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Lynching by the Ku Klux Klan isn't as efficient at killing Blacks as Planned Parenthood abortions. Thanks to them, in America today, almost as many black babies are killed by abortion as are born.

This brochure presents abortion statistics that highlight the genocide that is being waged on the Black community by Planned Parenthood and the supporters of legalized abortion. It also exposes the racist ideas of Planned Parenthood's founder, Margaret Sanger, who openly admitted in her autobiography that she was once the featured speaker at a KKK meeting.

The truth revealed by the abortion facts and quotes in this brochure will open your eyes. - Klanned Parenthood (end excerpt)

I was struck by a piece in a very liberal website defending Planned Parenthood and putting down the horrendous statistics of Black abortions and the Nazi history of Planned Parnethood down to 'Black Paranoia'. I guess the Jews of Nazi germany would also be classified as 'paranoid' by these bastions of liberal thought.

Well, many years ago, I wrote a piece on Population control. In retrospeect, it is really just a basic look at the issue but many of you may be interested in it. In can be found here.

My purpose was to show why and who was behind the whole idea of population control. From suspicious diseases, to millions of dollars of public funds being directed towards Africa (in particular) for 'reproductive education', abortion, condoms and whatnot. A clear pattern is there for anyone with more than two fully functioning brain cells to see. Somebody wants to reduce the population of non-whites and black Africans are on the top of the de-population list.
Unfortunately, there seems to be another purpose to the United Nations policy makers, which with a little investigation, reveals itself in the oft repeated slogan of population control. Population control is rooted in the idea that the world’s population is increasing too rapidly and is outstripping natural resources.
“We must speak far more clearly about sexuality, contraception, about abortion, about values that control population, because the ecological crisis, in short, is the population crisis. Cut the population by 90 percent and there aren’t enough people left to do a great deal of ecological damage.”
These remarks were spoken by Dr. Sam Keen, a new age writer, at the 1996 Gorbachev conference in San Francisco. His remarked were received with warm applause, by the new “Intellectuals”. How he proposes to do away with 5 billion people was, of course, never discussed.
“My own doubts came when DDT was introduced. In Guyana, within two years, it had eliminated malaria. So my chief quarrel with DDT in hindsight is that it had greatly added to the population problem.”
This statement was made by Alexander King, president of the Club of Rome, a think tank for elitist and socialist ideas, which interlocks with the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) and the Trilateral Commission. Now according to the National Academy of Sciences, DDT had prevented 500 million deaths. Consequently, the Globalists set out to ban the use of DDT, not because it wasn’t effective or safe, but because it saved human lives. To these butchers, the preservation of human life is evil, letting hundreds of millions of people die is good.

Let us look at Africa, the Rwanda situation should have sent off alarm bells to the American people, unfortunately, during those massacres the WWF, and Bart Simpson were also on television, consequently, little attention was paid by the American masses. The Genocide first began in April of 1994. In the Early 1990’s the Hutu led military issued decrees disarming the largely Christian Tutsi’s. After the Tutsi’s were disarmed, the Hutu’s, using machetes massacred 800,000 Tutsi’s. Please take note, Madeline Albright[i] insisted the word Genocide not be used. This is because such a word must call for trials. American foreign policy did not want that to happen. One must wonder if the American foreign policy establishment really wanted the murder to come to an end before any neighboring African troops intervened, as American troops prevented others form entering in to render medical assistance to the sick and dying. Now the Hutu’s, after their faithful slaughter, has received millions of dollars in aid from no other source than the US Government. What is ignored is that fact the weapon of choice was the machete, a weapon easily outclassed by a simple machine gun. The argument that the safety of any intervening troops, the primary consideration for denying entry in to the ravaged areas, simply lacks credibility. The press, course, as the faithful and diligent defender of the elite, took its pre-scripted role of mute silence, was remiss in not explaining who and why no help was sent.

Time would fail me to discuss the effects on population that the HIV virus has had in Africa, where some of the infection rates in African militaries are over 75%. Whether you believe AIDS is man made or naturally occurring, the effects on population has been the same. Let me ask this question? Since when has having an incurable, contagious disease which just so happens to be transmitted through the act of reproduction (that is, making more people) been treated like a protected status, where some have even called for special rights? Has this helped curtail or spread the disease? Since when has our society shown such kindness on people whose illness is always fatal? Since when have our leaders been so quick to move to protect the homosexual population, (whose sexual activities coincidentally do not bring about procreation), while largely understating the effects of AIDS in Africa? One factor seems to be increasing clear, it is Africa that is the target. Resource rich, beautiful Africa, populated with what Margeret Sanger, the Founder of Planned Parenthood called, ‘human weeds’, that is, Black people[ii]. The Infamous Tuskeegee study is another interesting scene in the panorama of America’s medical experiments. Here black men were, after, being told they were being treated for their illness, (syphilis) were deliberately kept from medicines which would cure them, so that doctors could observe the effects of syphilis on men.

One must wonder when we will see crematoriums and gas chambers in America.

Let us consider the Abortion issue, once again it coincides completely with the population control agenda; the less people born the better. This form of murder seems far less objectionable to many Americans because the human life killed has no one to mourn for it, especially when its own mother is the butcher. When the abortion issue is raised, it is almost invariably raised in conjunction with the poor and yes, we have it again, black’s. The implication here is that ‘these people’, according to much of what we hear from many quarters, cannot control themselves, and if more of “them” are born it will just add to the burden of welfare and crime to our societies. Margaret Sanger who I mentioned before was the founder of Planned Parenthood, she organized the “Negro project” this was designed to eliminate what she believed to be an inferior race of people:
“The Masses of Negroes... particularly from the south, still breed carelessly and disastrously, with the result that the increase among Negroes, even more than among whites is from that portion of the population least intelligent and fit.” - Margaret Sanger- The Negro Project[iii].
As you can see Planned Parenthood has some interesting beginnings that are not generally known, for obvious reasons.

Ms. Sanger also intended to hire some black ministers to propagandize for birth control.
“The most successful educational approach to the Negro is through Religious appeal. We do not want word to get out that we want to exterminate the Negro population, and the minister is the man who can straighten out the idea if it ever occurs to any of their more rebellious members.”- Margaret Sanger[iv]
Yes, the Ghost of Adolph Hitler is alive and well. It has been living in America for 50 some years, in the person of our Presidents[v], who support organizations such as Planned Parenthood[vi] and their Cabinets, many of our Doctors and Senators, in our corporate board rooms and in our living rooms, in our news rooms and in our schools. The American people are just like the Germans so many years ago, in denial. Until the stench of rotting corpses was unmistakable, most Germans were also in denial. Even then, most simply shut their eyes from seeing. Those that do see are cowering in the dark, knowing full well what awaits them if they speak out. A few are speaking out, but only a few, Americans may be able to hear them during a commercial break, while watching another inane sitcom or perhaps another sports extravaganza. That is provided, they aren’t doped up or drunk. Of course the infantile refrain is ‘you know, it can’t happen here, this is America!’ Of course ‘America’ is the magic word and all corruption and evil magically disappear when you say America!! And if you, as an American, really believe that, then you have definitely been watching too much T.V.!

Blood is crying from the ground, the desire of those who are formulating UN population policy have all made target estimates of 500 million to 3 billion people as the ideal population of Earth. Some have stated that it is imperative that this be accomplished, soon, by any available means.
"At present the population of the world is increasing ... War so far has had no great effect on this increase ... I do not pretend that birth control is the only way in which population can be kept from increasing. There are others ... If a Black Death could be spread throughout the world once in every generation, survivors could procreate freely without making the world too full ... the state of affairs might be somewhat unpleasant, but what of it? Really high-minded people are indifferent to suffering, especially that of others." - Bertrand Russell[vii]
Population control is a integral part of the Globalist agenda. One point that should be made here is that the Nazi's own population control agenda was formulated and executed with extreme secrecy. While the Jews of Germany were horribly persecuted and demonized by the state, the systematic extermination of the Jews was not a publicly announced policy. All notes of the Wannsee Conference, where the policy of extermination was planned and discussed, were to be burned and the topic of the conference was held in extreme secrecy. So consider this dear reader, while all the signs were present that this is what Hitler had planned for the Jews, the actual policy was carried out secretly. History is repeating itself today. Far too many suspicions diseases are being discovered and the deaths of far too many micro-biologists who work in genetics are happening to all be a just a 'coincidence'. Coincidence theorists are the ones who would stand by and watch the holocaust happen all over again while they cling to their religion of 'coincidental denial'[iv]. Today or at least very soon, it will be possible to create viruses that only kill certain races of people, thus using science (just like the Nazi's) to exterminate people with a high degree of secrecy. This will be a possibility that no one really will consider until great swaths of the human family have been wiped out by a few powerful and satanically inspired people. Secrecy will work greatly to the advantage of these evil men because anyone who speaks about it can be labeled a 'conspiracy nut' while the body bags are being filled. This is working now as a successful tact, as many much of the population of Africa has been decimated by AIDS and any who questions the suspicious causes of the disease, the extremely ineffective methods employed in combating it and the extreme pricing in medications is labeled a 'conspiracy nut' or a 'right wing wacko'. If indeed our policy makers wanted to solve the AIDS crisis, serious debate as to the causes of this dreadful disease should be explored without scientific or political prejudices. This has not only not happened, but woe to any suggest such a ‘unproductive’ course of action. - Population Control
Lets take a look at some interesting connections and perhaps you can understand two things. One, why liberal blogs and sites are doing whatever they can to lie to their readers and not tell them the whole truth about abortion and the elite power behind it and the real purpose of it. It is not about 'choice', Choice is a propaganda tool, nothing more. Second they will not explain why the Democratic party is the cornerstone of Klan Parenthood, the Party the vast majority of African Americans belong to.

So.. Who is Cecile Richards? Well, lets click on over to the great Wikipedia and find out...
Cecile Richards From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Cecile Richards is[update] the current president of the Planned Parenthood Federation of America.[1]

She previously founded and served as president of America Votes, a coalition of national Democratic organizations.[2] Before that, she was deputy chief of staff to Rep. Nancy Pelosi, the Democratic majority leader in the U.S. House of Representatives.[3] She has also worked at the Turner Foundation.[4]

In 1996, she founded the Texas Freedom Network, a Texas organization formed to counter the Christian Right.[5] Richards was strongly critical of the Stupak-Pitts Amendment, which places limits on taxpayer-funded abortions in the context of the November 2009 Affordable Health Care for America Act.

Richards is the daughter of the late Texas governor Ann Richards. She graduated from Brown University in 1980, is married to Kirk Adams, a labor organizer with the Service Employees International Union, and has three children. She currently[update] lives in New York City.[6]

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Planned Parenthood, Cecile Richards is at the heart of the Democratic party, tracking right back to the office of the Speaker Of The House.

But Barak Obama here shows is true colors... A black Swasticka with a white background. Did you know he voted against the Born Alive Victims act? This was a bill that said that a baby who survived an abortion was a full person. Obama wasn't for that. If doctor Mengele wants it dead, that should be enough for Barak Obama. Now folks this is the real Barak Obama. Millions of Blacks are being killed in aborutuaries and Obama wants the killing to continue. Now don't get me wrong, he will make a speech about how 'America does not support abortion', but go on and vote for bills that kill babies. That... dear readers, is the real Obama. Say one thing, do another and hope nobody sees you doing it. Don't let this guy fool you, he is like a Jew in 1940 Germany who puts on an SS uniform and says, 'Heil Hitler' and then rounds up and exterminates his own people. He is not about helping black people. Banksters yes, Blacks no.

I am not being too hard on Obama. One of the very first things he did as President was to release Federal Funds (that's our Tax dollars) for the UN's Abortion Programs. These programs include FORCED ABORTIONS.
The American economy is in turmoil but the Obama administration sent a $50 million check yesterday to the United Nations Population Fund. That's the pro-abortion group that has been accused of supporting and working in concert with Chinese family planning officials. There, the Chinese population control program has relied on forced abortions, involuntary sterilizations and other human rights abuses to enforce its rule that most couples may have no more than one child. - Life Site


As LifeNews.com has reported, the Obama campaign confirmed to a pro-abortion web site that he would restore funding for the UNFPA, which has been found to have participated in the China family planning program that prohibits families in the Asian nation from having more than one child.

The coercive policy also includes forced abortions and forced sterilizations, and has seen Chinese population control officials remove offenders from their jobs, harass family members and required forced labor or imprisonment for those violating the policy. - Lifesite
Who makes the Billions of dollars in the Abortion industry? Where do they give their campaign contributions? In a pro-life organization? I think not!

You are dealing with industrial scale evil and genocide that is politically protected by the emmisaries of Satan, which in incude the leaders and followers of the Democratic party Go and find out about the Malthusians Obama has appointed to his cabinet.

The Guttmacher Policy Review (a pro-choice organization) did and interesting paper to commemorate Black History Month and I think most of my readers. It is left leaning, full of Malthusian excuses but the first sentence is rather interesting.
This much is true: In the United States, the abortion rate for black women is almost five times that for white women. Antiabortion activists, including some African-American pastors, have been waging a campaign around this fact, falsely asserting that the disparity is the result of aggressive marketing by abortion providers to minority communities. - Guttmacher Institute
While the institute goes on and on about 'reasons why' Blacks walk into the modern day version of Auschwitz to kill their progeny, I look less at reasons, which are easily interpreted and spun by modern malthusians in order to continue on with the Genocide. Rather I look to the actual results/numbers and hard data. Guttmacher can talk about 'abortion marketing' and other reasons all they want. I want to know, how many, who and why are you making so many excuses in order to make it continue? What does the CDC say?
Among women from the 39 areas for which race was reported for 2006, white women (including both Hispanic and non-Hispanic white women) accounted for the largest percentage (55.8%) of abortions; black women accounted for 36.4% and women of other racial groups for 7.8% (Table 10). Black women had higher abortion rates and ratios than white women and women of other races (Table 10). Among the 29 reporting areas that provided data every year during 1997--2006, the percentage of abortions by race changed little; abortions by women in the "other" racial category increased, but the percentage remained low (5.8%--7.7%) (Table 11). Among women from all racial groups, abortion rates and ratios generally declined during 1997--2006, but the abortion rate was higher in 2006 than in 2005; for black women, the abortion ratio was lower in 2006 than in 2005, whereas for white women and women in the "other" racial category, this measure was relatively stable during 2005--2006 (Table 11). - CDC

No, folks from the beginning public statements made by Planned Parenthoods founder and otherS connected with it cause me to conclude that this organization can only be called a clandestine, Neo-Nazi organization. It wanted to exterminate people based on race from its very inception. They market death as choice and ensure non-Aryans are the most most numerous victims.

If you want to dig around you can find a web of deceit, Non-profit foundations, powerful persons both (generally) known and unknown who are behind this careful, decade long planned genocide. The propaganda we are hearing now is just those who are in some way under their financial or political control dancing to their own respective puppet master. Be it the Liberal Blog, TV host, Congressperson, or the resident Uncle Tom, sitting at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave., minding the massa's house. There is real power and real evil behind the abortion movement as well as the propaganda assault we are seeing. None of those defending this wickeness talk about Sanger and her ties to the KKK and the Nazi's. Modern Abortion has nothing to do with the 'rights of women'. If you do not believe me, go ask the Chinese mother who sits in a labor camp for the crime of bearing a child. The Labor Camp and evil 'kill the baby' policy paid for by Obama.

No, dear readers, abortion is a most hideous crime being perpetrated by the spiritual entity of nazism as well as actual persons and organizations who trace their heritage and financial backing directly back to Hitler. It is an evil that America will pay for, double.
Hamlet. Murder!
Ghost. Murder most foul, as in the best it is
But this most foul, strange, and unnatural. - Hamelet (Shakespeare)
That is what I think of Abortion, Mothers who kill their babies, the Medical monsters who perform this hideous act and the state who approves, defends and funds it.

They are murderers and thus, are of the devil.

Let them come to the cross, repent of this most unnatural evil and find grace from God, if it be still possible.

And the rest of the men which were not killed by these plagues yet repented not of the works of their hands, that they should not worship devils, and idols of gold, and silver, and brass, and stone, and of wood: which neither can see, nor hear, nor walk: Neither repented they of their murders, nor of their sorceries, nor of their fornication, nor of their thefts.
(Rev 9:20-21)

Brothers, there is organized evil behind abortion. Once you strip away the marketing and the political slogans and start looking at the leadership, history and funding of Pro-abortion groups you come to the most startling conclusion and one that not one mainstream media source and only a couple of real gutsy bloggers will ever tell you. It will keep you awake nights. Literally. I know this entry is not for most supposed Christians, who think only Aryans are getting into heaven and it is their 'divine right' to kill others who do not look like them. But it may be to those whose minds and souls have not been polluted with the other side of the Satanic coin, that being the large portions of the Religious Right and the covert and overt racism and hate that resides in those who subscribe to this most deceptive version of luciferianism: Those who call themselves 'christian', but have no part in the Risen Christ.

By, Mark S. Watson