who once frequented by site. But later I found it this was about this other operation.

What I have come to suspect Senator is goes like this.

What I know is that - I do have some powerful folks within the Intelligence community who really hate what I do here and have threatened me through intermediaries. I know who they are. I have long known it and known that they are always looking to find ways of setting me up. They have tried it many times in the past. They don't like Black folks and they don't like Christians and they use the considerable power they have within the community to do set ups, slander, mock and even engage in more criminal activities in order to silence voices they want silenced. It may not be legal for them to do some of these things, but they do them all the same. They assume the oversight committee's won't do anything about it.

I strongly suspect that my name went on that list of contacts for this operation for the express intent of making sure others found out about any contact I had with this operative in order to have an excuse to initiate an investigation into me – break into my home, look for stuff, see if they could find anything ANYTHING to use against me to shut me up and put me where they think all Black folks belong, in jail. [This may not make sense to anyone but those in the Intelligence Oversight Committee, sorry  - but it may help if you put this operation more into the 'counter-intelligence' category.]

It was hinted to me in a round about way that they were looking for porn and sex toys and other compromising stuff to use against me. I have nothing like that in my home and they know that. The most 'evil' thing I have in my home is occasionally I have a six pack of Sam Adams in the Fridge, like during the holidays.

As I stated in an earlier post, they even had the gall to use the fake repair man routine and with him was a small child. I won't get into what they started, but they stopped in the middle of what was clearly a rehearsed routine. Then the repair man opened up to me about his experience in a drug bust years ago, that nearly killed him. Then I knew that this was a set up and they pressed him to do what he did.

Dear Senator, I am not looking for revenge and I am fairly certain that at least on some level you are aware of at least some of these things, I can tell that someone is aware by some of the things I have seen done quietly in the back pages of some clued in news sites. Thank you to those who have done the right thing.

However, I humbly request that you make sure that these things don't happen again to me or anyone else and that I am never again contacted by the CIA, its officers or its contractors in any official or semi-official capacity. I was more than wiling to help them secure the nation and do the right thing when it came to this operation, even though my permission was not asked for. I don't want to hear any excuses, explanations, apologies, or other mendacious or self serving words from that quarter. Rather I want to hear nothing but silence from the National Level intelligence community. In short, I want my name to go on permanent, 'off limits' and 'do not contact list'.

Should they come by a threat to my life and must by law report and make me aware, please, I respectfully request that they use the DOJ or the DHS, or State/Local Law enforcement to inform me. I want no more direct contact with the DOD's intelligence people or the CIA. I don't want to wind up in jail on some trumped up or framed up charges because I trusted these people again.

If this is 'burning bridges', lets put some administrative land-mines on both sides of it to make sure it never gets built again as well.

Senator, I may be a bit of a 'windbag' when it comes to my criticism of US foreign policy, but that does not mean I am any less loyal than those who are always in agreement with it who just want to sound patriotic when they don't know what they are talking about half the time. I am no brown-noser or bobblehead.

As a military veteran, American citizen and resident of the state of Maryland, I deserve to be treated better than I have been. In return for trying to help my country out as a private citizen, they tried to abuse the legal system to destroy a Black Veteran. No one likes being stabbed in the back.

My former friend? His job (what he was being paid to do in his federal paycheck) was to protect me from this kind of witch hunt. Instead, he was one of 'facilitators' of the investigation. He put me on a list that got me put under this witch hunt to begin with and then helped them do the hunting. I will stop short of accusing him directly of being the power behind this, but to put it bluntly its pretty hard for me not to come to that conclusion.

I ask that you seriously look into these matters and ensure that those over at the CIA and DOD go after the enemies of this country, rather than its loyal citizens and military veterans and that some controls and checks and balances that are more effective than the ones that they have now are put in place.  The CIA and DOD have too many hard core racists and men who are all too happy to sell arms and give military training to Nazi's and racists (as in Ukraine) and always have an excuse why they need to 'investigate'  and set up America's Black citizens.

I make this letter public because it's time to shine some light on the dirt going on over inside the Intelligence Community. Too often people are too scared or cowardly to speak out about the crap they have been put through.

I am not one of them. If they want to pull a 'Michael Hastings' on me for speaking out, that is their business. But I am not going to cower down in fear.

Nothing is more dangerous to the nations security than a security apparatus that targets its own loyal citizens.

I do not say these things out of hatred, malice or any desire for revenge. I have waited so long to write because I did not want to do so in anger. Needless to say, I was pretty angry. I simply want to live a quiet life in peace and not be harassed by Intelligence officials who obviously have nothing better to do or spend taxpayer money on than to go after private citizens, Veterans and men like me who were willing to help their country.

I thank you for your time and patience in attending to this matter.


Mark S. Watson
Jan, 2016