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African Americans:

Choosing the Politics of Sodom

The malaise that has crept over the African American Community is endemic to the politics Blacks have vigorously sought after. Almost one fourth of young Black men are part of the American prison system. His life expectancy is considerably less than that of his White counterpart. He will earn less money than Whites and is far more likely to die violently than any other racial group. What are the causes of these dismal statistics? How can they be changed? How many of these problems are a direct result of racism? How much can be laid at the feet of the Black community and its much heralded leaders?

The Death of the Family

First and foremost, when discussing the problems that face the African American, is the destruction of the family. More and more Black children are growing up in households with no father. A child being born out of wedlock is an increasingly destructive phenomenon in Black America. It is manifesting itself in black men who develop an identity crisis early in life. They seek comfort in other young adults who come from similar circumstances and many of these associations can become criminal in nature. These young men need the direction and firm hand and the tough love a father can give. Today out-of-wedlock child bearing is becoming very commonplace and often springs from the desire of many women to have children who realize the number of marriageable men is disproportionally smaller to the number of eligible women. Hence, the desire to have children out of wedlock is often (though certainly not always) a matter of choice. Many Black Americans see these problems and wish to find remedies for it, yet seem powerless to do so. Herein lies one of the main problems facing Black America. This problem, the break up of the Black family, will haunt African Americans for this generation and the next.

The Death of Common Sense

African Americans have struggled long and hard to obtain the freedoms and privileges they now enjoy. Blacks, in the past, had shown a real tenacity for bringing about positive change in America; they sided with what was morally right and with what was just. They did these things with a firm faith in God and the willingness to peacefully demonstrate to America and the world that what America was doing to blacks was wrong. God, I believe, moved many in this country to give Blacks true equal protection and the right to vote. Richard Nixon, who while often viewed by many as a racist, signed our current Affirmative Action policy into law. This policy is often incorrectly heralded as an achievement of the Democratic Party and the Democratic Party alone. Additionally, African Americans have blasted the conservative ideals that are so clearly represented in the Bible, these being family, truth, honor, sexual purity and the affirmation of life. The average Black Church in America has abandoned the theology of the Bible for the Political Correctness of the World System. Today, in Black Pulpit after Pulpit, mass murder (abortion, including crainiotomies performed on babies in the process of being born) is not addressed, and homosexuality is condoned, if not by direct affirmation, then by silence and political support of candidates who support these anti-God polices. Here in America, the Black Churches have teamed up with those who defy the God of the Bible to assist them in their anti-Christian agenda. The God, who freed African Americans from their slavery and moved them this far up in society, cannot be pleased. Yet now, not unlike the Israelites of old, God must weep at the sins of the pastors of America (most especially, many black pastors) just like he did with Israel. It is unfortunate that American Blacks have sacrificed their moral and Christian heritage on the altar of political expediency.

The Legacy of Racism

Yet, racism is still a repugnant reality in America. Black Americans are acutely aware of this fact. From the schools they attend to the work place to the banks where they get loans from, Blacks are consistently treated far worse than their white counterparts, and often worse than immigrants who just arrive in America.  From racial profiling, (a fancy name for 'you guilty 'cause you black') to the racist nature of our criminal justice system, which targets African American Neighborhoods for drugs and carefully ignores the scourge of drugs in the upper middle class areas where affluent Whites live. A system that proposes prison sentences on Black offenders and rehabilitation for White offenders are all factors which concern and at times rightfully inflame Black Americans. This reality must be understood before any person in America can begin to understand the deep concern Black Americans have on the subject of racism. Yet this anger has caused many blacks, which call themselves Christian, to subordinate the will of God to their own social and political agenda. In other words, mass murder and homosexuality are OK, as long as 'we can keep affirmative action and help keep the federal money coming into our communities'. The God of the bible, which many Blacks claim to worship, does not address affirmative action in his word. He does not comment on how our federal dollars are to be spent in the Black community. He is however; abundantly clear about these other (abortion, Homosexuality) matters, which are given little or no airplay in the modern Black Church or the Black Community. In short, the Black church has been hoodwinked and bamboozled by the God of this world into affirming policies that affront the God of all things, in exchange for their 30 pieces of affirmative action 'silver'.

The children of Israel also made such compromises. They also sacrificed their children in the fires of idolatry and allowed immorality and idolatry to reign in their society. When things to too much for God, he led them right back into the slavery they thought they would not see again. This is a lesson that African Americans need to heed in very short order. Worldwide slavery is on the rise. From Sudan to China, slavery and slave labor is becoming the norm for the Global economy. Slavery today takes many forms. The sweatshop and prison labor are two of the most common forms it takes. With almost 25% of black men in prison, and Corporate America involved in the multi-Billion dollar a year prison labor industry, this should concern thinking Black Americans. It should be far more important than the mythical gains our people have made with affirmative action and other set aside programs. Indeed, the group that has gained the least from these programs is the Black male. The Black woman has gained some, as employers see in a Black female, two affirmative action 'birds' killed with one hiring  'stone' (1. Minority and  2. Woman), whereas, the Black male is only one hiring 'bird' (minority). Affirmative action has helped the largest (majority) group of Americans far more than minorities, namely White women. This has been the real result of affirmative action. It has not so much in helped minorities but helped the largest majority in America in entering and exceeding in the work place. Yet, Black leaders are not about to stop sounding the trumpet of affirmative action in the media and in the political arena.

Blacks and the Democratic Party

The media-made black 'leaders' of today, who have no job as such, other than in the civil rights industry (and yes, it is a very lucrative industry), are little more than front men for the Democratic Party. The constant refrain from these charlatans is to affirm to Black Americans how 'good' the Democrats are and how 'evil' the Republicans are. This lie is repeated ad-nauseam and unfortunately, far too many African Americans lack the sophistication and intellectual acuity to see behind the blatant political maneuvers of the Democratic party. These black leaders are wheeled out as if on cue, by some of the most powerful corporations in the nation (ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, TIME, etc, of which many are owned by defense contractors, banks and other powerful interests which  historically have  kept blacks out of their own corporate Board rooms) to enumerate to the nation at large the virtues of supporting Democratic candidates. This is especially true when donations to democratic candidates by Corporate America are significant or when other political and economic agendas of the Democratic Party line up with what these Corporations want.

Keeping Blacks under control seems also to be a key purpose of some of these media-made black leaders. Repeatedly, Blacks vote by reflex for candidates which are all 'fire and brimstone' with their rhetoric about racism at election time and then, after all the votes are counted, 'forget' their promises to Black Americans. This is because the Democratic Party knows full well regardless of what the Democratic party does, even if its policies are overtly racist, Democratic party elders know how successful the rattling the sabers of , "the Republicans are racist!!" is at election time. This, they have shown time and time again, will ensure the vast majority of Blacks will vote Democrat regardless of the Democratic Party record in office. A perfect example was during the 1992 election, Clinton promised to bring in the Black Haitians who were drowning in makeshift rafts in the ocean, he chided Bush for his policies of not letting them in the US.  President-Elect Clinton, (after the votes were counted) did not even wait to get inaugurated to break the promise he made to Black Americans, yet and still Blacks flocked to Clinton with the emotional intensity and intellectual vacuity of a teenager's adoration for a pop-star. It is difficult to say specifically what Clinton has actually done in eight years to help blacks out. He has given us much warm talk and some interesting round-table discussions, but when it comes to the, What did he actually do?  The answer is… very little.  He can get away with this, as do most Democrats, because he knows no matter what he does, Black Americans will vote Democrat. As if stuck in a rut or a possessing a nervous twitch that can't be stopped, most Blacks have so identified with the Democrats that some of the less intellectually endowed African Americans believe, that to be Black is to be Democrat!!  This is the slave mentality if there ever was one. To be a free human being requires independent thought. Any person who gives up that right for a collective reflex is in the process of unwittingly giving up his or her freedom to the people he or she has sworn such blind allegiance to.  

Blacks did not gain their freedom in an intellectual vacuum nor will they keep it in one. Remaining free and moving ahead in the civil-rights and constitutional-rights struggle means forsaking the methodologies of the past that have not worked and embrace something new. Something that is intellectually, morally and spiritually sound, rather than simply politically correct.

A New Idea

Affirmative Actions replacement is one place that America can start. Replacing Affirmative Action with a framework either administrative or legal that ensures that racism, when practiced, is far too expensive a policy to allow to flourish weather by design or neglect.  This would best be brought about by legal means using two methods.

1.        Making it easier and less expensive for plaintiffs to sue employers for discrimination in hiring and internal promotions by making the burden of proof equal for both the plaintiff and corporate defendant. For example, if an employer is located in an area where a high concentration of qualified blacks are located yet has only a very small representation of Blacks, then this can and should work very much against an employer in court. If on the other hand a very small number of qualified blacks are in the locality and the corporation has a high number of blacks working for them this would work in their favor. This does not force corporations to hire on a quota system, but when qualified minorities are denied employment on flimsy grounds this would work against the corporation and while an isolated event of racism may transpire, a continued practice of discrimination would be dangerous in light of the following.

2.        Criminalizing racial discrimination in the work place with prison sentences for management that clearly engage in such practices. Just as a corporation cannot engage in fraud or corruption (these crimes carry prison sentences) the same should apply for racism. The excuse that upper management is 'not aware of' or 'does not condone these practices, however...', when the evidence indicates otherwise, should be no defense. Lengthy prison sentences coupled with hefty civil fines or perhaps even a large percentage of voting stock in said company for a winning plaintiff in the company that practices racism.  This would be a strong enough deterrent to make the practice of racism far too expensive for a corporation to contemplate, let alone practice.

Such would be the types of deep changes that would have to be made if the American people and government really wanted to end the stigma of racism in America. Unfortunately, there are too many ignorant, greedy and morally bankrupt people among the electorate and in the government to really want to bring about these kinds of changes.  This ignorance is not endemic to any particular race of people, but this anti-black racism of this sort and on this scale is really only a reality in two nations in the post WWII era, South Africa, and the United States of America.

How will this end?

No one can really say. It can be clearly understood that Black Americans must awaken to something much more than the Democratic party rhetoric of the past century if they are to rise above the pettiness of a large group of racists in America. These racists reside in both political parties. Racism must be viewed as a whole as an individual issue. Racist acts are generally committed by individual people against individuals. Attitudes must be changed. This is an uncomfortable reality as racism is not only a crime committed by Whites. Blacks have also been just a guilty of racism as whites. Racist statements made by some of Black Americas leaders about Jews and Whites are akin to a man stuck in a wheelchair mocking someone who must walk on a cane. In order to deal with this problem in terms that will bring change, it will be necessary to deal with all the ugly faces of racism.

African Americans have the most to gain from these changes. To watch our Black leaders lambaste our incoming President as though he was some sort of fiend, simply because 'their' candidate did not win is childish, ignorant and counterproductive. This was a close and contentious election, and the allegations of fraud (on both sides) seem to have a great deal of merit. However, after the votes were counted once, twice in all counties, three times and in some counties and four times in a few more, Bush won. In absolutely no recount (as in none, zero, zilch) did Gore win a majority, Despite Gore's highly unusual step of actually contesting a Presidential election (something no one has ever done before, not even Nixon when he 'lost' to Kennedy in a much closer election), the votes showed Bush won, pure and simple. The idea of 'divining' ballot dimples and hanging chads is ridiculous and opens the door to the widespread fraud many Blacks claim to want to stop. The sense of fairness in the election system was lost. But this has been the story of elections in America for a long time. Illegal aliens voted (largely Democrat), college students admitted voting several times (for Gore) and homeless people were bribed to the polls by unscrupulous Democratic Party operatives. These things have been caught on videotape and cannot be disputed. Election fraud was and is widespread. If African Americans really are interested in stopping fraud, why is there no large outcry to fix the entire system to ensure this does not happen again?  I submit that in the eyes of many Blacks and Americans in general, fraud is to be overlooked if it is helps the 'their' candidate.

All instances of fraud should be dealt with via strong laws and loophole proof legislation in order to put those that commit election fraud in prison for a very long time.   Yet, here is the irony; the so-called 'evil and racist' Republican Bush, in the first hours of his election victory did something no one else in America had done before, though the Democrats have had ample opportunity, he appointed a Black Secretary of State. This is one of the key five appointments a President makes, and arguably the most important. The so-called 'non-racist' Democrats, with all the love they claim to bear African Americans, have never done this. This is because Democratic Presidents have usually selected the token posts of HUD, HHS and Education or some other lesser post for Blacks to fill to placate the Black masses. Power, that is real power, in the American Government, lay in the Secretaries of State, Defense, Attorney General and Treasury, and CIA (the FED as well, but that is not a cabinet post). These posts have always been filled by Anglo Americans. This is a first…and how does Black America react… with anger and malice and contempt for the new President. This is tragic, as it seems that Bush really wants to reach out to Black Americans. Unfortunately, he does not have a stamp on his forehead that says "approved by the Democratic Party", hence the anger and even hatred for Bush. Comments like 'he'll set us back 300 years' are commonplace in black circles. I can assure you that 300 years ago there was not a Black Secretary of State. Nor was there a Black National Security Advisor. There was not a Black Secretary of Education, as there is in the Bush Administration. The real problem most African Americans have with Bush is that the myopia and intellectual atrophy that permeates Black Leadership has infected the Black body politic like the ebola virus.  So it is in Black America in the year 2001. In the so-called information age, the lack of critical thinking skills coupled with moral bankruptcy is destroying…slowly… Black Americas chance at making some real and fundamental changes in the next four years. What is past is prologue; it is time to work with this administration rather than against it. It is time to forget what happened in the election, move on and try to bring the African American community back from the brink of its own destruction. I firmly believe this President is going to make every reasonable attempt to give African Americans the opportunity to excel and the opportunity to fail based on their ability and not their race. This is all any reasonable person can ask for, despite the promises that have been made by others for instant federal money or instant jobs based on race rather than ability.  It may be that the Republican Party has a long way to go to show African Americans they mean business on race relations, but if one were really objective and simply looked at the record rather that the rhetoric, they have no further to go than the Democrats do and perhaps... just perhaps... even less so.

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