Ganging Up On Anti-Vaxxers

This is a growing movement and clearly it is having an effect on people. This link out of the NYT looks at how the establishment see it. Note that there is no 'authorship' in the article and is ascribed to the Board. How safe are vaccines? Are they all dangerous? Some? Any? This is not a question I feel the least bit competent to answer. But I will say this, there is an enormous amount of money being spent by those who sell vaccines to get or even force people to take them.

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Vaccines are a very contentious issue. Frankly I think both sides of the argument have a lot to say for themselves. Vaccines have indeed saved countless lives (think Polio). In many places in the developing world, they can indeed continue to do much good. That is not to say that things like Autism and other unfortunate effects of vaccines are not real, I think they are and are being downplayed by an industry that is motivated by two factors. First, the Genuine need and desire to help others and prevent the spread of disease and second by a very lucrative revenue stream - particularly if they can get state governments to buy millions of doses of vaccines in 'forced' vaccination programs. This creates a permanent state-sponsored revenue stream.

But my concern with vaccines are different. We have seen use of vaccines to bring in compulsory sterilization and always on of people of color. While the UN and others have gone into PR overdrive, many African leaders and doctors have made it clear that someone is putting things in Vaccines that are sterilizing Africans. Its not just Africans. forces (or secret) sterilizations are reserved for non-whites.

This has been a long pattern, not a conspiracy theory despite what industry 'professionals' may say - or rather, get paid to say.  Do you see any Black faces here?

This is the danger I see with vaccines. The way they could potentially be covertly used for programs that the elite will never tell us. A quiet subcontract to a company that is being secretly funded by those with a radical de-population agenda; a multi-billionaire with radical views on race and population control who pays people to look the other way while they run an experiment. These things happen. The Ebola outbreak we had a few years ago was one of those experiments, contracted out of a US company. Indications (with admittedly little proof that can be shared) was that the purpose of the outbreak was not to kill as many as possible, but to scare the world and then test and later market a cure that had already been developed at considerable profit. A cure that, by the way was not used as officials quietly found out what was going on and decided not to reward the company. Just so you know, these contracts are lucrative. This is an industry -  their job is to make money.

I probably should spend more time on this subject today as it is an important one, but many sites have beat this subject to death often with spin that is more 'scary' than circumspect.

I think the key to understand is that both sides of this debate have very important points to make, but one issue that officials are loath to deal with are those with a lot of money or political influence who know how to insert themselves into the Aid and Medical systems to make money at any cost, including the lives of others or who have their own agenda as to who should live, die or be experimented upon.

This is why we have to be wary, but not paranoid about Vaccines. They can do a lot of good, but even more harm in the hands of the wrong people.

Yet today, I see a narrative being created by the powerful men in this country for a reason that is not yet clear. Perhaps they see a bioweapon being unleashed on the nation and want to make sure they can forestall/combat  it. This is a very serious threat.  Yes, some of America's geopolitical rivals have very potent bioweapons and indeed have used them on the US before, though usually targeting agriculture (in order to conduct economic warfare. covertly).  I think this is probably one key driver behind the tactics we are seeing today against those who have concerns about vaccines.

Another reason may be that BigPharma is concerned about their profits now as people now are talking more about generic drugs and them having to start to answer pointed questions about such things on the Hill. Perhaps now they want to find a new revenue streams.  Forced vaccinations at a few dollars a pop? Do that to a few million people a few times a year and you can offset any losses you may have from other sources.

I can tell you there is money and power behind silencing one side of the debate. Censorship? We have seen this too. It is happening right now. Some don't want debate, they want only one side of the issue discussed. Censorship on such a critical issue? Where is that coming from? I can tell you that many of today's big names in drugs are direct descendants of Nazi Germany's IG Farben.

You can read about the mergers that happened later here.

For the most part I just don't think you are dealing with nice people who are telling us to trust to inject us with things we don't understand.

Then there is the science - everyone cites some scientific study that 'proves' something.  I know, many of you have read the recent news.

Major Study 'Confirms' No Autism Link To Measles Vaccine

So the big major papers are saying. The research was done over a long period of time. Time Magazine reports in the link above.

Like all science, its like the major media. Bias's often spring from the pocketbook. Find out who is paying the bills and one can predict with alarming accuracy any slant or results.

The actual study can be found here. It was partially funded by the Novo Nordisk Foundation. This company attended the World Vaccine Congress and is involved in vaccine production.

Forgive me, but this just looks to me too much like the fox investigating the hen house. 

I am not saying that there is a link to Autisim or any disease or serious medical condition. I don't know. But if there is one, I don't expect anyone who identified it to stay in business for very long.

Overall I have to be fair to policy makers. Their considerable concern with anti-Vaxxers and it is a real one and cannot be understated. In many places where there are epidemics we have seen people refuse vaccines because of concerns over these very issues. In an area where there is an epidemic, this is a very serious concern to those who have to deal with an outbreak. So the debate is more complex that either side wants to make out. Vaccines have indeed saved countless lives in the past. From Polio to Measles they can do a lot of good if done correctly. But when these big companies get involved their job is less about public health but to use a guilt trip over public health to rake in the billions or other dark forces who have another agenda, to test something new on poor Black Africans who have no resources to fight back legally when they sterilize them to reduce the population of Africans.

Look this is not any kind of conspiracy theory - if you think I am off, go and read this and check out the video.

So lets get real. Those who are pushing these Vaccines are making a mint. They see those who are asking pointed questions as being a threat to their business model. So they demonize them call them 'conspiracy theorists' when in fact the record shows that there is no theory involved - many powerful folks have come right out and said what they want to do - reduce the population. How do you accomplish that?

I will let you figure that one out.


Mark S. Watson
Mar, 2019