Jerusalem - City of the Ages  

Jerusalem is a very important city for the end times.  After almost 2000 years of exile the Jews returned to the ancient Land of Israel and have built a home there.  These have been tumultuous times for the Jews as the nearby Arabs have been less than  enthusiastic about their new found neighbors.  According to the Bible the Jews were to return to the holy land in the last days.  This return was usually allegorized and even scoffed at in some Christian circles in the 18th and 19 century. Yet when Israel  actually did become a nation, the so called Christian Establishment had to sit back and take notice. After several wars with her neighbors and the subsequent victories, the Israeli government has earned  respect, if not love from her Arab neighbors.

Israel's survival, it seems, is miraculous, with several regional militaries coordinating political and at times military attacks, Israel  has had help from 'on-high'.  God promised that the returned Jewish nation would not be removed from its place again. Yet a time of great trial and tribulation is yet in store for Israel, according to what the Bible says.  The time of the end is also knows as the time of 'Jacob s Trouble'.  Jerusalem it, was foretold would become a cup of trembling for the nations and that it will be a key issue at the very end of this age. According  Bible , the Antichrist (man of sin) will make his abode in Israel for a period of time. This man (Antichrist) will confirm the covenant with the many. This has mistakenly been thought mean that the Antichrist will sign a treaty with Israel.  Yet the Bible only says that he will only confirm the covenant. This is a very important  distinction. This confirmation could mean many things, from security guarantees to deployment of troops between combatants. The scripture is not exact in what confirmation means. Yet the word security is the main concern that Israel has today. Israel  knows what it is like to be a  wandering people  and they certainly do not want that again. God s prophecies were that Israel  would be scattered throughout the nations if they rebelled against God's commands. The Israelites of old spurned God and his  commandments, They worshiped false Gods and sacrificed their children to Pagan Gods. They, caused God to become very, very angry.. The result is many of the Jews were slaughtered; children, the old, sick, all who rebelled against the living God. Those that were left were scattered and wandered from country to country for generations. They were persecuted, hunted and murdered, just like the bible said they would be if they rebelled against God. This was God s specific warning that if they continued to rebel, they would be exiled, and slaughtered. Only a remnant would remain alive. Yet this is exactly what has happened, the Jews had all of these things happen to them, just like the bible said it would.

Yet in the day of the return of the diaspora, many refuse to see God at work. They (Jews and Gentiles) attempt to explain away Gods promises and miraculous doings. I maintain this is because a real recognition of the obvious would force people to reexamine their own lives, and psychologically it is easier to find  explanations  than turn from 'pet' sins. Such an acknowledgment would entail personal accountability. Yet this is the kind of  proof  people claim to seek when making excuses for not following God. The days ahead will show just how accurate the Bible is and just how fearsome his might is.  God is not to be mocked, He demands righteousness and faith. Yet he has been patient with man for a long time, but this age, the age of grace is quickly coming to an end. God s Grace will be removed one day and those that refuse to acknowledge Gods pleadings will face his anger and utter and eternal contempt.

The City of Jerusalem today is a hotly contested place. Moslems, Christians and Jews all look to its as an important spiritual place. In today's peace negotiations, the interests of all these faiths must compete against political realities. Yet God has spoken that he will one day Rule form there, but he will do so without the consent of today s political leadership. When he reigns, it will be to destroy his enemies and reward his servants. But before all of this must come a false messiah, one that claims to be a peace bringer but whose heart is for destruction.  He will come first and deceive many people into accepting him as a  man of peace . The Bible indicates that this man will commit some act of sacrilege in Jerusalem (the temple of God) and when this happens a chain of events will unfold that will bring the the middle east in particular but the world in general, to the brink of total destruction.  Jerusalem has an important psychological impact on most of the worlds population and  the man of sin will certainly use that fact in his attempt to gain power and influence in the Middle East. And yet he will turn his armies later on Israel, in an effort to destroy Israel in the infamous battle of Armageddon. The antichrist, being a very powerful agent of Satan on earth, wants to declare himself God, in the place that God himself said he will reign from, Jerusalem. In his arrogance he will try it. This will eventually lead to a conflagration the world has never seen before.

Jerusalem is pivotal in the last days. One who really wants to know what time it is on God s time clock needs only look a Jerusalem to find out. The current peace process that captivates the headlines of today and the constant refrain of security for the Israelis all are directly prophesied in the Bible.   Christians  have been commanded to do some things when these things happen, yet most do not have clue as to what that is. Jesus asked his disciples  when he came back, again would he find faith on the earth? This is an important question to ponder. Christ is going to return, and he will destroy the impostor antichrist and all of his followers, that being the majority of the inhabitants of the earth who have taken the mark of the beast with which no man may buy or sell. This will cause some hard choices for those living at that time. It will, more importantly require faith, a deep abiding and strong faith to endure.

Jerusalem is for Christ, but the antichrist will come first... for a season.

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